Maxine's Wedding

by Menderman

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Rape, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Rough, Humiliation, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The bossy Service Centre Controller's wedding doesn't go as planned as she receives an unexpected present.



Well it was three months since my life changing evening in the barn with the office bitch, Maxine. My work life had improved as I smiled whenever Maxine sent me details of my next day's work, generally by fax to my home. If there was an emergency callout she got one of the girls in the Keycare Service Centre to ring me. Young Sarah was starting to ask why Maxine seemed to avoid talking to me, now wouldn't that make an interesting story over a coffee sometime!

While Maxine didn't want to talk to me ever again, she was still being a bitch to the rest of the lads, she obviously hadn't learnt a single lesson from the evening of her downfall, though I doubted she had forgotten the evening itself. I still enjoyed seeing her panties tucked away in the back of my work van.

Saturday afternoon, and I am standing among the gravestones in the churchyard watching Maxine's dad proudly lead his daughter into the church for her wedding to the Pillsbury Doughboy, as the Keycare Lads call him. Maxine glided along the path in her long wedding dress, probably with a beaming smile under her veil as she was 30 minutes from having another man come under her control... the poor bastard.

I don't know where Maxine acquired her hate for men and her overwhelming need to feel superior & in control over them. She must have a pretty low self-esteem if that was what was needed to make her happy. We all got the impression that the Doughboy was going to be a house hubby while Maxine brought home the money after ruling the roost in the Keycare Service Centre all day.

'Tonight, will spoil that perception a little, ' I thought to myself as Maxine & her father disappeared into the church.

I smiled & headed off home to change and to prepare for the evening wedding party to which we had all been invited. I had been surprised to receive my invite, but maybe Sarah would have been even more suspicious if I was the only one of the lads not invited.

I arrived at the evening party about 7pm so that there were plenty of people there & I could quietly slip into the function without really being noticed. I grabbed a beer from the bar & had a joke with some of the lads, who were settling bets on the true size of Maxine's tits, and offering side bets as to whether she was wearing a Wonderbra to make them look special for her big day. I stood & watched as Maxine & Doughboy circulated among the guests. Eventually they got split up, so I put my unfinished beer on the bar & moved forward to meet her.

"Well Maxine you surely look beautiful," I said into her ear as I slid up beside her from the rear, and not giving her chance to reply I said " Is there a Karaoke tonight?, as I have a lovely tape here of you singing your heart out if your guests would like to hear it."

Maxine's face dropped as the words sank in.

"Keep smiling," I said, "And meet me outside room 215 in five minutes without fail and you can collect the tape from me."

Maxine turned with a questioning look on her face, but before she could open her mouth to ask the vital question, I answered it for her...

"Have no doubt, you will collect it or I'll play it on the PA system! Room 215 in five minutes, make your excuses to your guests now."

At that I slowly walked away still carrying her wedding present with me.

Spot on five minutes later the bride slowly glided around the corner in her beautiful dress with her rack of tits leading the way. As Maxine drew level with me I started walking down the corridor towards the bridal suite with its bows & ribbons tied on the door handle.

"Good God NO!!! not there, we're not going in there, no way," hissed Maxine as we drew nearer the door,

I smiled as I walked close to it saying quietly to the trailing bride "Get up here or hear the fat lady sing."

"Please, please, not our bridal suite, just tell me what you want?" pleaded Maxine.

I pulled my room key out of my pocket and opened the door to room 219 just steps before the bridal suite.

"You'd better come in here then," I said nice and relaxed as I stepped into the room, without waiting for the bride.

Maxine looked relieved as she stepped into the room. I closed the door behind her and slid the bolt on the door quietly.

Maxine had turned towards as she had come up against the head of the bed, "This is my wedding night you bastard, my guests are..."

"Here is your present," I interrupted, "A nice telephone answering machine on which you have already recorded your message. You can open it here or I can play it to everyone downstairs. I thought you would prefer to open it here instead."

I passed the gift-wrapped parcel across to Maxine. As she took it from me I lunged forward and pushed her hard backwards on to the bed.

She started to scream as I followed through by reaching down & pulling her legs up vertically so she fell back onto the bed. Maxine was still gripping the parcel as she was enveloped in her wedding dress as it drifted down over her face. This stopped her scream as she felt herself drowning in yards of silk & satin.

I placed one ankle each side of my head and firmly gripped a white stockinged thigh in each hand and pressed down on her. "Be quiet bitch & listen to how this is going to be," I said in a hard voice.

"Scream again and all that your family & friends will find is you having a bit of extra martial sex with a co-worker whilst holding a tape of the last time I fucked you. How is that going to look to your new hubby & family as they race in here?"

I let that sink in for a few minutes as I allowed my breathing to settle down and I admired the wonderful sight below me as Maxine's arms flailed to get the volume of material below her face so she could see and breathe. There was a look of absolute horror on her face as she finally brought her face out from under the material.

Before she could regain her senses, I reached down & ripped her silk knickers off & threw them on the bed alongside her.

"This is how it is going to be. This will be quick so that people don't start to miss you & come looking. You have some choices in this but not many, but you get to chose how you get fucked here tonight," I calmly informed her.

"NO, YOU BASTARD, this is my wedding night, you can't do this to me tonight, not tonight, any night but not tonight... please," she begged.

"You still treat the lads like shit and you don't talk to me, so you haven't learnt your lesson, so tonight is your night," I coldly told her.

"No, please you can't do this, please you can't," she pleaded as I let my trousers fall to the floor releasing my hard prick to rest against her thigh and then tightened my grip on her thighs.

"Lie still bitch," I harshly commanded.

"No please, this is my wedding night, you can't fuck me tonight, you can't, please," she begged & pleaded.

"There is more than one way of being fucked," I informed her.

"What?" she demanded.

"Well I was talking to my friend Don in Moses Lake, Washington State, last week and I was telling him about my plans for you tonight and he... , ' I was telling her.

"What?" she interrupted, and I pushed my prick against her pussy lips to get her attention again.

"As I was saying, Don reckons I should fuck you silly as you must be as fertile as can be tonight as you have been dreaming about this night all year," I smiled as I increased the pressure on her lips further with my prick and gripped her thighs more rigidly to stop Maxine from moving.

"No please, don't, please don't," the normally bossy bitch begged.

"As I said, there are many ways to fuck. We could get those tits of yours out and I could fuck between them and spray cum all over them. But some might get in your hair or drip on your dress. Would it be hard to explain cum on your wedding dress when you go back to your party?" I asked nicely.

Maxine's face showed she was imagining it.

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