Teacher's Education

by Ernest Bywater

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Mult, Coercion, Consensual, NonConsensual, Rape, Reluctant, Slavery, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Crime, Vignettes, Workplace, BDSM, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Rough, Torture, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Revenge, Violent, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: A high school teacher recounts her meeting some ex students and how they used her, and how she turned it around with some family help.

The titles I use are a chapter, a sub-chapter, and a section.

Table of Contents

The Club
Uri’s Apartment
A New Player

Counter Play
A Strange Interview
Pay Back

I wrote this story in response to an email, copied below. Be warned, this a new genre for me, plus it’s about a part of the world, culture, and country I have never visited. I have tried to write this in the style of English as a Second Language to match the requester’s style. So apologies for any errors. This is the second variation on this theme.

hello, i am Cathy 25 y.o. girl, longhaired blonde, petite, 52kg 168cm, I study university for teachers, 2 years ago i was on my practice in school and teached 2 month young boys about 15 years old. Now i meet them in dance club, they are about 17 and horny. i have fantasy about they persuade me to show them my tits and then jerk their cocks, i think 2 boys i let them fuck me. could you write story with my theme???

Story written April 2007 with a major revision by Ernest Bywater requested by Cazna Rochester in 2013.


My name is Katerina Molotov, I teach high school. Stand 1.65 metres tall, fair skin, slim, athletic build, 34-24-28 with C cup breasts, long blond hair that reaches my bottom, light blue eyes, pretty face. My legs are a little longer than average for my height. My breasts are not big, but they are bigger than average for my frame, and are very perky. The men and boys find their solid, conical shape irresistible. I like the attention, so I often wear half bras that finish just below my nipples, with thin cotton tops. The result is my firm breasts stand up, and are noticed with my stand-out nipples making it clear there is only the one cotton layer between the air and my skin. I keep fit by running and gymnastics.

Two years ago I was doing my final year of studies to be a teacher at the university in Kiev. Part of the studies is to attend a school to watch experienced teachers at work, and teach classes under their direction. This is called work experience and in-class assessment. My teacher will observe me in the classroom, and rate my performance at the end of this time, as will the experienced teacher I work with.

For my work experience I am sent to a school halfway across the city. This school is like most of the government schools, a mix of boys and girls. For four weeks I work at the school two days a week, Tuesday and Thursday, just watching the experienced teacher. This is followed by eight weeks working three days a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; preparing lessons in the morning and teaching classes in the afternoon. It is fun work I like. I love being the centre of attention.

The first day I was at the school I was introduced to the experienced teacher, and he told me to wait until the class were all seated before entering the classroom. The first class was of fifteen year old students, and I had all their eyes on me when I walked into the room. By the time I was standing in the middle of the room and being introduced I could see all the boys had erections. After being introduced I took off my warm coat, it was a very cold day, and placed it on a coat hook on the back of the door. Walking over to the chair the teacher had set aside for me I noticed most of the boys now had damp patches on their pants instead of erections. Some of the girls were squirming in their seats too. I was very touched, and excited, knowing I had done that.

The time at the school was very good. All the boys and male teachers tried to get me to go out with them, and so did many of the girls. But it is not allowed for teaching staff to date students, and none of the teachers interested me as much as did most of the students. All the students were fit, very fit: the boys were real hunks and the girls were very sexy. Physical fitness was a major thing in this school, because many students from this school went into military service. It was a way out of the poor areas of the city in which they lived.

If it was not for the rules I would have dated several of the students. But, alas, that was not to be - then.

After graduating as a teacher I had to teach at a school on the other side of Kiev for two years. After that I was sent to teach at a school very close to where I did my student teaching in the same poor housing sector of Kiev. I moved into an apartment near the school. There were few decent recreational facilities nearby. But I did not know this for some time. For the first few months I was very busy settling into my new school work and my apartment.

My students are the average mix of high-school students; some low achievers, some high achievers, some slobs, some hunks, even some nice looking girls (some are very tempting). But no matter how tempting nothing happens with students, it is not worth the risks. What a pity.

We were coming up to the mid-semester break, a week of holidays and no students. I decided I would have some fun and go dancing. By then I had met some of my neighbours, so I asked them about night clubs and dancing. Tanya, the girl in the apartment below mine, tells me there is only one club worth going to for several kilometres around us, so we make a date to go on Friday night.

The Club

We arrive at the club, and the entrance fee is reasonable, because this is not a rich neighbourhood. Inside the club is average in appearance and fittings. However, the music is loud enough to dance to on the floor and still able to hear each other speak. The tables and chairs are real comfortable, a bit worn, but OK. The staff are quick and not friendly, just very busy. It could do with half as many staff again.

I am still looking around the club when a voice says in my ear, “Hello teach, want to dance.”

Turning around I see one of my old students from my student teacher days, Uri. He is changed a little, grown a bit taller, and is better dressed than he used to be. Standing, I let him lead me onto the dance floor. Returning to the table we find his best friend, Valentine, talking to Tanya. For the next few hours we have a good time dancing with the boys, and letting them buy us drinks.

Both are wearing very tight clothes, as is the current fashion for boys their age, so it is easy to see their true bodies. Uri is 1.70 metres tall, light brown hair, cut short, well-muscled but not over muscled like the competition body builders are, light olive skin, fair to look at; not really handsome but not far off it. His dick is about 65 millimetres wide and 250 millimetres long when erect. Valentine is 1.75 metres tall, fair hair, cut short, well-muscled but not as well muscled as Uri, very fair skin, very good to look at, extremely handsome and a real pretty boy. His dick is 75 millimetres wide and 225 millimetres long when erect. Some of this I found out later, because they did not have their dicks out for display at the club, but the very tight clothes indicated very close dimensions since they had erections, and it was all very noticeable.

About a quarter to midnight Tanya excuses herself to go home, saying she has to work tomorrow. I spend the next two hours dancing with the boys in turns. The numbers are slower now, and they spend a lot of time holding me close to them. So close I can feel their stiff dicks pushing against me through their clothes. How sweet, knowing I am doing that.

At 2:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, the club stops serving drinks and the staff tells us all to go home.

When I leave with the boys Uri stops to talk to one of the bar staff. Money changes hands, and he joins us with two bottles of vodka. Looking at me, he says, “Want to continue the party at my place?”

I have no work for a week, so why not. I smile, and let him lead me to his place.

Uri’s Apartment

When we reach Uri’s apartment I am surprised to see Valentine follow us in. Uri says, “We are flat mates. He lives here as well.” The apartment is neat with several items of furniture are covered with blankets, so I cannot see what they look like. The lounge and chairs look new and very expensive.

While Uri pours some drinks Valentine puts some music on, turned low. After a few sips of my drink Uri asks me to dance. We do a slow number with him holding my bum cheeks tight while he pushes me into him. I can feel his hard, stiff dick pressing against me, it feels nice.

Valentine changes the record, and Uri lets go of me, saying, “Teach us how well you can do a strip tease.” I look at him with surprise. He grins while sternly saying, “Dance while you strip for us.” I look at Valentine, and he is leering at me, so is Uri. Gulping, I start to sway to the rhythm, I like the attention, but I am getting concerned with their attitude, and I am now worried, because either could easily force me to do almost anything, since they are bigger and stronger. So I decide to humour them and not get hurt. Slowly I undo the buttons of my dress.

I take as long as I can, but soon the buttons down the front are all undone and I am slow to open it wide and let it fall off my shoulders behind me. As it slides off my arms I grab it and toss it onto an empty chair. I kick off my shoes toward the same chair. I undo my garter belt as I move to the music. I move up to the chair in front of Uri and place my right leg on the arm of the chair. Going very slow I slide my stocking down. Taking it off I flick it across his face. Turning, I walk over and drop it with my dress. Turning back I dance over to Valentine and put my left leg on the arm of his chair as I roll the stocking down. Flicking him in the face with it as I finish taking it off. Turning, I place it with my other clothes. Both boys have huge erections.

Swaying to the music I run my hands up and down my body. While I do it I realise I am getting very excited and wet at the show I am putting on for them, and I now want them to fuck me. Reaching behind me I undo my bra strap. Bringing my arms in front of me I slide my hands up my ribs, inside the bra cups, and cover my breasts while the bra straps slide down my arms. Swaying in front of them I lean over, and let the bra slide lower down my arms. Turning my back on them I slip it off, and place it on top of my other clothes. With my back still to them I bend over and wiggle my bottom at them. Placing an arm across my breasts I turn around and move my hands down to almost uncover my breasts. Looking down at their pants I can see the strain their stiff dicks are placing on the material of their pants. Turning my back to them I take a long time to slide my panties down, and step out of them. Turning back, I drop them on my clothes. I spread my legs while I take a lot of time to remove my garter belt and let it drop. Stepping over it I turn around to point my arse at Uri, and bend over to pick up my garter belt. I toss it on top of my clothes.

Walking over to Valentine I take his hand, and pull him out of the chair. Leading him into the middle of the room I start to undo the buttons of his shirt. With the shirt undone I slide my hands inside, and run them over his chest. Smiling at him, I kiss his chest, and work my way down. My hands are already undoing his trousers. When I reach his belly button his trousers fall to the floor. There is a nice tent in his shorts. Kissing my way down I slide his shorts down, and kiss the head of his dick. When I undo his shoes and lift his feet out of his trousers I lick his dick from base to tip, he smiles down at me. Finally I have all his clothes off, and pick them up. I stand up, kissing my way up his body. Tossing his clothes against the wall I turn and walk to Uri.

Leading Uri out to the centre of the room I take my time to undress him to the music. When I stand and throw his clothes aside he pulls me to him, and kisses me. Breaking the kiss he turns me about, and pushes me to Valentine. He kisses me, and places a hand on my head. Pushing down, he says, “Suck my dick, now.” I drop to my knees, and suck on his dick, running my tongue around the head, slipping it into the piss hole, and providing some good suction. I feel something hit my cheek. Moving back off Valentine’s dick I take Uri’s dick into my mouth, and suck on it. A bit later Uri steps back, pulling his dick out of my mouth.

I am kneeling there between them with a stiff dick on either side of my face. They both reach down and grab an arm each, when they pull my arms up Uri says, “Stay on your knees and give us a double hand job.” I stay down and they place my hands around their dicks. I know I cannot fight them, either one is too strong for me, all I can do is to accept what is going to happen is going to happen, and try to enjoy it as much as I can. I am enjoying it at the moment, since this is exciting me.

I kneel there giving them both as good a hand job as I can while each has a hold of his dick at the base. Suddenly Uri grabs my hair, and turns my face more toward him. His first spurt of semen hits my left cheek, and I close my eyes just before the next spurt hits my left eyelid, the next on my nose, and another on my lips. He lets go of my hair just before Valentine grabs it to turn my face toward him. He says, “Open your mouth.” I do, the first spurt of his lands on my tongue, the second on my teeth, the third on my right eyelid, the fourth on my cheek, and some more dribbles onto my breasts.

I feel him move, his dick enters my mouth, I know what is wanted, and I lick his dick clean, sucking on it to make sure all the sperm is out. He pulls his dick out and Uri’s takes its place, so I suck it clean. Uri says “Use your fingers to clean that come off your body and suck your fingers clean, I want to see you eat it all.” I do as he says, wiping their sperm off my face and breasts, and sucking it off my fingers. With my eyes cleaned I open them again. Both are smiling down at me, much the way a cat smiles at the canary it is about to eat.

Uri places his dick against my lips, and I start sucking. I hear noises behind me. A few minutes later Uri’s dick is nice and hard. He pulls it out of my mouth, and attaches a dick clamp to it at the base. I gulp, as this means he does not want to come again for a long time, he wants to keep his dick nice and stiff for a long time while he fucks me. Valentine’s dick enters my mouth, so I suck on it, and it is soon hard again. He pulls out of my mouth, and also places a dick clamp on his dick. Pulling me to my feet Valentine turns me around. The middle of the room is now filled with an odd piece of furniture. It looks like a padded bench for exercises with an odd seat mounted above one end and a short extra bench above the middle of it. The seat and short bench are connected and sit on a frame. Uri is lying down on the main bench. I am taken over to the thing, told to lie on the short bench, and to slide myself down onto Uri’s dick.

With a very weak smile I straddle Uri and slide down onto his dick. His dick feels nice when it fills my sopping cunt, it fills me right up, because it is so nice and stiff. Oh, how I need a good fucking, and it seems I am about to get it. Valentine leans me over onto the short bench. He adjusts the height until it is almost on Uri’s chest. The bench is just long enough to go from my pelvis to just below my breasts, so my breasts are hanging over the front of it. Uri grabs my arms as Valentine ties some straps around my chest and waist to hold me in position. He places some padded boards under my shins, and straps them tight. Attaching some boards for my arms he adjusts them and straps them tight. He attaches a rod from the bench I am on to something under the main bench. Smiling up at me Uri reaches out with his hand, and my bench starts moving forward and back. Both of us are lying there, but the bench is fucking me onto his dick at a nice slow pace, too slow for my liking, but his big stiff dick fucking my cunt is so nice. He stops the motor at the end of a backward stroke. I am impaled on Uri’s dick while Valentine stands in front of me. He puts on a condom, and starts covering it with KY jelly. I look at his eyes, and he is waiting for me to plead him not to do it, just so he can do it anyway. I look down, and Uri has a big grin. I cannot do a thing, so I just have to accept it, despite not wanting or liking it at all.

Walking behind me Valentine places some lubricant in my arse hole. Looking up, I can see a long mirror directly in front of me. At the current angle I can see down my back, and watch while he straddles the bench to place his dick at my arse hole. Raising my eyes a little I can see he is watching me watching him. Making eye contact he smiles, and pushes forward into my arse. I have never been arse fucked before. I had heard you can make it easier by relaxing, so I try, but it is not easy when that big dick slides in. A few minutes later his groin is against my arse while his balls are bouncing against Uri’s. There is no way either of them could get any deeper into me.

Uri starts the motor, and I am being slid off their two dicks and back on, off - on, off - on. Fuck it is nice, but so slow I will never come at this rate. Ten minutes later they are both grinning like crazy while they enjoy the slow pace. I am so close, but not there; it is like torture. The fucking is nice, but I want to come. I need to come.

A New Player

I hear a key in the apartment lock, the door opens, and Tanya walks in wearing a large coat. Turning, she locks the door. Smiling, she walks over while saying “How is she, boys?” Both smile, and give her a thumbs up. Uri stops the motor.

Grinning, she removes the coat to reveal a tight leather outfit that exposes everything. Climbing onto the seat in front of me she spreads her legs wide, and adjusts it to suit herself. Now she is ready with my mouth in her pussy. She says, “Suck and tongue me good girl, or you will pay in pain.”

Gulping, I start eating her pussy, sticking my tongue into her vagina and sucking on her clit. She smiles, and soon comes. Uri starts the motor again. Tanya and I are locked in place relative to each other when we slide back and forwards while I eat her to several orgasms. The boys are enjoying my cunt and arse sliding up and down their dicks, and I am so close I could scream, but I am not there.

Tanya says “I think it is time boys.”

They both respond, “Oh yeah.” I feel small alligator clips bite into my nipples, my clit, and my arse cheeks. Uri speeds up the motion of the motor. It is going very fast now. They both moan with pleasure when my cunt slides back and forth on their dicks.

In seconds I start to come, and come again, and again, and again. Suddenly I feel a jolt of electricity go through my nipples and arse cheeks to my clit, I scream into Tanya’s pussy. She screams in orgasm while she comes again. The current goes back the other way, and I am coming as I scream in pain.

It seems like I spend hours screaming into Tanya’s pussy when I come again, and again, and again while the pain courses through my body. The pain stops when the machine stops. I am soaked in sweat and have hardly enough strength to breath. Tanya has come dozens of times, and my face is coated with her pussy juices.

Valentine pulls out of my arse, and lifts Tanya off the seat. After he removes the seat he stands in front of my face. He pulls the condom off, and places his dick against my lips. I open up, and suck his dick into my mouth, running my tongue around the head I suck on it. I feel his hands at the base of his dick. I prepare myself. As soon as he removes the dick clamp he is coming in my mouth. I continue to suck while I swallow his sperm. I lick him clean when he is finished.

He pulls his dick out of my mouth and unties me. Lifting me off the bench he places me beside the main bench with my lips against Uri’s dick. I know what is wanted, and start sucking Uri’s dick. He soon comes in my mouth, and I lick it clean. I can hardly stand, so they carry me through to the bathroom and wash me, making me suck their dicks again while they do. I notice Tanya is filming all this on a digital camera. Taking me back to the lounge room they dress me. Valentine holds me up while Uri walks around the room pointing things out. Tanya says, “Like all our discreetly placed digital cameras. We have your whole night recorded. Come back here at six p.m. tonight. I have a whole lot of men who will pay well to fuck a sexy girl like you. You will make me very rich. Behave yourself, and I will not publish the recordings. I will even let you keep some of the money. Do not even think of going to the authorities.” Turning to Valentine she says, “Take her home and put her to bed.”

When he carries me out of the room I see it is 8:00 a.m. in the morning. I have been well and truly fucked, and do not have enough energy to hold myself up. He takes me downstairs, puts me in a car, and drives me home.

Back at my apartment Valentine puts me on my bed, undresses me to my panties, fondles my breast, and places the covers over me. I roll over, and make like I am going to sleep. Hearing him leave the room I move close to the side of the bed. I wait several minutes. I hear quiet footsteps, and I hear him sneak back in. He stands there looking at me in bed. He sneaks back out to the main room.

I did not think they intended to leave me alone.

Counter Play

With great care I reach to the bedside table. Checking underneath I find my trouble cell phone still taped in place. I remove it, and draw it into the bed. Pretending to still be asleep I activate the text mode, and type a message. When I am finished I am very careful when I raise it to where I can check the message, a couple of typing errors, but he will understand. I select the speed dial number for my Uncle Serge, my mother’s brother would be the best person to help me now. Uncle Serge - the black sheep of the family, the very well trained specialist soldier who left the Army and government to go rogue.

Uncle Serge is not spoken of in the family at all, but mother told me, “Cat, in Kiev, you have any bad trouble you call Uncle Serge. Forget what your father or grandparents say, call Serge. He will help you. He will not ask what or why, he will just help. He did that once before; now he is the black sheep. But even black sheep are very useful.”

Well, it is done. I said I need help and my address, that someone is in the apartment with me, and is watching me. Now I just have to leave it to him. After tucking the phone away in the bottom of the pillow case I go to sleep.

Sometime later I hear my doorbell ring, and the clock says midday. Valentine runs into my room, and he says “Who is that, who can it be? Tanya said you never have visitors and come from Odessa.”

I look at him while saying “School break, I do not work this week. My family know this, they usually visit me during the school breaks. At this time of day it is probably my uncle who lives here in Kiev.”

Pulling a gun out of his pocket Valentine says “Answer the door, and get rid of them.”

Getting up I put on the robe I leave beside the bed, not my normal one which is in the closet. The dark green one. In our family dark green is never used, except to warn of great danger. A hangover from less pleasant times. Going to the door I open it. I have not seen Uncle Serge for years, but each year we get a new photo, so I know it is him.

I smile, and say, “Uncle Serge, what a pleasant surprise.” Behind him is a young man in the uniform of a delivery company with a large box. I continue, “I am sorry, but I have a house guest and cannot talk much now. I have to get dressed to go out.”

He says, with a big smile, “Ah, Little Kitten, I have a present here for you. Just let this fellow put it down on a table and we will go, leaving you in peace.” Turning, I give Valentine a weak grin while I open the door wide and wave the man to the table near the window.

He walks in, heading to the table. Uncle Serge steps in, and lifts me in a bear hug while he spins me around. Valentine watches us. Suddenly men materialise through the door, all are pointing machine guns at Valentine. Gulping, he slowly raises his arms above his head. The men are quick to handcuff him.

Turning to me he says “Kitten, who else is in this?”

I respond, “I know only of two others, Uncle. The girl who lives in the apartment directly below mine, called Tanya. And his flat mate, Uri.” I give him the other address, because I had noted it when we went there last night. Turning to his men Uncle Serge gives them some quick orders. Most leave to go downstairs. Another picks up a mobile phone, and makes a call to give someone Uri’s address.

Sitting me down in the chair Uncle Serge says, “Tell me what happened.” I take my time while I take care to tell him everything. I know he has to know it all to be able to fix it. When I am finished he says, “Kitten, if you wanted to go into this sort of business you had only to ask, and I would have arranged it with some more reputable people.”

Smiling at him I say, “Uncle, I had no interest in that sort of business last night. Although, with the right controls and management, I might be interested in some occasional work. If I get to pick and choose who.”

While laughing he says, “In that work you do not get to pick and choose. But if you want something similar you can help me in my work, and I will let you pick and choose.”

Just then some of his men arrive back with Tanya. She glares at me. Laughing at her Uncle Serge says, “No, she did not go to the authorities. It would have been better for you if she had.” Her eyes go wide when she looks around the room at the many heavily armed young men. I can see fear building in her eyes. He continues, “My niece here knows me only as Uncle Serge, the black sheep of the family. But she knows enough to call me when she is in trouble. I make a good living as a go between, a fixer, a maker of deals. I have sown up so many good deals my competition call me ‘The Tailor.’ I think you may have heard of me.” Tanya’s eyes almost pop out of her head. I gulp, even I have heard of The Tailor, two capital Ts. I am shocked, my Uncle Serge is The Tailor, the man said to run most, if not all, of Kiev’s black market. If you want something, anything, see The Tailor; if he has not got it already, he will get it. He smiles at them while they wonder what he is going to do to them.

A short while later some more of his men arrive with Uri, he has a few bruises on his ribs, but none on his face. One man has a box of cameras, computer hard drives, and DVDs. He puts one in a portable DVD player to show Uncle Serge what is on it. He watches it with care while he skims through it.

Turning to me he says, “Very impressive, Little Kitten, over three hours. I think I best start calling you Tiger. I do not think you are a kitten any more.”

A Strange Interview

With a wide smile Uncle Serge says, “Seriously, do you want some very high paying work along these types of lines? But not for general distribution filming.” Smiling, I nod yes. He signals three young men to him while saying to me, “Pick one, and see if you can wear him out. Regardless of what happens I will pay you five hundred dollars US for this interview.”

Smiling, I examine the men; they are all smiling and licking their lips. Picking one I grab the front of his shirt, and pull him toward my bedroom. Entering the room I close the door behind us.

He is 1.70 metres tall, dark brown hair, cut short, fit but not well muscled, more athletic, fair skin, passable looks, blue eyes. I soon learn his dick is 75 millimetres wide and 250 millimetres long when erect.

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