Letter To Her Husband

by Softly

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Hypnosis, Drunk/Drugged, Cheating, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Bonnie, irked by her husband, sends him a letter. When her doctor sees the letter, He knows that she is desparate. Can and will her husband, Tom help her? Dr. Ruth Johnson works her magic on Tom.

Dear Sir,

I am sending you this report so that you will know things about your wife that it is unlikely that she has told you.

The year was 1993. It had been a boring summer for Bonnie Birdsall, your wife to be. Her high school boy friend had joined the Coast Guard, so would be away for a couple years. Her mother had her baby sit her younger brother, Monday through Friday, which gets old in a hurry if you would rather be with your friends or working at McDonald's.

August twenty third was different. Her bags were packed and in the trunk of her old Honda Civic. She kissed her mom and dad and was off to Evansville, Indiana to start her freshman year at Evansville University. She hoped to graduate in two and a half years, with a degree in teaching. Yes, she is bright, as you know, a straight A student. She wasn't sure as yet if she wanted to teach at the high school, or the college level.

Freshman week flew by. Soon she was in the grind of daily classes. But for Bonnie, with her memory; she only needed to read a textbook once, it all was so easy. Her English professor, Hunter Edmonds, got an insight into how far she was ahead of the class when she asked about a subject that the class would not take up until December.

Now it so happens that Evansville's basketball couch, Darren Somers, with extensive contacts in the New York City, and New Jersey area, had recruited three stars. With his coaching system, which he copied from Dean Smith, of North Carolina fame, and if he could keep them in school, he hoped to make it to the final four.

The boys, Sidney Thompson, Barry Hudson, and Charlie "Doc" Rivers, were pure gold on the basketball court. In the books they were average. That wasn't good enough for Darren. When he recruited the boys, he had made two promises to their parents. First, that their education came first, and second that they would be in a program that was good enough to draw the attention of the pro scouts.

To that end, he spent hours studying the films of teams coached by the likes of John Wooden, and Bobby Knight. And he approached different professors with the request that he be given weekly reports as to how the boys were progressing.

The key to all subjects is a mastery of English, so he made several contacts with professor Edmonds. "Hunter, do you have a student that could tutor my boys?"

"Yes, there is a girl by the name of Bonnie Birdsall that would be perfect, if she is interested in making some money on the side."

Bonnie was contacted first by professor Edmonds, and later by an alumnus by the name of John Duff. John offered her two hundred dollars a week to tutor the three boys.

It started. Bonnie was a natural teacher. So good in fact that the three boys just loved to have her help them, which is saying something for three big cities guys.

As part of their full-boat scholarship at Evansville, it had been arranged for them to share a large single family home, instead of being in a dorm, thanks to an under-the-table deal with another alumni.

Two weeks into their arrangement with Bonnie, Sidney had a great idea. "Hey, Barry and Doc, how about we offer to Bonnie that she can come stay with us to save her the cost of her dorm? That way she can be right here to help us with all our studies."

"That girl ain't gonna come live with three black guys. Hell, dude, she wants to date some nice white guy, and how would we explain to our girl friends having a nice looking white girl living here?" Barry shot back.

"Sure as hell, Sid, you would end up trying to get into her britches. We can't afford to screw this up. She is making my studies a piece of cake for me. I mean, she knows exactly what we need to do to get the good grades." Doc added.

Sid got a big smile on his face. "Dudes, she is a small town chick, that may still be a virgin. I say that we try to get her here. I'll feed her a line of shit that her bedroom is to be her sanctuary, that we won't enter, so she will be safe."

Barry laughed. "No chick is that dumb. But it is worth a try. So, yeah man, take a shot at it. Imagine having a live in fuck?"

A day later Sidney was alone with Bonnie. "Bonnie, we were thinking that it sure would be convenient to have you live with us. You have been to our place. We have an extra bedroom. It would save you the cost of your dorm, and let you spend more time helping us. Your bedroom would be your own place that we would not go into."

Now, it so happened that Bonnie was in a small dorm room with two other girls that she really did not care for. They both smoked, and were more interested in parties, than their schoolwork. She liked Sid, Barry, and Doc. Hanging around guys was a new experience for her. And these weren't just any guys. Doc was the shortest at six foot six. Sidney was six foot eleven, and quick as a snake. She found that she looked forward to her tutor sessions. She immediately said, "Wow, Sidney. If you guys don't mind, I would love to stay with you."

She moved in that day. The next day she got a refund from the University, which she mailed to her parents with a note that she had other arrangements due to her work as a tutor.

For the next two weeks the boys seemed to be perfect gentlemen. But they had a plan. At first they walked around shirtless. Bonnie, of course noticed this, but thought that they were getting used to having a girl around. Next, they would go to the john with just their jockey shorts on. The morning came when Bonnie walked out of her room to find Doc standing naked talking to Sid. The TV was on so she did not think that either boy noticed her. She studied Doc's cock. It was the first full-grown man's cock that she had ever seen. It certainly was not frightening. She noticed that the end was a light brown, while the shaft was a dark brown, almost black. She stood in the shadows of the hallway. She had wondered about sex. Now away from home, she had thought about some college guy dating her and introducing her to the world of sex.

She stepped back into her room. Christ! She was living with three men. Her finger went to her pussy. Surely one of them could introduce her to the world of sex. It was perfect. She could do it with them, so that when she found a guy that she really cared about, she would know what to do.

It took several minutes for her to compose herself, after she made herself come. There was part of her that wanted to get it over with. She pictured herself walking out naked and saying to the first guy that she saw, "Hey, let's fuck."

That afternoon she went to the University clinic to obtain birth control pills. She waited a week. Then she tutored Sidney wearing a white tee shirt with no bra on. When finished she noted a tent in his pants. She stood. "Sidney would you do me a favor?" She cooed.


"I would like a back rub. Come into my bedroom with me."

The tent got bigger.

Sidney followed the tiny girl, who weighted just one hundred and five pounds. She took off her damn shirt, and lowered her shorts. There were no panties under them. She lay on the bed face down, with her head cradled in her arms. Boldly, Sid took off his clothes. Today was the day he had planned for. One way or the other, he was going to fuck her. But one thing was certain; she wanted to be fucked by him. Mind blowing. He would never understand a woman.

As his hands started to rub her back, Bonnie's throbbing pussy was on fire. She could wait no longer. He had not felt her ass, nor had he got to her breasts, which mushroomed to the sides of her chest.

She rolled over to find him naked with an erect black shaft, much longer and thicker than Doc's had been when she had seen his soft.

All she had ever had up her pussy was her finger and a tampon. She was about to say something, when Sid put his face to her pussy, with his tongue lapping at her slit and clit. He was in a hurry. He wanted her wet, quick. His damn shaft actually hurt it was so hard. Just eight seconds later, he slid up on her. His lean, muscled body covered her. His ass, twice as wide as hers, pushed her little legs apart. He was so tall, that she had to turn her head sideways to breath. He reached his hands under her ass to direct his manhood at her tiny pussy.

She was cold sober. Her mind was like a laser, almost an out-of-body experience. She felt his golf-ball like cock head open her lips. His hand propelled it up and down her slit to get it wet, and her worked up.

One of his hands grabbed a tit. In her mind, she screamed, forget the damn tit, run your cock into my pussy, now. Like he had heard her, his ass pushed the bulb of his cock past her entrance, a brand new experience. She could hear his breath come in pants. She could feel every twitch of his cock.

One hundred and ninety pounds of world-class athlete drove his cock into her up to the balls. She was well and truly impaled. Her life was now in two parts. They were before Sid's cock, and after. He was thicker than she had been, and at least two inches longer. If she had not wanted it so bad, the hurt would have registered. As it was, he was now fucking her fast, long, and hard. His mind was the director of his black shaft, driving it relentlessly into her warm, tight pussy to the very depths of her body. He was bareback. She had never mentioned a condom, and he sure as hell would not. So, when his balls tightened and his shaft could wait no longer, he would thrust forward, clamp his ass, and deliver his sperm to the deepest point of her pussy. It was happening now, and what the hell is this? She had his buns in her hands and was pulling him to her.

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