Doctor My Eyes

by Flighttime

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: She had pleasured me and left without my having an opportunity to reciprocate. That just wouldn't do. I knew where she would be and what she wanted and I didn't disappoint.

After you left the room and went back to the conference, I lay on bed thinking about what you had just done to me. Your perfume lingered on my skin and mixed with my own sweat. I raised my forearm to my nose and breathed you deeply. The whole scene played back through my head and I began to get hard again from just thinking about your warm mouth caressing my cock, your hands fondling my testicles.

I wandered around the room thinking about you. Your body, your smell, your taste, I still lusted for you, even though it hadn't been thirty minutes since you left the room. I kept thinking that I needed to taste you. Annoyingly, I had an appointment for about two hours but then conspired to follow through with my need to see you.

I knew your schedule and the next time you would have a break, so I texted your phone with instructions to meet me at the curb outside the conference hall with the pretense that I had forgotten to give you something.

At the agreed upon time, I was parked strategically so I could see you come out of the hall. The doors opened and out poured several dozen people, clearly other members of the conference. You walked out the doors wearing a pseudo conservative skirt and white blouse with those black pumps I like so much. Your bra was clearly visible through the material and just watching you sway toward me sent tingles through my stomach and into my groin.

You notice my car and smiling, head towards me. I open the side passenger window and tell you to get in the backseat. You look at me quizzically, but I tell you to just do it, now.

You oblige and get in, closing the door behind you. I tell you not to say anything, just get in and sit down.

I begin to drive away and look in the review mirror at your blue eyes staring back at me. They widen slightly, not knowing what this is all about. I tell you to take off your panties. You don't hesitate and reach up under your skirt, pulling them down slowly across your thighs. I reach back and tell you to give them to me. I tell you you're only going to get them back if you behave and do as I tell you. You agree, nodding your head. I can feel the moisture from you in the middle of the soft material.

As I wind my way up to a secluded place in the parking structure I can see up your skirt and the line of your labia. Spread your legs, I tell you and you indulge me, hiking your skirt further up your thighs. I park and shut the car down, turning around toward you. Start touching yourself, I tell you. Your hands move down your chest, stopping to squeeze your beasts. Your nipples begin to grow, pushing their way into the material, trying to escape. Your fingers quickly flick over them, causing them to grow more.

You arch your back slightly as your eyes close and start moaning softly. Your left hand continues down, finding its way to your thighs, which are already starting to glisten with juices. Your middle finger begins to rub your slit, parting the lips of your labia and slowly starts making circles around your clitoris and vagina. Put your finger inside you, deep, I command. Your middle finger finds the entrance and slowly inserts itself moving further inside.

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