Maxine's Downfall

by Menderman

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Heterosexual, BDSM, Rough, Humiliation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The bitchy controller of a service centre breaks down on the way home and is picked up by one of her operatives. He decides to stop off on the way home and teach her some new people skills and refresh her attitude to the guys working for her. This is the first in a series of stories about Maxine.



I mostly enjoy my work carrying out maintenance work on supermarkets and banks as I get to travel around the country, enjoying the driving and working mostly by myself. The only part of my work that spoils the enjoyment is dealing with Maxine in the office at Heage. Maxine is "the Controller" in the Keycare service centre who dispatches the various jobs to our team of guys.

Maxine is full of her own importance, takes credit for the successes, and runs to Tony, the boss when anything goes wrong, blaming the lads who did the work whether it was their fault or not. In short she is one snotty cow.

Well, one Friday night I was driving home from the yard when I saw Maxine's car parked on the hard shoulder and she was throwing her mobile phone into the grass in temper. I laughed long and hard as I drove past, resisting the urge to blow the horn so she knew she had been seen. As I drove on the sense of satisfaction waned as I thought if she had seen me not stop she would go crying to Tony Monday morning and I'd be in the shit as Tony bears grudges.

Thinking it wasn't worth the aggro I turned off at the next exit, looped around and went back for her. When I pulled my van up in front of the car she looked relieved as I opened the door for her to get in. I told her I would take her home and she could get the mechanic out in the morning. As we drove north towards the motorway she started going on about her forthcoming wedding and started on about what present would the lads be getting her. Maxine had been going on about her bloody wedding for months, and the lads had been joking, behind her back, that she needed a good fucking as hubby-to-be was a dead ringer for the Pilsbury Doughboy.

As I drove I tuned out from her voice and my mind drifted to the joke about needing a good fucking. Maxine isn't unattractive, just her voice and attitude puts you off. A silly idea came into my mind about giving Maxine her wedding present early and the one we felt she had most need of - a thorough shagging. A very wicked thought, and my old man started to rise in agreement with the idea forming in my mind. I told Maxine that I needed to call at Dave's tool shed to collect some tools for a job on Saturday and it would only take a few minutes. Well she had a face like a smacked arse, thinking that my sole purpose in life that evening was to drive her home immediately.

Dave has a small farm with a tool shed about four hundred yards from his house. I pulled up by the metal barn, opened the doors and backed the van back in. This idea was starting to get real, real quick as Maxine was bitching on about being home late and missing the start of "Coronation Street" on TV.

I jumped out and opened the sliding door behind Maxine before grabbing a heavy box from the workbench and dropping it with a thump in the back of the van. Whilst in the van I grabbed a couple of plastic electrical ties and a strip of duct tape. I placed the strip of tape hanging from the top of the door and kept the ties in my hand while Maxine continued bitching about being late. Finally I placed my sawhorse outside the van door. Well the idea had firmed up and Maxine was going to be late home I decided.

"Hey Maxine," I called out, "It will be quicker if you give me a hand to load the tools and we can be on our way."

Still bitching about her damned TV programme she undid her seat belt, opened the door and started to get out. A sharp shriek filled the barn as I grabbed the back of her head and threw her off balance over the sawhorse. As she doubled up over the sawhorse I grabbed her arms behind her back and quickly fixed the electrical ties around her wrists. She furiously shrieked again as it bit into her wrists, but by then I was grabbing the duct tape and reaching over to seal her bitching mouth. Now I grabbed another tie and placed it around her slim ankles.

Now the deed was done, I looked at my handy work and thought, 'Shit, what have I got myself into?'

I leaned back against the bench taking in the scene before me of this bossy woman done up like a trussed chicken glaring at me with wild, angry, hate filled eyes. While my mind had massive doubts about what I was doing, my old man started to rise to the occasion and wanted to come to the party.

Maxine's eyes bored into me with hatred, so I grabbed a hessian sack and placed it over her head while I thought about what to do next. Just as I started to place the sack over her head the look in her eyes changed from hate to fear, which meant she had realised that I was now in control, something that she was totally unused to. Here I was in a barn with this woman I had kidnapped and no way out of it. I closed the barn doors so we wouldn't be disturbed.

After a couple of minutes Maxine seemed to be making whimpering noises under the sack so I thought, 'What the hell? I might as well follow through.'

I grabbed some dustsheets out of the van and placed them on the floor along with a few more ties and a plastic bag. I lifted Maxine off the sawhorse and placed her on the sheets getting a feel for the warmth and smell of her body for the first time. She trembled at my touch as I manhandled her into position. Her trembling gave me a sense of power and my prick hardened in response to this great feeling. I took the sack off her head.

"If you fight against me now Maxine I will put a plastic bag over your head and this will be your last night on this earth," I told her in a menacing voice.

I hoped she believed me as I didn't anticipate doing murder! Maxine is fairly skinny and light so I hauled her to her feet and leant her backwards along the sawhorse. I cut the leg tie with the aim of tying her legs to separate legs of the sawhorse, at which point the bitch kicked out at me and fell back on to the floor.

I ripped the sack off her head, looking now into defiant eyes. Holding her by the throat I started to slip the polythene bag over her head as she began to panic.

I pressed down on her slim frame and told her, "This will stay on until you stop fighting and are tied down. It is your choice if you suffocate during the time it takes me to do this."

God, my dick was so hard with my new found power over the bossy arrogant Maxine.

I hauled her to her feet, placed her on the sawhorse and tied her feet before cutting her hands loose and retying them down below her on the sawhorse, after which I ripped the bag off her head and gave her a couple of minutes to let her panic die down.

The sight of this woman lying along the sawhorse in her business dress and white blouse with her breasts rising and falling was a massive turn on and power kick for me. Her blouse clung to the underside of her pert tits, the pattern of her bra showing through the fabric.

If this was going to send me to prison for years there was no point rushing; I was going to make the most of every minute I had Maxine under my control. I crouched by her feet, gently placed my hands on her slim ankles and immediately felt her flinch then tense her body, as her breathing increased through her nose. Slowly I glided my hands up and down, feeling her calves through her tights. I felt like a medieval king with total power of life and death over one of his subjects. As my hands rose, so did both her long loose skirt and her breathing rate, and my prick felt fully blown in my trousers. I wanted to get it out and wank over her immediately, but that would break the spell of Maxine not being able to see what was happening to her.

Gradually squeezing her firm calves and moving up over her knees, my hands moved on to her soft warm thighs and the feelings I was experiencing were like nothing I had ever experienced before. I placed my cheek against her calf as I roamed over her thighs and the outside of her slim legs. The feeling was heady and magical when suddenly my hands slid on to bare skin and my head jerked up - the bitch was wearing stockings, oh my wildest dreams since being a boy had come true! I nearly creamed myself there and then; only massive willpower of what was still come kept me in check. I didn't dare touch my crotch to ease the pressure.

"Yes, yes, yes," I quietly sighed realising I was in heaven.

I stood up and looked at the sight before me of long slim legs, the inch of bare flesh under the folded up skirt, heaving breasts under her blouse, her cheeks panting under the tape, and her wide open eyes looking up at the roof of the barn; what a picture! Then I remembered my camera in the van, used for works photos. Well this would make a fine memory to take to prison.

I grabbed the camera out of the van, and called "Maxine!"

She quickly turned her head, flash, click - a Kodak moment. Her eyes filled with horror and tears, but the break gave my prick time to draw breath and ease down a little, but the scene in front of me was exquisite. This time I stood just below Maxine's waist and stroked her hair and cheek as my hand moved slowly south down her slim tight neck on to the shoulder of her blouse and down her arm slightly before coming back up and continuing south.

Now Maxine doesn't have big tits, but with her body arched backwards they looked larger and more pert than usual. My finger traced the strap of her bra down through her blouse until it reached the top of her bra cup and the rise of her breast as Maxine took a deep breath wondering what would happen next. Should I feel, expose, and maul her breasts like a common rapist, or continue to heighten the atmosphere?

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