Outward Bound

by H.L. Berry

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BDSM, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Jenny wants to try a spot of self-bondage. It's a lovely day, so where better than a local nature reserve?

'Dear Mike

You should receive this letter twice. I just wanted to be sure you'd get it. If I haven't contacted you and asked you to ignore it, please head over to my house immediately and check the top drawer of my desk. I've left you a full explanation in an envelope there.

I owe you one.

Love and kisses


She printed out two copies of the letter and put each one in an envelope. She wrote the same address on both before affixing first class stamps. Next, she printed out the detailed page of instructions. This she put unfolded into a plain manila envelope, on the front of which was written simply "Mike". She placed the envelope in the top drawer of her desk. Taking the two stamped addressed envelopes, she picked up a small rucksack and left the house, locking it behind her. Crossing the road, she posted one of the letters immediately. She returned to her driveway and climbed into her car, a cute Mazda roadster in bright red. She set off in the direction of the nearby country park. On the way, she dropped the second letter into a post box outside a village shop.

She parked the Mazda in a secluded car park, which was deserted as she had expected. She grabbed her rucksack, climbed out of the car and locked it, putting the keys in the bag. Taking a last look around her she set off up the single track that led away from the car park. Before very long, she was amongst a number of large and craggy rock formations. Having scouted the area previously, she had already found an ideal location for what she had in mind, and she headed to that spot without hesitation.

The formation towered over her. The top was about ten feet above her head, but it was a relatively easy climb in her sensible boots and she had no trouble getting up there. At the top, she looked around. It formed a rough rectangle, at its largest thirty feet long by about ten feet across. Putting down her rucksack, she kicked off her shoes and socks. She opened the rucksack and removed four pitons. These she wedged carefully into cracks in the rock, forming an approximate square five or six feet along each side. She tugged hard at each one to make sure that all of them were firmly lodged in the rock. One came loose, so she moved it slightly and this time it stayed locked in place. She took a blanket from the bag and spread it over the area between them.

Delving again into her bag, she pulled out a set of four leather cuffs, a ball gag and a shiny black PVC hood. Carefully checking that no one was in sight, she stood up and removed her tight, sleeveless T-shirt and equally close-fitting cut-off jeans to reveal a lithe, tanned body. She folded the clothes carefully and put them in the bottom of her bag along with her shoes and socks. Underneath, she was wearing a lacy white brassiere and matching thong. She removed these as well, throwing them into the bag and revealing that her tan was even all over her body. The weather forecast had correctly predicted a fine day, and the sun made her bare skin tingle. A slight breeze played over her, making her nipples stand erect. She moved the bag so that it was partially hidden in a small hollow, well away from the pitons.

She took the cuffs and fastened them securely to her wrists and ankles. Each one had a small metal loop attached to it, and she clipped the two on her ankles to two of the pitons, holding her legs wide open. The pitons had a stiff spring-loaded fastening, and she knew that while she could attach her cuffs to these easily, it was a two-handed job to free them again. Before she did that, however, she put the ball gag in place. It was large and black, and strapped firmly around the back of her head, holding her jaws apart and tongue down, but not uncomfortably so. She pulled the hood over her head, gathering her shoulder-length red hair into a ponytail and passing it through a hole at the back. A zip down the rear held the hood in place. At the front, it came down well over her eyes but left her ears, nose and mouth uncovered. At the back, it reached down to her neck and effectively held the gag strap in place. Two wide straps came forward to buckle under her chin, like a sort of collar. Though she couldn't see it, the material clung to the contours of her head and glistened in the sun almost as though it was wet.

Finally she lay back on the slightly padded blanket. She reached her hands above her head, seeking the pitons. Twisting, she used her left hand to secure her right in its piton and then stretched out for the remaining restraint. By working the cuff round on her wrist, she was able to estimate when the metal loop was underneath her hand. If she then brought her hand down sharply on the piton, the loop should engage the spring-loaded clasp. It took her a couple of attempts, but finally she heard the snick of metal that signified her success. She tugged at the pitons with her arms and legs. They held her firmly in a spread eagle position, allowing her only limited movement. She tried twisting her hands in the cuffs, but was unable to reach the clasps on the pitons. Her eyes, which had been open in a futile attempt to see through the hood, closed, and she laid back her head with a satisfied exhalation. She was held fast, unable to free herself without outside assistance. The breeze played pleasantly over her pussy, which was sheltered only by a neatly trimmed strip of hair. She felt herself moisten. Her jaw worked at the gag as she shifted her body on the unyielding rock.

Hours, or maybe minutes passed. Jenny lay there contentedly, waiting. She was unaware of the time, though the sun still felt warm on her body. Suddenly she heard voices. Excitedly she tensed, pulling uselessly at her self-imposed restraints. The voices, two men, passed close by under her rock, progressively fading into the distance in the direction of the car park. She relaxed again. A bird sang nearby as she moved her hips slowly. She was beginning to wish she'd used an additional means of stimulation. The scenario itself had been erotic when she'd thought it up, and was an excellent masturbatory fantasy, but it was nowhere near enough for her to come once she was actually tied there. Frustrated, she yanked at the pitons again but to no avail.

Unexpectedly, she heard the voices again. They seemed to be getting closer. She froze, listening intently.

"... just think we ought to check, that's all," said the first. "The car's engine was still warm, so it hasn't been there all that long. We should have met them on the way through."

"Maybe they took a different path," suggested the other man.

"There is no other path," assured the first. "Come on, John, it'll only take a minute. I just want to make sure that they haven't had a fall or something."

John muttered to himself but evidently agreed with his companion, because the woman heard them both trampling around the rock formations, occasionally calling aloud. She cursed the gag. If she'd been a little less ambitious with her bondage, she could have reassured the men without them seeing her just by shouting a reply. As it was, she was forced to lay in silence. She hoped they'd eventually assume that they were mistaken and leave.

Unfortunately for her, at that moment John spotted something.

"Bill!" he called. "Over here!"

Jenny flinched. It sounded as though John was right under her rock.

"What's up?" asked Bill.

"Look, up there," John pointed. "There's something red up there. Looks like a coat or something."

She groaned inwardly. They'd spotted her rucksack, not quite so well hidden as she'd thought.

"Alright," said Bill. "I'm going up there to take a look. Wait here."

Jenny slumped resignedly as Bill began to scramble up the outcrop. Time seemed to slow to a crawl as the scrape of boot on rock came closer and closer. Eventually Bill reached the top and looked around. Seeing the naked woman stretched out in front of him, he drew in a sharp breath.

"Bloody hell!" he muttered. Turning, he raised his voice. "John, get up here. You've got to see this!"

The woman struggled in vain against her bonds as John began the climb. Her face burned as she sensed Bill's eyes crawling over her defencelessly spread body.

"Fucking hell!" exclaimed John as he reached the summit and saw Jenny. "Is she alright?"

"Oh yes, I think so," replied Bill. "She's just been tied down, that's all. Look over there, the thing you saw was her rucksack."

"But who did it?" John asked. "Are you sure you're OK, love?"

Jenny couldn't reply, of course, only grunt at him as she squirmed in embarrassment.

"She can't answer you. Look at that gag in her mouth," explained Bill, obviously enjoying himself immensely at her expense. "And see here, all her clothes are neatly folded in this bag. I'd say she did this to herself. Nice thong by the way, love."

"You're kidding?" blurted John. "But how? And why?"

"Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe she's a trainee escapologist. Or perhaps she was hoping that two good looking guys like us would come along and fuck her senseless."

They both paused, and Jenny sensed them looking at her thoughtfully. Shamefully she felt her body reacting to the bizarre situation. It didn't go unnoticed.

"You know, I think you're right," said John. "Look, she's getting all wet down there."

Jenny thought she couldn't turn any redder. Instinctively she tried to close her legs, but was pulled up way short by the cuffs.

"Anyway, what's she going to do about it?" he continued, his voice getting more excited. "It's not like she can stop us, tied up like that, and she can't even see our faces."

"You know John, I reckon you're right," replied Bill. Jenny felt movement between her legs as he continued. "Let's just have a look down here, shall we?"

A finger probed at her pussy. Jenny gasped as it twisted, slowly pushing its way into her. Bill pulled back out again and this time inserted two fingers.

"Look at that," he exclaimed. "She's really wet down here! Man, she is hot!"

Jenny felt his breath on her as he leant closer, then his tongue rasped across her clit. She gasped again, almost subconsciously raising her hips to meet him. She felt another tongue circling one of her nipples, John tweaking the other one with his hand. Bill continued to lap at her clit, his fingers still embedded in her pussy. She could feel her juices accumulating and secreting. Bill pulled his fingers out all the way and licked the full length of her cunt.

"God, she tastes good," he declared, poking his tongue into her.

"Let me try," begged John. There was movement as they swapped places then John began to tongue her, hesitantly at first then with more confidence. Bill stimulated her nipples, each flick a little shock running down her body. He grasped them firmly between his thumbs and forefingers, pulling them simultaneously up from her chest and outwards. She lifted her torso, trying to reduce the stretch. He released them, stroking the flats of his hands around her full breasts and massaging the nipples gently with his thumbs. He squeezed her breasts, twisting them slightly. Jenny moaned from behind the gag.

John was still licking at her clit and enthusiastically plunging two fingers in and out of her pussy. A wet puddle was beginning to gather on the blanket between her legs. He pursed his lips, sucking her little button into his mouth. He grasped it gently between his teeth and flicked the very tip with his tongue. That was all Jenny needed. With a loud groan she lifted her head from the rock, her body shuddering and her limbs pulling hard at their bonds. John continued to lap at her. Her body first went rigid, then limp as she collapsed back onto the rock.

"Well, that's you sorted, love," announced Bill. "Now I think it's our turn. You want to go first, John?"

"I don't know," muttered John. "Do you really think we should?"

"You're kidding, right?" asked Bill incredulously. "Why else would she have tied herself here? You said yourself, what's she going to do? Besides, look at her, she's gagging for it. That right, love?"

Jenny moved her head in a way that could be interpreted as a nod. John needed no more encouragement. He quickly unfastened his trousers and pulled out his erect cock. Without further ado he thrust it into her soaking pussy. Bill had released his own cock and now he lowered it towards one of her hands. Without thinking she grasped it and held it firmly as he rocked his hips backwards and forwards.

John was overly excited, and didn't last long. With an ecstatic shout he pushed hard into her and came, his hot sperm coating the inside of her pussy. He quickly moved aside for Bill, who eased his large cock gently into her. Without further hesitation he began to piston in and out. Jenny bucked under him, tossing her head from side to side. He could feel her muscles around him, clenching and releasing, pulling at him. He tried to drag it out but to no avail. On the verge of coming, he withdrew and spurted over her stomach and chest. Reaching down with one hand he smeared his come into her skin.

Both men stood up, fastening their trousers. They looked down at her. Under the hood, her hair was matted with perspiration, and her body gleamed in the now setting sun.

"Are you thirsty, pet?" asked Bill. "Do you want some water?"

Jenny nodded almost imperceptibly. Bill left for a moment and returned with a large flask. Lifting her head, he undid the hood just enough to loosen but not remove her gag. Moving it to one side, he placed the flask at her lips. She sucked at it greedily, swallowing more than half of its contents. Eventually she indicated that she'd had enough, a small amount escaping to trickle down her cheek. Before she could speak, Bill had put the gag back in place and refastened her hood. He dabbed at her face with his handkerchief, drying the spilt liquid.

"Should we untie her, do you think?" asked John.

"I don't think so," replied Bill. "Let's leave her here for some other lucky sod to find. I tell you what. We'll come back about the same time tomorrow. If she's still here, maybe we'll have another go, then we'll set her free. She'll be alright until then."

Jenny twisted and grunted pleadingly, but it was no use. Bill lifted her at the waist and folded the blanket back from under her legs to gather beneath her hips.

"You'll thank me for that, later," he murmured. "Take care, love."

There were a few further sounds of activity, and then Bill and John climbed down from the rock. Jenny listened to their voices get steadily quieter and quieter until she could hear them no longer. A hush fell. She could no longer feel the sun on her body, but the evening air was still very warm on her naked skin. More time passed and she became aware of another sensation, this time of discomfort in her abdomen. With a start she realised that she urgently needed a toilet, something she'd failed to anticipate. Desperately she struggled, but the pitons held her remorselessly. Her legs pulled with a mind of their own, trying to close. She held on as long as she could, a burning sensation spreading across her navel. As she felt she could wait no longer, she twisted and writhed in her bonds, whimpering piteously. Finally she had no option but to let go, and a long stream of piss flooded out and across the surface of the rock. She sobbed in mortification as the moisture spread underneath her legs. In her discomfiture she realised that Bill had foreseen this moment when he rolled back the blanket. Without the material there to hold the liquid in, it would soon evaporate in the warm evening air. At that moment she heard more voices.

"It came from over here," declared a woman.

"What did?" a man asked.

"I told you, I heard someone call out," replied the woman. "Maybe they need help."

Jenny heard rustling noises as the pair got closer and closer.

"Look at this," exclaimed the woman. There was a short pause. "Do you think it's serious?"

"Well, there's only one way to find out," her companion responded. "Let's go up and have a look."

Jenny felt her face flushing all over again as the couple began the climb up to the top of her rock. Already she'd forgotten about wetting herself.

"Wow! It was for real," gasped the man. "Look at that!"

"My god, she's gorgeous," cried his partner. "I can't believe I'm seeing this. Did you really tie yourself up here deliberately?"

Resignedly, Jenny nodded in what she thought was their direction.

"Well, I must say that was rather foolhardy of you," replied the woman. "Especially leaving the signs and everything. I thought I was adventurous, but that's just unbelievable."

Jenny jerked in surprise. What signs? The couple didn't notice her consternation as they talked amongst themselves.

"So, should we untie her?" asked the man.

"Aw, come on Matt," begged the woman. "Let's just have a little fun with her first. Anyway, the notice said she didn't want to be untied yet."

"And what exactly did you have in mind by 'a little fun', Claire?" retorted Matt, sternly. Even as she fidgeted awkwardly Jenny could imagine him wagging his finger at the other woman.

"I don't know," said Claire sheepishly. "It's just that she looks so... well... inviting, all laid out like that. You must admit it's rather erotic. Especially if I do this."

Jenny heard an exclamation from Matt, followed by the soft flutter of material landing on the surface of the rock.

"Claire, what on earth are you doing? Put that back on!"

"Shan't!" came the obstinate reply. More rustling noises followed. "There, now you've got two naked woman all to yourself, on a rock in the middle of nowhere. One of us is bound and gagged. There's not another soul for miles around. What are you going to do?"

"Oh sod it," agreed Matt. "You really are a shameless hussy! I just hope no one else comes along."

As he began to undress, Jenny was aware of Claire moving between her legs. With a gasp she sensed the other woman's cheek rubbing against the inside of her thigh. It was a completely new sensation. Claire's skin felt incredibly soft and smooth compared to the two men earlier. She ran a practised tongue over Jenny's pussy lips, gently parting them. Searching higher, she circled Jenny's clit, forcing a gasp from the captive woman. Claire stopped briefly.

"Come on, Matt, what are you waiting for?" she enquired archly, rocking her hips in the air. "I want you to fuck me, now, while I eat her out."

Jenny listened in disbelief. She'd never heard a woman who would talk that way before, or who seemed so completely uninhibited. Claire's tongue returned to its work, and with a pleasurable groan Jenny drifted into a daze. She was vaguely aware of Claire's head bumping against her as Matt knelt behind and pumped his cock vigorously into his partner. Claire grasped her arms around Jenny's thighs and hung on, still licking away. Her probing tongue expertly massaged Jenny's clit, the bound woman arching her back in sheer ecstasy. Her juices flowed freely and Claire shifted her attentions now and again to taste them, reaching deeply into Jenny's pussy. Her head nudged against Jenny in time with Matt's grunts.

Jenny came with a muffled yelp. Her body went into spasm under Claire, hips pumping madly. Claire licked her a couple more times, provoking ever-diminishing twitches until Jenny lay still. Claire laid her head on Jenny's navel and continued to hold on, caressing gently with her hands, as Matt drilled into her. His thrusting got more vigorous until he too came, deep into Claire. She sighed contentedly, placing a little kiss on Jenny's stomach.

Matt pulled himself free and sat back on the rock, resting. Claire came up to a kneeling position and looked at Jenny thoughtfully.

"It's a shame she's got that gag in. I'd love to have her lick me." She looked at Matt. "Can't we take it off?"

"Better not," he replied firmly. "The sign was quite clear about that."

"I guess you're right," agreed Claire, reluctantly. "Maybe I can make use of her anyway."

She shuffled up until she was straddling Jenny's face and slowly lowered herself. Her pussy rested against the gag protruding from Jenny's mouth. Claire began to rock her hips back and forth, grinding herself into Jenny's face. Her musky odour filled Jenny's nose, overlaid with the smell from Matt's spendings.

"Mmm, that feels good," purred Claire. Jenny obligingly pushed up, rubbing her nose deeper into Claire's pussy and delighting in the resulting aroma. Claire grasped Jenny's head between her hands, savouring the slick feeling of the hood under her fingers. Harder she pulled, twisting and manipulating the captive woman to her own ends. Occasionally she would let Jenny's head drop slightly, allowing her to suck in her breath with a gasp. Jenny's face and her hood were both coated with Claire's juices. Matt watched in silent amusement as Claire threw her head back and ground down one last time. She came with a series of soft cries, chest rising and falling. Still holding Jenny's head tightly against her pussy, she breathed in deeply, then let the other woman go with a contented sigh. Jenny fell back, exhausted, taking deep breaths.

"Come on, love," warned Matt. "Don't you think we should be getting back?"

Claire looked at him from under hooded eyelids, still straddling Jenny's face and reaching behind to play with her nipples.

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