by Pussycat

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Desc: Sex Story: It's a beautiful afternoon on a lake full of windsurfers, but one gorgeous girl in particular catches the attention of our story-teller and he pursues her enthusiastically. Having caught her, he discovers that she's as keen as he is to find out whether it's possible to do it on a board!

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It was an ideal day for it. The weather was warm and sunny, the water was warm, and there was a good breeze blowing onto the shore.

I was skimming along beautifully; enough wind to keep me moving fast, not so much that I was continually battling to stay upright. It was a superb lake really and was deservedly popular; large enough to a offer fairly steady winds and a really good variety of sailing and also large enough that one didn't continually have to try to avoid collisions with other people. On this beautiful afternoon, it was a mass of multi-coloured windsurfing sails, skimming backwards and forwards across the wind-ruffled surface.

My attention kept coming back to one of these sails in particular though, or to be more precise, to the figure holding the sail. I had first noticed her on the grassy bank of the lake just beside the point from which I had launched my board. Both she and her father appeared to be windsurfers, although they were sailing totally independently; her mother remained on the bank sunbathing. I could see her coming in the opposite direction to me now, leaning far out on her board, putting her all into it. She was gorgeous; late teens or early twenties, the body of my dreams, slim, lithe, firm, athletic. She wore only a tight high cut pair of bikini briefs, light green; her hair was long and fair, done in a French plait to keep it out of the way; her breasts were perfect, modest in size but beautifully formed and firmly outthrust.

And that was another attractive feature of this lake. Being in the south of France, going topless was a very common occurrence — and not just sunbathing on the banks of the lake either. There were quite a number of girls out on the water who were topless as well. And I loved it!

My prick stirred again beneath my swimming swim shorts. Every time she passed reasonably close to me, I felt the same stirrings of excitement. I watched her go by, now leaning far out, almost touching the water with her delightful backside as she strained her whole body against the wind. Such commitment; it was her style as well as her body which really turned me on.

We sailed back and forth in a similar way for a while, sometimes close, sometimes less so. I've no idea if she had even noticed me. The windsurfing was great but after a while, I kept dreaming of trying to arrange a closer contact with her, turning over in my mind how I might manage to bring about such an encounter. A plan started to form in my mind and next time we passed reasonably close to each other, I turned soon after she had passed me so that I could follow her in the same direction; then when she next turned, I followed suit. Now I was close behind and following her fast out towards the middle of the lake. I gradually began to close on her; she was a reasonable windsurfer but not an expert by any means and I had a bigger sail. I was getting closer and closer, directly behind her. I was now able to see her body stretch and sway with the continual small movements of trimming the sail, adjusting her feet position, the tightly muscled lightly tanned skin rippling as she moved.

She was now only a few yards in front. Should I attempt to overtake? Or slacken off and stay behind? Or try for a collision?! She was steaming along beautifully. I really wanted to wait until she was furthest from the bank. I decided to slow slightly and try and get a little upwind of her; I'd have rather more options then.

A few minutes later I was ten yards upwind of her and about ten behind. We were now clear of most of the other boards on the lake and not that far from the other side which appeared totally deserted. She was about to turn; this was my moment! I turned towards her, away from the wind so that now I was really flying and aimed straight across her bow. As I closed I could see she was just turning through the wind, the most unstable point. I was the other side of my sail and so could pretend not to have seen her.

She suddenly saw me when I was about three or four yards away and almost simultaneously I pretended to have just seen her and cried out in alarm. We both dropped our sails and fell into the warm water only feet from each other. I spluttered and coughed and said, "I'm really sorry, I just didn't see you until the last minute. Are you OK?"

She laughed, casually, "Oh, it's all right, I shouldn't have fallen in really. I just saw your board approaching and lost concentration. Actually I'm exhausted, or at least my arms are; I've been going like the clappers backwards and forwards for ages without a break. I think I'll just rest here for a few minutes". With this she hauled herself out of the water and sat on her board facing towards mine.

"No, I really am sorry. I shouldn't have got so close; I'm afraid that I'm not all that experienced yet", I responded. "You're right, it is tiring though isn't it; it's quite a fresh breeze. It's been really exhilarating. I've been having a great time!". I climbed up onto my board as well so that we were now sitting just a couple of yards apart, facing each other. "Actually I noticed you going past once or twice; you were really going well", I continued.

"You noticed me!" she laughed, "amongst all these dozens of boards! How come?"

I looked at her sitting there, almost naked in front of me, drops of water still collecting on her firm looking nipples and dripping drop by drop onto her firmly muscled thighs below. My prick hardened beneath my swim shorts, straining to get out. I shuffled with a little embarrassment. "Well...", I started; "You see...", I mumbled.

She interrupted me with a laugh. "I'm sorry", she chuckled, glancing openly at my swim shorts, "I hadn't realised. You haven't had that all the time you've been sailing, have you?!"

I laughed, "No, but every time you went past, it thought about it!" I admitted. "I hope you're not offended, there was just something about you that made me respond that way!"

"It wouldn't be just that I was topless, would it?" she enquired, a slightly cheeky grin on her face and, as she said it, as if to emphasise the point, she slid her right hand from one gorgeous breast to the other, pressing gently against the firm quivering flesh before dropping it down again to rest on the board.

"No, believe it or not it wasn't just that", I replied. "That probably contributed, but it wasn't so much that I could see your gorgeous body. It was more the attitude implied by it. It seemed to shout at me your whole approach to life". I laughed, "Sorry, I guess that all sounds a bit pompous! It was just the way you were really going for it; none of this poodling along, backwards and forwards. There was one point I was watching when you were leaning so far out that you were skimming your backside along the water; that took a bit of nerve! And of course you were totally at ease with yourself as well, not the slightest bit self-conscious about being topless; I loved that".

She chuckled, "Well, all that from watching me windsurf a bit! I am impressed...". Again she ran her hand over her tight little breasts, this time resting it there for just a little longer... "Is that as uncomfortable as it looks?!" she asked, again with that cheeky grin as she studied my swim shorts further, "You can let him out for a breath of fresh air if you like, I won't be offended! He must feel terribly constricted".

Too true! She was turning me on incredibly! She must be feeling horny herself; she couldn't just be doing this as a tease surely. She giggled a little at my embarrassed uncertainty and after yet again rubbing her hand even more positively across her nipples, she dropped it between her thighs and made no attempt to conceal it as she pressed the fingers against her crotch! Christ, was she turning me on!

"I think he's coming out of his own accord, the way you're exciting him!" I laughed, and eased back the waistband on my swim shorts very slightly so that my straining prick could escape instead of being held bent over beneath the stretched material. It was so hard that it pushed straight up well clear of my swim shorts, flat against my stomach. "Mmm! That's a bit better; he loves the feeling of fresh air! I'd better be careful he doesn't get sunburnt though" I laughed. "What's your name, by the way; here I am exposing myself to you and I don't even know your name! Mine's Dave".

"Jan", she replied, chuckling. "Christ! Look at that beast! So hard! So proud! God, it makes me feel quite horny! Excuse me, I must let a little fresh air in myself!" and so saying, she slipped the tight green material of her briefs to one side exposing two pink fleshy lips encased in fluffy fair hair. Her fingers moved rapidly over them, rubbing gently. "Mmmm..." she sighed, "That's better!".

I tore my eyes away from her for a second and glanced around. We were now even further from the bulk of windsurfers on the lake as we slowly but surely drifted downwind towards the far end. Nobody was anywhere near close enough to us to see what we were doing although at any time someone could decide to sail across and see.

Jan looked up at me, flushed and smiling. "Well, this is novel isn't it?! Who'd have thought when I started off on the windsurfer this morning that I'd soon be frigging myself off in front of a strange man sitting on my board in the middle of the lake?" She chuckled to herself and rubbed her left hand over her breasts again, this time tweaking the nipples slightly as she went; they stood out proud and succulent! "Still, it is rather fun and it's a great turn on, being out here for everybody to see even though they can't, if you see what I mean!"

I laughed with her. "Christ, you're doing something to me with that display!" I said, squeezing my half exposed prick gently; it was hot and eager! "Go on, be a devil, let him out a bit more", chuckled Jan, "I bet he loves a bit of freedom!"

I laughed again, "OK, if you insist", and I eased down my swim shorts at the front until my prick was almost fully exposed, thrusting straight up enthusiastically.

"Mmmm! Yes! So big and firm! Oooh, Christ!" and she squeezed her fingers in between her thighs, sighing, then rubbing her other hand all over her body; her thighs, her stomach, around her breasts, and then eagerly massaging them, now squeezing harder, rubbing more urgently across first one thick engorged nipple, then the other. Her eyes closed, her face turned up towards the sky, a picture of health and sensual happiness, as she enjoyed the sensations coursing through her body.

After a few moments of this, she suddenly opened her eyes and glanced across at me, "Have you ever tried it on a windsurfer?" she asked, breathing a little more heavily now, but still with a chuckle in her voice.

"I certainly haven't", I replied, laughing, "but there's a first time for everything!"

I looked around at the boards we were sitting on and the attached masts and sails trying to work out exactly how we could do it. "I think we'd have to remove the mast first!" I chuckled, "what do you think?"

Jan now looked positively enthusiastic. "Yes! Get the sail out; that'll give a clear smooth area... Better tie the mast to the board line or it might float away! Still, that's no problem... Tie your board to mine as well, make sure they don't drift apart... Your board, I reckon it's bigger... Yes! It's definitely feasible... Only problem will be not rolling off! Shall we give it a try then? I'm sure that fellow wouldn't say 'no'!"

I laughed, excitedly. "I'm game, you gorgeous creature. Swim across here with the line from your board and we'll tie them together first".

Her face was wreathed with smiles and without further ado she slipped into the water, collected the cord from the front of her board, swum across to the front of mine, tied hers to mine, then swum back along my board to me with the cord from the front of my board. While she did this, I applied myself to unclipping my mast from my board. By the time she arrived, I had the mast free. She tied the cord firmly round it and I eased it off the board. The whole board area was now clear apart from the dagger-board handle; we'd just have to avoid that; removing the dagger-board would reduce the stability even more.

Seconds later, she had hauled herself onto the centre of the board beside me. The board rocked from side to side as she adjusted her position; this was going to be difficult! I turned to face her so that we both were sitting astride the board just a foot apart.

Her vibrant body was again dripping with water, her tight little breasts were heaving, the nipples ripe and juicy, water dripping steadily from their tips as they vibrated. Her face was beautiful, an expression of open excited anticipation, the lips slightly parted and welcoming. I glanced down to the firm slim stomach below and then realised that her bikini briefs were still pulled to one side between her now very open thighs. The pink lips pouted enticingly at me below! I felt harder than ever.

I reached forward and traced a finger lightly down the side of her cheek to her neck, her shoulder, then down the cool firm skin to the first swell of her breast. I traced around it, feeling the lovely smoothness of the curve, then across to the other, again tracing the rounded lines, feeling the smoothness of her skin, pressing very gently against the firmness of the mound.

She shivered with excitement. "Mmmm, Dave, what a touch! More! More!" She thrust herself forward lapping it up, encouraging me to press harder. I gradually changed to using my whole hand, cupping the hard little mound from below but still avoiding the quivering nipples. She moaned louder. her right hand instinctively slipping back between her thighs, " Oh yes, Dave! Harder! Oh yes! Come on, my nipples! Please do my nipples! They're burning!"

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