Real Stories - Rex And Claire
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Mind Control, Heterosexual, True Story, Wimp Husband, DomSub, Spanking, Humiliation, First,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Rex relates experiences when his wife came under the influence of a dominant boss. It started with spankings for mistakes, but rapidly escalated to her being made to service some of his friends, and Rex found it exciting when he was made to watch.

This story came about when a man called Rex read one of the author's stories, and contacted the author. He and his wife Claire explained about their past, and asked the author to write it up nicely and publish it on SOL. The author is pretty sure that Claire still has some secrets as yet untold, and hopes that with time she will feel ready to share them, in which case another chapter might be added to this story.

Their story relates to a time long ago when Claire, 21 and not long married, got a job as a barmaid, in a pub in Edinburgh. Claire is small and petite and in those days had shoulder length brown hair. In those days due to the licensing hours in Scotland the pubs opened for an afternoon shift, from 11 to 3 pm, then closed until the evening shift, from 5 pm to closing time at 10 pm. Claire often worked both shifts, going home in between. In those days she didn't have a car, and travelled to and from work by bus.

After her first evening shift, her boss John Thomson offered her a lift home, and that was much appreciated, much nicer than standing at a bus stop late at night. They chatted in the car, and he asked her if she had enjoyed her evening, and she said "Yes thank you Boss, it was fun."

When he stopped outside her house, he lent over and kissed her on the cheek, and that left her with a funny feeling in her tummy as she got out of the car and walked inside to her husband, who was sitting up in bed waiting for her. "How was it, darling," he asked, and she told him it had been fun, but didn't mention the kiss. They made love before going to sleep, and she kept thinking about that kiss in the car. Would the boss kiss her every time he took her home?

The answer was, of course, yes! The next night he again gave her a lift, and outside her house in the dark he lent over and kissed her, and this time the kiss was on her mouth. That definitely made her feel hot! She and Rex had a good sex life, and that night in bed after shagging with Rex she lay awake late into the night thinking of that kiss in the car, remembering the smell of him, the taste of him on her lips, the feel of his hand on her waist as he kissed her. She thought that she would like the boss to put his hand on her breast next time he kissed her!

On her third day, at the end of the afternoon shift, her boss came up to her and said "Do you have any tight skirts?" She flushed and said yes of course. He replied "Well, starting tonight wear them, I want the customers to see that sexy bum of yours, it will bring them up to the bar to spend more money." She flushed but said nothing. "And while we are at it get rid of your bra, you didn't have one on when I interviewed you for the job. Your little tits jiggling will be good for trade." He grinned, and said "And I will like the view too." Her face was turning red as she walked off to catch her bus home.

Waiting for the bus, Claire wondered if she dared obey Mr Thomson, or rather she wondered if she dared disobey him! She thought back to the day when she was sixteen and she lost her virginity, when she tried to say no to that older man, Ron the sailor, her sister's friend. She hadn't been able to say no to him either.

On the bus she thought back to that first fuck. Ron had stroked her as they lay in the grass, his hands up under her skirt and inside her French Knickers. After getting her really hot he had rolled on top of her and she wanted to make him stop, but she found she couldn't. Well, that wasn't quite true, she did try to say no, but by then Ron's cock was pushing up inside the legs of her knickers and she didn't want to make a fuss so there wasn't much she could do except lie back and look up at the trees and the stars above as he pushed into her and fucked her. At least it had been a romantic setting, even though the sex hadn't been very satisfying.

She remembered the first time she fucked with the man who was to become her husband. That also had been in the park, and she could still picture the yellow flowers of the gorse bushes around them as she showed Rex how to put his cock in her. She hadn't tried to make him stop. It was funny how much nicer sex was with Rex, even though he was completely inexperienced. It was, of course, because she was already in love with Rex. Soon after that first experience in the park Rex had proposed, and they got married soon after.

Walking into the house, she knew in her heart that she would do what the Boss had told her to do. Before going in for the evening shift she would put on a tight skirt and she would remove her bra, and she would let the Boss, and the customers, admire the view. She shivered at the thought. The question was, would she tell Rex? Could she keep it secret from Rex? Could she just pretend that she had decided to dress this way, or would she admit to him that she was doing it in response to her boss's demand?

Rex wasn't home as she showered and dressed for the evening shift. There was something breathtaking about deliberately dressing sexily for a man she had only just met. She remembered the job interview, and the way she had gone to it without a bra on, pretending that it wasn't important, but knowing from the way the publican had looked at her breasts that, to him, it was important. She suspected it was that first view of her "jiggling tits" that had got her the job. And the Boss wanted to see them again. Every time she was at work. Did her tits really jiggle?

She chose a tight jumper as well as the tight skirt, knowing how it would show the shape of her breasts. Standing looking at herself in the mirror in her bedroom with it on, she could see her nipples plainly poking through the thin material! She wondered how she would cope with the customers staring at her all evening. Because she knew they would stare! She turned to look at her side view, and as she moved she felt her nipples rubbing against the material and she knew she would be aware of them all evening. Walking to the bus stop, she felt herself getting wet between her legs!

The tight sweater and skirt were a big success. The sweater showed off the shape of her breasts, and her nipples, but also was cut quite low in front. Because she was short, the drinkers the other side of the bar got good views even when she was just standing normally, but if she bent to take something from under the counter she could sense all the eyes on her! She could feel her nipples engorged with arousal, and they looked like small thimbles pushing out in front of her! That night she was feeling especially randy and after another kiss from Mr Thomson in his car she was very ready for sex with her husband as she slid into bed beside him.

That became a fairly settled routine, the kisses with Mr Thomson in his car getting more prolonged and involved, with his hands roaming over her body as he kissed her. She loved kissing, and Mr Thomson was a good kisser, and it always left her ready to shag her husband as soon as she got into bed.

Rex of course had seen her undressing after work and knew she didn't wear a bra, and in the end she had told him why, told him that the boss had insisted she went to work without a bra on. Rex found the thought of his lovely wife displaying herself sexily in front of the customers erotic. When she admitted that the boss kissed her in his car each time after driving her home, he made it clear that he didn't mind, that he found that a turn on. The sex got better than it had ever been, with Rex making her describe the petting that had taken place in the car outside the house.

One day, when things were quiet, she spilt some beer, just being careless with the taps. The boss was standing near and saw it, and walked over and gave her bottom a spank! She gave a little jump and stood looking at him, knowing her face was flushing scarlet. He grinned at her, and deliberately lowered his eyes to her breasts. She turned to the counter, embarrassed but wildly aroused. She wanted him to spank her bottom again! What she didn't realise was that Mr Thomson intended to do just that!

As she was getting ready to go home, the Boss walked over to her and asked if she liked the job. She whispered that yes she did, and he replied "Well, the next mistake you make, it won't just be a slap, it will be a proper spanking." Too terrified and excited to speak, she just nodded. She was trembling in the car on the way home, and responded guiltily but eagerly to the boss's kiss.

That night in bed she told her husband what Mr Thomson had said. Rex muttered that he had better not spank her, but Claire kissed him and said it would be okay, she just wouldn't make any more mistakes.

But two days later, there was something wrong with the money in the till! Mr Thomson knew Claire hadn't stolen anything, it was just a mistake giving out change or something, and it was only a small amount, but it was her fault. Looking at the Boss as he counted the cash again, she knew that there was only one way this would be resolved. After everyone had left she was trembling as she washed the glasses and wiped the counter. Sure enough, the Boss took her by the elbow and without a word walked with her into his office and sat down, and pulled her down over his knee! He ran his hand over her tightly stretched skirt, and then lifted it and brought it down, hard.

Claire tried to be brave but it hurt and towards the end of the spanking she cried a bit. At last Mr Thomson pulled her up, and twisted her around, and pulled her back down so she was sitting on his lap. With his hand in her hair he turned her head towards him, and he kissed her on the mouth, using his tongue, and ran his hand over her sweater! At last he broke off the kiss and hissed "Okay girl, off you go, wait by my car and I will give you a lift home."

She was tingling as she stood in the dark waiting for him to finish locking up, and she was not surprised when he kissed her again in the car. This time he ran his hand up inside her jumper and fondled her breasts, then bent down and kissed her nipples, and he put her hand on the front of his trousers! She wondered what she would tell Rex when she got home. Much later, cuddled in bed with him, she told how she had been spanked, but not how Mr Thomson had kissed her nipples. That was too personal.

After that, the least mistake by Claire was greeted by the Boss hissing "My office, tonight", and when everyone had gone home he would spank her over his lap, then he would make her sit on his lap for a cuddle and a kiss, then drive her home. The kissing got more passionate, his tongue exploring her mouth while his hands roamed over her body over and inside her clothes. He loved fondling her nipples through her top, getting them hard, then sliding his hands up inside her top and fondling her bare breasts, and bending down to kiss and lick them. She kept thinking of her first lover, Ron, who had used his hands up inside her skirt to make her hot before he had fucked her that first time, and found herself wanting Mr Thomson to do the same. Making love with Rex, she often fantasised that it was Mr Thomson who was fucking her.

One night in his office for a spanking for some totally trivial error, he told her to pull her skirt up before she went down over his knee! Fortunately she was wearing nice knickers, and she was excited at the thought that Mr Thomson was going to see them at last. Standing facing him, she reached down and tugged the hem up of her skirt up at the front. She was finding it hard to breathe as she pulled the skirt up to her waist. She hoped he liked her panties. He patted his lap, and she bent forward over it, pulling her skirt up high as she did so. She shivered as she felt him adjusting the skirt at the back, pulling it up to her waist. Then his hand ran over her panties, following the curves of her bottom, before he started to spank her.

After the spanking, he told her to stand, keeping the skirt up, and he sat blatanly looking at her legs and her crotch as she stood shivering in front of him, holding her skirt up high for him. "Bend over my desk," he said, and she walked around to the other side of the desk and stood with her thighs pressed against it, looking down at him as he sat in his chair watching her. Slowly she bent forward towards him, putting her hands on the desk, reaching forward to the far side of it, her body straining, her bottom feeling very exposed.

He sat watching her, and she knew he could see down the front of her top. At last he stood up and walked around behind her and she thought he was finally going to fuck her, but no, he just spanked her again, harder this time, making her cry. Then he told her to go wait by his car while he locked up. In the dark she wanted to masturbate as she waited for him, but didn't dare. She wondered what he was doing, wondered if he was masturbating.

As she snuggled into bed with her husband, she thought back over that spanking, and she realised that she enjoyed submitting to her Boss!

When a few days later he told her to pull her panties down, she did so, pushing them down to mid thigh and standing facing him, and she blushed scarlet when he said "Claire, you have a lovely bush."

She had enjoyed him looking at her panties, but this was far more embarrassing. She was glad when he finally told her to bend over his lap so she could stop him looking at her down there! He ran his hand over her bare bottom and she moaned. Then he raised his hand and for the next five or ten minutes she was spanked hard with her panties slowly falling from her knees down to around her ankles. She found it far more exciting being spanked on the bare! She lay with her knees a bit apart, wanting him to touch her down there, thinking of her first lover, Ron, and how he had spent ages fingering her!

Almost every time now, after spanking her over his lap, the Boss made her bend over his desk, her skirt up around her waist, her panties at her ankles or off, for more spanking. She liked that. She liked it even more when he knelt down behind her and kissed her pussy! That was totally unexpected, and it thrilled her! He was the first man ever to put his mouth there! Before fucking her for her first time, Ron had fingered her a lot, and she had enjoyed that immensely, more actually than that first fuck, and he had kissed her breasts, but not down there. Since then all she had experienced was normal sex from her husband and from one other man. Now, as the Boss pushed his face in between her legs, and his tongue up inside her pussy, she learnt a whole new form of pleasure! That night she told Rex what John had done, and Rex wriggled down the bed to try it for himself. She loved it!

Then one day as she stood bent right forward over his desk, her bottom tingling and her pussy quivering, she felt his hands on her hips and she felt his penis push into her! At last! It was what she had been expecting for ages, but when it finally happened it was so unexpected that she climaxed immediately. The Boss fucked her hard then spunked inside her, and pulled out, and she stood up and turned around and saw his cock for the first time. He sent her out to wait by the car, and after locking up he drove her home.

As soon as she got into bed, she told Rex about it, nervously, and was delighted that he wasn't upset. In fact quite the opposite, Rex insisted on hearing all the details. It became the normal thing after that, at least once a week John would spank her, make her bend forward over the desk, kiss her pussy, then fuck her, spunking inside her. She would go home and tell Rex, and Rex would make love to her. Usually of course she would wipe herself before going up to the bedroom, but one night John fucked her in a dark backstreet near her house, and she found herself in bed with Rex minutes after John had spunked in her, and she was still feeling very aroused. Rex went down on her, and announced from under the bed sheet that tonight she tasted different!

"It must be the Boss's stuff," she whispered.

Rex replied "Yours is there too, I can taste both!" And he went back to work licking out her pussy. After that, Claire stopped being so fussy about wiping herself!

One night Rex wasn't being very attentive to her, and she was feeling very horny after her pub lover had spunked in her too quickly and she hadn't had a climax herself. She had sucked John off again in his car outside the house, but he hadn't used his fingers on her, so she went into the house determined to have good sex with Rex, but he claimed he was tired. After a few minutes of inattentive uninspired licking, Claire lost her temper! She pushed him off her, spun around, and sat astride him, moving forward until her pussy was over his face, her hands in his hair so he couldn't turn away. "Lick me, darn it," she snarled, and Rex obeyed. She could feel John's semen running out of her as her pussy opened up to Rex's lovely tongue.

She calmed down very quickly and rode her husband to a delightful climax, then fell into bed beside him and cuddled him as she went to sleep. She realised his cock was still hard, but decided that he deserved to go unsatisfied! In the morning she let him have sex with her before she left for work. It was raining when it was time to go home after the afternoon shift, and John offered to drive her. When they stopped outside her house, they couldn't do anything because it was daylight, but John said he needed a pee, and asked to use her toilet! She was terrified that when he met Rex her husband would say something to let John know that he was aware that John and she were lovers!

John said hello to Rex and went off to the toilet. When he returned, Rex asked him if he wanted a beer! John said yes, and sat down and they started chatting about sport! Claire waited breathlessly, desperately wanting John to leave but unable to think of how to get him to do so. Then John said, very casually, "You know that I have a thing going with Claire? I hope that is okay?"

Claire thought she would die! She could feel her face flaming with embarrassment. Rex looked down at the floor and mumbled that, yes, it was okay with him so long as Claire was happy. Claire, panting, said that she was going off to bed, and left the room. Her whole body was shaking as she got undressed and climbed into bed. She had shut the bedroom door, and couldn't hear anything from downstairs, but when the door finally opened she wasn't surprised that it was John standing there!

"Hello Claire, your husband said it would be okay if I came up to tuck you in." As he spoke, he was already unbuttoning his trousers.

She lay there cringing as he got into the bed with her, fondled her breasts for a few minutes, then pushed her legs apart, and climbed on top. "This is nicer than doing it in the car, don't you think?" he asked as his big cock slid into her.

As he moved inside her, Claire lay on her back watching the door, dreading seeing Rex standing there! She tried to stop her body responding, but couldn't, and had a climax that embarrassed her. "Nice, Claire?" he asked.

"Yes boss," she whispered, biting her lip in shame.

When John spunked inside her, he grunted noisily, obviously not caring whether Rex could hear. Then he kissed her with his tongue in her mouth, and climbed out of her bed. She watched him dress, heard him go downstairs, heard him call out goodbye to Rex, heard him leave the house and drive away. The house was deathly silent for some time. Then she heard Rex coming upstairs! She didn't know what to do or say, stayed lying as John had left her, on her back with her legs wide apart. Would Rex think she was a slut? Would he be angry? To her relief Rex climbed into bed with her and took her in his arms and kissed her. She could feel John's semen running down onto the sheet under her, and wanted to ask Rex to lick it clean, but was too ashamed. They didn't have sex, but fell asleep in each other's arms.

Next time John came into her house, he took the beer that Rex offered him, then drew Claire down over his lap, lifted her skirt, and spanked her soundly on her panties, while Rex sat watching, face pale but clearly excited. When John made her stand up, obviously intending to take her upstairs to fuck, she heard Rex ask "John, can I come up and watch?"

John asked Claire what she thought. "Please, boss, no," she whispered.

John grinned, and turned to Rex, and said "Sorry, Rex, she says no," and led her away.

After that, at least once a week John would call, usually taking her upstairs with him, and fucking her while Rex waited downstairs but also sometimes when he brought her home late at night he fucked her downstairs, while Rex was in bed. One night after she and John had got home very late, she went upstairs to tell Rex she was home. Rex asked if John was staying and she said yes, and he asked if he could come down to watch and she said no. She went back downstairs and stood motionless while John slowly stripped her naked, then laid her on the settee and fucked her. When he had finished and was standing dressing, John asked if she had noticed Rex.

"What do you mean, boss?"

"He was watching us, standing in the door watching as we fucked."

She was so cross that she asked John to stay and have a drink, fetched him a beer, and sat on his lap while he drank it, his hands roaming over and inside her body. Then they fucked again, and this time she kept watching the door to see if Rex would appear. He didn't, so she saw John out and went upstairs and got into bed without talking to her husband. He was awake, and tried to cuddle, but she turned her back and ignored him and pretended to go to sleep, but it was a long time before she dropped off, and all the time she could feel Rex's hard cock pressing between the cheeks of her bottom.

Soon after that, another man got involved, but so far Claire hasn't told the author much about that, so that will have to be another chapter in this story.

Rex assures the author that he believes there were other things in Claire's past, possibly shameful things, and although Claire knows her husband would love to hear about them she was just too embarrassed to talk about them, and kept them to herself.

Rex knows there are many parts of the story that he hasn't been told about, and he has told Claire, and the author, that he would love to learn all about what happened to Claire in those times. Claire has promised the author that with time she will tell all. But again that will be for another chapter.

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