Kissing Cousins

by Matthew Dyne

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Spanking, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Melina is coerced, by her landlord, into displaying herself. Her predicament, at first simple yet repellent, becomes more complicated than she imagined. Then a distant cousin, Louise, who Melina didn't know existed, comes to visit. The situation becomes even more complicated.

Melina lived in an expensive section of town. Her apartment cost more than she could afford, but her home was important to her, and she managed. That is, until her employer fell on hard times and cut Melina's salary. Jobs in the art world are hard to find, and Melina had a creative position. She couldn't quit.

When Melina's landlord learned that her salary had been cut he raised her rent. He didn't want her to leave, but he did want to squeeze her. He wanted to dominate and intimidate her and make her beg.

Melina heard herself whining, and she cringed, but she couldn't stop. "Please, Mr. Sinkler, I just got a pay cut. I can't afford a rent increase right now. Can't you keep my rent as it is, for just a little while longer? Please? Just until my salary goes back up? I couldn't possibly find another apartment now, and I don't have the money for a deposit. Please? I really could use a favor."

"I'm sorry Melina. I can't do that. I've got a business to run, and I can get half again as much as you're paying. I'm putting an advertisement in the paper for your apartment tomorrow. I want you out by the end of the month. You'll have to deal with it."

"What am I going to do," she wailed? "You can't throw me out on such short notice."

"I can and I will. You can move to Keaton for all I care." Keaton was a slum—dirty and full of dangerous characters and not safe for a woman at night.

"You're being mean to me; how about some sympathy for a young woman trying to make it on her own?"

"You want to make it on your own go right ahead, but don't make it on my back, and don't bat you eyes at me and think I'm going to give you a free ride."

Melina was furious. She'd never bat her eyes or flirt with a prick like him, though she did love to flirt. She tried to recall if she ever did flirt with Mr. Sinkler.

Melina went to her apartment, frantic with worry, and she obsessed over nonexistent possibilities. She couldn't sleep that night, and the following day she couldn't concentrate at work, and her boss yelled at her and threatened to fire her. He wanted to frighten her too, but he would never fire her. He had positioned her desk where he could look at her legs and up her skirt if she wasn't careful.

Melina went back to Mr. Sinkler. She had to try again. It was only two weeks until the end of the month, and she was desperate. "Please Mr. Sinkler. Pretty please" she said, and she did bat her eyes at him, trying to make a joke of it, but he wouldn't budge. He remained firm, and between his legs more than firm. As Melina stood in front of him, begging, his prick swelled to prodigious dimensions, demanding attention. And when she left, recalling her pleading and debasing herself made his balls so tight they started to ache. Sinkler went to his apartment and jerked off. It was the most satisfying come he'd had in a long time, one of many with Melina as the victim in his fantasies.

He often thought about Melina: her high firm breasts, the nipples that poked dimples in her tight shirts, her gorgeous sexy legs, and the sway of her hips as she walked down the street. Everything about her drove him mad. She was a beauty; she radiated hot sexual energy, and now he was going to take full advantage. Well, maybe not full advantage. He could tell by the guests she had overnight and by what he heard with his ear against the wall that she liked women. He didn't think he could push her far enough to get her to fuck him, but he had other ideas. He waited, and Melina came back again. He knew she would, and she finally lowered her head in submission and shame and said the magic words. "What do I have to do to get you to let me stay?"

Sinkler installed a full length mirror in Melina's bedroom, a mirror of one-way glass. Once a week, on Saturday, from when she woke to when she went to sleep, Melina had to leave the glass uncovered, and she had to display herself. She wasn't allowed to hide anything. She had to shower, dress, undress, change into different outfits, try on lingerie, and cook and clean the apartment naked, or in outfits that hid nothing. She had to brush her hair, put on makeup, and once he saw what she did for exercise he made her go through her full routine of yoga and stretching, which was horribly revealing. When she spread her legs she knew he could see everything: every fold, all her delicate membranes, her fluted petals, the wetness of her fluids, the curl of her hair, and way up into that dark secret feminine core he wanted to plunge his hot rod into so badly he could taste it. He was a slimy character, a man with no morals, and if there hadn't been a wall between them Melina would have been meat on his table.

Melina hated what she had to do—he kept pushing her further and further, but every time she expressed anger she could see his man sized cock swell. He'd rub it blatantly and tauntingly as she stood in front of him, and he'd laugh and gloat. There was nothing to be gained from complaining, and she resigned herself to her fate.

Melina's fate turned out to be more complicated than she'd first imagined. From the time she had entered puberty she'd fantasized about being stripped naked and displayed to men, which is why she dressed the way she did, with short skirts, tight shirts, and with her nipples barely concealed beneath bras of the thinnest microfiber. She frequently went out without panties on, and when she was feeling especially sexy she'd tie string around her nipples so they'd be forced to be erect, and she went out shopping, pretending not to notice the double takes all around her. Eventually Melina came to realize that at the same time she felt humiliated and degraded, by her slimy landlord, she also got turned on knowing he was looking at her, though she never knew when for sure, at least not at first.

As time went on she saw strange men coming into the building on Saturday, around dusk, and then she did know, and she suspected that this was how the landlord, a cheap bastard beside all his other faults, made back the money he was losing by not raising Melina's rent. Essentially he pimped her out, and Melina knew she'd better put on a good show, changing clothing several times, pretending to be indecisive about what to wear, what lingerie to put on, and even touching herself with her fingers—but of that she only gave them a little—she desperately needed keep her rent down, but she had limits within which she had to stay to keep what little self respect she had left.

One day Melina got a call from her mom. Her mom asked Melina if she might want to entertain a cousin from the US. It was a cousin so distant on the family tree that Melina hadn't known that the girl existed. She was the granddaughter of her grandmother's cousin. She was younger than Melina.

Melina liked meeting new people. She especially liked meeting young women like herself. She was naturally friendly, open, inquisitive, and enjoyed company. She told her mom she'd be happy to host her cousin, and Melina immediately called her cousin and began to make friends.

Making friends was easy. Melina and Louise had many common interests, personal and professional, and when Melina learned that Louise was an artist and a model she invited Louise to come to the year end gala at the Museum School where Melina worked. "You can be my date," Melina said happily. "I'm allowed to bring someone, but I didn't have anyone to ask, boo-hoo."

"I'd love to be your date," Louise said. "It sounds like fun. What shall I wear?"

"We get dressed up. Not like formal, but you know, kind of sexy. Wear something dressy, but something you'll be comfortable in."

"Mmm, sounds like my kind of party. I've got something in mind."

They spoke for a long time and then rung off. "Bye-bye," said Melina.

"Bye. Love you."

"Love you."

Louise arrived on a Friday afternoon. Melina thought her a cute young woman. She's got a lovely smallish figure with matching breasts, Melina thought. And her muscles are quite firm. The two girls got Louise settled in Melina's guest room, and they went out to dinner and then came home and talked late into the night. They liked each other a lot.

The following morning Melina woke and realized it was Saturday, and she had a problem. She had to raise the tapestry covering the one way glass, and she was worried that Louise might come traipsing into Melina's room wearing who knows what. It's not that Louise would know about the landlord, and any other men who might be watching, Melina thought. Maybe he's not even home, but she knew better. There was no way Sinkler would miss Saturday morning, the time of day he ordered her to do her yoga and stretching and then dress.

It's not right to expose Louise to that fiend. She won't know he's looking at her, but it's still not right. I don't want him to see her. I don't want him anywhere near her cute young woman's body. Fuck him. He doesn't deserve her. She's mine.

Melina finished her routines and had become aroused, thinking of her bastard landlord watching as she stretched and spread her legs for him. She very much wanted to retreat to the bathroom and rub her clit to a satisfying orgasm before showering and dressing, but with Louise visiting she had to share the facilities, and, besides, when she pleasured herself she knew she made a lot of noise with an extensive repertoire of sounds she had little control over. Her two girlfriends used to tease her about it, but she couldn't help it, and, anyway, Melina knew it drove them wild.

There was a tentative knock on her bedroom door. "May I come in," Louise asked?

Melina was sitting at her dressing table. She had her bathrobe on. "Come in."

"Good morning."

"Good morning," Melina answered. Louise entered. Melina saw what Louise was wearing and, inadvertently, looked toward the one-way glass. I knew should have kept her out of here.

Louise had on panties that were but a thin strip of cloth adorning the lips of her pussy and wrapping it in a cute little package made all the more prominent by the fluff of its hair, its deep crease, and a prominent mount that the panties didn't cover. The cloth of her top was smooth; at least it would have been if not for the nipples of her cute breasts that swayed back and forth as she moved. Melina couldn't take her eyes from Louise's nipples as they scribed creases in silk.

Louise saw Melina watching her breasts, and she caught Melina's eye, and Melina knew Louise had noticed. Melina was embarrassed. She'd been caught staring. "I'm sorry," she said. "You're so good looking."

Louise moved behind Melina, and she put her hands on Melina's neck, and with hands and fingers much stronger than it seemed a woman her size might have she began kneading Melina's neck and shoulders. Melina's head dropped forward, and she moaned with pleasure, and before she realized what was happening Louise had Melina's bathrobe down to her waist, and then Louise slid her hands under Melina's arms and cradled her breasts. "You're good looking too," Louise said, and she gripped each of Melina's nipples between a thumb and forefinger and began to tweak them.

Louise was a good masseuse. Very, very good as Melina suddenly found out. Nipples are sensitive and can be as easily hurt as teased, but Louise had an artist's touch. She firmly pulled and gently pinched, first with tiny squeezes just on their ends, then along their lengths from base to tip, milking delight from them, and then she stroked and traced her fingertips over the whole of them and drubbed them with a washboard of four fingers. She explored them with her eyes and with her touch, and then she put her mouth on them, searching for and finding every little bump and bend, rise and fall, hill and dale, every change of contour, color, texture, and taste. She made love to the tips of Melina's breasts in more ways than Melina could imagine, and just when Melina thought she couldn't stand another second of the sensations radiating from her breasts to well between her legs Louise changed motions. It was more than Melina could bear. She couldn't help herself and let out a feline yowl of unrepressed desire, a most delicious kitty sound filled with lust and lost control, but Louise never missed a beat. She scratched Melina's titty-tips with a handful of sharp fingernails, and then pulled Melina's nipples out and kneaded them between her fingers as if infusing butter into dough. Melina could stand it no more; her treatment and her treat spread beyond her limits, and she began to turn to grab Louise to throw her on the bed and rip her skinny panties off and bury her mouth in Louise's crotch. But Louise was one step ahead of Melina again, and she changed her motions to ones that made Melina freeze, and then melt. Louise stroked the whole of Melina's breasts, slowly and lovingly, as she kissed inside Melina's ears, one and then the other.

Melina was beyond heaven, and so was Louise who loved the giving of pleasure even more than the receiving of it. Melina suddenly remembered the mirror, and though she wanted, more than anything, to have Louise continue her massage she didn't want to do it in front of him, or them. With great effort Melina brought herself back to earth. "I have to shower... and dress," Melina said, she was quite breathless and spoke in gasps. "But don't you dare... think... I want you to stop. Would you do that... to me again... later... please... and I'll gladly... return the favor... as best I can."

"There's nothing I'd like better, Cuz. We'll have a nice time doing things together today, and then we'll go to the party tonight and meet your friends, and then we can come home and play house. Do you think you can you wait until then?"

"I'd like that. I think I can. I will wait, but you're driving me crazy."

Louise had never been in the UK before, and the girls spent the afternoon touring Melina's favorite art museum. They had a bite to eat in the museum and then made a quick stop at the house of one of Melina's friends where Melina introduced her cousin. Then Louise went off on her own to take care of a spot of business for her father. "It will take an hour or so," she said. Melina went home to begin getting ready for the party.

Melina saw quite a few strange cars in the apartment building parking lot. They were all at the end near the landlord's apartment. She'd been given a most delightful nipple tweaking and breast massage early in the morning, she'd spent a wonderful day enjoying Louise's company and showing her new found cousin the town, and she'd gotten to show Louise off to a friend. She was already aroused, and the moment Melina saw the cars she knew she was going to have a large audience while she changed for the party. Her pussy started tingling.

Melina came into her apartment and put her bag down. She looked around, wanting to delay, but she knew what she had to do, and she knew she had to do it before Louise came home. Melina went into her bedroom and stood before the mirror. She looked at her reflection. She knew there was a crowd of men just feet from her. She took a deep breath. It was time to pay the rent. Melina began unbuttoning her sweater.

She did it slowly and meekly, her gaze lowered but still seeing her reflection while trying not to think of the men staring at her and lusting to use her. When the buttons were undone she reached behind herself, thrusting out and offering her breasts, as she pulled each sleeve down an arm.

She straightened, still not staring directly at them, and began unbuttoning her shirt. She was becoming exposed. The tingling in her pussy became a throb. Her glands were working overtime, and she felt a trickle run out of her and collect at her perineum and begin to drip down her thigh.

Melina's shirt was unbuttoned. She stood still, torturing her observers with desires they couldn't fulfill, and then she opened her shirt and took it off. She heard an eruption of coarse language behind the glass, vulgarly describing her tits.

She stood in a short skirt that covered only the tops of her legs and displayed her well-defined muscles and flawless skin—it was easy to imagine how high she'd jump if you placed your fingers on the backs of her thighs—and in a bra that presented her breasts as much as hid them. You could see her nipples through the thin cloth, and it seemed as if the cups were hands offering her breasts to you, promising you the pleasure of a good feel. Melina knew her breasts felt good, her girlfriends loved to play with them, and they certainly felt good to Melina when they got played with. She thought, again, of Louise that morning.

Melina unclasped the catch between the cups and opened them, and held them open, presenting herself as she knew she must, and then she took her bra off and folded it, leaning to place it on her bed, letting her breasts fall and sway side to side. She was a sexy woman, and she knew it.

She went back to the mirror and opened the button and then the zipper of her skirt. This was the hard part, but she'd done it before, and she slid her skirt down her legs, slowly, and showed that she was naked underneath. Melina loved to go out naked. Men watched her all the time. She knew they undressed her, imagining what she was wearing where they couldn't see. If only they knew she thought, I'd be screwed a thousand times a day instead of just five hundred.

Melina stood in front of the mirror and posed. She spread her legs and she placed her hands behind her neck and arched toward the men. She wanted to tease them with a full frontal view to make sure Sinkler didn't give her any shit for holding back.

After she'd given them their money's worth, and more, she turned around and walked into the bathroom and shut the door.

"Whew," she breathed. That was a good one. She put a towel on the floor, folded another for under her head, and lay down and started running her fingers up and down her sopping wet slit.

What's that, Louise thought, when she came home? It took a few moments, but she realized it was the sounds of a woman, Melina, pleasuring herself. Wow, she sounds great, Louise thought. A recording of that would make a gold record. Then Louise thought: Hey, I thought we were going to have fun together. She headed for the bathroom.

Louise opened the door without knocking. "Hey! What are you doing?"

Melina was close to an orgasm, but Louise wasn't having any of that. If Melina was going to have an orgasm Louise wanted to be the one to give it to her. "No you don't," she said. "You can't come without me."

"Oh, Oh," Melina said, bucking her hips, her fingers deep inside her hot puss."

Louise grabbed Melina's arm and pulled her forward.

"No," Melina cried out. "Don't. What are you doing?" She began furiously rubbed her clit, trying to finish.

"Bad girl. Naughty girl. Trying to come without me. You should have waited!"

"Please. I'm almost there."

Louise pulled hard, pulling Melina's hands from herself. "In the bedroom, you naughty girl. I'm going to give you a spanking."

"No. Please. Let me come."

Louise was strong for her size, and Melina didn't want to struggle too hard. She didn't want to hurt Louise, and she allowed Louise to pull her to the bed. Melina also didn't take the idea of a spanking seriously. She thought Louise was bringing her into the bedroom to finish her off with the skill Louise had demonstrated so effectively that morning. That will even better than doing it myself, Melina thought.

Louise pulled Melina across her lap. Melina's liked the feel of it, and looked up, pleadingly, spreading her legs, begging to be woman handled. But when she looked into Louise's eyes Melina saw how angry Louise was. Melina knew she was going to get a spanking. And, at the same moment, she realized that between her legs—her vulva from bottom to top, her clit, her vagina, her whole pretty puffed up pussy—was wide open to the view from the mirror.

Melina knew she was a sight: hair soaked and matted with a flood of her juices, flesh inflamed to a bright pink, and her tissues swollen to the ripeness of a peach about to burst its skin. But she was so hot and horny she didn't give a damn about the mirror or how many men were looking at her. She couldn't take it any more. Fuck me!" she yelled. "Don't spank me, Fuck me! Please," she begged.

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