Because I Can

by Brian1947

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Cheating, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, MaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A husband has his life destroyed by his wife's lover. This story has characters introduced in a previous story "Not Quite How I Thought It Would Go". This story stands alone.

I never thought it would be so easy to control people. Jim entered the bedroom and looked at Sharon snuggling into me. "It's alright Jim, you can join us, afterall Sharon is your wife." Jim's eyes lit up but I could see a hint of resentment.

Sharon snuggled closer to me and I could feel Jim trying to get close. Sharon's hand started to stroke my cock and you could feel the defeat in Jim. He wouldn't do or say anything, his wimp training was complete.

As Sharon slowly stroked me to my full, very impressive length I thought back over the past six months.

I lost Kim my wife, in a car accident almost two years ago. We had had a great relationship but our sex relied on my dominance and her complete submission. She did warn me that I had a streak of psychological cruelty which could be dangerous and did worry her at times. After her death I drifted from woman to woman without any real satisfaction. I was lonely and found a diversion in chat rooms. This is where I met Jim.

He was a hopeless submissive but didn't know it. In the anonymous safety of a chat room he poured out all his and his wife's sexual hang ups to Nakedrunner (the handle I used). I quickly realised they were both submissives who lay there waiting for the other to take charge. Jim was never willing to force the issue and therefore was denied what he really wanted - anal sex. He was not well endowed and a premature ejaculator. This was reinforced by the way they had sex. Jim used vibrators and oral to get Sharon aroused and bring her to orgasm. His efforts meant he was soon close to cumming and as soon as he entered her he shot his load after a couple of thrusts.

I couldn't resist getting into his head. One night in the chat room I assumed my best dom manner to direct him to turn on his web cam and get his wife's underwear. When he returned I told him to put her panties on. I couldn't believe it, he was so excited he came as he was pulling them over his cock.I told him to lick the panties clean and to change his chat room handle to subcock. When he logged off I sat there in genuine surprize. Jim always ensured that his face could not be clearly seen. He had this fear that he would appear all over the net and in everyone's email. When he left to get the underwear I could see his room more clearly. I knew the room. Jim was my neighbour. I had helped set up the room a couple of years ago.I now had a very interesting playground. My wife's warning about my cruel streak was considered but rejected.

Over the next few weeks I continued my dominance in the chatroom and learnt all I could about Jim and Sharon. How could I involve Sharon?

An opportunity soon arose when Jim went away for a week to visit his brother. Sharon wasn't going.I had a week to work my magic.

After Kim's death I had not had a lot to do with my neighbours but I was sure I could still see Sharon and not raise any suspicions. I called in after work to see Jim about helping me with a clean up at home. Sharon explained he was away and offered me a cup of coffee.

"Sharon, I still haven't really cleaned up after Kim's death. I just continued living in the house. I really need to take control and get my life going again.It would be great if Jim could give me a hand."

"Peter, I'm sure he'll help you, is there anything I can do?"

I keep my voice controlled as I did not want to scare her off. "Well, I still have all of Kim's clothes and I don't know what's worth giving to the Salvos or just throwing out." I saw self interest in Sharon's eyes. "Peter, Kim had great taste and always bought quality. I'd be happy to sort through all the girlie stuff."

"Sharon, you're a lifesaver, feel free to keep anything you like. You look about Kim's size. You both have good figures and scrub up pretty well. " Sharon blushed but I could see she was pleased. We agreed to meet after work the next day.

I knew I had to plan this seduction carefully. I had a week to work on her and with all Jim had revealed I felt confident of success. I hadn't lied about my house. I had not really done much after Kim's death so all her stuff was still there. This included the gear we had for our dom/sub sex. I needed to ensure Sharon found this and some photos I had of Kim and I hard at it.

The next night we worked together for over an hour sorting through things. Sharon acquired quite a collection of Kim's clothes and was in a bubbly mood. I concentrated on keeping her relaxed and talking. I knew she was curious about my life after Kim and she eventually asked if I had a girlfriend.

"No, nothing serious I suppose Kim was special and it takes time to get to know me." I left the comment hanging and saw Sharon was curious.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well it's not easy to find a woman who can be comfortable with me."

I decided to leave it there and invited Sharon back tomorrow to continue the clean up. I could see she was intrigued.

The next night I showed Sharon a chest of drawers we'd missed. "I'm not sure what Kim had it there, I think it's mostly underwear." I left Sharon alone while I went to another room. This was the crucial time. In that chest were all Kim's sexiest underwear and sub gear. There were photos of us in action. I knew Sharon's reaction would determine the success of my plan.

I pretended to be busy in the kitchen. After about fifteen minutes Sharon still hadn't left the room. I knew she must have seen everything by now.I waited another five minutes and entered the room. All the drawers were open and Sharon seemed engrossed in what she was seeing. She realised I was there and turned around.

"I told you it's not easy to find a woman who can be comfortable with me."

"Is that really you in the photos?"

"Yes, Kim and I enjoyed role play and sexual games."

I could see Sharon was in information overload, I knew I had to strike now. "Sharon, Kim was a submissive, she enjoyed being directed, she enjoyed feeling slutty, she liked showing off her body and she enjoyed the sex. You knew her, she was a great person and this was a dimension to her life which gave her satisfaction. I was pleased to give her such pleasure."

I saw Sharon needed time to think and I went back to the kitchen. After a few minutes I heard her leave. I shrugged my shoulders in disappointment "Ah well, can't win them all." I went into the room and started cleaning up. I realised that a couple of photos and some underwear was missing. Interesting.

Thursday and Friday passed without any contact from Sharon. Jim would be back on Sunday.

My phone rang at 7pm on Saturday. It was Sharon and I decided to go for broke.

"You took some of my stuff didn't you, you slut." Sharon was caught off guard. "I'll bet you've been been using your vibrator while looking at the photos of my big cock, haven't you bitch? Put the sexiest gear you stole on, I'm coming to see you now." I hung up. If Sharon's door was open I was in in more ways than one.

"My God does that thing have its own heart and lungs?" Sharon giggled.

"I'm still not fully erect. It gets better." Her eyes widened and I could see the look of complete submission. She was ready and would now be mine. I was amazed at how easy she and Jim had been to control...

"It's at least twice as big as Jim's and so thick. Will it all go in?"

"Sluts like you can handle it, just follow my directions. On your back, you've wanted this for the last two days so don't be coy! That's right spread your legs and let me work on you."

"I love you rubbing up against my clit, I am getting so wet."

"I'm going to start putting it in now so just relax."

"I don't believe it you've done it. Please work me over.

"Come on you've got to work for it. Move your ass bitch! You don't cum unless I want you to." Sharon's was moaning; she wasn't making too much sense. I continued to pound her remorselessly. Her moans were now at fever pitch. "That's it bitch I'm pulling out!"

Sharon screamed "No! no! so close please keep going, I'll do anything."

"You're mine now, this pussy belongs to me. Your wimp husband and his tiny cock can have your ass. Your pussy is mine!" Sharon was babbling, "Yes, yes, yes."

I resumed my remorseless pounding and her babbling became incoherent moans and cries of pleasure as she climaxed.

"That's the first time I've cum with someone just using his cock. God when do we do it again?"

"You said he's not back until tomorrow, I'll have you so full of cum you can give him a special treat. Tell him to eat your pussy and then he can use your ass. He's such a wimp he won't say anything even if he gets a mouthful of cum. Tell him you only want oral and anal from now on."

Sharon agreed and even giggled at Jim's impending humiliation

"Knees up behind your ears slut I'm ready again!"

We didn't know Jim had returned a day early and had seen our silhouettes on the blinds. He didn't come in but could hear everything we said. He went to a motel for the night.

The next day Jim contacted Nakedrunner in the chat room.He told me what had happened and how confused he was. His anger had evaporated and he realised he wanted more of yesterday's events. Sharing her was a price he was happy to pay.

"Go and get your wife now," I commanded.

"You're joking, she won't understand."

"Trust me she will."

He called for Sharon to come to the computer room.

"Jim, what do you want? You know I'm not interested in chatrooms."

"It's important please come."

Sharon came into the room and she went deathly white when she saw the screen.

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