Poacher's Portrait

by Deenara2000

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Rape, Rough, Humiliation, Violent, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A photographer named Kim finds more than the animals in the woods.

Hi, I'm Kim, and I'm going to tell you about a summer I had several years ago when I was hiking the Alaskan backcountry and fell across a band of nasty poachers.

I wasn't sure exactly where I was, which was fine with me; I had a GPS system if I needed help getting back to the drop point. I was working on a wild life picture spread and had brought 50 roles of film; I had already worked through 20 roles so far and had loved every minute. Just before I left the ranger station, where I had gotten all my permits, the ranger had told me to watch out for the Kodiak, which was only a smart thing to do, as well as to watch out for poachers; that the poachers had been working some of the same area that I had planned to be in. I told the ranger that if I find any traps or pits I would try to disable them or just mark them and keep records of the GPS locations and turn them in when I get back.

I had done it twice before had actually helped catch some poacher. I was well over a week into my trek when I had spotted some poachers. There were five or six of them and they had just brought down a young male black bear, I wished then that I had invested in a satellite phone but unfortunately; it came down to the phone or the trip. You can guess which one I chose.

I had thought I stayed out of sight and was planning on working my way back and away from the poachers but I guess I hadn't been as good as I thought and after a day, realized that I was being followed. Then I made one of the biggest mistakes I could have and left the trail hoping to cut cross country to get back to base camp faster. After two hours, I finally had to admit that I was lost and had to rely on my GPS unit to get me out. The second mistake was that I had not been paying enough attention to the trail that alone could get you killed and it nearly did for me. As I walked along, I had a second to realize that the ground was giving way and I was falling into a pit trap. I landed badly, I jarred my left arm and shoulder and hit my head, but that wasn't the worse, I had heard something in my right leg snap and before I could check it out, the pain in the leg was so bad, I blacked out.

I don't know how long I was out for, but the sounds of men's voices are what had awoken me. I guessed that the poachers had followed and found me. I had fallen onto my side so decided to stay right were I was. I think that I was hoping that the poachers would think I was dead and leave.

"Well what do we have here? I think we bagged us something real special." Said one of the voices, there was a nasty laugh behind his words.

"I don't know but I would sure like to find out," said another man in a whinny voice. "Is she alive do you think? I've heard of some falling into these traps and breaking their necks."

"She's alive, see she's breathing." In a louder voice, "Hey! Wake up. Hey!!"

I didn't want to move but I did. And groaned as I used my good arm and tried to sit myself up right. It was hard because I hurt all over. I didn't try anything more because I knew I would never make it to my feet.

"So what do we do now? Should we just leave her here or get her out?" asked yet another man.

"We'll get her out and take her with us. Woman's cooking is always better than mine." Said the man that had called her to wake. He seemed to be the leader at any rate.

After a moment, someone lowered a rope down into the pit. "Come on, get up and take the rope and we'll pull you up. Come on, we haven't got all day."

I couldn't move even if I had the strength to do so, nor could I have climbed out using only one hand. The leader again ordered me up and several others began calling too. Then one of the men spoke up. "I don't think she can get up. Looks like she hurt herself pretty bad. I'll go down and take a look. If she's too bad off we should just leave her. I would guess she has one of those emergency beacons with her and she can get help for herself in a day or two."

"I don't know about that. We're close to camp, someone might see it." Complained the man I deem to be the leader.

"I don't feel like lugging an injured woman all over either. I doubt you would want to. Just hold the rope and I'll go down and be back up in a few."

In moments, I heard someone coming down into the pit. I tried to move back away from who ever it was but there just wasn't enough room. He came right up to me and knelt down. In the back of her mind, she thought he was somewhat handsome if you could get him to stand under a waterfall for a time to get all the dirt off, but I was still scared out of my mind and had no idea what this man was going to do.

"Please don't hurt me. Please." I begged.

"It's all right. Just tell me where you hurt." His voice was even better up close.

"Please don't hurt me. Please." I begged again.

"I don't intend to. Come on, I just want to help, what hurts?"

I decide that there was something in the way he spoke that said he could be trusted. "My left arm and shoulder, as well as my right leg. I think it's broken." I said with a sob.

He reached out and starting from neck, he felt his way down my arm. It didn't feel broken but it sure brought tears to my eye it hurt so much. Then he moved to check out my leg. He started just above the knee and worked his way down. He was half way down the calf when he gave a curse and said, "Leg's broke. However it's not too badly out of alignment. I can but it back but you won't be able to walk for sometime. The shoulder and arm are just jarred and will be good to go in a few days."

He turned his head up and raised his voice to tell the others up above. "What can you do about it?" The leader man replied.

"I can set the leg but she can't walk on it for several weeks. We should just leave her here and let her get help for herself."

"No, set the leg and we'll take her with us. Make sure to bring her pack and things with you when you come up."

"Max, in my pack, in the outer pocket, are some strips of cloth. Toss them down to me with some arm length sticks." Then he turned back to me. "Take a deep breath and hold still."

I yelled when he set the bone and almost passed out again, but then some of the pain did stop. Just then, someone tossed down some fabric and the sticks that he wanted. He bound the leg up tight and I hoped that it would hold. I also hoped that this man could convince the others to just leave me, I had a bad feeling about the leader and if something happened, there would be nothing I could do to stop it.

"Please just leave me. You don't have to take me with you. I can get help, please."

"It's not up to me and if Paul says your coming with us, he means it. Just behave and nothing will happen."

He helped me to a standing position then tied the rope around me. Within moments, I was up and out of the pit. The helpful man came up just after. I took a moment to look around as two of the men were still holding me up and found that there were only five of them. Then the leader came up to me. "So what were you doing out in the forest? And why were you following us?"

"I wasn't following you. I was following some tracks and just happened across you." Damn, I hadn't met to say that, "I'm a photographer; I'm out here taking pictures of animals. Please just let me go and I'll not say anything. I swear, please."

"You already know too much. Mark throw her over your shoulder and bring her along."

Another man came forward, he was huge, and nearly seven feet tall at least; he picked me up like I didn't even weigh anything, and then he was off following the others. After a short time, I, thankfully, blacked out again because being carried the way I was causing a lot of pain.

I woke as the big man was putting me down on some blankets in a tent. The leader was standing at the opening of the tent with a strange look on his face. Before the big man left, he looked at me and asked if I needed anything. I tried to make it sound like a joke but I asked if any one had any painkillers, and was surprised when he pulled out a bottle of Darviset. I took a few tablets out of the bottle and handed it back to him then he handed me a canteen. I broke the tablet in half and took it, then the big man left. I put the rest of the pills in my pocket and just waited for the pill I took to take some of the pain away.

The leader was still standing at the opening of the tent. "Well what are we going to do with you now. I thought of having you do all the camp chores but with a busted leg, you can't even get out of this tent without help."

"You should have just left me at the pit. Please just take me back there and I can get the rangers to come and get me. I don't even know where we are so you don't have to worry about me telling anyone."

"Like I believe that. Believe it or not, I do know who you are. I saw you a few years ago when you were here taking picture. I even got a hold of a magazine that had some of your pictures in it. You really are a good photographer. I also know that you've been charting the locations of traps you find and turning that over to the rangers. If you need anything just yell for Mark or John." And with that, he left. I was so scared I felt like I was going to throw up but I had the feeling that the leader wouldn't like that. Slowly the pain eased put I still felt on the verge. I tried to lie down but got even sicker and I wished I had my pack with me to lean on. I don't know if it was the pain or the painkillers on an empty stomach but I had to get out of the tent and soon so, I called out. "Mark, John, Please, any one I need to get out of the tent. I'm going to be sick."

Mark was there in moments and very gently helped me to my feet and carried me outside. We just made it to the side of the tent when I had to stop him and turned away from him, went down on my hand and good knee, then lost everything in my stomach. When the spasms stopped, Mark handed me a canteen and told me to take small sips. After I rinsed my mouth out, I did just that but that to didn't stay down long, either. It was strange that I could feel his growing concern and then he called for John. Just before John got to us, I decided not to put anything else down and just waited. "Mark what is it?"

"John, I think you should have another look at her, she can't seem to stop throwing up, even a mouthful or two of water won't stay down."

"That's not good. Ma'am did you hit your head when you fell into the pit? Or is it just from too much pain. Mark did she take any of your painkillers?"

"She took half of one. If she didn't have enough in her stomach that could be why she started but once it was out, she should have calmed down."

John came even closer and lifted my head slowly so that he could look into my eyes then felt all over my head. He managed to find a really nice sized bump on the back of my head. Even in my distressed state, I could see he had beautiful green eyes but it was obvious by his reaction that he knew what was wrong. "She's got a concussion, I think. Mix that with fear and pain and you've got a good recipe for throwing up your toenails. The only thing that we can do is to make her comfortable and let her rest. I'll get her pack, she can use that as a back rest and let's hope she doesn't get any worse."

The two men helped me back to the tent, and then John left but returned shortly with my pack. He set it beside me after thinking of the best way to have me positioned. Mark left then too but returned with a bucket, subtle but it might be needed. That's also when the leader came back looking irritated, "What's this I hear about her being sick?"

"Concussion, pain, fear, meds, take your pick, any one can cause this reaction but she's got at lease three of the four and you have a fool proof recipe for needing to throw up. I'll watch her more closely, if she gets worse, she'll need to go to a hospital. Wish I had some Compozeen to give her, that would at least calm her stomach."

"I don't need this. Let me know if she gets worse and we'll take it from there." He turned and walked out.

After a few minutes I was able to talk, I needed to know a few things. "Why are you being so nice to me? Are you some kind of medic or something?"

"I was a medic in the golf and when I got out of the military I couldn't get work and I couldn't handle being near a lot of people. Paul is the leader here and my cousin Pete works for him. I don't like what he does sometimes but I stay to keep all of them patched up. As to being nice, well it's a down fall of mine that's all."

"What's going to happen to me?" Like I didn't already know.

"That I don't know. Behave yourself and do as your told and I don't think anything will happen to you."

"With you and Mark I can believe that but with that other man. He's just waiting till I'm not going to throw up on him. And I would guess he won't be gentle either."

It took him a few minutes to get the meaning of what I had said. "Your showing up is just an inconvenience to him, that's all. He's got an order to fill and we're having trouble filling it. Don't worry he's hardly in camp anyway."

I leaned on my pack and could think of nothing more, so I decided to try to rest. John stayed just outside the tent and checked on me frequently asking if I wanted anything to drink or eat. By evening, I was able to keep down water and then someone thought to bring out some kind of alcohol; it at least helped with the pain. I didn't sleep through the night, I had to get up and use the bushes once; trying to go to the bathroom in the bushes with a bad arm and a busted leg, is not what I call fun. In the morning, I found that someone had made a seat over a hole so that I could take care of things easier and I was grateful for it. Noon came and I decided I needed to try to eat something, both because I needed energy to heal and I might have a need to run for it too.

As promised, the leader left with several people, leaving John with me. I can tell you I felt much better then. By noon I had the chance to go through my pack and found that yes, my gun had been taken and the bullets; my knives too were gone. My camera equipment had been placed on the other side of the tent but my PGS unit and the emergency beacon were nowhere in sight. I did have some secrets that I was happy to keep; like the fact that I had a dead man beacon sewn into the lining of my pack. It was one of those devices that if they're not moved every so often they send out a mayday. It would take a few days before it would go off because I had the thing set for five days but since I didn't move the pack it would go off and help would be on it's way, I hoped.

Two days later, the leader and his group came back. John was out doing something and I was just sitting reading a book I had gently pulled out of my pack when the leader came into the tent, tossed his pack down then began to take of his shirt. He had gotten it off and turned around and saw me.

"Damn, I forgot you were in here. I need to find you a different place to rest so I can have my tent back." he paused and got that look on his face again. "Then again, you're not bad to look at, and I can think of many things for the two of us to do."

I tried to move back as he came forward but I still wasn't in good shape and I was so scared. I just barely was able to grab the bucket before I was sick. The man cursed and left the tent. I put the bucket aside and put my head down on my pack. That was just to close. I heard John then and he was talking to the leader. "Has she been throwing up this whole time?"

"No, she stopped yesterday. I'll have Mark help me move her to my tent so you can have yours back."

"No, I have plans for her when she's better."

"Paul, That's probably why she threw up. She fully believes that you intent to rape her. I'm just as human as you are and she's really good looking and it's been awhile for me too. Please let me move her or take her back to the pit and let her get help.

"And when she tells them where we are and how to get here. Do you think the rangers are going to miss our camp? All of us have twenty years waiting for us in prison if we're caught. I would rather have her willing but I don't mind using force. I won't wait forever for her to get over the willies. However let her know that from this moment on she belongs to me."

I don't know what happened then but John came in a short time later with a grim look on his face. He came over and took the bucket and left again. Mark was the one who brought it back with a small plate of food. He didn't even look at me. "Please, Mark you have to help me. That leader of yours, his going to... to... Please help me get away from here."

"I can't and none of the others will help you either, even John can't. Paul has ways of making us all suffer if we don't take his orders. If he comes for you, take all the pills you have and try to forget." He still wasn't looking at me.

"Then leave me your bottle and lets hope it's enough to kill me by overdosing."

"Now don't talk like that. He's just frustrated that the game hasn't been good and he's thinking were going to have to move before he can fill his latest order. Don't fight him if he comes to you. He likes it that way and you're the one that will be worse off for it." He got up and left quickly.

There was many noises in the camp and as always, I was curious to see what was going on. John came in just as the sun was going down with a bowl of something but I couldn't eat. He also brought some of the hooch that was in the camp. I couldn't eat or drink, if I did I would be throwing it back up in no time and that would just make things worse. I did try to beg John to help me but he just looked away, picked up the plate and the bowl and left.

Mark came back about an hour later and helped me to the bushes. Stupid me thought that I could get away and even tried. I hadn't taken more than four steps when a big hand grabbed me by the shoulder, turned me around, and with a shake of his head told me I would never make it then picked me up to take me back to the tent.

I was just falling asleep when the leader, I couldn't use his name even though I had heard it, came into the tent.

"Well you certainly have John and Mark upset. Both men have told me to at lease be gentle with you. Like they could stop me from doing whatever I wanted, however I want to. You see, if they get me to upset with them all I have to do is make a call and one of a half dozen of their relatives has an accident. Your not worth it to them to risk that." He started walking over to me, removing his clothing as he did. "If you don't want to have me cut the clothing off you I would suggest that you start removing them."

I tried to move back and way from him but my left arm was still not very strong. "Please don't do this. Please don't do this to me." I begged. Still trying to get away from him.

He grabbed my good leg and pulled me back to him then started to try to remove my top. I started screaming and thrashing around which didn't help me any and as it made him even happier. He had managed to tare the shirt down the front, before I was able to make contact with his chin. He howled and raised his hand to strike me back. "Paul, you don't have to be that rough with her." Mark was standing in the tent opening.

"Well so you came to help her. If she would just do what I asked and stop fighting, she might even like it."

"She's just scared and hurt, you just don't need to be rough with her."

"Well if she wasn't fighting me I would be more inclined not to be too rough with her." He paused with an evil grin to his face, "I know, why don't you come and hold her hands down, so I can get her pants off without hurting her bad leg. I wouldn't want it to get broken again now would I?"

To my horror, Mark walked over to me, taking my hands and raising them above my head, holding them there with just one hand of his. The other, he placed on my chest to keep me from thrashing around too much. Without my hands, I had no way of defending myself and when my pants came off, I had to take whatever was to happen. I was begging and crying in turn but nothing I did made it stop, until he was done.

That was not the end of his fun though. "That made it much easier, thank you Mark. And as a reward, I think you should have a go. Go on I'll even hold her hand for you."

Mark unfortunately had gone for sometime without it too and was not able to resist the temptation placed in front of him. However, as he took Paul's place he showed he didn't need to have the leader hold me down. Big was a good way to describe him and his dick matched the rest of him but at least he was gentle, I only cried out when he started. By the time he finished, I just wished I'd pass out; I wasn't to be so lucky. When Mark moved away Paul the leader was back. I started to struggle again and Mark came around and held my down again.

"Thank you again Mark. You can go now. I won't be needing her until morning." Mark got up and left, "As you can see I have everything and everyone well in hand. I will admit that it was exciting to have another man in here while I was having you. And Mark definitely liked it. I think if I gave him the chance he could go all night with you."

I tried to grab a blanket and he pulled it away from me. "I'm not done looking at you. I know the rest of the men are going to be envious of Mark tomorrow when I tell them that he had a turn with you. May-be tomorrow when I want to have you again I'll have one of the other come into hold you hands down for me, then let them have a turn when I'm done. What do you think of that?"

I looked away from him and tried to curl into a ball. It's hard to do with a bad shoulder and a broken leg. He just laughed, laid the blanket out on the other side of the tent laid down and when to sleep. I couldn't move; I hurt more now than I had just after I had fallen but it wasn't enough to make me pass out. By midnight, I was shaking with cold and fear and I knew if I moved I would throw up and that would wake him up. Somehow I managed to turn on my side in the night but I was still shivering with cold and I couldn't stop. Paul got up put his pants on and left the tent. He had been gone for only a moment when John came in. In truth, I didn't know who had come in and started to try to get away from him. "Hey, it's just me, it's John. Have you been like this all night?" He took of his sweater and helped me to sit up and tried to put it on me. I started thrashing and fighting him so much that he let me go and I fell back. A moment later, I felt a blanket being thrown over me. That's when I came to myself and started crying.

When the crying stopped, I just looked at him. He didn't say anything as he tried to hand me his sweater. I took it and put it on, it was still warm.

"Well isn't this a cute seen. I hope you don't need that sweater any more if she fights me again I'll have to cut it off her, it won't rip like the shirt she was wearing." Said the leader from the opening of the tent.

"May-be if you ask her nicely she'd be more inclined to receive you."

"You think so? Would you let me strip you naked and fuck your brains out?"

Shaking my head no, Paul started laughing. "You see, she would have told me no. That's why I don't ask. Man it's a cold morning isn't it?" He went over to his pack and got out a sweater for himself. "John get her fed and warm, I won't need her until I get back."

He grabbed his jacket after the sweater was on and walked out of the tent. John reached for my pack and I stopped him. "Get out."

"Ma'am you need to get some clothing on. It's only 40 degrees out there."

"I don't care. Get out. I told you he was going to... to... if you can't help me then I don't want to see you or any one. I don't care if I freeze to death." I was ashamed of what was happening because I wasn't able to make it stop.

"Don't talk like that. Paul will tire of you soon and when he does, he'll have one of us take you to the ranger station. He's done it that way before. But the more you fight and scream the more he likes it."

"And when he orders you to hold my hands as he did to Mark last night, then orders you to take a turn, then what?"

"What? He didn't."

"I could almost have enjoyed it if it still wasn't done by force. At least Mark was gentle. Now leave me."

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