Planting The Seed

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Consensual, BiSexual, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Mr. Johnson, is a mature executive with a Fortune 500 company who is overworked, alone, and horny. Then into his office comes the woman who waters the office's plants... only this week it isn't the woman it is an 18 year old boy. Mr. Johnson wonders about the boy and about his sexuality and soon enough he finds out much to his own pleasure.

I was sitting in my $2,500 custom made contour chair behind a $14,000 hand built Teak executive desk in a private corner office on the thirty-third floor of the fifty story high-rise and looking out my window and daydreaming. When I heard my computer buzz I turned and saw a reminder flashing on the screen for the upcoming three o'clock conference call. I really didn't want to sit in on another boring conference call on the proposed take over of KCI Inc., but as the new Chief Operating Officer of Bear Ventures, Limited, I really didn't have any choice.

I sat back and looked around the huge office, its walls decorated with museum quality art and the space affording me with total privacy from the minions of workers at Bear Ventures. I spun my chair back around and looked out the bay windows at the city far below and silently wished that I could just grab my briefcase, walk down to the bank of elevators and escape the rat race that is today's corporate environment. Ever since my promotion I had been working 14 to 16 hour days, never having the time to relax and certainly not having a life of my own - nothing, no women, no time to relax, nada! Maybe after the conference call I could slip out for the rest of the day and take a drive to the country, maybe go window shopping for a newer and more expensive Mercedes, maybe I would call Helen, my favorite $1000-a-night escort, and take her to the Four Seasons and just fuck her brains out for the rest of the day.

I sighed and reached over and put the phone on speaker, typed the speed dial number and listened as the phone rang. The call finally connected to the automated operator and after typing in the access code I was connected to the conference that was already in progress. I listened as people from as far as three thousand miles away and in four different cities worked their way through our proposal while I idly thought about Helen's body. I could almost see her slowly slipping off her Armani jacket and then unbuttoning her silk blouse to reveal the lacy French bra that she always wore; her creamy white breasts just peeking out of the top. I leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes and thought about the last time I had been with Helen and started to rub my cock through my suit trousers when there was a light knocking on my door.

I looked up and saw Jennifer, my executive assistant, with her head stuck partially through the door, holding up a finger to her lips to indicate that she knew she had to be quiet and then she pointed to the potted plants lining the window ledge and tipped her hand up and down in a gesture that meant nothing to me. I scrunched up my face in a 'what the hell do you want glare' then she opened the door just a bit more so I could see the brown and green uniform of the woman I had joking named 'Plant Lady' because she was from the service that took care of all vegetation in the office building. I nodded my head that it was okay for her to come in because there wasn't anything going on the phone call that was of a confidential nature and besides she was a good looking woman. The door opened and I went back to listening to the conversation and thinking about Helen's body which quickly morphed into nasty thoughts of Plant Lady, naked on her knees sucking my cock. I was still rubbing my crotch when I realized that it wasn't Plant Lady who was in my office, instead it was a very young man who was over by the window watering my plants.

The young man, who didn't look a day over eighteen, went slowly from plant to plant, carefully watering each of them picking off the dead leaves and putting them into a pocket on his apron and in general just fussing over the vegetation. As I sat there listening I studied him and realized that he was a good looking boy, maybe six feet with a very athletic body and... holly shit, what's with that... he had a definite bulge in the front of his trousers. What the hell is that all about I wondered? His cherubic face was set off by high cheek bones and his long light-brown hair was pulled back into a pony tail and he had the most amazing blue eyes. He moved from one plant to the next then stopped and looked over at me, smiled and nodded his head in a silent hello gesture, then went back to his chores. I idly wondered if this was his summer job and if he were a high school student or perhaps he was in college. I looked when he bent down to water a small plant I noticed that he had a great looking ass with long tanned legs and I thought that with his good looks and his body that he probably had his choice of girls in school.

Although I'm not gay and not the least bit interested in any same sex intimacies - for some strange reason I found myself wondering what that bulge in the front of his pants was all about and what it looked like. Was he long or short, cut or un-cut, thick or thin? As the telephone conference droned on in the background I paid less and less attention to the participants and I began wondering if he was still a virgin or if he had already learned how to make love, well at his age it wasn't making love it was just fucking. Just why I was thinking about this young boy's cock and his love life was beyond me yet I couldn't get the image out of my mind. My eyes followed him as he moved about the office and I noticed that he had a somewhat effeminate characteristics to his movements and the thought crossed my mind that he might be gay... naw, that's just stereotyping.

Once again he looked over at me and smiled then he looked straight at my crotch and nodded at my hand and obvious hard-on. I looked down and realized that I still had my hand on my crotch. Oh Christ I hope he doesn't think that I'm gay and trying to attract him I thought as I tried to inconspicuously turn my chair so that I was facing away from him and move my hand onto my desk.

What happened next could have knocked me over with a feather... the boy casually strolled over to my desk, put the telephone on mute and then leaned down and lightly rubbed my cock and whispered in my ear.

"Looks like you have a pretty nice boner there Mr. Johnson, is that for me?"

What the hell was I suppose to say to that? I was sitting in my office in my executive chair with a hard-on ogling a teenage boy, what else would he think? "Uh no... no it isn't I was just daydreaming about..." He interrupted.

"About me? About what my cock looks and feels like? Do you want to suck my cock Mr. Johnson? It's alright if you do, I don't mind."

I didn't know what to say much less what to do. I had been thinking about his cock but it certainly didn't cross my mind that I wanted to engage him in a sexual act. Here I was an executive of a Fortune 500 company, one of the biggest take over firms in the country and making seven figures a year PLUS bonuses, and I couldn't tell a kid barely out of high school to quit touching me and to get the hell out of my office. The boy, I noted that his name tag said 'Rick', set down his watering can and walked across the room and locked my office door then he turned around and unbuttoned his short sleeved uniform shirt and pulled it out from his pants and dropped it onto the floor — I didn't say a word, didn't try and stop him I just stared at his muscled chest. His shoes went next, quickly followed by his uniform shorts leaving him standing there in nothing but a pair of flimsy, almost see-through, red bikini style shorts. I continued to just stare at him, my mouth agape.

"Look Rick... it is Rick isn't it? I don't know what you think you're doing but I'm..." Once again he interrupted me.

"Yes you do Mr. Johnson! Yes — you — do! I can tell by the expression on your face and by the look in your eyes, you know exactly what I'm doing and what you're doing to me and exactly what you want to do to me."

He slid his bikini underwear down over his butt and kicked them away. I looked at the cock sticking out from the boy, the same cock I had been wondering about a few minutes earlier and now I knew what he looked like under his uniform. His light brown well-tanned cock matched his fully tanned body, standing out from his brown pubic hair in what looked like at least an eight inch cock. He was already hard, his circumcised cock leaking precum as he walked towards my chair. "Go on Mr. Johnson, touch me, I know you want to."

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