Babygirl and Daddy
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, True Story,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I sat down at my computer and started writing an email to daddy. He has just returned home from vacation. I envisioned his handsome full figured body, piercing green eye, and brown hair streaked with gray. I could feel my arms encircling him as I gave him a big hug and a welcome home kiss. I closed my eyes and whispered, "I love you daddy!" Then felt my nipples harden, my pussy get damp, and a tingling sensation from head to toe.

Daddy had just returned from vacation and at the time, I wasn't at home to welcome him back. So I decided to sit down at my computer and write him an email. As I typed, I envisioned his handsome full figured body, piercing green eye, and brown hair streaked with gray. I could feel my arms encircling him as I gave him a big hug and a welcome home kiss. I closed my eyes and whispered, "I love you daddy!" Even when we were not together, the mere thought of daddy hugging me caused a tingling sensation that went from the top of my head to my toes. I felt my nipples harden, as pussy juices begin to saturate my panties.

I mumbled, "Oh God, if I was there right now, this is how I would really welcome him home."

Daddy looked at his watch, 7:45 am and said, "Momma, you'd better hurry you'll be late for work."

Momma hurried into the room grabbed her briefcase and then kissed daddy good-bye saying, "See you around 6pm tonight darling, have a good day."

Daddy thought to himself and chuckled, "Now that your gone bitch, I will have a good day." He poured himself a cup of coffee and went into the living room and sat down to read the newspaper.

I was still getting dressed and paying close attention to what I was putting on, because I knew momma would be at work. I decided to wear a mini-skirt, frilly white blouse, hot pink bra and matching lace panties, lace trimmed socks and tennis shoes. When I was done, I checked my reflection in the mirror winked at myself and said, "Yeah this will make daddy drool." I then walked out of my bedroom to greet daddy.

I touched his arm. I leaned down and kissed his cheek saying, "Good morning daddy--welcome home."

Daddy stopped reading and looked up to kiss me back and his eyes widened with excitement when he saw how I was dressed. He then said, "Turned around let me see you honey, show daddy what you have for me!"

I turned around and bent over purposely exposing my lace panties to him. I giggled, "Do you like your Babygirl's out-fit daddy? I put it on just for you." I then turned around, blew him a kiss, moved close to him and squealed, "I love you daddy and boy did I miss you."

Before daddy could reply, I was covering his face with more kisses. After that, I then placed my lips on his and gave a long passionate one. I then asked, "Is momma going to be gone all day again?"

Daddy pulled me close and replied, "Yes Babygirl she will be gone till around 6pm. Oh God, honey your sexy outfit is making my cock hard!"

I laughed nervously and said, "Now you just sit back and relax daddy, I want to welcome you home properly." I walked over and turned on the radio then slowly started to strip for him. As I did, he groped his crotch, and I pointed my finger at him and said, "Oh daddy, no-no you can't touch yourself yet. Just watch me daddy."

The next thing I did was take off my blouse and bra, and reached down and sucked a perky nipple into my mouth. I held it in my teeth and bit it, doing one and then the other. I paused for a minute, to watch daddy's reaction, then continued by stripping by unzipping my skirt and kicking it toward him. After that, I walked over to daddy, bent over with my ass facing him and slowly slid down my panties. I then wriggled my ass as I pulled apart my labia and rubbed my clit. I watched him squirm and drool. Then to really make daddy sweat, I licked two fingers, slid inside them in my pussy and began finger-fucking myself hard.

Daddy reached for his cock again and I shouted, "No, not yet daddy!"

I placed my juice-covered fingers on his lips and he eagerly sucked them clean. I then said, "Now, daddy strip to your shorts and lay flat on the floor."

Daddy did as I asked and lay on the floor. I knelt, leaned over, and kissed his lips softly. The next thing I did was straddled his face and say, "Eat me daddy. Make your Babygirl feel good!" When his tongue slithered across my slit and around my clit as his fingers teased my hole I shouted, "That's it, suck my clit, finger-fuck my pussy hole. OH my God--make me cum! I love the way you eat me daddy, you do it better, and then any guy I have known."

His lips began sucking my clit hard. Daddy then took it between his teeth and bit it gently. As his mouth tantalized my sensitive bud, he slid one finger, then two hard into my pussy-hole driving me wild with desire.

I got so excited that I started rubbing my pussy all over his face, making it wet. I closed my eyes threw back my head and shrieked, "Oooh yes daddy, just like, shove your fingers harder into my pussy. Oh my God, daddy keep going, don't stop!"

As daddy lapped at my pussy, I reached down and began to tease his hard cock. He thrusts his hips wildly and stopped eating me long enough to shout, "Please Babygirl, suck my cock! Run your tongue all over it! Oooh fuck, make me cum with your sweet mouth."

I reached and mischievously teased at his cock then replied, "I will in a minute daddy, I want you to make me cum first."

Daddy held my hips and shoved his tongue in my vagina as he pinched my clit with his fingers. I started shivering all over on the verge of and earth-shattering climax. His tongue kept working its magic.

I screamed, "Oooooh fuck, daddy! Yes, mmm, I'm going to cum! Please put your tongue in my asshole daddy. I love it when you do that, you know it will make me squirt when I cum! I reached down and spread my cheeks wider so his tongue could tease my ass.

"Aaarrrggghhh, aaaaaaaaah, that's it tongue-fuck my asshole--deeper! My body trembled violently as the wave of climax surged thru me and I screamed, "Oh my God, daddy, I'm cumming!"

I covered his face, chin with my juices, and with a breathless voice uttered, "Ooooh daddy you sure know to make Babygirl feel good!"

Daddy instructed me to get off him then lay on my back on the floor. After that he positioned himself on his knees with his hard cock inches from my pussy. He started by rubbing his cock from my clit to my ass. Next, he lubricated it with my own juices, and encircled my asshole teasingly with his cock until it began to relax then thrust it deep into my ass, making me jump.

Daddy fucked my ass slow and easy giving me time to adjust to its size. He then asked, "Babygirl talk dirty to your daddy, tell me what you want. Tell me how bad you need daddy to fuck you!"

I look up into daddy's face and with a sexy voice said, "Oh daddy, treat your Babygirl like your sex toy! Now, grab my hips and shove your cock deep in my tight ass. As you do that, I want you to bite my nipples as you fuck your little slut. Oh, it feels so fucking good! I love you daddy. I want to be you sex slave. Please, fuck me daddy. Ooooooh yeah, I just like that. If you want too daddy, fill my ass with your seed!"

Daddy fucked me harder and soon blew his load deep inside my ass as he shouted, "Oh you're such a good little fucker my Babygirl!"

He then takes his cock out of my ass and holds it close to my lips and ordered, "Now, lick daddy's cock clean, do-it-now!" When I do not respond quickly enough he shouts, "Suck if off now, lick my God damn cock clean, you slut!"

I shake my head no and cry, "No, oh gross, daddy, I can't lick your cock, it's dirty with shit. Oh please don't make me lick it, pretty please!"

Daddy looked at his cock and exclaimed, "Hell Babygirl there's no shits on it see, look at it. Suck it clean."

I glance at his cock and before I can speak, Daddy grabbed my head and pushed his cock in my mouth. I then started sucking his cock cautiously at first then stronger like a bitch in heat.

Daddy threw his head back and bellowed, "Oh yeah, that's it. Babygirl I want you to take it all in your mouth honey. Ooooh sweetheart, you sure know how to give good head baby!"

My body started to tremble with lust. I squirmed and then reached down and began rubbing my throbbing clit. I stopped slurping on his cock long enough to say, "Mmmm daddy, keep fucking my mouth, you're going to make me cum again! Oh, your cock tastes good daddy. I love the way you hold my head and fuck my mouth with your cock." I resumed sucking his hardened member.

Daddy could not keep his eyes off me and exclaimed,

"Babygirl, rub that clit hard for daddy. I like watching you masturbate for me as I fuck your mouth!"

Daddy fucked my mouth like a wild crazed animal. I reached up and held his cock with one hand as my other hand continued playing with my clit. He then reached down and pinched my left nipple hard. That did it; I began shaking hard as another climax overtook my body.

Daddy yelled "Oh fuck, Babygirl you're so hot! Damn, I wish had my video camera on right now. If I did, I know those guys at work would sure pay me a bundle to watch me fucking my own daughter!"

Babygirl stopped sucking his cock pouted and said,

"But daddy, I thought you didn't want anyone to know you were fucking me?" I paused to watch his face and then uttered, "I would do anything you ask me to do Daddy. When I fuck you, I feel like I'm your woman. It also makes me feel naughty, and I like that."

Daddy looked lovingly into my eyes and said, "You are my woman honey and you belong to me, don't you ever forget that. We are naughty aren't we, but I love it that way. Now suck me off baby."

I resumed sucking daddy's cock enthusiastically. I loved the way it pulsated in my mouth. With my free hand I rolled his balls gently, as I knew he liked it when I did that.

Daddy's cock stiffened and in breathless voice he uttered, "Babygirl I am there! Ahhhhhhhh, swallow it all, my sweet lover!" He climaxed so hard he almost lost his balance and I just about dropped his cock.

We collapsed in each other's arms as my tongue licked the drops of cum from my lips.

I snuggled up in his arms and looked up into his eyes and asked, "Did you like you welcome home daddy?"

Daddy took my face in his hands kissed my cheek and said, "That the best welcome home I ever had, I love you, Babygirl of mine! You sure know how to make love to your sweet daddy!"

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