Life With My Mother
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Drunk/Drugged, Incest, Mother, Son, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Fisting, Sex Toys, Water Sports,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mum and I start again after dad's betrayal

It was just getting dark when I got home, I'd finished work quite late and then my boss had insisted that I went for a drink with them all, they're a great crowd and as we'd just finished a big job, we'd all received big bonuses in our wage packets, so it was usual to celebrate with them, but I couldn't tell them where I really wanted to be, or who I wanted to be with!

She'd fallen asleep on the sofa and I felt my heart filling with the love that I felt for her, the love that I could never, ever reveal to anyone else.

She was on her back with one knee bent and her dress had fallen back over her thighs to reveal her stocking tops, the stockings I knew she'd worn for me, a tiny triangle of her little red panties was visible and I realised what an effort she'd made for me after her own shift at work.

Pouring myself out yet another drink, I turned to go and sit down beside her, but she was there behind me and I jumped,

"Hi" she said in that husky drawl of hers, "You stood me up"

I opened my mouth to apologise but she covered it with her own and snaked her tongue in between my teeth,

"I should be angry" she breathed and I nodded,

"Yes, but give me five minutes to shower and change and I'll buy you the biggest steak you've ever seen after an hour at the blackjack table, agreed?"

"Agreed" she laughed and went to pour herself out a drink.

The casino was crowded as per usual Friday night with lots of working men and their wives or girlfriends, we got ourselves two adjacent seats at a table and mum smiled with pleasure as I handed her a hundred pounds to play with.

"That's a lot of money Jimmy" she whispered, but I dug my wage slip out and showed it to her,

"Oh my God!" she gasped and promptly put fifty pounds down on the table, the pretty dealer quickly changed it for chips and grinned when mum put them all down and received an ace.

"I feel lucky" she laughed and added the other fifty, the dealer gave me a ten and dealt herself a four, a terrible card for a dealer.

Mum squealed with glee as the dealer gave her a picture card on each ace and she collected one hundred and fifty pounds, I got another picture and the dealer gave herself a ten closely followed by a picture, she'd bust and mum promptly left the hundred pounds on the table taking two slots.

She won again and again, then when she lost, she gathered up her chips and went over to the roulette table, there was a hasty discussion between the croupier and the watcher when she put a hundred on the zero, the watcher nodded and then gulped as the ball landed on the zero, she'd won three thousand five hundred pounds!

"I'll take the three thousand and cash it in" she laughed and placed five hundred on black at the side, the croupier was promptly changed when black came up and with a sexy little smile at me, she left the thousand pounds where it was and less than thirty seconds later she collected two thousand pounds.

"The steaks are on me" she giggled as we strolled over to the one armed bandits and she proceeded to lose with every spin,

I was standing behind her stroking her thigh when she put her last loose pound coin in and hit the button, bells rang, a siren blared, lights flashed and another thousand pounds cascaded out over the tray and onto the floor!

"Do you realise that in less than fifteen minutes you've won six thousand pounds?" I asked her and she giggled as we sat down at our table in the nearby restaurant,

"Not really, you gave me a hundred so if I give you back a thousand, that's only five grand I've won"

I took her thousand and asked for a bottle of their finest champagne and we washed the huge, thick steaks down with glass after glass of what I considered to be vastly overpriced cider.

Mum liked it though and insisted on buying two more bottles to take home with us, which we didn't manage to drink that night, we may have done except that she'd gone to the ladies and handed me her panties on her return.

"I hope you're not too drunk" she whispered and flicked her tongue in my ear as we got into the taxi,

"Never mum" I replied softly, "I'm as horny as hell right now"

We sat close together in the back of the cab and she asked for her panties back,

"I don't know about you Jimmy" she whispered, "But I just love the taste of my own pussy" and then as my erection threatened to burst my trousers, she calmly wiped her face and mouth with the damp garment.

"You know bloody well how much I love your taste" I said barely audibly, "And I'm going to show you when we get home"

"Tell me" she breathed in my ear as I slipped a hand down between her thighs, "I want to hear every little detail of what you're going to do to me"

I did tell her and listened as her breathing got heavier and heavier while I gently stroked the flesh above her stockings,

"Leave my panties in the cab" she laughed as the cab pulled up outside the house and she ran in giggling, I paid the cabbie and gave him a generous tip before going into the house where mum grabbed me as soon as I locked the door and crushed her lips to mine,

"Mmm yes" she breathed into my mouth as I unzipped her dress at the back, it slithered slowly to the floor, and I ran both hands over her naked back to cup the sexy little buttocks at the base of it,

"I'm hot and wet and very, very horny darling" she said huskily, "Take me to bed Jimmy, take me now, eat me and then fuck me"

I lay naked on top of the bed as she walked towards me, a smile on her pretty face as she watched me stroking my prick, holding out my other hand, I helped her up onto the bed and she stood above my head one foot on either side of me.

I watched her fingers parting the petals of her pussy, little droplets of juice sparkled as slowly, she lowered herself down onto my waiting mouth,

She hadn't been joking when she said she was wet, I slid my tongue in like a snake between her labia and slurped noisily at her juices, mum was moaning softly to herself as she rode me like she'd ride a horse, she had both hands gripping the headboard to give herself more momentum and the swollen nub of her clitoris was squashed against my nose.

I loved her to be on my face like this, I loved the pleasure she got from it and I loved her wetness, she said that kissing me afterwards was like licking a pussy, something she'd never done but she was equally determined to change.

I grabbed the cheeks of her bottom and pulled her down hard as I pushed my tongue in as deep as I could get it,

She squealed and jerked, I felt the wetness flowing from her into my mouth, I ran a fingertip over the tiny puckered hole and jabbed upwards,

"JIMMY" she squealed and then she seemed unable to speak as the waves of pleasure almost wiped out her senses, bending the finger in her anus, I wiggled it and another flood of pussy juice gushed into my mouth, she gave another involuntary jerk and flopped back just for a second.

My rock hard prick was under her head and she quickly scrambled back up to her knees and positioned herself above it,

"Now for the main course" she said breathlessly and sank down on it with a big smile on her lovely face.

"God" she hissed, "How did I ever manage to live without this?"

Her orgasm had done nothing to diminish her ardour, her eyes shone with excitement as she rode me and her nipples were like little rocks under my fingers,

"I've wanted this all day mum" I told her and she grinned sexily,

"I want it all the time with you" she whispered, "I still find it hard to believe that we're lovers"

"Believe it mum" I said as I rolled her nipples between my fingers, "It's my prick inside you, it was me who just licked your pussy and it was me who drank what you just gave me"

Bending forwards onto me, she put her mouth next to my ear and whispered softly,

"Did you like what I did?"

"It was beautiful mum" I said and kissed her again as I thrust myself upwards,

"You can do that anytime you like"

She was breathing heavily now, a sure sign of her growing excitement, I gripped her buttocks and jammed her down on my prick,

"Talk to me Jimmy" she gasped, "Tell me what we're doing"

"You know what we're doing mum" I hissed, "I'm fucking you, I'm shagging your hot little cunt"

"Am I a dirty bitch Jimmy for liking that word?"

"You're a fucking dirty little cunt mum" I told her and she gasped at my words,

"I'm going to fill your cunt with my spunk mum"

"Ooh God yes darling" she whispered, "Fill me, fill my cunt Jimmy, shag me, shag me fucking hard"

She only ever talked like that when she was really excited and as the familiar tingling began in my toes, I knew that we would probably come at the same time.

"I'm coming Jimmy" she hissed, "You're making me fucking come"

Holding her buttocks I lunged upwards as my prick exploded sending my hot seed up into her writhing body, I felt her nails raking my back as she went into a spasm of sheer pleasure, she jerked again and again and there was a warm dampness around my groin, I jerked savagely for the last time and she slumped on me as we drifted off into a deep, sated and dreamless sleep.

She was hanging out the washing in the rear garden when I went downstairs the following morning, I leaned in the open doorway and watched her as she bent and stretched, dressed in a plain white mini dress, I caught a glimpse of a white thong between her legs as she stretched up and I let out a long, low wolf whistle to show my appreciation,

"Morning darling" she said cheerily and crushed herself against the bulge in my shorts as we kissed,

"There should be a law against you walking about like that" she grinned as I patted her sexy little bottom,

"You might get raped"

"As long as you're the one doing the raping mum" I laughed, "You look bloody gorgeous this morning, I could eat you"

"Ooh yes" she giggled, "That sounds like something to look forward to, now stop playing with my bottom because I've got some news for you, news and a proposition"

We walked into the kitchen where she poured me out a coffee and then she told me that Dennis, my boss had called in on his way to the airport where he kept a private plane,

"The next job you were supposed to start on Monday has been put back for two weeks, so he left me five hundred pounds for you for two weeks holiday pay"

"Great" I leered, "Do you realise I can see your nipples through that dress?"

"Eh? Oh" and she giggled, "Stop perving and listen"

"I'm getting hard again mum"


"Ok, ok, I'm listening"

"I phoned my boss and asked for two weeks off, he agreed immediately and Dennis has given me the keys to his cottage in Devon"

"Wow" I said, "Nice one sexy"

I reached out and pulled her onto my lap and she gave up trying to talk to me,

"If I straddle you and rub my pussy against that deliciously obscene bulge you've got there, will you bloody well listen to me?"

"Er yeah all right"

"Bastard" she laughed and slipped her arms round my neck,

"Dennis will be back in about an hour and he says that if we're at the airport, he'll fly us down there, not to mention picking us up again in two weeks time"

"Good old Dennis" I said as I began to stroke the front of her tiny thong, "Now sit up a minute while I get more comfortable"

"You're not planning on doing anything rude to me are you darling?" she said as she lifted herself up for a second, which was more than long enough for me to fish my penis out of the confining shorts and ease the gusset of her panties to one side.

"Not really mum" I grinned as I positioned my prick against her rapidly dampening pussy, "I just intend to make love to a very pretty, very sexy and very slightly kinky lady"

"Only very slightly kinky?" she laughed, "I'm disappointed"

"I'm not mum" I said and kissed her as my prick sank into the spongy warmth between her legs, "I never have been"

We set up a motion of fucking that was the result of almost six months of practising every single day, it had been almost seven months since dad had left with his personal assistant and five months to the day since they'd been found dead in their hotel room due to a faulty heater.

The funeral had been a terrible ordeal for her, but I'd been there every step of the way, I'd sat with her all night after the funeral and when she'd cried herself to sleep, I'd still sat with her, holding her in my arms.

The following day, I came back from work to find her steaming drunk, she was crying again and from the way she looked, she'd been crying all day.

"Why are you doing this mum?" I'd asked her, "You're killing yourself over a man who never loved you"

Instead of answering me, she'd gone to the cupboard and opened another bottle of vodka, her eyes never left mine as she gulped, until suddenly I cracked and snatched the bottle from her, she fought like a tiger, kicking, scratching and biting me.

"I'm sorry mum" I was crying too, "But I love you too much to let you do this" and I hit her and knocked her out.

I stripped her naked and myself too before dragging her into the shower and together we endured the freezing cold water.

Eventually she begged me to let her out, but I held her under the needle sharp spray for another five minutes, our teeth were chattering as I took her into her bedroom and found her bathrobe, then and only then did I leave to wrap my freezing body into my own robe before going back for her, dragging her downstairs and pouring what seemed like gallons of coffee down her throat.

In spite of the coffee, she eventually fell asleep, so I attached a length of rope from her wrist to mine, then carried her upstairs to her bed where I laid her down and fell asleep beside her, exhausted!

I dreamt that she held me and kissed me in the night, I dreamt that she took our bathrobes off and I made love to her and I dreamt that we fell asleep still locked in an incestuous embrace.

"I'm sorry Jimmy" she'd kissed me as we awoke in the morning, "I've been awake all night afterwards, what we did was lovely, it was beautiful darling and it made me feel wanted again, I felt like a real woman darling, thank you"

My senses swam and the confusion must have shown on my face,

"You weren't dreaming Jimmy" she said softly, "You made love to me last night"

"It was a dream mum" but she shook her head,

"No darling, it was no dream" and she'd thrown the covers back to show me the dried semen on her inner thighs!

It had taken two days before we were able to look at each other without guilt, I'd been apprehensive about going to work and leaving her, but finally she sat me down and told me that she was over it, over the hurt of being left for a younger woman, over the rejection and over the pain of not being wanted or loved.

"I love you mum" I said softly, "I've always loved you and whether you want me or not, I always will love you, now I'll leave if you want but before I go please promise me you won't go back on the booze"

"I can't make that promise darling, at least not without your help"

"I'll always help you mum" I said sadly, "You know I will"

"I know you will darling" she said almost inaudibly, "That's why I've done what I've done"

I slipped an arm round her waist and pulled her into my embrace,

"What have you done mum?"

"Don't shout at me darling" she whispered as she poured out two brandies and led me out into the back garden.

"That's all his stuff!!" I said and she laughed,

"Yes it is, isn't it?" And she put a match to the big pile of clothing, pictures and letters,

"I've done something with your clothes too" she said,

My heart sank, but I followed her upstairs and into my bedroom, there was just a bed, a dressing table and a wardrobe.


"I put them in my room darling" she said, her eyes full of uncertainty, "Of course you can take them if you still want to go"

"I never wanted to go anywhere mum" I said as we squeezed hands, "Unless you're with me"

My cell phone rang and she grinned at me as she rode me in the garden, it was Dennis telling me that he was at the airport and he had to file a flight plan and refuel if he was going to Devon,

"Are you coming?" he asked and I looked into my mother's eyes as she relaxed her bladder muscles.

"Any second now" I laughed.

It was only a short walk from his cottage to the local pub, but I'll remember it for ever, mum wore a short white skirt with a matching white tee shirt and a tiny white g-string beneath the skirt, half way down the hill we stopped to admire the beautiful, panoramic view out over the bay, traffic was almost non existent as it was only a narrow little lane leading to our (Dennis's) cottage and two more further on down.

"Don't laugh mum will you?" I said as we stood watching a little boat leaving the harbour, "I've thought long and hard about this"

"About what?" she asked and I saw the uncertainty on her face,

"Dennis knows about us"

"Oh my God" she gasped, "How?"

"He said that he just guessed mum"

"He can't have just guessed Jimmy" she exclaimed angrily, "That's ridiculous"

"Not if he's living with his daughter it's not, Karen's not his wife mum, she's his daughter! He says he recognized the signs and so did Karen"

"So you admitted it?"

"No, but I didn't deny it either, that's not what I wanted to say to you though"

"Did he admit that he's living as man and wife with his daughter?"

"Yes, quite freely mum"

"I need to think about this darling" she said, "Now what did you want to say to me?"

We reached the pub then and got our drinks before taking them out into the beautiful little garden,

"Dennis has got a very big demolition job coming up soon, it's an old mental hospital about a mile from here, he wants me to run it for him, we're going to be employing about a hundred men for a period of about five months taking us up to and possibly beyond Christmas"

"So you'll be staying down here?"

I could see by her face that I'd started off wrongly, she was about to burst into tears,

"Mum" I leaned forward and took her hands in mine, "The first person I have to hire is an office manager" I smiled at her then and added, "Or a manageress"

"Go on" she said cautiously,

"I asked him whether or not he'd consider you for the job"


"And he said that it was you he had in mind"

"Where would we live?"

"At the cottage of course, we've both got dad's insurance checks in the bank, doing nothing but gathering interest, if we put them together we could give him the three hundred thousand pounds that he wants for the cottage"

"What happens when the job ends?"

"Well if we complete on time, the health authority have plenty more work down here for the company, their long term aim is to re-organize all the hospitals in the county and that means lots of demolition and new buildings"

"What about wages?"

"He's coming down here at the weekend when Karen finishes at college for the summer, he's negotiating to buy both cottages at the end of our little lane, if you accept, he'll want to talk money with us both together"

"Well, I'm interested but I'd rather think things over for a bit and yes, we'll talk to him at the weekend"

She got up then to go in for two refills and I had the absolute pleasure of watching her gorgeous little bottom swinging beneath her skirt as she walked,

"You made me hard then mum" I told her as she returned with our drinks, "I can see the shape of your panties through your skirt"

"In that case" she said softly, "I might just allow you to take them off when we eventually get home"

"Two men at the bar were discussing reincarnation" she added, "And it made me think, what would you like to come back as?"

She was just taking a sip of her lager as I announced that the only thing I would wish to be was a pair of her panties and she just about choked on her drink,

"I was being serious you pervert" she giggled and wiped her mouth,

"I meant it mum" I said, "I could be in contact with your pussy for twenty four hours a day"

She actually blushed, "Really?"

"Really mum" I smiled, "It would be my idea of paradise, especially if you were to go bicycle riding, ooh yes, what a thought!"

"You're making me wet Jimmy"

"Wet enough to dribble?"

"Definitely" she smiled, "In fact I think I might be dribbling a little bit now just thinking about you being a pair of my panties"

I leaned forward and took her hands in mine,

"Does the thought of me being close to your cunt turn you on mum?"

"Of course it turns me on you fool" she laughed, then she lowered her voice and looked at me in that special coy way she had, "But not as much as hearing you talk like that"

"Mum" I whispered, "Why do you think I've got that picture of your cunt in my wallet? You know, that really close up one of your cunt wide open and gaping!"

"Do you ever look at it?"

"Look at what mum?" I grinned and she blushed again,

"My cunt darling, do you ever take it out and think, wow, I'm going to be fucking that pretty little cunt tonight?"

"All the time mum"

"I've got my camera phone with me"

"We could take a slow sexy walk back to the cottage"

"I could take my panties off"

"The breeze might blow your skirt up and then everyone would see your cunt mum"

"Ooh God yes" she gasped, "I think I'd probably cum if I knew other people were looking at me"

"Looking at what part of you mum?"

"My cunt darling" she whispered hoarsely, "They'd be looking at my naked cunt!"

She was a walking orgasm as we left the pub garden and walked out onto the leafy lane, with a quick look round to see if anyone was looking, I aimed the phone cam under her skirt four or five times, she stopped and pulled her panties down for me to take some more pictures up her skirt.

"What about this?" she said huskily and posed with the delicate little garment held up to her face with her tongue sticking out cheekily,

"Or this?" and she emptied her bladder noisily onto the road!

Her flow had almost stopped as I grabbed her and crushed her mouth with mine and fingered her pussy while she dribbled over my hand,

"Home, now" I growled, but she pulled away and proceeded to wipe her panties between her legs,

"Now you can kiss me" she said and held the sexy little scrap of nylon over her mouth!

We barely made it through the gate when a car drove past and mum shivered with excitement,

"We could have got caught" she gasped and then squealed as I bent her over a garden table and roughly shoved my prick up into her soaking wet cunt,

"Oh fuck yes" she hissed, "Harder Jimmy, shag me, shag me fucking harder you dirty bastard, I'm coming, Jimmy you're making me cum", Aaargh, OOOOH FFFFFFUCK"

Roughly I pulled out and turned her round to face me, I jabbed once in her cunt and then withdrew to position my prick against her tiny rear hole, she wrapped her arms around my neck and squealed as her anal ring gave way,

"YES" she screamed and sank her teeth into my shoulder, my prick slid right in her tight hole and I felt her rectal muscles gripping and squeezing me.

"You're hurting me you bastard" she gasped, but her fingernails raked me beneath my tee shirt and pulled me even deeper into her anus,

"Oh God Jimmy" she moaned, "It hurts, you're too big darling, fuck yes, deeper, fucking deeper, oh fuck yes, do it, hurt me, I'm coming again you bastard"

This time she came in almost complete silence, only her whimpers and gasps broke the afternoon silence as she clung to me in the throes of her climax, as her tremors eased, mine began and I jetted spurt after spurt of my hot creamy spunk into her rectum.

It had been a long day and although it was still early I had a shower whilst mum had a long soak in a hot bath, then we sat in the beautiful little garden enjoying a late drink whilst we talked about what Dennis had offered us both.

Mum agreed with me, that if her wages were good enough, we would both accept his offer, she would rent the house out fully furnished and we would make the cottage our home for as long as the job lasted.

She was wearing a sheer white baby doll with matching panties and she came round the table to sit in my lap,

"What about us Jimmy? How long will it be until you find someone your own age?"

"How old are you mum?" I asked her and she smiled,

"Thirty three, you know I am"

"I'm eighteen"

"Yes I realise that"

"You said with my build I look about twenty five"

"Yes" she kissed my neck,

"Well that's about how old you look, does anyone round here know that we're mother and son?"

"No of course not"

"Well in that case mum" I said with a smile, "I've got something for you"

She looked bemused as I ran into the house and came back less than a minute later to kneel at her feet,


"I bought this from one of the lads mum, he had it for his girlfriend just before she left him" I grinned, "For another woman actually, he was devastated"

I fumbled with the tiny little box for a second and then took her left hand in mine,

"I don't know how mum and I don't know when, but I'd think it a great honour if you would agree to become engaged to me, as God's my witness, if you'll have me I'll marry you"

And I slipped the little diamond ring onto her finger.

Her eyes filled with tears and her bottom lip quivered,

"Ji --" she began but she couldn't speak, she cleared her throat and tried again, but still her voice was a croak,

"Either nod mum, or give me the ring back" I said and then I wondered if she would hurt her neck as she nodded furiously before the dam broke!

We made love again that night, but it really was making love, just two people who loved each other, expressing it in the oldest way known to man before falling asleep in each others arms.

What I did that night made mum the happiest woman in the world and she insisted on taking me to a local jewellery shop to buy me a ring the following morning.

I spoke to Dennis on the phone and told him of our agreement in principle to his proposals, he was genuinely pleased and told me so.

"Book me and Karen a room will you mate?, somewhere smart, we're coming down tonight"

"Hold on Den please" I said and told mum what he'd asked me, she took the phone from me and shouted at him,

"Dennis Haggerty if you think I'm booking you an hotel room, you can think again, you will stay here with us as our guests and I'll hear no more of it"

He was still grovelling as I took the phone back and told him not to worry,

"Her bite's worse than her bark mate, relax" and I heard a strangled cry as I closed the connection.

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