G.I. Son

by L.A. Wicker

Copyright┬ę 2007 by L.A. Wicker

Romantic Sex Story: A son comes home from war and gets a mothers' comfort.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Size   .


Jenny lay across her large bed in a small, sheer shirt, with a matching pair of white panties thinking of the great looking man just down the hall. "I can't believe how big and handsome he is now," she whispered feeling a strange, but wonderful tingle between her long legs and in her pussy. "I shouldn't be getting so horny for him, it isn't natural," she moaned sliding her hand down her stomach to caress her excited pussy. "Oh shit!" she moaned again thinking of his broad shoulders, thick chest and she could swear that she felt him getting hard each time they hugged.

She sat up in bed, lit a cigarette, trying to get him from the dark, horny side of her mind. "It doesn't help that I haven't had a good, hard cock in ten years," she thought, remembering that it wasn't even good. The poor guy couldn't keep it hard and she ended up worse than ever.

"Maybe a nice bath would help," she said standing up and made her way down the hall. She passed his room and heard him moaning. Jenny moved closer to his door, gently turned the knob and looked inside. "Oh my God!" she gasped looking at his massive, hard cock pointing straight up into the air. She stood in shock gazing at the beautiful thing, watching the blood pulsing through it. "I bet you give a woman everything she wants." Jenny whispered, wondering what something so big, long and thick would feel like deep in her body.

"I need you," he moaned in his sleep. "Please!"

Jenny wanted to hold and comfort him. She moved to his bed and sat next to him. "Baby, are you ok?" she asked trying to keep her pretty, green eyes from his cock, but couldn't. It was so long and thick, it took her breath away just looking at it.

"It hurts so bad," he moaned, turning on his side, pressing the massive cock to her side. "Help me."

"Oh baby, Mommy's here," she said leaning to kiss him. "Wake up," she whispered caressing his face, having a good idea that he was dreaming of being in Iraq.

"Help me," he moaned wrapping his arms around her. "I'm so hard for you," he moaned pulling her closer, right against his throbbing cock. "I don't care, I need you," he moaned moving his hands over her body.

Jenny couldn't believe this, but it felt so good being in his arms, comforting him and the cock was nice too. "Wake up, Berry," she whispered again, wondering if she wanted to wake him.

"I want you so bad," he begged pulling Jenny to his chest. "I don't care what people say, I love you. Please hold me!" he begged.

"Ok baby," she replied turning to lie next to him and his massive cock slid between her legs, right against her dripping pussy. "Give me the strength to resist," she moaned as the long, hot piece of man cock sent a bolt of lightening up her pussy.

"You feel so nice," he moaned pulling her tighter. "Make me feel good," he said flexing his cock against her. "I've heard of people doing this, it'll be ok," he begged grabbing her very shapely 36-inch ass, squeezing and caressing it.

"What are you talking about?" she whispered caressing his face, enjoying his hard cock against her pussy and his big hands running all over her.

"I want to fuck you so bad, Mom."

"What? Oh my God!" Jenny said pulling from him and rushed back to her room. "I can't believe it," she said in a nervous voice as she rocked back and forth. "My own son wants to fuck me," she said wondering if she should have stayed in his room. She wanted him too, but he was her son.

The next morning Jenny woke up in pure agony, feeling as if her pussy were about to explode. "I hope this stops soon," she moaned making her way down the hall, ran past Barry's room and into the shower. After finishing, she dressed, not thinking not giving it a thought of what she picked to wear.

Jenny stood at the counter, looking outside as she smoked her morning cigarette. A warm set of arms wrapped around her thin waist and something very nice and hard pressed into her ass. "Did you sleep well?" she asked turning to face him and she wanted to feel his cock on her pussy.

"Not really," he replied looking over her nice, full breast and hard nipples under the short, spandex top. "You look fucking hot, Mom," he smiled reaching behind her to caress her ass in the small, matching spandex shorts, enjoying the heat coming from between her long, slender legs.

"Thank you," she smiled, as his cock grew harder against her already hot pussy. "Are you glad to see me or did you bring home a machine gun?" she asked looking into his brown eyes, thinking of what he'd said in his sleep.

"I'm very glad to see you," he whispered, making sure to flex his cock.

"I kinda figured that," she smiled, as he grew more. "You better get your ass out today and find some hot, little girl that likes big, long cocks and fuck her brains out," she smiled, wishing she had the nerve to ask him why he didn't sleep last night.

"I was hoping to spend the day with you," he said running his hands over her ass and around her hips, wondering what it'd be like to fuck his mother.

"You should go find a pretty girl to fix this for you," she whispered, slowly moving her hand to his cock.

"I know a woman that'd make it feel very good and I love her so much."

"You need to go get her soon!"

"She's standing right in front of me," he smiled, leaned to her mouth and kissed her long and deep. "Oh Mom, I want you so bad. You've been on my mind day and night. After you sent me those pictures, I've been going fucking crazy," he moaned thinking of the sexy pictures she'd sent him.

Jenny had taken a bunch of pictures with her new digital camera, wearing some of her sexiest outfits, even her new, black string bikini. "Oh shoot! I'm sorry baby. Sometimes I don't use my brain," she said grabbing him, hugging as tight as she could. "We can't do that. I'm your Mom, you're my son."

"I don't care," he said grabbing her in his arms and walked towards her room. "You've driven my cock crazy for the last year, now I'm going to fuck you," he said.

Jenny didn't know weather to fight him or just give in. he was so handsome and as big as his cock was, she'd never be lonely again. "What if someone finds out?" she asked as he sat her on the bed and pulled down his shorts. "Oh fuck!" Jenny moaned sliding from the bed and to her knees. "It's so fucking nice," she whispered kissing up and down the ridged shaft.

"Wait till I get it up your hot cunt," he smiled shoving it in her mouth and down the back of her throat. "That's it; suck it you fucking cock teaser! Suck your sons' big cock," he said holding the sides of her head and started fucking her with long, deep strokes. "Good Mommy! Good Mommy!" he moaned as she sucked him as hard as she could.

Jenny lie against her bed, being mouth fucked by her son and loving every, last second of it. He was so hard and it was all for her. She knew sending him the pictures was a good idea and now it was even better What other mother would be this good to their son? She pulled him from her mouth gasping for air. "Fuck me! Ram that mother fucker up my pussy and fuck me!" she ordered him in a motherly tone as she moved on her bed.

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