Ann's Snowy Rendezvous - Beginning of the End

by Dag123

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Swinging, Interracial, White Couple, White Male, Oriental Female, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Ann and David now face changes, their futures uncertain, as the Alaskan Project starts to wind down. With less than a month to go, they make a vow to enjoy every day to its fullest. Meanwhile, Ann hears rumors of Couples starting to participate in strange intimate 'end of the project' erotic activities. She's curious!

While this story stands alone, to get the full saga of Ann and David, you might want to read the first two parts in this Series.

Ann awakened that Monday morning feeling as cold and forlorn as the Alaskan snowdrifts that blew violently across the barren snow covered landscape.

Even from her warm bed, Ann could hear the gusts of winds howling outside her Quonset hut and knew the snowstorm and blizzard that had been predicted to blow in Sunday evening had arrived in gale force.

Looking over at the handsome man sleeping next to her, Ann felt a haunting sadness. She realized that today would start the first day of their last month together.

From today on, their time would begin dwindling down to the few precious days remaining before the Alaskan project would be shut down.

Ann felt sad and depressed knowing that this time next month; she would be back on the West Coast. Back to sunny California, and the husband who was waiting for her there.

Her darling David, now sleeping so peaceful beside her, would then become only a secret cherished memory of the happiest, most exciting and fulfilling four months in Ann's twenty-four year old life.

Feeling David stir, Ann looked over just as David's sleepy eyes were opening. Her heart threatened to melt as his beautiful smile washed over her.

No, Ann promised herself, I won't remind him. No use both of us being sad, she thought.

Smiling back at David, Ann knew that in spite of the cold hard inhospitable snowy landscape that was Alaska, the brief four-month episode she and David had shared together would remain the happiest time of her life.

David, she thought, as she smiled warmly into his handsome face, you complete me.

Moving languidly against each other's warm body, they shared a long passionate kiss. David even just waking up couldn't resist inserting his warm knee between Ann's warm sexy thighs.

Ann felt a quickening as she parted her warm thighs to allow him easier access. Slowly his warm knee made its way up to Ann's warm moist hairy Jungle.

The feel of Ann's black hairy pussy lips, slightly parted, pressed against his warm thighs, so moist and warm brought both Ann and David to an instant arousal.

Laughing together they both groaned in frustration. Knowing they didn't have time, they bounded quickly out of bed—fixed a hurried breakfast.

Only minutes later, they were driving through the violent snowstorm to the project's Headquarters.

"We'll have a real nice evening tonight," David promised the little Accountant who sat shivering beside him in the covered Jeep.

"Okay," Ann said in her quiet way.

"Let's try to think of something fun to do.," he said.

Smiling her endearing little smile, Ann said, "We could begin the evening by finishing what we started in bed this morning."

Teasing Ann, David with a mock lecherous look in her direction he said.

"Or... you could give me another lesson on how to be a good lover." he said, an impish grin on his handsome face.

"Oh, David," Ann scolded him.

"You promised you would stop teasing me about that cunnilingus thing."

Then with a little laugh, she said.

"You just can't let go of the fact that I had to tutor you in the fine erotic art of licking pussy, can you."

"Annie, darling," David said.

He often called her by the special nickname he had given her.

"Do you realized we have less than a month remaining together before you go home to the West Coast. Where they plan to send me, nobody seems to know."

"Wherever I get assigned, I don't suppose you'd like to come with me," he said half-serious, half teasing.

Ann replied sadly, suddenly quiet.

"David," you know I can't,"

"But, Darling, I do promise to try to make this our most wonderful month yet," she quietly promised.

"If you think of anything I can do to make the rest of our time together, more special... you have only to let me know," she said, quietly.

"Annie, "David said, taking his eyes off the road for a moment.

"We should think of something really erotic to do before we leave here."

"Oh, By the way," Ann said, changing the subject.

"If you happen to call me around noon, I may not be in. Lisa Chen and I are having lunch together today."

"Boy," David said, "for two women who didn't particularly like each other, you two are getting real chummy," he joked, grinning at Ann.

Ann teased him right back.

"Well, Gee, David... !" she smirked, giving David a mock look of exasperation.

"Maybe Lisa and I are comparing notes on you and Dale." she laughed.

Another Day begins...

Arriving at the large headquarters, Ann gave David a quick peck on his cheek, then ran through the driving snow into the warm building leaving David to find parking for his Jeep.

Walking into the building, David spotted his friend Dale, the Project Manager and Dale's girlfriend, Lisa Chen making their way through the snowdrifts.

Lisa, after exchanging a warm hello, hurried into her office to make the morning coffee. Dale and David lingered for a few moments to talk.

"David," Dale laughed." You and I have got to be the two luckiest guys here.

I would be hard put to say who is the more beautiful and sexy woman, my little Chinese girlfriend, Lisa or your girlfriend, Ann."

David grinned. He always felt at ease with Dale and so he laughed in agreement.

Kidding Dale he wondered aloud." I wonder who's the better woman in bed."

"I wouldn't want to try to live on the difference," Dale laughed.

"I have always thought even though she a bit quiet, and shy, our little Head of Accounting, Ann would probably be a very passionate lover and real tiger in bed," Dale said with a knowing grin.

"You have no idea... ," David smiled knowingly, agreeing with his friend, Dale.

"And to think, that those two didn't like each other at first," David laughed. "I think Ann might have even been a little bit afraid of Lisa at first."

"No, "Dale disagreed.

"I don't think Ann was afraid of Lisa at all. She's just a very quiet lovely person, a little old fashioned with good breeding.

"Being quite sophisticated, I think she just didn't want to have a scene with Lisa. As nuts as I am about Lisa, she can at times be a bit aggressive and down right catty."

Dale laughed.

"It's part of her charm!"

"Yeah," David reflected, "Maybe you're right."

"Well," Dale said, "I'll tell you one thing. I would be willing to pay admission to see what would happen if those two little females ever physically clashed."

"Although, I doubt Ann would ever let it come to that." he reflected.

"Now with Lisa, she's a catty little bitch and a little envious of Ann so she might, "Dale laughed.

David laughed and confided, "Makes me hard just fantasizing about those two coming together in a physical confrontation."

"By the way," David asked, changing the subject.

"As Manager of the project, have you heard when our date of completion is for this project is supposed to be? Is it still the same?"

He knew that Dale, as Manager of the project, would probably know.

"I was talking to the home office yesterday," Dale said, "They tell me the company is starting a new project in the Middle East."

"In fact, "he added," I hear they're already starting to pull certain people off other projects to staff the Middle East job."

David walked away with a sinking feeling. He knew there was a strong likelihood he could very well be transferred early.

Ann and Lisa do lunch

It's almost eleven-thirty; where is Lisa? Ann thought, she should be here by now.

"Hey," Ann heard a sexy low-pitched female voice calling to her from the door of her office. "Aren't you ready, yet?"

"Coming," Ann laughed.

A few minutes later, the two attractive women entered the huge Quonset hut that served as the Project's Cafeteria.

The two women instantly caught the eyes of all the men having lunch. A moment later, they were seated together in a secluded corner of the lunchroom.

Their conversation quickly turned to how soon the project would be completed.

"Dale, told me confidentially that many of the guys are already being pulled off jobs that are about to finish up. They're all being reassigned to the Middle East project," Lisa confided.

"Sooo... ," Lisa said, "We'd better really enjoy our guys. We could all be gone before the month is out." she whispered, in a naughty sexy tone.

Lisa could hear the sadness in Ann's voice as she reacted to the news.

"Really... I hope David isn't going to be taken off our project early," she said gloomily.

Seeking to brighten things up, Lisa laughed and said.

"Have you heard the latest news now that we're in our final month here?"

"No," Ann said, puzzled, "Tell me," she insisted.

"Is something supposed to be different during our last month?"

"Oh, yes," Lisa said, with a knowing little smile.

Then she explained the last month's little rituals to the quiet little Accountant sitting across the table from her.

"Usually, in the last month on these far-flung projects, everyone sort of lets their hair down, and things tend to get a little wilder."

"In what way," Ann asked, her interest peaking.

"Well, "Lisa Chen giggled, "Usually near the end, as a special treat for the guy they been living with for the four months on the project—each girl agrees to give their guy one special night.

"What we do is we get together with another couple and have a private party... a sort of erotic free-for-all.

Usually, anything and everything goes. The two guys swap girlfriends; the two women entertain the guys by competing erotically against each other in all sorts of sexy ways.

"It's something really exciting for the guys and some of the women seem to enjoy it too." Lisa said.

"Sometimes if the two guys can talk them into it — since it's in private— the two women will often engage in some playful hair pulling.

"There have been times, when it even escalates. If the two women agree, open finger slapping can be allowed. Most of us try to avoid that," Lisa assured her fascinated lunch companion.

"You might say, Lisa explained," it's like a little intimate foreplay to prepare for later, when the two couples move on to more intensely sexual erotic activities.

Ann was astounded, and quickly asked her little Chinese friend, Lisa.

"Does everyone do it?" Ann inquired.

"Did you do it when you were on other projects?" she asked.

"Do you promise to keep my secret if I tell you?" Lisa said in a low conspirator voice.

"Sure," Ann replied, very interested.

"I promise I won't tell anyone. It'll be our little secret."

Ann smiled reassuringly into the lovely brown almond eyes of the little secretary seated across from her.

"Okay... yes! Sure I did." Lisa said.

"Dale and I have now been on three different projects together. Each time he and I have hooked up for the whole four months. You might say what we have together—is like a 'play marriage, ' Lisa explained.

"So... because I know Dale's crazy about watching me engage in that particular activity; I always agree to do it at least one time for him on each of the projects we've been on together."

Then attempting to justify it, Lisa added in her own defense.

"After all, Dale always makes sure I get a top salary. And as I'm sure you know, after living with David for the last several months," she said, with a knowing smile.

"Most women enjoy sex just as much as the men do. So... , Yes!" I enjoy that part of the life on each project," She said defensibly.

"You must think I'm crazy," Lisa laughed.

"The truth is, Dale is really nice to me. He's is a nice guy, and a wonderful considerate lover."

She watched the little Accountant, Ann's reaction, carefully.

Then, just to lighten the moment, Lisa teased Ann by saying with a little sexy giggle.

"Would you like to try him sometime?"

Ann teased her right back.

"Well... Dale is definitely handsome, and sort of sexy; maybe I should," she said as if to dare Lisa to disagree with her.

Laughing, but still about half serious Lisa issued what Ann took to be a friendly little threat.

"I think you should know, if any other female ever tried, I'm prepared to get down on the floor and fight for my man," she giggled.

"In fact that's one of the little erotic events that make swap night so exciting for Dale and the other guy." Lisa laughed.

"There's usually always some playful wrestling between me and the other female." Lisa confided.

"I sometimes suspect that's Dale's favorite part." She said, with a wicked little laugh.

"He likes to watch me so a couple of times I have done it with other women, even when it wasn't the fourth month, if we meet someone nice for me to do it with," she confided.

"I always tease him that what he really wants to see is our panties flashing when our thighs fall open," she giggled naughtily.

"He's always teases me, telling me that anytime a Chinese woman's panties are on view, it really turns him on." she said with another naughty little smile.

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