Ann's Snowy Rendezvous - Dale's 'going Away' Gift

by Dag123

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating, Swinging, White Male, White Female, Oriental Female, Exhibitionism, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: On the day of his departure, Dale benefits from an arrangement David has made with Lisa and Ann. Ann sets out to prove a 'Going Away' gift is something to be taken'"but,not something to be taken lightly. Although sad to be missing all the fun; needless to say, Dale departs a very happy man.

Lisa Chen had spent the night with Dale. Still lying in bed, half asleep that morning, she heard the telephone. She wondered sleepily, who could be calling so early.

"Hello," She heard Dale say, speaking quietly. After a couple of minutes, she could hear the tone of resignation in his voice. Lisa sensed something had happened.

A moment later Dale returned to bed. Lisa could tell he was upset. Immediately, she asked him what was wrong. Sighing in resignation, he slipped back into the warm bed beside her.

"They've given me the Project Manager's position on that huge job in the Middle East. It's a big break—at twice my current salary—but I have to leave right away."

"Damn!" he said, "I'd give a thousand dollars if I didn't have to leave tonight. I've had a hard-on for days... just thinking about what you and Ann, and David, and I, have planned for tonight. I really think this would have been the best End of Project swap night you and I have ever experienced."

Lisa, always the devoted companion said. "I'm sorry too, Darling. Can't you beg off for twenty-four hours," She asked.

"No, I have to be in New York in a couple of days for meetings, and briefings. I'll have to catch the evening helicopter out of here at six this afternoon."

"As soon as I go home for a week, I'll come out to the Middle East to join you there," Lisa consoled him.

"Meanwhile you can get a temporary secretary till I get there.

"Hey! If we skip breakfast... We would just have time.," she hinted, her soft warm fingers encircling his instantly swelling manhood. "We wouldn't have to be in too big of a hurry, either.," she said.

Slipping her head under the covers, Lisa brought the head of his swollen cock to her open mouth. For a moment, her sweet almost hot morning breath caressed his cock. Then she encircled it—licking the head of it with her warm wet tongue.

Taking his cock about an inch into her mouth, she closed her warm sweet lips around it. He felt her magic little tongue start to ply its trade so expertly. He was instantly, almost there.

"Uhhhh!" "Lisa... Hon—I'm going to miss you... no one could ever be as good to me as you are... ," he said in between his groans of sweet agony.

"Quick! Get over me!" He directed her, knowing he would be coming within a few seconds if she continued her delightful activities.

Lisa knew her lover's sexual ways and his particular preferences. With the covers still wrapped around her lovely brown shoulders, she straddled his waist. Reaching down, she again wrapped her little brown fingers around his swollen aroused cock.

Dale could feel his cock brushing against her black haired labia lips—feel her black pubic hair soft against his hardness, as she guided it to her sweet little wet oasis. Inserting it in perhaps an inch, she hesitated for a moment —pausing just long enough to allow his sexual arousal a chance to increase.

Then Mrs. Chen eased herself down slow and gentle! Dale groaned as he felt his cock sliding up into her hot depths. He felt the contractions of her vagina muscles as she surrounded his swollen cock with her moist heat.

Raising her warm thighs up once more... she pulled him almost all the way out of her. When she sat down on him, again—he felt ready to explode. Slowly, sensuously, she inserted his full length inside her.

"You'd better get on top of me," she insisted with a desperate urgency. Rolling off him onto her back, she laid there—spread her beautiful thighs—wide open. Dale entered her! He plunged his cock into her juicy depths up to the hilt! She lunged upward, willingly meeting his every hard thrust.

Only a few moments later he exploded inside her in a mind-blowing climax.

"AAAAaaahhh!" he groaned.

Lisa was proud of her sexual efforts. "Hey, we still have time for some breakfast cereal." she laughed. "Want some... ?"

David suggests a consolation gift

Once in the office, Dale quickly got busy clearing up last minute details. There was a few things he had to do before he caught the helicopter at six that evening. He hated it that he had to leave so soon. He hated to miss what he had so carefully planned with Lisa, Ann, and David.

"Oh, Well..." "I might as well let David know.," he muttered aloud to himself as he dialed David's number.

"Yeah... ?" "This is David speaking." "Oh, Hi Dale... , what's up?"

"David, I wanted to let you know... They gave me the Project Manager's job on the construction project in the Middle East."

"Hey!" That's great!" David said, "The four of us will have to have a really special time tonight to celebrate your promotion."

"David, I'm afraid our little sexual rendezvous isn't going to happen. I have to catch the six o'clock helicopter out this evening. Lisa and I are both deeply disappointed," he said, the disappointment in his voice clear even over the phone.

Disappointment was present in David voice as well. "Then, I guess we'll have to forget about the whole thing," David said.

"Not necessarily," Dale said, with a little laugh. "I asked Lisa what she wanted to do. She said to tell you, if you and Ann still want to, she is still willing for the three of you to spend the night together.

"That would be great," David said, excited to find the evening still on.

I would give anything to be there," Dale said, regret registering in his tone of voice.

Trying to cheer Dale up, David said, "Maybe we should come up with a consolation prize for you. Why don't the three of us figure out a way to give you a little 'going away' present. Let me talk to the girls. I'll get back to you."

David and Lisa talk

Later that morning Lisa's phone rang. "Lisa! It's David. Dale told me what you said. I just wanted to let you know, we are thrilled that you still want to go through with our little plan."

"We'll have lots of fun," Lisa giggled. She felt a delicious little tug of arousal. Teasing him she said," Do you think you can handle two hungry women at the same time?"

"Lisa," David breathed, "The way I feel right this minute—I'm ready willing and able. I can't wait to give it a try," he said with a little laugh."

"If I die trying to satisfy two sexy little bitches like you and Ann... At least I'll die a happy man."

Lisa laughed, happily. "Okay, we're going to hold you to that."

"Oh... besides thanking you, Lisa... there's another reason why I called. I'm sure we all feel bad that Dale is going to miss the erotic festivities. What would you think about Ann leaving work early today and spending maybe a couple of hours with Dale at his Quonset hut?"

The phone line went silent for a moment. David waited. He really didn't know Lisa Chen that well except he had been fantasizing about getting into her panties ever since the project started. And, he would have tried, if he had not found out that she was Dale's girlfriend, as well as his secretary.

"Then he heard her soft sexy laugh. "Oh, David, that's a perfectly wonderful idea," Lisa laughed. "I've always known Dale has the 'hots' for our little Accounting Supervisor."

"Besides," she said, with a light laugh, "That will leave more of you for me."

Ann becomes Dale's 'going away' Gift.

"It's your guy," Ann's Assistant said, as she started to hand Ann the phone.

"I'll take it in my office, Lois. Would you close my door?"

David, she said, "Is anything wrong?

"I only have a moment, Ann so I'll come right to the point. Dale was notified last night he's the new Project Manager on that Middle East job.

But he has to catch the six o'clock helicopter out of here tonight...

"He's not going to be able to make it tonight?" Ann asked.

"No... , but Dale fixed it with Lisa. She's willing, if we are, for the three of us to still get together this evening. Would you be okay with that?"

"Sure. I guess so... ," Ann said, a little stunned at the sudden of the change of plans. She had thought long and hard about their little foursome and had admitted secretly to herself that she was indeed looking forward to seeing what sex with Dale would be like.

I am such a slut, she had laughed to herself, realizing how much her sexual attitude had changed during her four months in Alaska.

"Ann... , why I called... Both Lisa and I would be good with it, if you would like to find some time this afternoon for you and Dale to spend a few hours together before he flies out," David said, holding his breath, hoping Ann would agree.

"Well... , I don't know... David, "she hedged for a moment. "Oh... Okay, I guess that only seems fair," she agreed. "Did you ask Dale how he feels about it?" she laughed.

"Are you kidding... ?" David said. "He can't wait. He will pick you up right after lunch.

"Okay," Ann said, with a faint hint of excitement in her low sultry voice.

"Tell him I'll be ready.," she said, as she hung up the phone.

Ann was surprised a moment later to feel her panties getting damp and sticky. Feeling her stomach tightening pleasantly - she recognized what was happening to her. I can't wait for that little rendezvous with Dale, she thought. Oh, well... , my damp panties will dry on me in a little while.

Ann erotic rendezvous with Dale.

At one o'clock Ann saw Dale's company SUV pull up outside. "He's early, "she thought happily to herself. Putting on her coat, she hurried out of the office.

Ten minutes later, they pulled up at Dale's luxurious quarters. Ann stepped inside. Looking around she could see the inside was beautifully furnished, exuding a warm and cozy feeling of intimacy. The place was very much Dale, even though most of his stuff had already been packed. His two suitcases were sitting by the fireplace. Ready to go... !

"So... , Ann said, with a nervous little laugh. "This is how the beautiful people live, huh?" she teased him, as she took off her heavy coat.

Ann delivers Dale's 'Gift'

Turning to look at Ann with a little mischievous grin, Dale wasted no time.

"Tell me something—I've always wondered about... Are you a little tiger in bed or are you this quiet sophisticated little bitch that I see around the office every day that gets me aroused any time I come within ten feet of you."

"Well... ," Ann giggled, "Like they say, 'that's for me to know; and for you to have lots of fun finding out."

"Are you ready to find out?" she said demurely, a sultry mischievous look in her soft brown eyes.

"Are you?" Dale grinned, daring her right back. He felt his unruly member, already starting to harden.

"You invite a girl over... and you just want to talk?" she sassed him, baiting him—by her sexy look— just daring him—knowing Dale would take her up on her little feminine challenge.

She's aggressive and feminine like Lisa... he thought. He felt pangs of regret knowing he was going to miss what would have been the most erotic intense purely sexual event of his life. I wish I could be there to watch when this little bitch and Lisa Chen collide.

"The bedroom's this way," he grinned. If you need to use the bathroom, —it's the door over there.

Ann remembering one of her husband little sexual turn-ons was listening, so she left the bathroom door open. Slipping her lacy panties, down, a moment later her pee was splashing noisily into the bowl. She knew Dale couldn't help but hear her. Maybe this will turn him on, she smiled to herself.

A moment later, Ann came out of the bathroom, in Dale's old bathrobe. One look in his direction she could see she had been right. It had made him even more aroused just listening to her pee. I'll bet he can't wait to have me, she laughed to herself.

"Dale, since I'm supposed to be your special going away 'gift, ' and since we have so little time—why don't I let you enjoy me once right away. Then, depending on how much time we have remaining before you leave— we can take it from there.," she offered, smiling seductively at him.

"Boy!" you have everything planned," he kidded her. "Mrs. Efficient!" he joked. But, looking into each other's feverish eyes, they could see the sexual hunger.

Ann, her eyes sleepy from her arousal, smiled seductively into Dale's eyes. As she slipped gracefully, willingly into his arms, he was immediately enveloped in a cloud of her sensuous sexual fragrance. He was thrilled how willing she was—how instantly receptive. At the first touch of his lips—she opened her mouth and parted her soft lips submissively.

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