Moving Day

by North Point

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Reluctant, Coercion, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Cheating, MaleDom, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Sarah was left by her husband to wait for the moving crew. When they demanded more money, she had to give up her body for cash.

Steve was both mad and excited at the same time as his car travelled eastward on the highway. Mad because he had to travel across town to wait for furniture delivery to their new home just because the delivery could not be postpone by a few hours when he and his wife, Sarah, would be there waiting for them. He was excited because the new house was their dream came true. Everything was exactly how they wanted and they could not wait to move in and started enjoying their life.

Sarah tried to finish the packing before the moving crew arrived in about 20 minutes. She was not happy that her husband Steve was not here to deal with the moving crew. She was not good with dealing with strangers, especially man. But she had no choice so Sarah had been mentally preparing herself for when they arrived.

"Good morning, are you Mrs Thomas?" Mark, the leader of the moving crew asked Sarah when she answered the door.

"Yes, that's me. You must be the moving people." Sarah opened the door wide and let Mark and his three other crew members inside.

"All the stuff is boxed and ready to move. The TV and Hi-Fi gears still needs to be packed, but I think my husband had already told you."

"Yes, he had. May I speak to your husband? I need to discuss about billing with him?" Mark asked Sarah while checking out the amount of stuff to be moved.

"He's not here. He has left for the new house already, it would just be me here." Sarah tried to appear clam to Mark and his crew even though her heart was beating so fast she swore they could hear it. The presence of all the men inside her house did not help either. All of them are over six foot tall with muscle to match. The weathered look on their faces suggested to Sarah that they did not suffer fools lightly.

"Ok, here's the deal. We need half payment now and half payment when we complete the job. And we prefer cash." Mark stated his demand.

"What are you talking about? My husband told me we'd pay you when you complete the job! I don't have that much cash to pay you!" Sarah could not believe what was happening.

"Then I'm sorry, we won't be moving a single box until we get our cash." Mark started toward the door.

"Wait! You can't do this to us! Can't we work something out? Perhaps you can wait here and start moving while I drive to the bank and get the cash?" Sarah was near panic now.

"We don't have time to wait for you. The only way we start moving your stuff is you start sucking each one of us off. Starting right now!" Mark looked at the scared housewife in front of him. Her five foot four inches body looked tiny next to the strong bodies Mark and his crew possess. Even her baggy old t-shirt and loose khaki pants could not hide Sarah's trim body with perk 32C tits, 23 inches waist, and tight 34 inches ass.

"What?! Who do you think I am? Get the fuck out of here!" Sarah exploded with rage. How dare these men came into her house and blackmailed her sexually?

"Fine. Whatever you want, lady. Me and my friends here would just go and enjoy your deposit in a bar. Call us when you are ready to move again." With that, Mark and his crew walked towards their truck leaving Sarah stood at the front door.

"Wait!" Sarah realised that she needed them more than they needed her money.

Mark turned around from the driver door and looked at Sarah expectantly.

"Ok. I'll do it." Sarah spoke softly.

"You'll do what?" Mark asked Sarah across the front lawn, knowing full well what she was referring to.

Sarah looked around to make sure none of her neighbours were around, "Ok, I'll suck all of your cock. You happy now? Can we start moving?"

"Come on guys," Mark got his crew out of the truck and back to the house. "We've boxes to move and cocks to be sucked. Let's move!"

Once they were all inside the house, Mark closed the front door. "Take off your clothes and show us what you got."

Sarah looked around and knew at that point either she did what they wanted willingly or they would just do whatever they wanted with her anyway. So she quickly stripped off her t-shirt and khaki pants and stood in front of four strange men wearing only her white cotton bra and panties.

"Nice body. Bet you spend your free time at the gym huh? Come over here and start working on my cock." Mark unbuttoned his oily jeans and pulled out his cock, which was already getting hard.

Sarah's feet were glued to the floor, however. This was the first cock she saw that was not her husband's since their marriage three years ago.

"I said move your ass, bitch!" Mark bellowed at Sarah. "You either start sucking this cock, or we leave."

Sarah forced herself to move the few feet space between her and Mark. She reached out tentatively to touch his semi-stiff cock, holding it with only her fingertips as if it would burn her skin. She could feel Mark's cock pulsed as it was filled with more blood and grew to its full size. Sarah reluctantly got down onto her knees and tentatively licked the underside of his cock with the tip of her tongue.

"That's it. Put it into your mouth. Oh yeah, just like that." Mark moaned as Sarah parted her lips and accepted the second cock ever in her life into her mouth.

As she slowly worked her tongue all over Mark's cock, Sarah came to realize that as guilty as she felt about cheating on her husband, she was more excited by the sluttiness of this whole situation. Here she was on her knees in the living room of her house, sucking a complete stranger off while his buddies stood next to her watching. Then she felt a hand at the back of her head, grabbing her sandy brown hair which had been tied up into a ponytail for the move, and started guiding her along the cock in her mouth.

Having given in to her predicament, Sarah relaxed and moved her hands to Mark's muscular thighs to steady herself while he pumped the full length of his cock in and out passed her tight lips. Out of the corner of her eyes, she could see the other men had also taken their cocks out and were jerking off around her. Though Sarah could not see, she sensed that one of them had stepped right behind her. She tensed up momentarily, not knowing what this man would do to her. Then she felt a hand on her back and her bra straps being pulled away. A moment later, the tension of her bra straps lessen and before she could react, the man's hands were pushing her white cotton bra off her shoulders and down her arms.

Sarah briefly considered holding her arms across her chest to prevent the bra from falling off her chest. But she realized that there was no use in pretending blowjobs were all these men wanted from her at that point. So she let the bra felt down her arms onto the floor in front of her and between Mark's legs. Without being ordered to, Sarah placed both of her hands on Mark's waist, thus letting the man behind her free access to her exposed tits.

Jolts of pleasure shot from her tits when a pair of strong and rough hands cupped her firm tits from behind and knead them slowly and gently.

"Mmm! Mmm!" Sarah moaned through her nose as Mark continued fucking his cock in and out of her mouth. Then the large fingers moved and they closed on her sensitive nipples. When the man behind her started pinching her nipples, the sensation was so great Sarah almost cum on the spot.

"Shit! This lady is hot!" Dave, the man behind Sarah, announced. "Let's move over there and do her properly."

"Good idea, Dave. You're always the smart one." Mark stopped face-fucking Sarah and they lift Sarah's petite body with ease and carried her across the room to the boxes that were waiting to be loaded. They laid her face down on top of the boxes that were stacked two high which conveniently placed her body about the right height for servicing two cocks at the same time.

Mark walked around Sarah and stood behind her to admire her trim ass and legs.

"Quit staring at my ass! Do something useful with that cock of yours!" Sarah said with a smile before turning to Dave's cock in front of her face and devoured it with her mouth.

Mark pulled her plain cotton panties down her thighs and off her feet. Spreading her legs wide, he ran his fingers up her slit and found that Sarah was soaping wet and read for him. He then stepped forward and placed his cock head at the entrance of her pussy. With one short but hard thrust, Mark pushed pass the tight ring of pussy muscles and into Sarah's body.

"Jesus, you're tight! Doesn't your husband fuck you? Or is his cock too small to fill you up?" Dave and the other two men were happy to hear how good Sarah's pussy was.

"Hurry up man, I want my turn with this slut." Chuck, one of the other two men urged Mark and Dave, while stroking his cock slowly waiting for his turn.

Sarah moaned loudly into the cock in her mouth. Mark's fingers felt great as they moved along her pussy lips but the pleasure was multiplied when her pussy, which thus far had only have one cock in her life, was spread wide and penetrated by Mark's stiff cock. But she was also moaning in shame. Her body had betrayed her. She should not be enjoying this whole experience. Giving blowjob to a complete stranger was bad enough, but now she was looking forward to commit adultery by accepting another man's cock in her body. And Sarah knew that before the day was out, she would not be just betraying her husband once but many, many times with these four men. She could only hope that when they arrived at the new house she could face her husband without bursting out in tears and confessed everything.

With Mark pumping his cock in and out of her pussy, making wet slurping noises, Sarah was enjoying the fucking her pussy was receiving and had stopped bobbing her head over Dave's cock in her mouth. Noticing that Sarah was no longer sucking his cock, Dave grabbed the back of her head and became the active participant by fucking her mouth with his cock.

As with earlier when Mark was face fucking her, Sarah mind and body both let go and accepted the situation she found herself in. Having two cocks inside her body at the same time felt so slutty and Sarah's body responded accordingly. Within couple of minutes of being fucked from both end, Sarah exploded into one of her best orgasm in her life. It was fortunate that her mouth was stuffed full of cock because otherwise her screams would have alerted the neighbors about her predicament!

The contractions from Sarah's tight pussy walls as well as the excitement of fucking somebody else wife pushed Mark over the edge and he could feel the start of his own orgasm.

"Oh fuck! Your pussy is sucking the cum out of me!" Mark shouted and started jabbing his cock into her pussy as deep as he could.

"Here they come!" he finally announced to no one in particular.

Sarah had just come down from her orgasm when she heard Mark was about to come. It suddenly dawned on her that Mark had been fucking her without a condom all these time! Steve and her had been trying for a baby for just over two months and so Sarah was completely vulnerable. She immediately reached back with one hand, trying to push Mark off her, while pushing against Dave with the other hand so she could tell Mark not to come inside her.

Instead of letting her go, both Dave and Mark thought she was building up to another orgasm so they both fucked her with renewed vigorous.

Sarah was still trying to get either men to get off her when for the first time in her life, she felt her pussy walls splattered by hot cum. Once, twice, three times! Sarah felt each stream of cum landing on her pussy walls. While she panic about getting pregnant by a complete stranger, Sarah also did not realize how erotic it was to feel her pussy being filled with a man's cum other than her husband. Forth, fifth, and sixth! Was Mark ever going to stop? Sarah was building up to her second orgasm rapidly when he finally done and pulled out of her. She groaned out loud in frustration because she was so close to cumming again. She moved her hand that was on Mark's hip to her sensitive clit and rubbed it rapidly between her fingers.

She was approaching her second orgasm when Dave finally relented from her pushing and pulled out from her mouth, or so Sarah thought. In reality, Dave pulled out so he could cum on Sarah's pretty, innocent, girl from next door, face.

"Arrgghh! Arrgghh!" Sarah moaned almost continuously now. "Oh God, you cum inside me! I'm not protected!"

Sarah's eyes were shut tightly as she worked furiously to bring herself off so she did not notice Dave beating off inches from her face. "This is so hot! I can feel your cum on my fingers!"

Then she heard Dave groaned loudly in front of her, and suddenly hot liquid hit her face. After the second stream of liquid hit her and landed across her nose, Sarah realized Dave was shooting his hot cum all over her face and that pushed her over the edge. Her body tensed over the cardboard box and exploded into an orgasm that more intense than she had experienced before.

When she opened her eyes again after coming down from her orgasm, through a layer of white cum Sarah saw that Mark and Dave had started moving her belongings from the house to the truck. She tried to get up from the cardboard boxes but was pushed back down from behind.

"Not so fast, slut. Victor and I have yet to fuck you." Chuck spoke from behind Sarah. She turned around and saw he had his old jeans around his ankles and his cock out in the open. Did all movers have big cock? Sarah thought to herself. All three cocks she saw so far were at least nine inches long and very thick. She knew she just barely able to wrap her fingers around Dave's cock and the other two looked as thick as Dave's. Compared to her husband's five-inch cock these all looked gigantic to Sarah.

Then she was filled with two cocks again from both ends. Chuck and Victor setup a nice and slow rhythm, which was driving Sarah crazy.

"Hurry up guys! We've lots of stuff to move." Mark shouted at Chuck and Victor for taking too long fucking Sarah.

Just then Sarah's cell phone rung from inside her sweat pants pocket. Every one stopped at mid flow in surprise. Sarah pushed Victor away and this time he was still stunned to resist.

"Hand me the phone! Quick!" Sarah demanded while still lying on top of the boxes.

Victor quickly ran across the room and fished out her cell phone. He ran back to Sarah and handed it to her.

"Hello?" Sarah answered, trying to sound as normal as possible.

"Hi darling. Yes, the movers are here." Sarah covered the mouthpiece and quickly mouthed in silence to the men in the room, "It's my husband."

"Everything is fine. They all seem very nice men."

Chuck did not care whether Sarah's husband found out she was servicing the movers or not, so he started pumping his cock in and out of her pussy again, slowly at first as to not disturb Sarah too much.

Sarah turned around and stared dagger at Chuck and whispered, "Stop it! He'll hear!"

This just spurred Chuck on more, and with a smirk on his face he grabbed her trimmed waist and started fucking Sarah with slow, deliberate, but powerful thrusts.

"Yes... They... are... working... real... hard..." Sarah tried not to moan into the phone as she talked to her husband.

"Arrgghh!" Sarah groaned into the phone when Chuck sneaked one of his finger underneath her and lightly rubbed her wet clit.

"Oh, nothing... I've just banged... my toe against a box, that's all." Sarah hoped Steve would hang up soon as she could feel another orgasm building up inside her.

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