by Maria Rendes

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Size, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A young man realises how wrong he has been about a girl.

He stood at the doorframe of her room, watching her lying on the bed. The sight aroused him, for she looked so innocent and in total bliss. Did she not realise her body was calling out to him? The way her breasts rose and fell evenly, the nightdress she wore had ridden high up her thighs, promising endless pleasure.

He held back a groan remembering earlier that evening. How normal it had been for him to call upon her for relief. This had been the 100th time that she had 'serviced' his dick. He gave her nothing in return, and she never asked.

He arrived unannounced as usual and when she opened the door she could see the desire in his eyes and the way he touched her cheek. This was his way of asking her for this 'special' favour. She took his hand and led her to the front room. Why? She didn't know herself, but this was the only time she felt she had power over him.

She turned round, and tiptoed to kiss him, but he pushed away-as usual and pushed her down onto her knees. She took hold of his belt and unbuckled it, then his pants. She stopped and looked up seeking his permission. His eyes answered her hesitation. She pulled his pants down just below his flat belly, and pulled out his already throbbing cock.

The size always frightened her and it was only semi-hard! Her fingers wrapped around the large girth and pumped it a little watching it grow full hard. She could see a clear drop emerge at the tip and she got closer to lick it gently off. The instant her tongue made contact, he nearly came.

He knew she wasn't a virgin, but still her little experience practically made her one. She smiled inwardly and she slipped the engorged head into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. She loved his musky scent and his taste.

She took hold of the base and lowered her mouth further onto his thick shaft. He was surprised he still had some control. Her hot, wet mouth sent tingles of pleasure to him and pleasure was what his was after. He begun to softly pump his hips against her mouth seeking deeper entry, but her firm grip stopped him. This was sweet torture, that's why he went to her.

Soon she began to pick up pace with both her hands and mouth. Bobbing her head up and down his shaft, she moaned around him. As much as it was arousing him, it aroused her too. She loved being in control and pride overtook any feeling she would have afterwards.

He weaved his fingers into her hair encouraging her to keep going. He was so close. All he wanted was to come in her lovely mouth and feel her swallow his cum. She could tell he was close and decided to end the torture for him by sucking harder around the head. Sure enough she heard him groan and push in a little more, before he began to flow her mouth with thick ropes of cum. She begun to swallow, never missed a beat.

When he could not come anymore, she cleaned him up with her mouth, and let his limp dick slip out. She looked up to see a satisfied look in his eyes. His triumph stung her. She reached out for his hand, but he just pushed her away, and turned around. The hurt ran deep, as she got up and walked out of the room and climbed the stairs to her room. He would let himself out-he always did.

Something in the back of his mind registered the look of hurt she had shown when he refused her hand and suddenly he realised how silent the house had become. He hoped she hadn't locked herself up in her bedroom and was crying her eyes out over him. He couldn't bare that. That's when he headed upstairs to her room.

Now here was staring at her. Totally unaware of his presence and of her attire. She looked so tempting in her slumber, how he never noticed, he didn't know. She looked at peace.

He went over to her, and placed a kiss on her full lips, she didn't stir, nor react to his lips. His wondering hand went down onto her breast and kneaded it. So ripe and full. Then his hand brushed down to her soft thigh, and began pull up the hem of her nightdress. He managed to pull it up, to her waist.

Her white angelic panties gave her an air of innocence. He very expertly pulled them off her hips, and down her slender legs. Still she did not awake. Her bare pussy presented itself to him. She was hair-free. He slowly parted her thighs and looked at her glistening flesh.

She must've been aroused from earlier he thought, but it was evident that she had done nothing about it. His fingers traced the wet folds, and parted them. She was pink. She felt hot and wet and he hadn't even pushed his finger in. Her clit was peaking from its hood. Using the pad of his thumb, he gently rubbed it.

He heard her moan softly and stir. He bent down and kissed the inside of her thigh, then the other. He worked his way up to her pussy. Smelt her aroma which was sweet yet tangy. Using his tongue he lightly licked the length of her slit till he reached her clit. Without thinking twice he wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked on it hard.

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