Christina -- Luscious Teenage Brunette

by Tom Land

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Tom, an older man, has been watching the dark-haired brunette beauty, Christina, as she's grown into adolescence and is now getting ready to graduate from high school. Turns out she's been watching and wanting him, too.

Christina grew into a very sexy and well-endowed young teenager and even though she had a rather petite figure and height, she had a nice set of tits sitting high and rounded on her chest. I always enjoyed seeing how Christina would dress and one style of clothing she seemed to have a real like for was those tops that appear as though they're designed to cover up the woman's budding tits but in fact, the way the tops are low cut is specifically designed to showcase the woman's cleavage and give a clear indication of the nice size and fullness of her tits.

I'd watched Christina grow and develop from being a young adolescent girl just entering puberty as she grew into her final years of high school and had developed a serious B-cup or even possibly C-cup set of sexy high tits on her chest. As her sexy young body developed and was definitely becoming that of a very attractive and sexy young woman, Christina also began to develop a full recognition of her own sexiness and her sexual needs.

What finally brought me and Christina into contact was her increasingly obvious interest in me. She'd made an overt effort to talk to me whenever she'd see me and it didn't take me long to pick up on the fact that sexy young Miss Christina was attracted to me. And, I increasingly noticed too that Christina had always dressed in a way that made her developed breasts and female curves obvious to the eyes of those who saw her.

What finally made me take matters in my own hands was when I happened to go shopping at a department store where Christina was working during the holidays and she made such an overt effort to wait on me that it finally became obvious that this sexy young 18 year old brunette was doing everything short of coming right out and asking me to take her to one of the nearby motels and fuck her sexy young brains out. I was more than happy to accomodate this obviously hormonally driven young woman and give her the hard cock she so badly needed fucking her in every possible hole.

Just before I made my purchases, I finally stood looking straight at Christina so there'd be no doubt in her young teenage mind that she'd gotten my full attention. Sure enough, she was wearing one of those same kinds of tops that seems to be very appropriate and chaste but in fact shows off her awesome tits and cleavage to let any man know they're looking straight at a budding woman. It was all I could do to keep from reaching up and simply cupping both of Christina's bra-encased tits through the material of her top, but I managed to constrain myself. I let Christina look down and she smiled when she saw the bulk of the large thick hardon she'd given me. I almost reached down to grope myself and further tease her but I didn't. I said to her before I left the store, "What time do you get off work tonight, Christina?" and she told me 9:00 P.M.

"I'll be outside the front door, Christina, at 9 if you want to meet me then, OK?"

"I'll definitely be ready to getting off time," Christina said and I couldn't miss the double but very obvious meaning of what she'd just told me without really saying it. "Getting off time" indeed.

There's something very special about being with a young woman who's still in the early hormonal development of not only her body, but also of her hot sexual identity as a young woman and as an active sexual partner. I knew that Christina didn't have a whole lot of sexual experience but I'd also been able to tell that as long as Christina's young female figure had been developing more and more roundedness, curves and the obvious signs of a young vivacious woman she'd been more and more needy of the sexual attentions of a man who could match the white-hot needs of her young libido. Christina may or may not have had any Latin or Italian sexual blood in her but her somewhat dark coloring seemed to almost shout of the hot libido of a young Mediterranean woman. I was about to find out how hot she could truly be.

I quickly took Christina to a nearby motel where I'd booked a room in anticipation of this evening with her and I showed her into the room, locked the door behind us and then wasted no time at all in getting down to what I knew Christina was after -- a hot sexy couple of hours of unbridled sex with an older man who could show her a good time. My cock was fully hard and I could hardly wait to get Christina undressed and naked. I certainly wasted no time in doing exactly wish Christina what I'd been wanting and desiring with her for several years.

I took Christina in my arms and because she was only about 5 feet tall, I bent over and placed my lips solidly over hers and began kissing her. Christina instantly responded and I could readily tell that she'd been wanting this seduction opportunity as much as I had or possibly even more. I could feel Christina hotly pressing her sexy body against mine, and I knew she could already feel my large thick erection inside my pants against the mound of her pussy. I also knew from just feeling Christina in my arms that this sexy young 18 year old woman was hot to have me slide my cock inside her pussy and hotly fuck her until she climaxed on the shaft and thickness of my hardon.

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