Sav[our]ing The Boss's Wife

by Menderman

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Rough, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Whilst shopping, a guy sees his boss's wife shoplift under the watchful eyes of the store detective. Our hero manages to save her from prosecution, but the wife has to pay a hard price for her 'freedom'. This is the first story in a series about Liz and her decent into slutdom.

I hate going to the supermarket on Thursday & Friday evenings after work as it is usually heaving with folk on the busiest evenings of the week. So this week I decided to nip down early on the Saturday morning, as it was my weekend off work.

Turning into the drinks aisle with my half full shopping trolley I spotted my bosses wife, Liz, walking slowly down the aisle eyeing the various bottles of booze on the shelves.

I had meet Liz a couple of times at works functions when she had seemed a bit snotty to the rest of us on her husband Tim's team. We got the impression that she thought we were beneath her as her husband was the boss and therefore in her eyes we were just the workers who contributed our labours to her husband's success. In fact Tim was great to work with and the five of us made a great team at work. At the functions Liz had always been very well turned out, with the day having been spent at the hairdressers and other establishments to make her look the best and a glowing example of her husband's deemed stature and success. I had letched at Liz at few times at the works functions as she was in her early forties with a fantastic figure wrapped up nicely in stylish clothes and make up. Most people would class Liz as good looking or beautiful with long straight black shiny hair down over her shoulders, atop an hourglass figure. Liz looked to have a lovely pair of 36D tits that seemed full and perky riding high on her chest. She had a slim waist and smooth hips that faded out into shapely thighs and long legs usually highlighted by tight long skirts.

Well this morning she looked as good as normal, dressed in a snug fitting blue business suit, complete with jacket, white blouse, tight skirt, black tights and high heels. She looked out of place dressed like this in the supermarket on a Saturday morning as the distance slowly closed between us as we worked our way down the aisle. I started to letch at Liz as we drew closer and boy did she look good. She hadn't recognised me as she reached up and pulled down a half bottle of gin, which she slipped into her shoulder bag instead of her trolley. I was amazed at glimpsing my boss's wife shoplifting, but then so was the young man in his early twenties who was alongside me at the time. I pushed my trolley past Liz without looking at her, hoping she didn't recognise me.

I watched Liz from a distance as she went through the checkout and headed out the door, at which point the young stepped up to her and asked Liz to escort him back into the shop. The look of horror on Liz's face was a sight to behold, and brought a smile to my face at the thought of her forthcoming fall from grace. Unfortunately it would also wreck the reputation of Tim as well, as there were people in our company who were jealous of our team's success.

Walking down a parallel aisle, my trolley abandoned, I arrived at the rear door to the service area at the same time as Liz and her escort. I followed them back into the office area as if I was part of the parade trooping to the manager's office. Bold as brass I walked into the office at the same time, at which point Liz and the young man first became aware of my presence. I reached into Liz's shoulder bag and pulled out the bottle and put it on the desk much to the surprise of both of them. Liz was starting to recognize that she had seen me before and the young man was starting to ask me "Who the hell are you?"

"Hi," said I in welcome to this outstanding situation, "Liz here is the wife of my boss who died suddenly recently and she hasn't been handling it very well, hence the shoplifting to gain attention and sympathy".

Liz looked at me gob smacked at my outrageous lie to this young man who seemed to be the early shift manager judging by the badge on the jacket.

"Sir, I don't know who you are but I need to take some details before calling the Police to have the lady arrested for shoplifting," said the young man confidently.

I pulled out my wallet and extracted a hundred quid in fresh notes and offered them across to him saying, "I can get Liz some help and prevent her disgrace following the loss of her husband, and I would really appreciate your help with Liz by letting this go"

"Sir it is our policy..." he started to say

"To help the community," I said, "You can donate the money to charity or use it for yourself if you prefer".

Liz stood with her mouth gaping at the scene unfolding in front of her.

"Sir, I can't, shouldn't consider this," he gasped showing a sign of weakness. Another sixty quid came out of my hand and I pressed it into his hand in full view of the office security camera.

"Young man, you have the obvious skill to go far in this company," I bullshitted him, "But if anyone sees the security video of you taking two lots of cash from me then your career will stop immediately. To ensure your continued rise in your career I suggest you accept this money for yourself and you give me the security video so it doesn't show you accepting the cash".

"I... , I don't know." he started to say.

"Pass the tape and save your career and we will be gone straight away" I pressed as I leaned towards the unsure young man.

He looked into the security camera for a couple of seconds, before reaching down and ejecting the tape from the video recorder. Before he could change his mind I took the tape from him, said "Thank you for saving this lady's reputation in her darkest hour", turned and gripped Liz by her arm, and led her from the office.

As I led her back into the supermarket sales area she came out of her trance and started asking questions.

"Who are you? I've seen you before haven't I?" she queried, "What happened back there?"

"Liz, keep quiet and follow me out to the car right now," I instructed her.

As we walked out into the car park I told her to follow me to my car and to get without question and we would collect her car later. Liz was still too gob smacked to question me. In the space of five minutes her world had crumbled as she was caught shoplifting, then it had suddenly changed again as she walked free with a half known stranger.

As I drove her out of the car park and headed out of Mansfield towards the motorway I asked, "What the hell were you doing back there? Do you know what being prosecuted for shoplifting would have done to your reputation and that of Tim's?"

Liz looked at me blankly as the reality of what she had done slowly sunk in, and I just drove quietly waiting for Liz to play catch up with her current situation. As we turned south onto the motorway Liz asked, "Where are you taking me?"

That was a very good question I thought to myself. I looked at Liz and saw written across her face as my mind raced to think about what to do next. I didn't know what I had got myself into either so I calmly switched on the CD player and started to think what to do next.

"What are you going to do?" Liz asked hesitantly. I didn't have a clue as we cruised down the motorway taking her away from her comfort zone.

"Why did you lie about Tim being dead?" she asked, and I didn't answer.

"Damn you" she spat, "What do you want from me?"

Well that question started some evil thoughts circulating in my mind. "Well I am a hundred and sixty quid out of pocket for a start and I have just saved your reputation. What will Tim say when he finds out?" I asked

"No, you mustn't tell him, he must not find out!" Liz sobbed.

Further dark and evil thoughts continued to grow in my mind as we passed the Nottingham turn off and continued south, with Liz looking distinctly frightened now as she got further from home.

"So why shouldn't I tell him, it might help my career as Tim would owe me a big favour?" I asked to see what response I would get.

"He must never know," Liz sobbed as she confirmed the opportunities open to me.

I rested my hand lightly on her thigh as I drove, saying "Don't worry I am sure we can sort something out so Tim never finds out."

Liz looked at me in horror as it dawned on her that this situation was probably worse than the humiliation of being caught shoplifting. I was enjoying my Saturday morning as the possibilities unfolded in front of me.

As we passed the Leicester turn off, Liz started to panic asking, "What do you want from me?" in a wavering voice. I calmly placed her right hand on my developing hard on and held it there as the reality of blackmail sank into Liz's mind.

I slowly rubbed Liz's hand on my cock before taking my hand away and asking, "Well?"

She rubbed my cock, looking desperately at me as I continued to drive.

"Well?" I asked again.

After a minute Liz started to pull my zipper down and released my cock from it's entrapment below. She continued to stroke it as the smell of hot cock filled the car.

"Well?" I asked yet again.

Liz eased herself sideways and lowered her mouth over my cock and expertly started to suck my hardness.

Guys, have you ever tried driving at 80mph down a motorway with the once stuck up wife of your boss giving you a blowjob? Well I can say it was very hard to concentrate on keeping my driving straight as Liz bobbed her lips up and down my shaft.

"Yyyeeess", I exhaled as her lips and tongue continued to pleasure me. Once I had my breathing and driving under control I reached down with my left hand to fondle her full breast under her jacket and through her blouse.

Despite being blackmailed and being made to grant sexual favours I got the impression that Liz maybe was starting to warm to the task as I felt a nipple start to harden on the end of her full breast as I gripped and massaged it.

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