Earth Day Celebrations

by DG Hear

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Just a short story of how a college student spent his earth days. Not typical DG Hear, Just a little fun story.

To the readers who follow my stories: I like to write a fluff story once in a while. Just kind of write what comes into my mind. This is one of them. I do want to thank LadyCibelle and Techsan for editing my stories. They are the ones that make my story a much better read.

Here I am a senior in college and this science professor thinks we're all grade school kids. Writing a stupid report about Earth Day! This is the third year in a row we had to do it. I may be wrong here but I really don't give a crap. I want a clean environment as much as the next guy and to save the natural resources but I'm just a college kid trying to make it to graduation and find a job. I knew I had to get a good mark on this report so I went on the Internet to see what I could find on the subject.

The following is what I found and I will admit to copying it for my report. It was alright with the professor; all he said he wanted was for us to be aware of Earth Day. Even the web site said it was alright to copy it.

I Earth Day

A day dedicated to the environmental health of our planet. Earth Day is observed in the United States, Canada, and many other countries around the world with programs designed to educate people about Earth's environment and threats to the environment. Activities intended to improve the environment also take place. Earth Day is most often celebrated on April 22, but some people observe it on March 21, the first day of spring. Activities surrounding Earth Day may continue for weeks or months.

II Origin of Earth Day

Earth Day was first observed on April 22, 1970. The idea for a nationwide demonstration in support of Earth's environment came from Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin. Nelson is considered the founder of Earth Day. On the first Earth Day in 1970 as many as 20 million Americans in schools and communities across the country participated in rallies and demonstrations on behalf of Earth. In New York City, Mayor John Lindsay closed Fifth Avenue to automobile traffic, and thousands of people attended a fair on ecology in Central Park.

III Activities on Earth Day

By 1990 Earth Day had become an international event, with more than 200 million people in 141 countries participating. Environmental groups use Earth Day as an occasion to draw attention to current local and global environmental problems and to discuss commonsense solutions. At fairs, festivals, and talks, people learn about air pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution; the destruction of habitats (see Ecosystem); the devastation of hundreds of thousands of plant and animal species (see Endangered Species); and the depletion of nonrenewable resources (see Conservation). They explore exhibits on such topics as conserving energy, recycling, renewing natural habitats, leading healthier lives, making their backyards friendly to wildlife, and protecting endangered species. Volunteers gather to pick up litter; clean up streams, reservoirs, and other water supplies; restore parks; plant trees; and participate in other environmental activities.

An organization called Earth Day Network coordinates Earth Day activities around the world. The organization estimated that 1,000 groups and 500 million people were participating in Earth Day observances by the early 2000s.

I know that we have students out there protesting everything they can think of. I'm one of those who really don't believe all the hype I hear. It might mean a lot to all these people but my thoughts of Earth Day was a lot different.

I lost my Dad a few years ago. I remember the preacher saying, "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. From the earth we came, and to it we shall return." It's something about the earth I'll always remember.

Watching the space shuttle showing pictures of the earth from way out in space is something else I'll never forget about the earth. The beautiful splendor of seeing our planet from such a distance, away from all the problems; away from the day-to-day things we deal with. I do have to say that those photos of the earth will always be something to remember.

Now to my modern Earth Day thoughts; Jenny Hamilton is a definite thought. Earth Day 2005, Jenny lying on the beach and me slowly removing that little two piece bathing suit.

It all began with our goofy professor wanting an Earth Day report. Jenny and I teamed up and decided to go to the beach and see what we could write about Earth Day. I already had a paper written but I wasn't going to pass up this opportunity to be with Jenny. A couple of friends of mine, Taylor and Zeke, also had dates and we all headed to the beach in our own vehicles. We all hung together for awhile and decided to split-up and see if we could get a little action.

Jenny and I found a nice grassy area and laid down our blanket. Then I laid Jenny back and started kissing her. It was no time at all till we both got into it. I slowly removed her top and exposed her ample breasts and began to suckle them. Damn, she was a hot date.

While sucking on her breasts I reached down and began to remove her bathing suit bottoms. She rose up and I pulled her suit over her legs and tossed it to the side. With Jenny lying there now totally naked on the blanket, I got down between her legs to suckle something else. I was tonguing her pussy and was greeted with her moist juices. The more I sucked the more juices she expelled. My face and hands were covered with her potion. I had her lips spread with my fingers while I tongued her. She was gyrating and making a lot of noise. I loved it. I loved getting a woman off orally.

I stood up to remove my swimsuit. I had a raging hard-on. As I was taking off my own suit I looked down at a beautiful smiling naked Jenny. When my suit was around my ankles Jenny got up and started running down to the sand toward the water.

"What are you doing? Where are you going?" I yelled at her.

"If you want me, you have to catch me," she responded as she was running across the sand.

I quickly threw my suit to the side and headed after her. Seeing her butt shake as she ran got me all the hotter. I had a hard-on to contend with and a laughing Jenny. I finally caught up to her on the sandy beach and tackled her. She rolled over and I began to kiss her and she kissed me in return. We were rolling and wallowing in the sand while making out.

My cock was getting hard and I was about to put it to work when I noticed it was covered with sand. Damn it! I grabbed a towel that Jenny had taken when she started running and tried to remove a lot of the sand that was stuck to the juices around my cock.

Needless to say, her whole pussy - or her pussy hole - was now covered with sand also. She told me she wasn't about to allow my dirty sand-covered cock near her private area. She said too much sand was getting in her pussy and making her very uncomfortable.

She went to stand and her whole ass and back was also covered with sand. I grabbed her by the hand and we headed into the water. We splashed water on each other removing all the sand. We were both getting turned on standing naked in waist high water rubbing each other's body. We went into a little shallower water where I was able to sit down and she lowered herself down on my shaft and we continued to consummate Earth Day 2005.

I found out later that my buds, Taylor and Zeke, had similar experiences. We decided that sand and sex don't really go together unless you wash the sand off first. We always learn from experience. It's what I have always been told. It was a great way to celebrate Earth Day.

For Earth Day 2006 we decided to try something a little different to celebrate. Zeke said he made arrangements with one of the sororities who dared us to a challenge. We had too big egos and male hormones to pass up a good challenge.

The challenge was mud wrestling. I'll try to explain the rules the gals made up. There was a twelve foot square area that would be filled with mud approximately two and a half feet deep. There was to be six girls and us three guys. Each of us guys had to cough up a hundred and fifty dollars. The girls didn't have to pay anything.

Each of us guys would take a turn and wrestle two girls at the same time. The object was they had to remove our bathing suit within a ten minute time limit. If they did, they got to keep the hundred and fifty dollars. If they weren't able to remove our swimsuit, we got our money back.

Taylor asked, "What the hell do we get out of this deal if we just get our money back?"

"You stupid dude," yelled Zeke. "You get to wrestle in the mud with two women in bikinis. There's no rule that says you can't remove their suits. Also we might get to shower with them after the match."

It sounded pretty good to me. It was going to be interesting. There were three black women and three white. We would each get one of each to wrestle. They were damn good looking women, but none of them were small. They might have been a little shorter than us but could have weighed as much as us. These were women who played sports and were well muscled.

Zeke was going to go first and he picked out the women he was going to wrestle. Of course they were the smallest of the group. Taylor was going to go second and he picked out his two women. Of course I got the last two.

I could see the two girls planning their strategy, on one side of the mud pond. Zeke was just laughing with us guys on the other. The place was crowded with a lot of college people all paying good money to watch some good down and dirty mud wrestling.

The bell rang and Zeke went after the two gals. It was sexy enough just watching them in their two-piece swim wear, let alone getting muddied up. Zeke made the mistake of letting one of the girls get behind him. He was caught off guard when the black gal pulled her top up exposing her big breasts. It got a roar from the crowd and most of Zeke's attention. He went for her boobs and she let him grab hold. Of course the other gal was behind him and pulled his legs from under him. Down he went into the mud.

One rule was they couldn't hold your face down under the mud. So the one gal reached down and pulled poor Zeke to her. Zeke had his head nestled between her large boobs as the other gal had hold of his legs. He tried to kick loose but didn't have any leverage as he was being held tight under his arms and across his chest.

We knew he was in big trouble as the one gal reached up and got a hold of his swim-suit and started pulling it off. The guys in the crowd booed poor Zeke as he got de-briefed. The gals in the place were screaming for joy as Zeke's swim wear was being tossed around the hall.

Zeke, while being embarrassed, climbed out of the mud pit trying to cover his privates as he and the mud covered girls headed to the showers; the gals being cheered as they left the hall. The bad part was Zeke only lasted a little over three minutes.

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