Ann's Snowy Rendezvous

by Dag123

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Swinging, Interracial, White Couple, Voyeurism, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Ann, a pretty, petite, married woman, agrees to spend several months working in snowy Alaska as an Accountant on a Construction Project. Once in Alaska, away from her husband and home, she meets David, a handsome twenty-two year old Engineer. Alone and hungry for male companionship, she enters into a romantic tryst with David and together they discover their own forbidden Shangri La of Erotic Lust.

Ann seeking a chance to get away for a while, had agreed to go to Alaska on a four month Accounting Project. Although her husband had been vehemently against her going, she felt the need to get away for a while.

She had finally convinced her husband to let her go by pointing out they could finish paying off their house with the windfall of money she would earn.

Being honest with herself, once aboard the 747 Jet, Ann couldn't help feeling free and liberated. Though she loved her husband, she needed some time to herself. This Project in Alaska was the perfect solution.

After arriving, Ann was assigned her own Quarters, which consisted of a cozy Quonset hut. She loved living by herself and being on her own again.

After spending only a couple of days on Site, Ann came to realize that she was with a wild fun group of people. Everyone seemed so uninhibited. There was almost a Wild West atmosphere that seemed to pervade the place.

Ann was mildly surprised at how quickly some of the men and women drifted together and paired off; but as the days wore on, she understood why.

The Project Group was completely isolated in snow-bound Alaska, a world away from friends and family. Ann felt better when she learned also, that no one ever talked about what went on there once they had returned to the States.

Ann watched fascinated, sometimes even slightly aroused, as each day more and more of the men paired off with the woman of his choice. My Goodness, she realized, they're all living like man and wife.

After thinking about the situation, Ann decided to keep an open mind. When one of the nicer guys, a 22-year-old guy named David had asked her, she had relented and finally agreed to attend the Saturday night dance with him.

Dancing close, to this man she hardly knew in that intimate large Hall, Ann couldn't help but feel strange dancing with someone other than her husband.

However, by the time the Jazz Trio took their first break, she felt much more relaxed. Perhaps, the two vodka Gimlets I've had helped, she thought feeling a bit giddy from the drinks.

Around Twelve O'clock midnight, the dance broke up and David drove her home through a blinding snowstorm in one of the company Jeeps. Not sure, what he expected of her; but, knowing he was chilled, Ann invited him into her cozy Living Quarters.

She quickly turned up the thermostat and within minutes, the place felt intimately warm and inviting.

As Ann put some Romantic Guitar Music on her Stereo, turning quickly she caught his hungry look as he drank in her exquisite beauty.

Smiling to herself, she felt flattered by his interest in her. Gee, she thought, maybe this could work out.

The CD on the Stereo was playing a very romantic guitar solo of the old Standard, "Embraceable You."

Dancing close, in the privacy of Ann's Quonset hut, their bodies warm against each other, Ann felt his erection press against her thigh.

Ann caught her breath sharply. "See what you do to me," Ann," David laughed. "Sorry," he whispered through her long black hair.

"David," Ann whispered softly in her sexy voice. "It's alright. Don't be sorry. There's no one here but just the two of us."

However, Ann knew they were at a sexual crossroads. If she didn't break it off right now, she knew she would be spending her first night ever with someone other than her husband.

"Ann," David whispered his voice full of despair, "I want you so much."

"I know David, Ann replied, "I want you too."

Then as the song ended, she whispered, "Let me go into the bedroom and get into something more relaxing for the occasion. I won't be long."

"Okay," David whispered, his voice thick with arousal and anticipation,

"But, please hurry."

Making up her mind at that moment, Ann said, "I will, "she assured him.

"You get ready too. I'll be right back."

Quickly Ann hurried to her bedroom - undressed, and then slipped into one of her most seductive sexiest lacy white Negligee'.

"You can come in now, "Ann called brightly, trying to sound confident; but feeling uneasy and strange at what she had decided to do.

David came through the bedroom door naked, except for his white shorts and T-Shirt.

Ann lay back on the bed in her sexy Negligee, her black shiny hair fanning out over her pillow. Her Negligee had ridden up almost to her mid-thighs. She knew this was providing David a brief intimate glimpse of her lacy cotton panties.

"You like," Ann whispered dreamily, smiling up at him, noting the thick bulge straining against his white briefs.

Oh God, Ann thought, He's definitely all man.

David was mesmerized. He felt his sexual arousal soar, as he looked at the exquisitely beautiful woman that he had been dancing with all evening.

"Ann," he whispered hoarsely, "You are breathtakingly beautiful."

Trying to lighten the situation a bit, Ann actually found herself giggling like a schoolgirl, as she replied.

"Oh, it's just me." They both laughed.

"David," Ann whispered longingly.

"When you're ready to take me, would you take it deliciously slow.

"It's been so long since I have done it with anyone other than my husband, I want to really enjoy it and remember this evening always."

Looking up at the twenty-two year old man who stood looking down hungrily drinking in her beauty - she smiled.

"Okay, slow and delicious it is," he said, warmly looking down at the lovely almost naked woman lying on the bed in front of him.

David smiled - mischievousness showing on his face as he laughingly confided.

"Ann, would you believe this is my first time with a married woman?"

Then grinning sheepishly, David said.

"It's like you're a passenger on the Good Ship Matrimony, and I'm a Pirate who can hardly wait to board you and steal your husband's precious cargo." he said.

"Having you tonight will be like finding and stealing the Crown Jewels," he said.

Ann laughed with amusement at his silly comparisons.

"I can hardly wait for you to board me also," Ann said, smiling tenderly as she tried to ease his guilt.

Then feeling her own desires quickening, Ann slowly, tantalizingly raised her legs - bent her shapely knees to allow her luscious thighs to gape slightly open.

She saw David's hungry eyes looking down at her nakedness. She was in an intimate position, fully revealed up to her white lacy panty crotch.

"Let me watch while you remove your briefs," Ann requested smiling up at David.

Hooking his thumbs into the waistband of his briefs - David started tugging them down his slim hips. His thickening cock was hung up on his waistband for a moment. Then swollen by his building arousal - it jerked free!

Ann couldn't tear her feverish brown eyes away from David's cock, which was long, and was obviously swelling rapidly from his arousal.

"Why don't you get on the bed with me," she murmured demurely.

David needed no further urging. Once up on her bed, he couldn't wait to kiss Ann's feverishly soft lips.

From the very moment their two dry parched lips touched, their passions ignited. Ann felt her own arousal soar as he started licking her dry parched lips - wetting them with his own juices.

A moment later David grasped the hem of Ann's negligee then slipped it off over her head. Her snow-white Bra followed as he reached around and unhooked it from behind.

"Oh, God, David," an aroused and passionate Ann pleaded with urgency.

"Hurry! Take my Panties off."

Ann felt impatient, almost desperate as David teased her, by slowly hooking his fingers in the waistband of her white lacy panties.

Then tantalizingly slow, he began to slide her panties down over her hips - then her thighs, finally down past her knees.

Ann in a frenzy of desire finally kicked them off her shapely ankles. Her lacy panties floated down and ended up on the floor discarded - like her virtue.

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