Subliminator's Assitance

by BillyRay

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: A telepath assists a man who made a serious mistake while using subliminal messages. When we left Dan (From the story, Subliminated) he was in quite a pickle. Sammy (From the story, Photographer's Assistant) happens along and helps him out... for a price.

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This story is a continuation and combination of 'Subliminated' and Photographer's Assistant.' I have received quite a few emails wanting more of both stories (for different reasons), so here we have the further exploits of Sammy and a bit of resolution for those who found the end of Subliminated less than satisfying.

"Okay, Sammy, I'll see you tomorrow," crackled the cell phone I was holding to my ear as I climbed out of the taxi.

"That's great, see you then." And I hung up. I was only half listening anyway. Most of my attention was on the half a dozen or so svelte beauties parading before me. I love Niagra Falls during tourist season. The place was overrun with people imported from all over the world, and there was no shortage of young hotties among them.

There was a time in my life when such a sight would have filled me with feelings of sadness and futility since I would have been risking serious and humiliating rebuke just for looking at women of such beauty - at least women I knew. As for women I didn't know, I usually blew any opportunities with them the moment I opened my mouth. But that was before I was given certain mental powers that made it possible for me to make any person I chose succumb to my every desire. Now I was able to not only appreciate a beautiful woman, but I could make her either a one-time lover or a slave devoted to my every whim for the rest of her life. Lucky for them I typically just wanted to fuck them once or twice and then send them on their way.

As for as the lovelies I was currently admiring, I stayed out of their heads for now. It had been a long night of travel and I wanted to get settled before gathering a few sweet young things to keep me company. I lugged my suitcase into the hotel lobby and set it down in front of the counter. I knew I was a bit early for check in but that was no reason for the attractive clerk to treat me like I was interrupting some very important loitering that she had been involved in. She was moving in slow motion and I was afraid that at this pace I might never get checked in.

Traveling doesn't put me in the best of moods and this treatment ticked me off a little, so I moved a few steps away and looked around the lobby while I waited, and began sending her suggestions which would make her more helpful.

As she entered my name in her terminal, she was thinking how nicely my hazel eyes twinkled. While waiting for the record to be retrieved, she realized it wasn't just my eyes, I was a very attractive man overall. Reaching for the printout, she thought that I was more than just attractive; I was damned sexy. She coded a keycard for me and stole a surreptitious glance at my ass, setting off a small tingle of desire.

"Here we go, sir," she exclaimed with a smile. "You're all set in the Ambassador's Suite. That's on the fifth floor; turn left off of the elevator and about half way down the hall on your right." She handed me my keycard with a sensual smile and a look in her eye that was almost a blatant wink. "If you need anything, my name is Ginny." Her fingers lingered on mine.

I picked up my bag and headed for the elevator. She watched me, appreciating how heavy my bags must be and marveling at how easily I handled them. She then noticed that it was expensive luggage and concluded that there might be a very healthy tip in it for her if she were to show me to my room.

While I waited for the elevator the cute little brunette left the front desk and joined me.

"I'll be happy to show you to your room, sir," she offered hopefully.

She led the way down the fifth floor hallway, her desire and attraction to me growing with every step. I hoped I hadn't acted too hastily since her uniform revealed very little of her body. She appeared in good shape but under the large white shirt hanging over the black pants but I couldn't be certain. I gave her a little boost on her horn-o-meter anyway, figuring that if it turned out she weren't up to my usual standards I would send her away frustrated as her penance for offering such brusque customer service. If she did possess a physique worthy of my attention I would have to find some other way to punish her.

She opened the door to my room wondering what the hell she was doing. She couldn't be gone too long from the front desk and if she were caught it would mean her job. But she was worried that if she didn't make her move now she may never get another chance, and she couldn't risk that.

So, with my machinations completed, I got out of her head and waited to see what she would do.

She locked the door and moved slowly towards me, deliberately unbuttoning her shirt.

"If I can do anything, anything at all, to make your stay more enjoyable I do hope you will let me know."

"Just keep doing what you're doing," I answered, feeling a bit of anticipation. No matter how many beautiful women I have my way with, it is always exciting just before a new one becomes mine.

Finally, the shirt hit the floor and I knew I had chosen well. Her body was lithe and well toned. I took her in my arms, finding her breath to be fresh and slightly minty. Her tongue met mine and I unclasped her bra as we kissed. I brought my left hand up to cup a nice, firm, medium sized breast, the nipple growing stiff against my palm. I felt a brush of anxiety from her and quickly suppressed it.

She stepped back and I watched the lust burning in her big brown eyes as she worked on the buttons of my shirt. Sliding it down my shoulders, she let it hit the floor as she unfastened my pants. I slid them down as she stepped out of her own. She eyed my growing cock hungrily and dropped to her knees taking it into her mouth.

At least her curt manners at the customer service desk did not parlay into her cock sucking technique. She couldn't get more than half of it into her mouth, which was a bit disappointing since I'm not really that big, but she had one hand wrapped around my balls and the other jacking me in rhythm with her mouth. Her lips were delightfully soft and her tongue lashed back and forth, sending pulses of pleasure through my body.

All in all, while I've had better, she did very well, even bringing me to the brink of orgasm - which is where I stopped her. I didn't waste all that mental energy just to pop a nut in her mouth. I considered fucking her right away but, unless I gave my twitching hard on a bit of respite, I would blow far too soon and I wanted to take enough time to enjoy her.

Since she had done so well on me, I decided to return the favor. Not a difficult decision, since I truly enjoy eating pussy. I had her move to the bed and lay down with her hips right on the edge. I knelt beside the bed and spread her legs apart, draping them over my shoulders. There was a brush of soft brown hair shaped into a triangle and trimmed well off the lovely pink lips. I licked tentatively at her slit and the gasp she gave out told me that she was responsive in the way I liked.

I wrapped my arms around her legs and reached in to part her lips, exposing the slick pink meat of her steaming snatch. I sucked it into my mouth with my tongue running in circles and occasionally diving into her tight twat. She moaned and I felt the bed bounce as she threw her head back in ecstasy. Linking my consciousness to hers, I kept up this pace until I felt her just about to orgasm - the same place I was at when I had her stop sucking me.

My cock was well back from the edge by now but she was primed to blow as I turned her lengthwise on the bed and slid in between her legs.

The pleading look she gave me mixed erotically with the lustful burning in her eyes. "Oh God, put it in," she begged. "I'm so close. I need you in me. Please!"

I slid my rigid tool against her slit, causing more head thrashing and hip twitching as she tried in vain to force her pussy around my cock. I ensured my suppression of her anxiety was still in place.

"Are you sure you want me inside you?" I teased. "Once I'm in, I won't stop until I cum."

"Yes! Yes! Oh God Yes! Fuck me hard and give me your cum!"

I slowly drove my cock all the way into her in one smooth thrust. Her heated sex was pleasantly snug and she squirmed enticingly as my cock slid and pulsed inside her. Within five strokes her moans increased in volume and her thrashing stepped up to include most of her body as she convulsed in orgasm.

Now that she'd had hers, I concentrated on my own pleasure and thrilled at the lovely little babe writhing on my cock while I felt the wonderful friction of her hot little snatch.

It didn't take long. It never does when I set my mind to a quick finish. Her eyes still had that happy afterglow look to them when I felt my cum boil out of my balls and I could tell she felt me jet into her when she let out another soft gasp as she enjoyed the sensation.

I stayed inside her until the last little bit of cum trickled out of my cock and then I pulled out. I rolled over her leg and sat up on the side of the bed watching her. I quit suppressing the anxiety I had sensed earlier. Since I wasn't going to leave her frustrated as punishment for her previous rudeness, I had decided upon this.

I saw the look of terrified realization come over her face.

"Oh shit! We didn't use protection. Please, tell me you've had a vasectomy."

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