Brazilian Beach Party

by Dag123

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Humiliation, Swinging, Interracial, White Couple, White Female, Oriental Female, Voyeurism, Slow, Violent, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Raised in the gentle atmosphere of a Minister's home, had done nothing to prepare Molly for her new'"very different'"life style with her new husband, Antonio, a young Brazilian Musician. After a year, she senses he is starting to be attracted to other women. When the two of them attend a wild beach party with other Musicians and their attractive wives'"a most unusual solution to her husband's potential infidelity problem presents itself.

Molly loved Brazil! After meeting her future husband, Antonio, a musician back in New York, a quick courtship; then marrying him later out in Nevada at her father's church. Being the Minister's only daughter, she had found it almost heartbreaking to give her parents the news that she and Antonio would be living in Brazil.

Now one year later, living in Brazil teaching English, she had fallen in love with the country's relaxed carefree lifestyle.

At first the sensual lifestyle made her uneasy. All that outward display of affection had at first amazed her, then made her long to fit in.

Seduced by the friendliness of her husband's friends, and the people she met out and about, she found herself gradually adopting their ways and customs.

Her husband had immediately found work in the Music Recording Studios and life was rich and good.

Molly had grown up sheltered from the rougher elements of life. After one year, she remained the same sweet gentle wife who adored her handsome husband and was still crazy in love with him.

However, as one year past, she sensed, with a woman's intuition, that Antonio was becoming interested in other women.

Molly became anxious and troubled. She sensed he was drifting away from her. Then quite by accident, she discovered a way to revitalize their marriage.

On a sunny Saturday, the two of them had joined some of Antonio's friends at one of the beautiful white sandy beaches on the Brazilian Coast.

All the guys were musicians but many of them reflected the multi-ethnic make up of Brazilian, Caucasian, Phillipeno, Chinese, plus others.

As Molly and Antonio approached the group of men and women; the women, boldly gave her the once over.

Everyone seemed friendly enough—the day warm and beautiful. Everyone getting acquainted... laughing, eating, and drinking as the air filled with animated conversations. Later the women went swimming in the gentle Surf, while the men played Volleyball.

Then the men started a game called, "King of the Beach," in which two husbands would wrestle each other. Finally, when the men grew tired, they began encouraging their wives to challenge each other to a "Queen of the Beach," contest.

Although, some of the wives were reluctant, most of the women thought it would be fun; and, entered into it eagerly, to their husband's great delight.

Soon two of the more daring wives were wrestling playfully about in the clean white sand with everyone cheering for their favorite, which was usually along ethnic lines, each cheering for their own.

Molly, being of gentle demeanor held back. When one of the little Asian women challenged her—she declined. Glancing at her husband, she could see Antonio was disappointed with her; but she had no intention of rolling around in the sand, tussling with some woman she had just met.

In addition, she was dressed in her old swimsuit, which was flimsy, and skimpy, and somewhat loose fitting.

Then just when she thought she had a reprieve, on her way back from getting a can of coke from the cooler, one of the aggressive little Phillipeno wives, Veronica approached and issued a friendly little challenge.

"Hey, Molly, come on... why won't you try it with me? Maybe you're afraid... ?" she teased.

Molly tried to get past her but just as she tried to step away; the little female shoved her backwards.

Unknown to Molly, Veronica's older sister had sneaked up, and had knelt behind her. Molly fell backwards, over the top of Erlinda, the older sister, and fell sprawling flat on her back in the white sand. She lost her grip on the open can of coke. The contents splattered all over her.

Molly felt a rare surge of anger. She looked up into the laughing faces that now surrounded her. Everyone had immediately formed a circle arena around the two of them and was starting to chant.

"Fight! Fight!"

Suddenly seeing Antonio's face, now alight with anticipation, Molly realized he wanted to see her do it. Looking up, she could see there was no way she was going to be able to avoid the smaller younger female.

Veronica now stood aggressively waiting for her to climb to her feet— her brown fingers in a provocative sexy hands on hips position.

"I dare you to get up!"

The little female taunted Molly.

A still angry Molly crawled up to her knees. Defiantly she stood to her feet, the spilled coke dripping off her—running down her white shapely thighs.

She felt a strong sense of rage, as she angrily glared at the two sisters who were smirking and laughing at her.

Molly could hear the laughter of the other men and women surrounding her. They were all laughing at her. She had never felt so alone.

Thinking about it later, Molly never quite knew how she found the courage and resolve; but she now accepted the fact she was on the verge of getting into the first confrontation of her life with another woman.

Molly was barely on her feet when the wiry little Asian female stepped up and pushed her backwards. This Molly decided not to ignore. So... Molly, still mad, pushed her back! The fight between the quiet little church girl and the other wiry little female was on!

Being brought up a well mannered person had not prepared her for this! Molly had never before been forced to defend herself against another female.

Facing the aggressive little wife, Veronica, she was timid at first. The other little wife lost no time in sinking her strong brown fingers to the roots in Molly's beautiful long brown hair. Molly could feel the other female's fingernails digging painfully into her scalp.

Squealing, crying out, Molly started trying to fight back. Seizing a handful of the other wife's long black hair, she began jerked her head back and forth. Almost instantly, they were caught up in the wildest hair pulling fight imaginable!

Molly quickly cast aside her original reluctance and begin to struggle and pull at the other girl's black hair. The two of them reeled wildly back and forth in the sand, each with two fistfuls of the other's hair between her fingers.

Molly could hear Antonio, off to the side, yelling encouragement to her.

Even though she felt that getting into a confrontation with another female was degrading—even as she felt pain from having her brown hair jerked so violently—Molly realized she was pleasing him. She could hear his excited yells of encouragement.

Obviously, this was something Antonio was enjoying; this idea of watching her in a female catfight. Furthermore, this little wife, Veronica was about her size—even smaller at 4'10" and 106 lbs.

Molly knew she was the bigger girl at 5'1" tall and 112 lbs. She also quickly discovered, she was also the stronger of the two female combatants.

The excited group of men and women formed a loose circle around the two battling females. Molly and Veronica reeled wildly back and forth across the white sandy beach, struggling with each other squealing, moaning and crying out.

Goaded on by the cheers of the crowd, moments later both women stumbled and fell sprawling to their backs—rolling over and over each other in the soft white sand. The little wiry Asian wife rolled on top—sit up on Molly's bare midriff.

The wiry little female, sensing the gentleness of the woman she was struggling with; viciously ripped and tore at Molly's long brown hair, yanking, jerking it.

Molly was now sprawled flat on her back with the little Asian wildcat astride her. She could feel the other female's hot and sweaty crotch sitting on her bare midriff. She started bucking up, struggling desperately, trying to unseat the other little female.

Finally, grabbing two fistfuls of the other wife's black hair she pulled Veronica's head down against her soft breasts. Bucking up her naked thighs and hips, she finally unseated the smaller wife and threw her off.

The other female fell sprawling—her beautiful perfect brown thighs gaping open. Molly struggled unsteadily up to her knees. She noticed a wisp of black pubic hair had escaped and was sticking out from the crotch of the other female's yellow bathing suit.

Molly panicked! She remembered her own worn out bathing suit was loose fitting also.

Just before Molly threw herself on top of the other female, she saw the smaller wife's yellow bathing suit crotch slip further to the side.

One of Veronica's thick little black hairy labia lips had slipped out from under her loose fitting bathing suit. Her forbidden spot was now in full view of the encircling crowd of onlookers watching them.

Although obviously shaken, Molly was at last astride. She felt the wiry little female seize one of the straps to her bathing suit. One yank—pulled it off her bare shoulder.

One of Molly's bare breasts slip out of her top. She knew everyone could see. Still trying to maintain her modesty, Molly quickly seized the strap and pulled it back up.

Taking quick advantage, the other female threw Molly sprawling to her back. With a victorious cry, the other little female crawled toward her. Seizing Molly's slender white wrists with her strong wiry brown fingers, she rode a stunned Molly into the sand.

Molly now flat on her back, felt the other girl pinning her wrists down in the warm white sand. The crowd was going wild. She could hear Antonio yelling to her.

"Fight her, Molly! Pull her hair out! "

Although she was sure this little Asian wife knew more about fighting than she did, she was determined to make it exciting and good for her handsome husband.

A quick glance in his direction confirmed Antonio was obviously enjoying watching her first fight with another female with the greatest of delight.

But, quickly, Veronica straddled Molly. She lost no time—locking her brown slender knees tightly into Molly's armpits. She had Molly down on her back in the white sand.

Molly was now desperate. Pumping up her shapely hips, her beautiful white shapely thighs gaping open; she continued to struggle and squirm around on the bottom.

Suddenly Molly felt cool air, and realized that the loose crotch of her old bathing suit had pulled aside.

She knew all the men were getting an erotic eyeful. She felt one of her brown haired labia lips slip out of the crotch of her pink bathing suit.

Feeling chagrined and embarrassed Molly tried keeping her bare thighs together as she struggled underneath the brown-skinned female.

Her beautiful brown hair, was full of white sand—now messy, and disheveled—it was falling down over her face. Molly felt all sweaty and dirty.

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