Just Another Sex Story

by Cly

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, Science Fiction, DomSub, Light Bond, First, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: She said no, but he just wouldn't listen. He was gonna get what he wanted, one way or another.

Tithy hurried along the alley, knowing that the night was filled with bandits. However, with the slight drizzle, she was hoping that not many would be roaming about, knowing most people did not enjoy getting sick. Besides, she was almost home. She could see the building that she lived in, renting a small apartment from the local tavern owner.

She heard a sound behind her and turned quickly, ready to run. But it was nothing more than a cat that was trying to get out of the rain. Tithy sighed with relief and turned to keep going. She didn't get but a few more feet before she saw a shadow come up next to her, but she didn't have a chance to scream before the hand was placed over her mouth and she was forced up against a wall. She looked up into the shadowy face in terror as a knife came up to her throat. She whimpered, trembling in his grasp.

Then the man pulled back his hood and she caught her breath. Tecar narrowed his eyes. "So, working late, are we?" He took his hand away from her mouth, but grabbed both her thin wrists with his large strong hand. He anchored them above her head, pressing his body against hers. His green eyes had a cruel look in them as he stared into her violet eyes.

Tithy trembled. Duke Tecar vaz Naksol had once approached her while she worked and had, with no doubt to his motives, asked her to join him to his quarters, like he did every night with other female servants. She had refused him outright, unlike her peers, who had overheard her scathing remark. Ever since that day 3 months ago he had been after her, trying to get her alone or into his quarters. Always she had been careful to avoid him. As a servant, she had no one to turn to for help about his harassment.

So Tithy was careful, always staying near a crowded place. She knew few people would come to her rescue, but she also knew that there were those few curious people who would come over to see what was going on, and Tecar did not want to mar his perfect record. He always got what he wanted because he was so well trusted, and if there were any rumors, there was never any evidence. None of the other servant women would talk. Now, though, there was nowhere for her to go. She struggled against him weakly. "Please, sire, let me go."

Tecar brought his face down to hers, his lips only inches away from hers. She breathed hard, terrified, and wondering how he had found out where she lived. His eyes roamed down to her breasts which were plainly visible through the thin wet blouse. Her nipples grew taut under his scrutiny, much to her shame. "Now why would I do something like that? I finally have you alone, you cunning wench." His knife hand came down to fondle a breast. Although he wasn't rough, the touch brought a whimper of fear from Tithy. Her trembling, however, had turned into one of cold more than fear. Her skin was freezing to the touch.

Suddenly, Tecar pulled her away from the wall, pushing the knife into her back. He hissed in her ear, making her shudder from his warm breath. "Do hurry your way home. I wouldn't want you or myself catching our deaths out here."

So he didn't know where she lived! He had only been following her this night because she had been forced to stay very late to finish cleaning the kitchen. In desperation, she started off down another alley, away from her home. She soon came to an area that was laced with many alleyways and she knew every one of them. With all her desperation, she kicked back and caught Tecar on the knee, knowing he could have her killed for that. He cursed and toppled over into a stand of garbage cans.

Tithy wasted no time running down a small alley. When it branched off, she took the one that headed home. She didn't stop or look back. She weaved through the alleys and streets, back and forth amongst the close set houses. Only when she reached the stairs to her apartment did she stop and look back. Panting heavily, she leaned against the stair handles. Her long hair hung in wet ropes around her face.

When she'd gotten some of her breath back, she headed up the stairs and into her place. She locked the door securely and went over to her bed, where she collapsed and nearly immediately went to sleep, but not before she heard a bunch of loud curses in the alley below her window.

Tithy was up in the young prince's private library, sorting through the books and putting them back into place. The prince was still a child and often tore through the library while the nannies chased after him to get him back to his studies. She had to smile. At least this job wasn't as hard as some of the jobs she got down in the kitchen.

Suddenly, a pair of hands grabbed her wrists and forced them behind her back. Before she could make a sound, a gag was forced into her mouth and wrapped around her head as her wrists were tied behind her. She knew it was more than one person who had targeted her. She was sure it wasn't Tecar. He'd never share. Besides, she hadn't seen him the whole week after that incident in the alleys.

Before she could turn to see her assailants, a blindfold was placed over her eyes. She felt two pairs of hands on her. She heard them start laughing and their rough hands moved over her lithe body.

"We finally got you cornered, now, bitch. I'm gonna have fun with you!"

"Hey, I get her first, remember? We had a deal."

"Well, too bad. Not every thing goes your way."

The other man growled but didn't argue anymore, much to Tithy's disappointment. She struggled with all her might, trying to make as much noise as possible through the gag. They had a bit of trouble holding her wriggling little frame, and she managed to knock one of them off balance, crashing him into a bookshelf with a grunt.

Then she felt the back of a hand across her face, stunning her. "Hold still, bitch. It won't take us long." The man's voice was gruff as he grabbed her hair, forcing her to lean over a table. He reached down and pulled her skirt up, bunching it around her waist. They both chuckled.

"Damn, I knew it! She was hiding a nice ass all this time!"

"And I certainly hope you have no intentions of touching that ass." A deep snarl came from somewhere to Tithy's side.

She was suddenly released, shoved away as the men stood at attention. "Uh, no-no, sire! We ... we..."

"GET OUT!" Tecar roared.

Tithy heard the men scurrying out of the room. Trying to struggle back to her feet, Tecar's strong hand grabbed her by her upper arm and wrenched her up against his powerful body. She slumped against Tecar, knowing he now had her completely at his mercy. No one else would come into the library because the prince's studies were over and it had been only her cleaning up his mess. It was also quite late in the evening.

"You seem to call trouble to yourself, you little wench." Though his voice was a growl, the hand that touched the side of her face that had the red imprints of the man's knuckles was gentle. Tithy whimpered and cringed from his hand. She would give no fight, knowing it would only lead to more punishment she knew must come because of her previous actions.

Tecar hesitated a moment. He pushed her up against the wall, pressing his body against hers. She could feel his breath, hard and labored. His body trembled with some tightly held emotion. She could feel his hand against her breast and she shuddered, whimpering, cringing. She was completely and utterly helpless.

Tecar suddenly pulled away from her. "Damn it," he breathed. He pulled her away from the wall and turned her around. She felt him undo her bounds. As soon as he was done, she whipped around and tore off the blindfold. Tecar was dressed formally, and rather handsomely.

Backing away from him, she undid the gag and threw it on the floor. She didn't understand why he had released her, but she wouldn't take it for granted. He growled as he stalked after her, looking for all the world like a panther with his black hair and dark clothing. He was tall and well built, and most of the noble women fell all over him. Even the servant women talked about him, though he was feared among the lower ranks. She had heard that in his youth he had had a servant woman killed for not pleasing him. Whether the story was true or not, no one actually knew. But Tithy had never had much liking in him, wishing more to just be left alone by everyone. But few people left her alone. She was quiet, small, and thin, giving all the impression of easy prey.

Tithy realized that she had been backed up into a corner. She pressed herself into the corner, trying to look as small as possible. Tecar brought his face up close to hers, his lips but inches from hers, a hand on the wall on either side of her head. "When I have you, I'll have you fighting and clawing and begging for mercy. Then I'll make you arch and moan and beg for more, wench."

He grabbed her hair and forced her head back, kissing her hard and long, his tongue ravishing her mouth. When he released her and stalked off, she was left weak and wondering at the strange sensation between her legs.

Not quite a month had passed by. Tithy kept a lookout over her shoulder at all times these days, not necessarily for Tecar but rather whoever those two men were. She had figured they were probably from the guards who patrolled the castle who had taken an extreme liking to her. She had not seen who they were but Tecar had. And he had been mad. Maybe he had punished them?

Tithy shook her head, banishing that thought. What did it matter to him that some of the castle guards had tried to take her? She was just a servant, after all, just one step up from a slave. It was probably more the fact that the guards had gotten scared by Tecar's outburst. Certainly, that had to be it.

She had to stay late again to clean up the little prince's mess once again. She didn't really mind. That was how she had taught herself to read and write. She'd learned a great deal about the world through those books. But tonight, she was tired and really just wanted to go home after a hard day of preparing food and drink for a banquet the King had held. She did the work as quickly as she could and started to head for the servants entrance back down in the kitchen. No one would be wandering the halls. Everyone was down in the great hall drinking and eating and dancing.

Tithy could have gone after her work, but she had no care for it. The King's parties could get raunchy, so she heard, and she had no desire for such things. Truly, she didn't know what she wanted in a man, but she'd never met one that didn't want to simply take her to his bed for the night. She was no harlot. She could get by with her own touch if she had to. Though she had to admit that the day Tecar had saved her from those guards, she'd fairly run home, falling into her bed and spending a good portion of the night trying to satisfy a desire that just hadn't wanted to go away.

As she moved through the dark hall, lit only by the moonlight filtering in through the giant windows in the walls, she caught a glimpse of a shadow, disrupting her thoughts. Her head snapped up in time to see Tecar step into a beam of silver light. Gasping, Tithy quickly took a step back and turned to run but she wasn't fast enough. Tecar wrapped his arm around her thin waist, his other hand over her mouth, jerking her against his hard body.

"Working late yet again, are we? Well, why don't you stay here tonight? I wouldn't want anything to happen to you out there. You never know what kind of people roam the streets at this time of the night." He chuckled darkly as he dragged her down the hall. She tried desperately to fight him off, but he'd gotten smart to her ways and avoided her kicks expertly. He spoke as he led them toward his wing of the palace. "I'm glad you're still here. I never cared much for His Lordship's parties. I was hoping more for a quiet evening with a certain nymph running through my head, but instead I find her wandering along in the halls."

He finally got to his door and managed to hold her with one arm, his hand still tightly over her mouth, while he opened it. Without hesitation, Tithy used his unguarded moment to dig her elbow into his ribs. He let out a grunt, turning and forcefully shoving her into his personal section of the castle. It was huge, complete with greeting room, bathing room, dining room and a massive bedroom. He slammed the door shut, preventing any escape. Tithy stood up straight and glared at him. He gave her a wry grin.

"Oh, my dear, I only wish to keep you safe from the filthy predators that lurk in the alleys at night." His voice was mocking.

"Like you?" Tithy hissed. If she was going to be raped, she was going to make sure he had to fight for every inch of ground.

Tecar came at her, a dangerous glint in his eyes. Gasping, Tithy backed away but got nowhere. He grabbed her upper arm painfully, and with his far superior strength dragged her into the bedroom so fast she didn't have the chance to fight him. He tossed her toward the bed, then slammed the door shut and shoved the key into the lock and turned it. When he turned back, Tithy charged him, trying to claw at his face. But he was quick and gripped her thin wrists, forcing her arms down to her sides. He then pulled her against his body with a snap, forcing her head up. He took the chance to kiss her, the touch of his lips far gentler than his grip on her.

After a moment, Tithy felt herself go soft in his grip, felt herself submit to his strength. She tensed quickly, hoping he hadn't noticed. He pulled away from her with a grin. "So not even you are immune to that. I was actually hoping for more of a challenge."

Tithy snarled and tried to pull away from him, tried to kick him anywhere she could. However, as soon as she lifted her leg, he pushed her back so that she was off balanced and held her up as he moved her up against a tall bed post. The thick velvet curtain tangled about them. Now Tithy couldn't move away and was held immobile by Tecar's body against hers.

He held both her wrists in one large hand behind her back and used the other to force her face up to his lips. His tongue prodded for entry, but she refused him. So instead he let his hand travel down her slender neck, lingering, caressing about her throat with expertise, causing an involuntary shudder to run down her spine. His lips slowly followed, moving down her neck, causing her to pant and shiver. His hand moved further down, cupping a small, firm breast, his thumb toying with her taut little nipple through the fabric of her blouse.

What was happening to her? Tithy couldn't believe she was giving up so easily. The heat between her legs that she only felt when she touched herself was spreading through her loins now, feeling Tecar's strong thigh pressed against her womanhood. She almost couldn't stop a small jerk, her body wanting to grind against him. Instead, she tried to cover her movement with a strong squirm, struggling.

She wanted him to stop, grinding her teeth, her svelte body straining against Tecar. She did not have the strength to even budge his body. Her heart was pounding in her chest. She knew he felt it, his lips kissing the throbbing vein in her throat.

"I never go back on my word," he said heavily, gripping her hair tightly and jerking her head back, staring into her scared eyes, though her jaw was set in defiance. It made his eyes narrow with lust. "I told you I would have you someday."

"Not easily," she sneered at him. It made him throw his head back and laugh.

Then Tecar pulled her away from the bed post and shoved her onto the bed. He had to release her wrists for this and she took the chance. Her sharp nails caught Tecar across the cheek, leaving blood red welts on his skin. He snarled and gripped her wrists again, forcing them down onto the bed. "Don't make me tie you down, bitch. I've got plenty of rope lying about."

"You just try that, you manless bastard!" Tithy spat back.

Tecar raised a brow. "You just said the magic words."

He was off her in an instant and strode across the room, reaching into a drawer. Tithy struggled up off the soft bed and ran for the door only to realize that Tecar had the key in his pocket. She whipped around and glared at him, quickly searching for perhaps a knife or something sharp that had been left laying around. Tecar produced the rope he'd threaten with and stalked toward her.

"Hold still and let me love you," he growled sardonically as he reached out for her. She tried to bite him, tried to do anything she could to fend him off, but he was faster and stronger than she. He slammed her up against the wall, using his body to hold her there as he forced her wrists together and tied them securely. Then he pulled her over to the bed and threw her onto it again. He used the remainder of the silk rope to tie her hands to a bed post above her head.

"Now do you feel like calling me names?" He sat back onto his ankles between her legs, using his freed hands to undo her blouse. He pushed the fabric out of the way and grinned at her. "I knew there was a reason I wanted you."

Tithy tried using her legs to push him away. "You wanted me because I was the only woman in this castle, maybe in the whole kingdom who you hadn't already fucked!"

He laughed as he brushed her legs to the sides. "That doesn't make me so manless, now does it?" Tithy blushed slightly, relaxing for a moment. Tecar used that moment to run his hand up her leg, pushing her skirt up over her knees. Tithy struggled against the rope even though she knew it was hopeless. She tried to squeeze her legs together, but she simply wasn't strong enough to resist him. He forced her legs apart, sliding his hand up her inner thigh.

Tears appeared in Tithy's eyes suddenly. "Please, Tecar. Please don't," she begged quietly, her voice no more than a choked whimper. Tecar's eyes narrowed, and a smug little smile tugged at the tips of his lips.

"And why not?" he taunted as his hand moved closer to her womanhood, his fingers dancing across her pale smooth skin. Tithy mumbled something, her face flushed. Tecar drew closer. "What was that?" he asked mockingly.

Shuddering, Tithy squeezed her eyes shut. "I'm a virgin."

An even smugger look crossed Tecar's face. He bared his teeth in a mocking grin. "That's a problem I can easily solve with my expertise, darling."

Tithy trembled, knowing that no amount of begging or struggling was going to get her out of this one. Tecar moved over her, his face over hers. "Don't tell me you're going to give up so easily. It's been a while since I've had a challenge."

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