Office Cleaner

by Pussycat

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Desc: Sex Story: A late return to his office results in a chance meeting between a guy and a surprisingly horny office cleaning girl. The results, right there in his office, are explosive!

Copyright© March 2007

It was nearly 6.30 when I eventually got out of the meeting so the place was nearly deserted as I made my way back to my office. When I got there, I sat down briefly to tidy up things and jot down a couple of notes for the next day. It was just as I was doing this that the door opened and a cleaning girl walked in.

She wasn't what I'd call a typical cleaner at all. For a start, she was young, only 19 or 20 I should think, and then she was also quite good looking. Nothing dramatic, but a trim figure, nice firm looking tits, a pleasant face, and longish blond hair - her hair was a bit straggly but it didn't detract from the overall effect; it was almost as though it was deliberately like that because of the job.

She was obviously surprised to find someone in the office. "Oh, sorry!" she blurted, "I didn't realise anyone was in here, I'll come back later".

I smiled as warmly as I could and said, "It's quite OK; I'm only tidying up. Go ahead".

She smiled back at me, responding to my warmth, "Thanks" she said, glancing quickly over me and then briefly around the room.

"Are you new", I asked. "I don't remember seeing you before". Very true, I thought to myself; I wouldn't have forgotten that trim backside, tightly encased in faded jeans, or the loose fitting shirt, open 2 or 3 buttons down giving hints of cleavage below.

"Yes, I am", she laughed. "I joined last week, but it's my first time over in this building". She looked around; "Where's your wastepaper basket, then?" she asked, "you must have one surely".

I laughed, "Yes, indeed; over here, behind the desk".

She glided across and I watched the tightly clad thighs so clearly outlined, her hips swinging gently. She reached down beside me and picked up the bin and my eyes felt compelled to follow her movements. As I was just starting to think how she was making me feel quite randy, I realised that I had slipped a copy of a "men's magazine" into the bin earlier in the day not thinking that I'd be around when it was emptied. Embarrassment started to creep over me in anticipation of her noticing it.

She started to walk back across the room with the bin when the magazine obviously caught her eye. I saw her peer sideways at it, trying to read the title. "Ho, ho!" she chuckled, "You been reading dirty magazines then?"

I laughed back, "That's not dirty, it's just gentle titillation!"

"Really!" she replied, "Do you mind if I have a quick peek? I've always wondered what sort of stuff they had inside".

"Go ahead", I chuckled. "Take a seat and have a read".

She sat down facing me and flicked open the magazine. "Christ!" she gasped. "It's bloody explicit isn't it!"

"Well, in some ways", I laughed, "but you never see any action pictures. You look at the set with the man and the woman together - its rubbish really - he's obviously soft as hell and it's obviously totally simulated".

She scanned through. "Yes, I see what you mean; it is a bit pathetic, isn't it. Why do you buy it then?"

"Ah, there's a question. Well, I still find some of it entertaining, even stimulating. Some of the letters and interviews are quite exciting. Here let me show you a good one".

She laughed, "OK, here you are" and she stepped across with the magazine, perched on the corner of my desk in front of me, leaning over towards me.

I felt a growing excitement inside me as I flipped through the pages and picked out one of the particularly erotic letters. "There you are. Read that one about a fellow picking up a girl hitch-hiker", I said.

She read through slowly. It was a long letter by this fellow who'd picked up a randy girl who'd frigged herself off in front of him, then went on to suck him and seduce him in a number of ways. The girl read more and more avidly, every now and then muttering 'Christ!' or 'Blimey!', and similar and it looked as though she was getting turned on by it, fidgeting her bum back and forth slightly on my desk.

She looked up, her eyes now brighter. "It's hot stuff, isn't it", she grinned.

"Read some more", I laughed. "Here - I'll find you another", and I reached across, brushing my hand along her denim-clad thigh and flipped over a couple of pages to another. "That one's not bad", I said pointing.

Once again she started off reading quietly, then started chuckling and swearing to herself, "God no - a suntan oil bottle!" she laughed.

"Yes, it is pretty amazing, isn't it", I laughed, "at least, it is to me as a male!"

She squirmed on the desk, then surreptitiously dropped one hand between her thighs. "It's bloody amazing to me as well", she laughed.

The letter was about a couple on holiday, meeting another couple, sailing to a secluded cove on a boat, the girls sunbathing together, first stripping off their bikini tops, then the bottoms, rubbing suntan oil in to each other, getting more and more aroused, and eventually one girl using the bottle as a dildo on the other. It went on with the men joining in, etc, etc.

She read on, her face looking quite flushed now, muttering "Oohs" and "Aahs" and I watched her hand press and squeeze between her thighs. I think she suddenly realised it was exposed because she pulled the magazine across and laid it over her hand and went on reading. "Any more?" she at last laughed "I never realised what good stuff they had in these!"

I laughed and went round the desk so that I was standing beside her. "Here, let me find another", I said and reached down so that my arm was just brushing her right breast. I pointed to another letter about two housewives, one finding the other in the shower, getting turned on, joining in and eventually having a really good session together.

She read eagerly and I could see her thighs squeezing together and her hand beneath the magazine wriggling. My trousers were bulging hellishly by now but I didn't bother to conceal it. I peered eagerly into the top of her cleavage as she shifted back and forth, catching glimpses of gorgeous rounded breast occasionally but no sign of a bra. I found an excuse to reach across her again and reaching out, pointed halfway down the letter, pressing my arm firmly against the tip of the bulge in her shirt. "I like this bit here with the toothbrush", I giggled, keeping my hand where it was for much longer than necessary and pressing all the time.

She responded eagerly, almost randily, rubbing against me and giggling. "Yes, it's great isn't it!"

I pulled my arm back sliding against that lovely breast as it came and she let out an involuntary moan. "Oooh, I do feel funny", she laughed.

"Me too", I replied. "You've probably got a funny itch; shall I give it a rub?" and without waiting for a reply, I pressed my hand openly on her right breast and rubbed very gently form side to side.

"Oh my God, you're so right!" she gasped, pushing the magazine to one side, "Yes, please, do!"

I reached my other arm round from behind so that I could caress both gorgeous tits together. I ran my hands softly over her shirt, feeling the shape of the twin mounds beneath; she certainly didn't have a bra on - it was all beautiful firm flesh and I could feel the nipples hard and hot pressing through. She leaned back slightly, arching her chest forwards, lapping it up, murmuring "Mmmm, My God, what an itch! It gets more and more when you rub it but it would be even worse if you stopped!"

I nuzzled my lips into her soft hair and around her neck, then moved my fingers to the buttons of her shirt, quickly undoing them down to her jeans. She wore nothing beneath. I slid my hands back up, easing the shirt to either side of her swollen tits and caressed the bare skin. They were superb; gorgeously firm, rounded, the skin taut with arousal, capped by hard eager nipples... and so responsive! She moaned and writhed with pleasure as I squeezed them, pressing eagerly against my hands as I pinched the nipples.

As my hands moved more and more roughly, I gazed down between the beautiful twin peaks, over her taut stomach to the tight denim clad hips below. She was quickly losing what little restraint she had as her excitement mounted, "Oh, Christ, beautiful!" she moaned "Harder, harder... Oooh, yes, lovely!" and her bottom wriggled as her thighs rubbed back and forth, squeezing more and more energetically.

"God, you're gorgeous", I murmured in her ear and ran my hands up and down the smooth skin of her stomach and waist as well as the delicious boobs.

It was no good like this though; I couldn't reach the rest of her properly; I'd have to move round. I gave her a quick nip on the ear and released my grasp briefly, stepping quickly round to the front of her. Her eyes had been closed in ecstasy, her head thrown back, the face hot and flushed. Now she sat back up slightly, her shirt still hanging either side of her super tits. She glanced at me grinning, her gaze alighting without hesitation on my bulging trousers "Aaah!" she laughed, "So you've got something that wants attention too!"

"Bloody right!" I chuckled, "but let's have a kiss first!"

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