Tomorrow Never Knows

by Harddaysknight

Copyright© 2007 by Harddaysknight

Humor Sex Story: His wife, her husband. How do friends cope when they learn their spouses are having an affair?

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Humor   Cheating   Size   .


"What are we going to do now, Chuck?" asked a teary-eyed Janice. "I really should divorce him, if I had any pride left. It's just that I think I still have feelings for him. I'm just not sure if it's enough."

"I know exactly what you mean, Janice. Logically speaking, we should shoot them both and make it look like a murder-suicide," I suggested. "We both know neither of us would ever do that, even with all the provocation they've given us."

"They probably know we don't have the nerve to do something like that. Shit, we're the doormats, the wind beneath their wings, so to speak," sobbed Janice. "They really weren't taking much of a chance, you know? They have no doubt we'll accept their cheating and not do anything about it. They're the predators and we're the prey."

Janice and I were having a discussion about our spouses and the fact that they were fucking like bunnies in Janice's bedroom at that very moment. Bridget, my wife, had a very good job with an advertising agency. She was a strong minded career woman that had always dominated our marriage.

Janice's husband, Roger, owned a successful construction company. He was accustomed to people jumping when he said "frog". Janice had lived in his shadow the entire 22 years they had been married. Their two kids were in college in California so their nest was empty. Our only daughter was working in her first year as a history teacher in Minnesota.

Janice, Roger, Bridget, and I had been an unlikely foursome, but we had socialized a lot over the past ten years. Roger was a big blustering fellow a couple years shy of fifty, and Bridget was a beautiful woman in her mid forties, although she looked years younger. They looked good together, but they weren't married. At least they weren't married to each other. That's where Janice and I came into the picture.

I was thin and wiry, weighing in at 170 and not quite six foot tall. Compared to Roger, I looked like an anemic weakling. Janice was a couple inches over five feet tall and probably weighed fifteen pounds more than her ideal weight. She wore her brown hair short and used little makeup. Her ass was nicely rounded in my opinion, but way too big if you used those supermodels, or even Bridget, as the standard that women should emulate.

Janice had revealed her suspicions to me a couple of weeks ago. We had little trouble hatching a scheme to prove her theory. She told Roger she was going to visit her cousin in south Jersey for the weekend. I told Bridget that I had to go to Harrisburg to meet with a client and wouldn't be back until Sunday afternoon.

Janice and I had actually agreed to meet at the local mall Friday evening. We watched a movie, had a nice dinner at a local Red Lobster and then drove back to our street after dark. Our houses were on the same block, with just one home between them.

Janice quietly let us in her front door. Before we even started up the stairs, we could hear Bridget's moans emanating from the master bedroom. Roger was also quite vocal as he urged her to suck his "big cock" before he stuffed it in her "tight cunt". Bridget never allowed me to talk to her like that.

We listened to them for a few minutes and went back downstairs and left. Now we were sitting in my living room, trying to determine what course of action we should take. I couldn't help but wonder why we hadn't addressed that eventuality at dinner. We knew we would catch them in bed together, but we never attempted to formulate a plan as to what we would do afterwards.

"If Bridget wants Roger, it'll be a moot point, anyway," whined Janice. "I outweigh her, but she's taller, slimmer, has bigger tits, and an important job. He'll just toss my ass to the curb and keep her. She's the goddamn sex goddess and I'm just a freakin' butterball."

"Well, I don't know about that, Janice. Bridget looks great all the time, but she isn't exactly a human dynamo in the sack. If Roger hasn't figured that out, he will once his testosterone get back to normal levels," I predicted.

"She's a walking wet dream! She can't be a bad fuck, even if she just lays there, for God's sake!" blurted Janice.

"Well that explains why she just lays there, doesn't it? She knows she's drop dead gorgeous and feels she doesn't have to make any effort," I revealed. "Think how I feel. If Bridget ever comes back to me, I'll have to follow Roger's "big cock". She won't even be able to tell if I have it inside her after being with him. He's hitting places I'll need a baseball bat to touch."

"A big cock does not a great lover make, for your information, Chuck. He thinks all he has to do is let a woman see and touch it and she'll have an orgasm. Then, if he squeezes the damn thing into a woman, she should make a sizeable charitable donation in his name. You should be happy Roger is allowing Bridget time with his horse cock. You can only look good in any unbiased comparison," stated Janice between sniffles.

"Thanks, Janice. I appreciate any boost to my ego I can get. I know I can't compete with Roger's cock. Shit, he's referred to it often enough. It's like it was his best friend and the fifth person when we went out with you guys. It's very daunting to a man with an average dick," I lamented.

"That should be on that show "Myth Busters". Get a few guys like Roger to fuck a couple women and then some nice guys like you to make love to them and at the end of the show the ladies can tell the audience which they preferred. The guys like you would win hands down, Chuck," Janice stated firmly.

"That sounds like a great idea! Then they could have some studs climb on Bridget and a couple more women like her. After they get recharged, let a couple women like you fuck their brains out and see who they think is the better lay!" I chuckled, even though I was being cuckolded as I spoke.

"Do you really think I could compare with Bridget in bed?" asked Janice.

"No, not really," I answered straight faced.

Janice's chin dropped and tears began to trickle down her cheeks again.

"There would be no comparison, Janice. You'd beat her hands down, tits up, ass over, whatever," I laughed, feeling better about my situation for some reason. "I told you, she's an uninspired lover, at best."

"Why do you think I'd be any better than Bridget?" quizzed Janice. "You and I've certainly never slept together and Roger wouldn't ever have bragged me up. He's never even complimented me in that area. It's always all about the two of them, Roger and his cock."

"There are several reasons why I think you'd be better than her, Janice. You're intelligent and fun loving. You like to laugh and to make others laugh. You're the type that gives, while Bridget takes. You have the kind of figure that appeals to most men, and you're unselfish. I'm confident you'd win any comparison," I finished.

"Wow, Chuck! You make me feel pretty good," smiled Janice. "You think a man would want to sleep with me and not be repulsed because I'm overweight and dull?"

"Are you kidding? You're a lot of fun and you have nice curves. We're in our forties, Janice. We don't have to look like we did when we were twenty, but you still look great. Guys my age, for the most part, aren't looking for some skinny-assed bimbo. We want a woman that enjoys sex, and then can have a discussion, or go golfing, or go out to dinner with a man and have a good time."

"You're really a nice guy, Chuck," observed Janice. "I wish I had found someone like you instead of Roger. More precisely, I wish I had found you, if I may be so bold."

"That's great for my ego, Janice, but I wouldn't dare try to follow Roger with a woman. I'd be a major disappointment. You'd never even know if I was in the right general area," I replied dejectedly.

"I guess you must think my pussy is like the fucking Holland Tunnel!" exclaimed Janice. "It's so disfigured it wouldn't even feel a normal cock! Thanks for those kind words!"

"No, Janice! I didn't mean it like that. It's just that you're used to more than I have. You would be disappointed. That's all I'm saying," I quickly responded.

"Why don't you let me be the judge of what I feel, and what I don't feel, Chuck?" demanded Janice. "Why don't you try to seduce me if you think I'd be such a great sex partner, or was that all bullshit? Maybe after sleeping with Bridget all these years, you think I'd be a sloppy piece of ass not worth your effort?"

I stepped up to Janice and kissed her hard. I ran my hands over her round bottom as I pulled her to me. She moaned into my mouth. When we came up for air, she grabbed my hand and pulled me toward my bedroom.

She unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off me. The she kissed me again as she unbuckled my belt and pulled my zipper down. My pants fell to the floor and pooled around my ankles. She dropped to her knees in front of me and untied my shoes and pulled them off my feet. My socks quickly followed.

I reached down and helped her to her feet and unbuttoned her blouse. Her skin was smooth and milky white. I slowly removed her blouse and unsnapped her brassier. Her tits sprang free and I couldn't conceal my surprise. Janice noticed it.

"What's wrong, Chuck? Are they too small? I know one nipple is a little bigger than the other, but that's not so unusual. Is it?" questioned a worried Janice.

"What's wrong? I think your breasts are a little bigger than Bridget's," I revealed. "All this time, Bridget gave the impression hers were bigger, but they aren't. Your tits are beautiful!"

To emphasize my appreciation, I took a nipple into my mouth and rolled it around with my tongue. After a minute or so, I repeated the procedure with her other nipple. Janice was making little noises in her throat and running her hands through my hair, pulling me tighter to her chest.

After giving her breasts what I felt was a proper introduction to my lips and tongue, I released them and knelt down. I helped her slide her tight jeans down around her hips and ass, all the while marveling at how her hips flared while her waist seemed small. I had never actually seen a true hourglass figure before I saw this woman with her clothes off. My arousal became even greater as I slid her underwear over her ass and down her legs as she stepped out of them.

I took my time and kissed her thighs and the top of her bush before I stood back up. Before I could kiss her lips, Janice dropped to her knees and eagerly grabbed my boxers and tugged them down. My erect cock bounced up and down. Janice looked at it and tried to stifle a laugh. It was more than I could endure.

"I told you that you'd be disappointed. This was a bad idea," I complained.

"You are such an idiot, Chuck!" grinned Janice. "I may have chortled a little, but it's because your cock is about the same size as Roger's! He had me, and everyone else, believing he was packing something special. This will do nicely!"

With that, Janice slipped my cock into her mouth and proceeded to give me an incredible blow job. I couldn't help but compare her with Bridget. The last time she had my cock in her mouth was around 1992, and she was drunk at the time. I realized that I had to pull my cock from the furnace that was Janice's mouth or my night would be over long before I was willing to have it end.

I once again helped Janice to her feet and gently pushed her back onto the bed. Her legs hit the side of the bed and she went over backwards with her feet still on the floor. I saw my chance and dove headfirst into her lovely little mound.

One thing that I had learned early in my marriage was eating pussy. I enjoyed doing it and Bridget insisted on it. She seemed to feel her pussy was so special, so nice, that it should be worshipped. So I did. I applied every technique and trick I had ever learned in my twenty four years of marriage to make Janice appreciate my oral skills. I succeeded nicely, I think.

Janice shuddered and trembled several times and finally pushed me away from between her legs.

"Sweet Jesus! You've pretty well devoured my little kitty!" she groaned. "Let's find out what kind of cocksman you are," she urged. "Put that monster inside me now!"

I wasn't in a position to refuse a request like that, so I slid my cock into what turned out to be a very tight, hot pussy. It wasn't loose and stretched at all. It felt great! I started slowly, determined to make it last. Janice gasped and came within the first few strokes and that made me feel really good.

I made up my mind to get her off at least once more before I yielded to my own urges. I pumped as deeply and slowly as I could for a while, then I'd pick up the pace. Every now and then, I'd slow down again to prolong the pleasure. Janice came again and after another five minutes of steady stroking, she began to beg.

"Please, Chuck! Cum inside me, now," she pleaded. "I can't take much more. Fill me up now, please!"

Roger and Bridget were sleeping Saturday morning when Janice and I stepped into the bedroom. They were naked. Bridget had her hand on Roger's cock and her left tit was in his big paw. I realized that Roger's cock wasn't all that impressive, unless it really expanded when it got hard. It certainly wasn't a thing to fear, or even envy.

"We had to barge in on you two like this," I began rather loudly. "Janice and I have a proposition we'd like to run by you two if we could."

Bridget and Roger both opened their eyes and looked at Janice and me standing next to their bed. Bridget gasped and quickly pulled a sheet up to cover their nakedness.

"Chuck! This isn't what it looks like!" she began. "I was just..."

"Sleeping with Roger and fucking the hell out of him?" I finished for her. "Don't bother with all the stupid bullshit you're supposed to say when you're caught fucking the neighbor. Janice and I are fine with it."

"Really?" grinned Roger. "That's pretty understanding of you. You'll get Bridget back a little tired and stretched out, but happier than ever. I'll even have her fuck you a few times extra to make up for this little faux pas."

"Roger, you are a true gentleman!" I proclaimed sarcastically. "Your generosity is just one of your many endearing qualities. We, Janice and I, thought we should try to accommodate the need you both must feel for the superior sex you provide each other. "

"Well, Bridget sure does love my big cock, if that's what you mean," nodded the unbelievably dense bastard. "I give her what she needs and I get to play with these big melons."

Roger reached over and gave Bridget's tits a couple squeezes. All this time, Bridget had remained quiet, closely watching Janice and me. She quickly pushed Roger's hand off her chest.

"Chuck and I have a proposal for you two lovers," chimed in Janice. "We think it would be fair if we kept the very arrangement that now exists for two weeks. On the Friday after next, Bridget and I would switch back to our own homes and spouses. We'd do that for two weeks and then switch back again. That would allow you two the opportunity to enjoy each other without having to sneak around, or lie to us."

"Switch?" asked Roger. "Do you mean like swap? I don't want anybody fucking my wife, even with a needle-dick!"

"It didn't seem to bother you to tap my wife, "Horse", so it seems to us that what's fair is fair. The ladies will be able to stop in to their respective houses and get any clothes they need at any time. They should try to do it when the couple occupying the house isn't doing the dirty," I suggested.

Bridget remained quiet. She appeared to be considering the offer. Roger was scratching his balls and trying to form some sort of thought.

"Are you sure you'd be okay with that arrangement, Chuck?" asked Bridget. "I wouldn't want you to get too upset. I certainly don't want to risk our marriage."

"What the fuck are you saying, Bridget?" I blurted. "You're sleeping with Mr. Cock and Roger. I would humbly offer that if you were truly worried about our marriage, you wouldn't be in bed with him right now."

"It's just a sex, Chuck," replied Bridget. "I don't love Roger like I do you. I didn't expect you to find out, and put our marriage at risk. I was even going to give you some extra loving to make up for it."

"Well, okay, Bridget. As long as it's just sex and you don't love him, I'm cool with it. That's a big relief! This should work out great. You love me, but fuck Roger. That's fair enough. I see the difference and like the idea. I'll just fuck Janice, but love you. I think we have an agreement!"

"I don't know about letting you fuck Janice!" Roger complained. "I'm not the kind of man that shares a woman!"

"You jackass," spit Janice. "You've been sharing Bridget for weeks. The playing field has been leveled a little. If you just want a divorce, with me getting at least half the business and this house, we could do that. Is that the way you want to go, Roger?"

"Shit, no!" exclaimed Roger. "I've worked too damn hard to build up my business to lose it over a cunt! Go ahead and sleep with Teeny, I don't give a fuck. You'll be counting the hours till you get that snatch filled again by my cock. Two weeks will be an eternity for you. Let's fucking do it!"

"Since you insist, Roger," I deadpanned. "We have an agreement. Have a great two weeks! We'll see you then."

I took Janice by the arm and turned to leave.

"Are you going back to our house to screw this tramp in our bed?" asked Bridget.

"Bridget, we won't resort to name calling!" I replied. "Janice and I are going out to breakfast and then we're going to go watch the Yankees' triple A minor league team play, not that it's your concern. Bye."

I had discovered that Janice was a big baseball fan. I had followed the Yankees since I was in grade school so we decided to take in a game. Bridget hated baseball, as well as every other sport, with the apparent exception of adultery.

We were back from the game before dark. Janice and I were sitting at the kitchen table working on a crossword puzzle when Bridget and Roger suddenly appeared in the doorway.

"I just need to get some clothes so we can go to a club," Bridget explained. "It'll only take a minute."

Janice and I both nodded and returned to working on the puzzle, ignoring Roger. I knew from experience that Bridget would be upstairs the better part of an hour. It takes a lot of time and effort to be incredibly beautiful.

"Roger, why don't you help your self to a beer?" I suggested as I pointed to the refrigerator. "You'll have time for one, at least.

By the time Bridget came down, Roger had finished the beer. Janice and I had completed the puzzle. I was showing Janice how to do the Sudoku, and was well along in solving that when they left the house.

Janice made some brownies that were just delicious and I told her so. I had been pleasantly surprised at how easy she was to talk with and how many things we both enjoyed. We retired before too long and she showed me an even better way to enjoy a brownie with whipped cream.

Over the next week, we had a lot of fun. The sex was great, but we were in our forties and we both knew that we weren't going to live on sex. We went to a couple movies, played some board games, and even sat around the house one evening after work reading books.

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