by Maria Rendes

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Size, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A girl becomes very familiar with the term 'to be ravished'.

Rain hit the windows hard as Anna attempted to concentrate on her essay. She had been given this assignment a month ago, and after all the effort placed in the research she was ready to write a piece of work she would be proud to call her's.

She looked up irritably; it seemed that it would be one of those cold and dreary days, which was great. She was stuck indoors typing up her work, not missing out the usual sunshine she was used to.

At the age of 24, Anna had somehow failed in her personal goals, yet succeeded in other ways. She had counted on finishing university by 23 and moving onto to do a Masters, yet fate had it, so that was would be graduating in a couple of months time instead. Still she couldn't complain. Her hard work was finally being paid off with the grades.

Loud giggles snapped her out of her daydreaming. Eric! Her next-door neighbour must be entertaining another woman. She just didn't understand how one person could be so casual with their personal life. When did sex become a competition instead of a special moment one shared with a person they cared for deeply?

Anna just shook her head, it really wasn't any of her business what her neighbours did in the bedroom, but Eric had a habit of showing off all new girls who went in and out of his bed. Surely, his love life required a revolving door.

"Oh Eric, fuck me harder. That's it, you know how I like it" purred the blonde-haired woman beneath him.

He couldn't remember her name, but she had been an easy lay, and after all he was a young man with needs. However lately he had brought back so many girls, that he couldn't remember whom he had fucked and whom he hadn't. Thank God for condoms.

Once, twice and then he came rolling off to see the time. God, they had been at it since last night, and it was already creeping up to the early hours of the afternoon. The blonde jumped out of bed and headed for the bathroom, leaving Eric to clean up the mess.

An hour later, she emerged dressed and ready to leave. 'Call me', she mouthed when she saw Eric on the phone. With that she left his house. Eric walked over to his window still talking to his mom, and looked outside. It must've been some rain, not that he's paid any attention to it. He smiled.

"I'll see you tomorrow. Send my love to dad and little Lizzy" he said before hanging up. Now it was his turn to take a shower and erase all traces of his one-night stand.

Finally after hours of constant rain, it had stopped. Anna could now go for the jog she had missed in the morning. She loved the smell of grass as she stepped outside. Tonight would be a good run, and with that thought, she started her run.

Half and hour later, she arrived home, and was greeted by the sight of Eric at his front door with some shopping.

He was gorgeous. Tall, well built and eyes to die for, shame he could be an arrogant prick as well.

"Hey" he greeted in his usual sexy voice. No wonder he had so many girls killing themselves for one night in his bed.

"Hi" she replied meekly. She was always shy around him.

"Enjoyed the jog?" he casually asked.

"I can't live without it! Goodnight". She couldn't have opened her door fast enough.

Anna walked into the shower and let the hot water loosen her tense muscles. She sponged her belly, legs, feet and arms. She sponged her breasts and back. She closed her eyes, and Eric's face came into view. She began to imagine how he was in bed. Suddenly she felt moist. She slipped her hand between her legs and her fingers followed the path of the water to her excited clit and cunt. She settled against the tiled wall.

"Ah." She sighed into the lonely shower as her fingers encircled her pussy lips and rolled her clit with the pad of her thumb. She teased her slick slit then sank into the small opening.

Anna began to push her fingers in and out of her slippery vagina, imagining it were his fingers giving her this pleasure. She was very tight and not having had sex for five years was easy to reach an orgasm so quickly.

Just a couple of minutes, and she cried out as she came hard against her fingers. The orgasm had been so delicious and much needed after all these years. Studying just took up too much of her time. She was so close to graduating, cum laude, to fool around. Just three months more and then she could find love.

She finished cleaning off and went straight to bed. She hoped she wouldn't think of him like that again.

Eric walked into his kitchen. The musky smell of sex from earlier still lingered but was less pungent. His mind wandered off thinking about Anna. He could tell behind the cool exterior lay a passionate woman. He had seen the look in her eyes when she greeted him a few moments ago. The exact same look all women gave him with the difference that Anna would never fall on her back and beckon him into her open thighs. His appetite for sex had become so strong lately. He was going through women faster than clean clothes and this scared him a little.

But how could he get close to her? Suddenly he remembered her morning jogs. He would join her, he thought. Hopefully she wouldn't suspect a thing. Deep down he was hoping she might be different from the women he usual met and only wanted one thing from him.

The next morning Anna was surprised to see Eric waiting outside her front gate in jogging pants and a faded black t-shirt. He announced that he wanted to get fit by doing more sport.

She stared at him as if he had grown two heads, but he seemed genuine enough, and she did have a thing for him. Never in a million years could she have imagined what his true motives were.

That day would be the first day of many where the two would meet early in the morning and run for an hour before getting back. On the route Anna spoke little as not to destroy her concentration, and Eric took the cue to respect her. He began to feel differently towards her. A new feeling even he was uncertain of.

As days passed they both became better acquainted. Sometimes they would go out for a coffee or for the occasional meal. Anna was starting to like him. He wasn't as bad as she had first thought. Even the number of girls he used to take back home were reduced to virtually none.

As for Eric, he had come to see Anna as more that a woman he wanted to have a lay. He felt very much attracted to her, but the urge to tear off her clothes and have wild sex became more controllable.

Anna's shower had broken down, and since she and Eric had grown close he had offered his shower until hers was fixed. Although she was wary, it had turned out fine, as he would leave his house for an hour to give her privacy.

However, after five days, curiosity had gotten the better of him and he had hid indoors that morning and waited for her to come out before using it himself.

Anna was totally unaware of Eric's presence in the house when she stepped out and walked into the front room to change as she had done every morning before. As she began to dry herself, she began to think about him, and no sooner had she done so when she felt moisture pool at her thighs. She closed her eyes and ran her hands over her breasts.

A sudden inhale from the door caught her attention. She looked up to see Eric standing in the doorway staring hungrily at her. He could see every inch of her ample naked breasts with their predominate nipples. They were raspberry in colour and had hardened in the cool breeze that had fluttered in from Eric's open window. Licking his lips, he wondered what she would do if he licked and sucked on them.

His eyes travelled down to her hips and lingered at that moment, Anna had become more than just a next-door neighbour. She was now a beautiful woman that increased his appetite for hot, passionate sex. His cock hardened at this realisation. She quickly grabbed for the towel to cover herself. Licking his lips, he remained in the doorway watching her with smoky eyes waiting to see if the little tease would give him another glimpse.

Eric casually walked over to her. Grabbing her arms, he slowly peeled them away from her breasts, reaching out he lightly touched one nipple with the barest of caresses. He smiled in satisfaction as it hardened beneath his touch. His cock throbbed unrelentingly and he had barely touched her. He couldn't remember when he had been this quick to respond before.

He turned her around and with one hand delved down and forced her legs apart with brutal strength. He pulled her to him, tossing away her towel. She struggled against him but it was useless as he wedged his muscular body between her legs, making it impossible to shut them against his invasion. She could feel his erection between her buttocks and fumed as she futilely attempted to turn around in his arms.

"Shush," he whispered as he continued to hold her against him. "Don't turn, just stay like this." he growled as he gently nipped her earlobe.

"Eric!" she protested hotly as she felt heat flood her face.

"Shush," he soothed as he continued to rub and squeeze her nipples.

"Please stop," she gasped as she felt the tug of her nipples deep in her womb. If she wasn't careful, he was going to make her come from just tugging on her nipples. One long finger licked into her tight pussy that was dripping and longing for his cock.

"Relax. I'm not going to hurt you," he growled against the side of her neck before leaning down and pressed his firm lips against hers. Running the tip of his tongue along the seam of her lips, he tried coaxing her into opening her mouth to his greedy tongue. When she continued to stand there without moving, he lifted his head and stared down at her.

He stepped away and Anna watched in disbelief as Eric's cock hardened even more before her very eyes. Jerking her eyes away from it, she focused on his face. He was watching her with glittering eyes. Reaching down he slowly cupped himself, before running his hand up and then down his cock. She gasped in shock that he was stroking himself before her very eyes. He groaned as his fist began to move faster. "I want you to remember what you are turning down," he panted.

At the tip, she could see drops of pre cum leaking out of the slit. As his fist went to the top of his cock, he rubbed his thumb over the head, smearing the wetness all over the glans and back down his shaft. With his other hand he reached down and cupped his aching balls. His glans was almost as large and deep coloured as a plum. From the gasps and groans that escaped him, she realized that he had really worked himself up.

"Yes!" he groaned as his long thick cock exploded with four or five ropes of seed out of the head to land on her stomach and breasts. Eric stood there panting and watching her through dazed eyes. Reaching over, he grabbed her towel and used it to wipe the come off her delicious body.

"This is what you do to me" he said as he stared into her surprised eyes.

He took advantage fastening his lips on her parted lips and thrust his tongue inside her mouth. As their tongues tangled together, he slowly slid her hand down to his renewed erection. She curled her delicate fingers around him and began to jerk him slowly. But as soon as she had started, she stopped.

"What's wrong?" he asked looking down at her as she released his cock from her grasp.

"I'm not doing this" she informed him coldly.

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