Bab's Meets Brian

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Cheating, Interracial, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: What happened while I was gone? Who started it and why wasn't it stopped?

Brian had been working with me for about a month and we had gotten friendly. For some reason that I couldn't understand no one else in the office seemed to like him. It could have been because he was black, but that didn't really make sense because from time to time we had other blacks working with us and the crew had always gotten along with them.

Brian had moved to our city from Atlanta to take the job and he had no friends or family in town and he was always after me to tell him where the nightlife was and where he could go to meet the ladies. Having been married for the last six years I wasn't really up on the night scene anymore and I asked my wife Babs to call some of her single girlfriends and see if she couldn't get some ideas.

"Is he a nice guy?"

"Seems to be."

"Why don't you bring him home with you for dinner some night. We can get to know him a little better and then if I can find some of the places that are happening the three of us can go out some night. If he's with a couple it will be a lot easier for him to meet girls than if he went as a single."

The next day I told Brian what Babs had said and asked him to pick a night. We settled on Thursday and that night when I got home I told Babs.

Brian followed me home and parked in front of the house. The way the place is laid out it is much easier to go in through the door off the back porch and Brian followed me in. I introduced him to Babs and then we had a cocktail while she finished dinner. The evening started off with a nice bottle of Merlot followed by steak and baked potatoes. We had peach cobbler for dessert and followed it with some Baileys Irish Cream. Babs was just starting to tell us about what she had found out from her girlfriends when my cell phone started beeping. It was my mom. She was broke down on the side of the road and she couldn't reach my dad so would I please come and save her. I disconnected and told Babs and Brian what was up and Brian stood up and started to thank Babs for her hospitality and I asked him where he was going.

"Well, you are leaving and I guess I should be getting out of her too."

"Nonsense. I shouldn't be gone much more that an hour. Stick around and find out what Babs has to say about the places she has found out about."

Babs laughed and said, "Don't worry Brian, I won't take advantage of you" and we all laughed and I headed off to rescue my mother.

I hadn't been gone from the house five minutes when my cell phone beeped and when I answered it it was my mom calling to tell me that she had finally gotten a hold of my dad and he was on the way. I turned around and made the five-minute drive back home. I pulled in the drive and made my way around to the back porch and as I came up the steps I saw Babs and Brian standing in the kitchen and Babs looked pissed. She was saying something to Brian and suddenly he grabbed her and mashed his mouth down on hers. She tried to push him away, but 110 pounds wasn't going to move a 200-pound man. To my dying day I will never understand why I didn't go into the house and demand an explanation, but I didn't - I just stood there and watched.

I suppose that it might have been curiosity about what might have led up to what I was seeing and what was going to happen, or it might have been a latent tendency toward voyeurism coming out. Whatever, I just stood and watched as Babs gave up trying to push Brian away. Instead she started beating on his chest with her hands. Brian took no notice of her struggles and continued to mash his mouth down on hers. Still kissing her he walked her backwards until her legs hit the kitchen table. He broke the kiss, grabbed her shoulders and spun her around. He bent her face down on the table and then with all of his weight on one hand in the middle of her back to hold her down he used the other to lift her skirt and then he ripped her panties off of her.

Babs was struggling to get up but Brian's hand in the middle of her back had her pinned. As short as Babs was, bent over the table she was up on her toes and her legs had no leverage to keep Brian from forcing her legs apart with his knees. I'd seen enough and it was time for me to go into the house and knock Brian on his ass. I'd taken one step forward and then suddenly I stopped. Brian had taken out his cock and had it pressed against Babs and there was just something about that black piece of meat probing at Babs that I found erotic as hell and all of a sudden I wanted to see that black pole slide into my lily white wife. Not exactly the actions of a loving husband, but I was a loving husband with a bit of a grudge.

Babs had been a tad on the promiscuous side before we got married. I wasn't supposed to know, but I did know for a fact that Babs was fucking other guys, at least six of them, right up to the day of our wedding. As far as I knew she had been faithful to me since saying our vows, but I'd never forgotten how I felt when I learned of her cheating on me while she was my fiancée. Also, I had a hard time believing that Brian got started on the way to where he was with out something leading him to it. Babs wasn't a stranger to having cocks shoved in her so I decided to watch and not interfere.

I watched Brian line his black pole up with Babs and then I saw him push into her. He went slowly to work himself all the way in and as soon as he was far enough in to suit him he grabbed her hips and started fucking her. I couldn't see her face from where I was standing, but I did see her still trying to break away from Brian. After a couple of minutes it looked as if Babs had given up trying to get away and instead she was using her hands to brace her self against the table. Brian kept ramming himself into her and I could see his lips moving as he said something. Then he pulled Babs tight to him and held her while he pushed his load of cum into her.

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