Punishment Your Mate
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Rough, Sadistic,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - When the wife or girlfriend deserves a good blasting for being a bitch, these suggestions will get it done.

Guys I know you've had the experience thinking, this is the night I'm going to get lucky only to get shot down by your wife or girlfriend. Then you think for sure your getting some the next night and again, she has a headache or some other excuse. Then you come to find out the next day, she's started her period Now you're out of luck for 5-7 days minimum.

Well this is when you owe her a punishment fuck The kind of pounding she deserves but not just any hard fucking, a punishment fuck These come in several types and I will outline a few for you here from time to time.

One type is the old standby womb pounder. The cervix beater is a tried and true fucking that hits home (pun intended) and leaves her sore. Soreness is the standard we are looking for in a punishment fuck. If when she walks she feels the pounding you just gave her or better yet the next morning, then you did a good job.

The hard part about the womb spanker is she is going to try and push you away, pull the legs/knees together and lastly, fuss that you are hurting her. You have to slip up on her and get your arms under her knees and if possible, trap her arms. She is probably use to this position from time to time and this position allows a deep entry into her pussy.

Once you have her trapped start tapping the bottom gently at first to "feel" her out. I enjoy this part because the head of your dick is the most sensitive area and it feels good. To her it's OK if it's just tapping from time to time.

When you're ready and have a good grip on her start popping her soundly, deep and act like your close to orgasm. If she thinks you're almost there she'll think she only has to endure a few more seconds of this uncomfortable pounding and you'll collapse after you shoot your wad.

Pick up the pace and try with each thrust to drive your dick into her as hard and as deep as you can. After about 30-60 seconds of this she will realize that you were not so close and start complaining that you're hurting her. Through clinched teeth hiss, "almost there" And keep pounding her hard Stay with her as long as you can and cum in her deeply if at all possible.

Be prepared for a tongue lashing (the wrong kind) as soon as you're done. You were really hurting me you bastard, is what you want to hear. Mutter I'm sorry meekly, I got carried away but you felt so good.

If you did it well, she'll be sore, mad and even crying if you're lucky. Smile to yourself and think to yourself that the smug bitch had it coming.

Another good method is the chemical reaction fuck. Catch her on a night you're sure your going to score, like in a hotel room after a night out with drinks. Tell her you want to take a shower before bed and lock yourself in the bathroom. After your shower, take the soap bar (most work well for this) and rub your finger over it if it's still wet. Try to get as much soap film as you can on your fingers and then rub the soap on your dick. Not on the tip, just behind the tip and cover 2-5 inches. Make several passes and then let it dry. Obviously a BJ is out tonight and keep her hands off of you. The best approach is to circle the bed with her nude under the covers and slip under the covers and give her a good tongue lashing. She'll like that and when finished, flip her over and take her doggy style hard and fast. Grab those wrist if at all possible for leverage and so she can't get away. Her pussy juices will dissolve the soap and set up a good stinging in her pussy. Pound as long, hard and deep as you can and stay with her until she threatens to kill you The stinging and hurting should get to her and you will be in trouble for a painful pussy again. Shrug your shoulders and tell her you must have been in too big of a hurry and didn't get all the soap off your private area. Strong deodorant soap works the best.

The last one in this note will be the dildo sneak attack. Used this on a girlfriend's roommate one type to great affect The girlfriend was a bitch and was striking out in getting laid. So she took it out on me when I came over or spent the night with my girlfriend to get lucky. She would bother us and get in the way of my getting my girlfriend into bed for some serious fucking.

I knew if the roommate was striking out and not get laid, she was masturbating and probably using a vibe, dildo or both. So one day when the roommate was gone and my girlfriend had to leave for work, I went searching. It did not take long to find the roommate's stash. She had a vibe and a soft rubber dildo to fuck herself with. Knowing that it was Friday night and she was probably going to do herself this weekend, I took the dildo into the bathroom and took a needle and started poking holes just behind the head and all around up and down the dildo.

I would stick the needle in and then move it around to make the holes porous as possible. Then I dumped a bottle of Tabasco sauce in the sink and put the dildo in it. I would squeeze the dildo while down in the sauce and then release it. That sucked the tabasco sauce back into the holes. After doing this several times, I hoped that the holes had gotten sauce into them. I lightly ran water over it to remove the smell and then waiting for the evening to unfold.

I rented a hard "R" movie and told the roommate she was welcome to watch it with us. After the movie the girlfriend and I went off to the bedroom and the roommate to hers. It only took about 15 minutes and the roommate's door flew open and she went running down the hall to the bathroom. Of course I had "mistakenly" locked the door from the inside before I went to bed. Needless to say the crying and banging was loud and I went running to the door. She was in tears with her bathrobe barely on and screaming for me to open the damn bathroom door.

I knew how to open it quickly but purposely fumbled around why she danced and cried all the while yelling at me to hurry. My girlfriend had joined us and was asking the bitch roommate what was wrong. I knew what the problem was and knew her pussy was on fire and she wanted some type of relief.

I can tell you I went to sleep that night with the biggest smile of my life on my face. And the roommate walked the next morning like she been fucked by a horse

Sometimes a good punishment fuck is the only way to go. While you can only get away with these a few times a year (unless you change the woman) they come in handy to keep the women in line.

Try one of these and I'm sure you'll sleep well as she squirms on the other side of the bed from the punishment you just gave that pussy

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