Snowy Rendezvous - Ann Tutors Her Lover

by Dag123

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, White Couple, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Ann delights in teaching her Lover, David a new erotic skill. As David learns the intimate sensual Art of pleasing a woman, their passions explode! With their time together rapidly vanishing '" like vapor from a teakettle '" They pursue their erotic passions with renewed urgency!

"I can't believe that almost three months have already passed," Ann, said quietly as she perched on the arm of the large comfortable chair David was sitting in.

"Our time here will be over before we hardly know it," she complained sadly, a trace of bitterness in her soft voice.

"I know, darling," David said, sympathizing with her.

"I'll probably never be lucky enough to ever meet anyone as wonderful as you, Ann. "

"Well, you know, Ann reflected, "Like they say Time really is the River of no Return."

"We still have over a month before the Project is closed down. Let's not waste any of our precious moments feeling sad," David comforted Ann.

"We've always known that we would have only a short time."

Seeing Ann was in a melancholy mood, David attempted to cheer her up by suggesting.

"Hey, why don't we go to the Friday night dance tonight?"

"David, do you really want to go, it's always so crowded out on the dance floor. It seems to get more and more rowdy, the longer we're here"

"Well," David replied, I just thought it might cheer you up," he replied.

"Ann," is something bothering you, Sweetheart," David asked, his concern apparent in his voice.

"You know, I'm a good listener," he added.

"Well, I wasn't even going to mention it, but I was called in to see Dale, the Project Manager today, because I didn't have certain financial reports completed on time.

He insisted that I tell him the reason; which was, I didn't have enough computers for my Accounting Group."

"What's wrong with that," David asked.

"Because, I finally had to tell him that it was his own Secretary, Lisa Chen who had refused my request for the new computers.

"I really didn't want to cross that Lisa Chen, because she is a catty little Chinese Bitch; but I had no choice.

"She can cause me a lot of trouble. I think she dislikes me anyway," Ann complained.

"I'm not sure though... you know what they say about the Chinese being inscrutable," she laughed.

"Would you like me to talk to Dale," David offered.

"I know him pretty well."

"Thank you, David," Ann replied, touched that he was willing do that for her.

"But don't get me in any more trouble than I'm already in," she smiled.

Ann smiled tenderly at David.

"About the Dance tonight, unless you just really want to go, David, I think I'd rather stay right here in our own cozy little Quonset hut this evening.

Her office problem put aside and forgotten, Ann said brightly.

"Hey, what shall we do?" she asked, kissing David whom she adored, full on the mouth.

Over the past three months, Ann had come to realize she had become crazier about David, his quiet good looks, his confident, yet caring manner, than any other man she had ever met.

Although she often thought of her husband, back on the West Coast with a combination of shame and regret, her life now revolved around David.

His handsome smile was like the Sun to her now, giving her life. Ann felt weak, helplessly, and, hopelessly in love with this sweet, and yes, sometimes even naïve 22-year-old guy.

Ann had finally had to admit to herself that she had fallen hopelessly in love with a handsome man who in return seemed to love and adore her.

From the very beginning, David had proved to be a very masculine Lover. Ann had allowed him to seduce her their very first night together.

He had given her a joyful pounding, taking her up to sensuous heights she had never experienced with anyone else, including her husband.

David was a suave, excellent Lover, and had become like a drug to Ann. She had never enjoyed sex so much. She loved it that he almost nightly plied his sexual skills to carry her to the heights of ecstasy.

During their steamy coupling, David, each time, almost drove Ann out of her mind with desire and wanting.

He became an always-welcome guest between her soft slender shapely thighs. Each time his engorged huge cock gave her twenty-four year old overworked swollen pussy a violent joyful pounding.

Each delightful night David exercising his masculinity and stamina by fucking Ann, the little Accountant, silly.

He loved the taste of her and often stopped to lick her swollen titties. The sensuous feel of his warm moist mouth sucking on her perky nipples - his almost cruel full lips crushing her delicate lips with his masculine kisses — would finally bring her to a screaming earth-shattering climax.

David loved that this quiet little Accountant, Ann at climax became quite noisy with her "AAAHHHGG," her little squeaks of joy pain as she surged with such sexy urgency up to the pinnacle of her Climax.

In addition, Ann... she had loved all of it. When David had suggested she do the woman astride thing and he let her control the torrid action; Ann felt she could fuck him all night long.

With his stiff blood, engorged cock plunging slick and hot inside of her, Angela was a very happy and fulfilled little Accountant.

Ann had found her first time intercourse outside of her marriage addictive to say the least.

From that first evening on, David's hard body became Ann's addiction and they began going around as a couple.

It had been almost three months now, since Angela and David had enjoyed their sexual Maiden Voyage.

On this Friday evening, the two of them, having just completed work for the day, were lying on Ann's bed talking — enjoying the quiet intimacy of the moment.

"Oh," David said, "I almost forgot to tell you. I talked to Dale your Project Manager, and he talked to his Secretary, Lisa Chen. She claims she wasn't aware that you were Head of the Accounting Group."

"Thank you, David," Ann replied warmly.

"Actually Lisa called me and invited me to lunch yesterday. We had a nice time dishing the dirt," Ann laughed.

"We even talked about you and Dale."

"Well," David teased, "Maybe Dale and I better have lunch and talk about the two of you," he laughed.

"Maybe we could compare notes," he teased.

"You wouldn't dare!" Ann laughed.

"Did you know that Lisa Chen and Dale has been an item this whole time also?" Ann confided.

"They seem to have pretty much the same arrangement that you and I enjoy."

"Actually, you know... ," David said, feinting innocence.

"Lisa is really a sexy little female. I think her being Chinese makes her even more beautiful. She has a kind of an exotic aura about her," David teased Ann.

"I envy Dale." he said, grinning impishly in Ann's direction.

"Okay, Smart Guy," Ann laughed.

"What are you trying to do, make me jealous? Because if that's what you're trying to do, you're succeeding."

Making a face at him, she slapped him gently in mock anger.

Wanting to tease him back, Ann mischievously allowed her sexy shapely thighs to open slightly as she watched his reaction.

Since Ann was naked under her dressing gown, except for her panties, David quickly took the hint. He began nuzzling her warm fragrant thighs kissing up her thighs.

With his nose and mouth, now right up against Ann's slightly moist white panties Ann's fragrant female smells even through her panties began to ignite his desire.

"Keep going," Ann encouraged him, her breath starting to quicken.

"Gee, Mister, she teased, "Would you like to take my panties off."

"You know, Ann, I've never done a girl before in that way — you know — get down between her thighs, and lick and suck her pussy." David confided.

Ann was amused to see he was a little embarrassed to even be talking about it. Then David said abruptly, right out of the clear blue sky.

"That's something I've always wanted to learn how to do... perform cunnilingus."

David admitted sheepishly, his deep dark hidden secret now out in the open.

"I hate to admit it, but I've never been exactly sure how it's done, "

"Darling David," Ann said, surprised at his naivety.

"Are you hinting you'd like to use me to practice on?" she teased him affectionately as she kissed his warm lips softly.

"Would you like me to give you the guided tour and teach you?" she asked.

She smiled, unable to hide her amusement at her 22 year old Lover's earnest look of embarrassment.

"Yes," he replied.

"But, you have to promise you won't tell anyone, okay?" He requested.


Ann said, starting to feel just a hint of an arousal at what she was going to teach him to do to her.

"I promise. No one will ever know but you and me; and, we'll never tell, right." Ann assured him, her warm brown eyes twinkling.

"I can hardly wait," David replied kissing Ann's beautiful graceful neck softly.

"David, please don't be embarrassed, you know, I'm a 24 year old married woman, she teased.

"I'll enjoy it even more knowing I'm the first woman you've ever tried it with... that way."

"Okay," David replied gratefully, "When can we try it?"

"Right now, if you like," Ann replied.

Ann felt her arousal starting to grow at the thought that his virgin tongue was about to drive her wild with desire. David was thrilled! This was going to be something completely new and different with him.

Ann laughed lightly.

"Let's make it a real leisurely fun time. We have nothing planned, so we can spend this whole evening fooling around."

"Okay, well first," Ann directed.

"Let me scoot down to the foot of the bed, and position myself so you can get at me real easy," Ann said gently.

A moment later Ann lay on her back- her sexy thighs slightly parted, revealing just a hint of her white panties.

Trying to help David relax, she kidded him.

"Okay, Sir, do you know what the next step is... what you have to do first?" she asked, an impish little smile dancing in her lively brown eyes.

An embarrassed David admitted, "I'm not really sure, Ann what?"

"Well," an amused Ann replied, starting to enjoy his discomfort.

"You have to take something off of me first. Allowing her luscious naked thighs to fall open, enticingly she asked.

"Don't you think, it's about time you took off my panties," she laughed.

Getting into the fun of the moment, David teased her.

"Gee, Ann, Do you mean I can't do it to you, right through your panties?" he laughed.

A moment later, as David struggled - trying to tug Ann's lacy white panties off her hips, Ann giggled.

"Here." "Let me help you."

With that, Ann raised her shapely hips up off the bed, allowing David's warm fingers to strip her panties off her hips, down her thighs. Finally, the journey complete, he slipped Ann's already slightly soiled panties off over her shapely ankles.

Ann felt a sudden grip of arousal as she saw David's hungry eyes staring

at her lush triangular patch of black hair.

Ohhh, "Ann thought, her warm breath quickening, I hope I can control myself long enough to tell him how I like it.

It was only then that Ann realized that in all the months they had been together, she had never offered to let him look at or examine her forbidden Spot.

So, Ann said, an impertinent smile playing on her beautiful face

"David, darling, "Are you ready to have an intimate look at my pussy up close and personal,"

"Yes," David said, his voice now almost a whisper. "The only ones I've seen up close were in magazines such as Penthouse.

Ann felt a bit bashful herself in spite of her growing arousal.

"So, would you like me to show you mine?"

"Yes, if you're sure it won't embarrass you, "David said.

"Relax, David," Ann, whispered gently.

"There's no one here, except the two of us. Remember, we said we'd make this a really leisurely fun evening," she whispered tenderly.

Ann's own voice was becoming slightly ragged with desire, thinking of what was to come.

"Okay," Ann said lightly.

"Are you ready for your own private pussy show to start?" she asked, with a little deprecating laugh.

With that Ann slowly, tantalizingly started raising her shapely slender thighs - allowing them to fall just enough apart for an intimate little peek.

"WOW." David said, in amazement.

"I feel like I'm about to explore an exotic Jungle. I love it that you have so much pussy hair down there."

Ann watched fascinated as his hungry brown eyes continued drinking in her naked beauty.

"Okay," Ann said, her breathing now ragged and uneven.

A highly aroused Ann was lovingly directing him.

"Start pushing my thighs apart - but do it real slow."

David felt his throbbing cock growing hard rock. Holding Ann's knees with his warm fingers, he gently spread her legs. He watched hungrily as Ann's shapely thighs full and rich, now opened up in front of his eyes.

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