Ann's Snowy Rendezvous - The Bittersweet Goodbye

by Dag123

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Cheating, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Swinging, Group Sex, Interracial, White Male, White Female, Oriental Female, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: With the project in Alaska closing, and departure imminent, the bittersweet goodbyes begin. Lisa and Ann both make plans to share a very special swap night with David. As they begin to vigorously compete, both erotically and physically for David, their hidden dislike for each other resurfaces and bizarre sexual emotions come into play. Who will win? Will David be able to handle two sexy females on the same night? This will be the final story of this Series.


The entire project had become a beehive of final activities. Everyone was busy taking care of last minute details. Most of the personnel were due to leave within a couple of days.

The lucky ones were looking forward to an end of project swap later that evening with the couple they had chosen. A spirit of conviviality seemed to have taken hold. Everyone was milling around—laughing and talking!

Held up, by having to supervise the packing up of the engineering equipment; David left the office late that evening. Arriving back at his large comfortable Quonset, there was just time to shower before the two attractive females were due to arrive.

David had watched as Dale's secretary, Lisa Chen left work early. With the Project Manager already on a flight back to New York, her work on the project was finished except for a few minor details.

He had told her earlier in the day to come on over to his Quonset as soon as she was ready. Each time he had run into her that afternoon, they had exchanged sensuous glances. Both knew what the other was thinking which made their coming tryst even sweeter.

Lisa Chen

Lisa Chen was very happy and pleased with herself. She had made a lot of money on this trip. She knew her husband would be very happy with her earnings. But, she was now anxious to leave Alaska. She had talked to her two children by phone only yesterday and had felt a warm glow knowing they were so excited about her return. Life was good!

But tonight was hers. She had set it aside for her own pleasure—it would be a time of wild erotic excitement for her. Secretly she had been delighted when Dale, her boss had been transferred early to the Middle East project.

While she liked being with Dale, and all the benefits it brought her, it was David the project engineer she had been in a state of lust over for the last two months. Just the way David looked at her had made her panties wet several times when they had met to resolve office problems.

She knew Dale had just had an enjoyable little afternoon sexual rendezvous with David's girlfriend, Ann. She didn't care.

Knowing Dale's wild sexual desires she was sure their coupling had been torrid and passionate. Ann's probably tired and home sleeping, she laughed to herself.

She thought about what her boyfriend Dale had told her about David. He likes the same type of end of project activities as we do, Dale had said. He is really going to enjoy himself tonight, she vowed with a determined little laugh.

After getting off to a bad start with the little Accountant, Ann, Lisa had quickly realized the benefit of being friendly with her. David and her boss, Dale was best of friends, both very important men. Therefore, she had forced herself to make nice—even having lunch with Ann numerous times during the four months the project was up and running.

However, the truth was... she resented the quiet little Accountant who seemed so standoffish. She is such a prissy naïve little bitch, Lisa thought. If David agrees not to interfere, she thought, tonight that little bitch is going to get hers. I wonder what he sees in her anyway.

Lisa's only regret was that Dale would not be there to see what he had termed his dream girl/girl confrontation. Well... she would send him an e-mail with all the sexy details explained graphically. After all... I am a secretary, she laughed to herself.

A few moments later Lisa was in the shower. The feel of the water beating down on her naked back and stomach, streaming in rivulets through her thick black pubic hair—had started her thinking about tonight's erotic activities with David and Ann.

Lisa felt her black haired pussy starting to tingle. Timidly, she touched her labia lips. She felt a little jolt of electrical impulse grip her lower regions. I had better not even touch myself, she thought. I'm so aroused I could climax before I even get dressed.

Ann is excited - yet apprehensive about the evening

Arriving back at her Quonset after her torrid sexual marathon with Dale, a relaxed and happy Ann fell asleep on her warm cozy bed. When she awakened, Ann realized she had overslept.

It was already after six o'clock. Then it dawned on her. This was it! This was the night both she and David had been waiting to happen.

Quickly stepping into the hot shower, she quickly bathed. Just before it was washed down the drain, she looked down to see some of Dales' cum, now melted, but still wet and sticky in her brown pubic mound.

Ann felt a little start of arousal as she remembered how much she had enjoyed his beautiful cock deep inside her hot depths. At their first contact, instant sexual rapport had take place—both of them had climaxed over and over.

This night was to be her parting gift to David. She wanted it to be extra special. So when David had asked her, Ann had agreed against her better judgment, to engage in an erotic confrontation with Lisa Chen.

Dale had told Ann that afternoon, between their sexual bouts, how excited his little secretary was; and, that she was looking forward to her little female competition with Ann.

Furthermore, David hadn't been able to talk about anything else every since she had agreed to do it. Ann knew he was eager to watch her and Lisa have a go at each other in that way.

David's Quonset becomes a little Boudoir

At seven that evening when David opened his door, he had expect to see his little girlfriend Ann standing there. Instead, to his great surprise—there stood Lisa Chen smiling sexily back at him. She was carrying a little black bag. He assumed it contained the sexy clothes she would get into later for her's and Ann's little erotic activities.

"Lisa, you're early," David said, helping her off with her heavy coat. "I turned the heat up a little bit ago. Is it warm enough for you?"

"Well," she said, her beautiful almond eyes smiling into his as she stamped the snow off her shoes, "number one... you said to come on over when I was ready. And number two... yes, it's nice and warm in here which is good thing since we'll be wearing very little clothes later tonight," she hinted with a little giggle.

"Ann should be here soon," David said, feeling his face flush with excitement and anticipation. "I hope you're looking forward to this as much as Ann and I."

Ann arrives... the Evening begins

"I can't wait-... !," Lisa started to say. Just then, the doorbell went off again. "Oh, that'll be Ann, I'll bet," she said.

When David answered the door, Ann stepped inside. As he was taking her coat she looked past him to see Lisa Chen was already there sitting on his large bed.

"You're late." Lisa said, with a snide little laugh, "We thought maybe you got scared and decided not to come," she lied convincingly.

Ann was annoyed at herself for having let Lisa Chen arrive at David's place before her. When Ann saw her sitting on David's bed—her shapely brown legs crossed in a sexy provocative way; the dislike Ann had originally felt for this aggressive little Chinese female was back and threatened to boil over.

David sensed almost at once, the animosity building between the two beautiful mature little females. He could see that Ann, who rarely lost her temper, actually appeared to be getting angry. Then the realization hit him. With all their forced friendliness, neither of them really cared that much for the other.

Since all three of them were well aware of why they were there, it seemed only natural when Mrs. Chen asked.

"Is there anything taboo, that anyone doesn't want to do, once we start our little erotic festivities?"

"Ann," David said, as Lisa sat there on the bed watching, with a snide confident little smile on her lips. "Anything you don't want to do?"

"Well," Ann said her face a study in serious thought. "I don't want any slapping or scratching, but... ," she said looking in Lisa's direction, "... if she wants to pull hair," she laughed, "I think I can pull her hair just as hard as she can pull mine."

"Okay," Lisa laughed, "I agree, no slapping or scratching. Everything goes in the hair pulling department," she agreed.

David stared intently at the two females." Should I not interfere once the two of you start? Okay, with you Ann?" David asked.

Ann felt a slight chill of foreboding at what she might be letting herself in for; but not wanting to disappoint David she reluctantly accepted.

"Sure, okay," she replied with a little nervous giggle.

"Lisa, are you good with that," David asked.

"Sure," Lisa laughed, "You can just sit back and enjoy watching me show your little girlfriend who's boss." This way you can definitely see which of us is the better woman."

"Okay," David said, "Why don't we start the evening with the two of you getting up on the bed for a while? Do some girl/girl stuff, okay?"

"Maybe you'd like to join us, once we get started," Lisa suggested giving David a sexy come-hither little smile.

"Yeah... Okay!" he quickly agreed.

Slipping into another room Lisa and Ann changed into their sexy nighties.

"I'm glad David has his place nice and warm," Lisa laughed. "Dressed in these nighties, we would probably already be shivering by now."

Coming back out, Lisa climbed on David's bed and lay down on her back. As Ann reentered the room, she looked over at Ann and boldly challenged her.

"Come on here, I'll let you get on top of me first," she laughed. "I dare you!" she added with a snide little laugh.

"Go ahead, Ann," David encouraged her. "Go sit on her midriff and pin her arms down," he instructed her.

"Come on here, and fight me, bitch," Lisa giggled, playfully taunting Ann.

Ann reluctantly got on the bed and crawled over to where Lisa laid waiting.

What a sexy provocative picture the two little females made; two beautiful feminine visions, in brown and white.

"Don't be silly, Lisa," Ann said, with an exasperated little laugh, "Let's start on our knees. I don't think you need to give me an advantage."

A moment later Lisa crawled up to her knees. As they faced each other, it was apparent to David that Lisa was the stockier of the two. Ann's more slender figure was a vision of loveliness, her beautiful brown hair was perfectly combed, every hair in place.

Lisa's beautiful black hair was also neatly coiffed. David began breathing heavily. He felt himself becoming aroused—the feminine smells of the two females now drifted into his nostrils. Ann and Lisa the two exquisite almost naked females and himself were about to start an erotic journey of sexual delights.

Now up against each other's sensual naked figures, both seemed unsure how to start.

"I've never done it with another girl," Ann whispered to Lisa.

"Don't worry," Lisa whispered, "I'll start."

Gently the Asian female wrapped her strong brown fingers around Ann's slender white wrists... Then Lisa pulled Ann up against her.

Ann could instantly feel the other girl's warmth, smell her cologne and Lisa's pleasing feminine smell. Ann was surprised to feel just a hint of arousal stirring in her tummy.

Ann, her eyes downcast, glanced up furtively into Lisa's brown eyes—their titties touched lightly. Ann felt a surge of warm arousal start down in her stomach. The other female's warm fragrant breath on her face only increased the intimacy.

Staring into the other's eyes - knowing what they were about to do - caused both Lisa and Ann's breathing to become erratic. Their arousal intensified until it was threatening to engulf them in the flames of their awakening sexual passions.

In spite of knowing that in a little while she would be expected to play wrestle with this aggressive little female, Ann could feel herself growing more and more aroused.

Her competitive juices flowing, Ann realized that she was going to enjoy the erotic thrill of a playful little battle with this tart tongued little secretary who was obviously competing with her for David. Lisa's almond eyes appeared sleepy heavy lidded revealing her sexual desires.

Pulling Ann closer, Lisa Chen allowed her warm brown swollen breasts to press against Ann enflamed titties. Then brushing Ann's brown hair aside, she whispered in Ann's ear.

"Why don't we give David a treat and let him enjoy watching us kiss and make out with each other for a while—want to do that?" she said, her voice heavy laden with her feminine arousal.

"Okay," Ann whispered back. "What do we do first?"

Smiling dreamily into Ann's eyes Lisa answered Ann by leaning forward and softly brushing her warm moist lips lightly across Ann's lips, which were dry from her feverish arousal.

Opening her mouth slightly, the Asian female pressed her warm full lips against Ann's soft thin little lips. Although Ann felt strange, allowing another girl to kiss her, after a moment she felt herself being carried deeper out into the raging sea of arousal.

Ann, her feminine desires taking hold, started returning the caress. Her pink little tongue started timidly licking the warm full lips of the other female. Their warm breath on each other's flushed faces only served to further inflame each of them. Their desire ignited and suddenly they were kissing.

Lost in her own sexual sensuous desires, Ann became aware the other female's thicker pink tongue was forcing her soft lips apart. Parting her lips slightly, Ann felt Lisa's tongue slip between her thin delicate lips.

Savoring the sweetness of Ann's clean sweet mouth, Lisa Chen with a little sigh of pure delight started hungrily exploring an excited Ann's wet moist cavern... sucking on Ann's wet tongue.

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