The Erotic 'Keep Away' Adventure

by Dag123

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Humiliation, Swinging, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Action/Adventure Sex Story: Two young adventurous couples engage in some innocent afternoon summer fun. During a little game of 'keep away' things get drastically out of hand. By the time the little game is over, they have found a whole new way to entertain themselves.

The Erotic 'Keep Away' Adventure!

Abigail, my beautiful wife, is a slender blonde female with long hair and dreamy blue eyes. Add to that a killer figure - and you can easily see why guys think she is stunning. She and I have been happily married for five years.

Up to the time of this incident, we had always been sexually contented, and had chosen to confine our relationship to each other. Though we often discussed what it would be like to be with another person, neither of us felt any need to indulge in extra-maritial sex.

Recently on a warm afternoon my best friend Randy and his attractive brown haired girlfriend, Beth came over. Beth has that quiet kind of good looks that most men would think of as being pretty. Couple that with her long beautiful shoulder length brown hair and her beautiful slender sexy legs and you could easily see why men considered her a very attractive woman.

After we had a couple of drinks; to relieve the boredom - someone suggested we liven up the afternoon by playing a little game of 'keep away' with an old basketball I had lying around out in the yard.

Everyone was up for the challenge. So we decided to pair off! Randy with his girlfriend, Beth; against my wife, Abigail and myself.

Beth seemed especially eager to play. Abigail, always a good sport, was delighted and couldn't wait to participate also.

Since the day was quite warm, Randy and I stripped down to our T-shirts and shorts. Abigail and Beth were both wearing shorts and a skimpy halter-top.

We had no worries since our backyard was completely surrounded by a six-foot privacy fence. Our little game would be in private - hidden from the neighbors view by the fence.

The game had been going on for a few minutes and all of us were starting to sweat from the strenuous activity. Then I noticed a very pleasant trend.

When Abigail threw the ball to me, Beth would try to block it by grabbing my arms in a more than friendly manner. Also, she was holding on to me far longer than was necessary.

Each time we struggled for the ball, once she had grabbed me, I would feel the heat of her warm skin hot against mine.

In the summer heat, her woman's fragrance, and her cologne drifted pleasantly into my nostrils. With her warm sexy body practically wrapped around me half the time, it wasn't long before I ended up with a raging - almost painful - hard on!

I must say I didn't find Beth's feminine attention at all unpleasant; in fact, I was a bit flattered - but my main worry was the growing bulge in my shorts. Every time she grabbed and hung on to me, I could feel my cock swelling!

I could see Randy was fully aware of what was going on and didn't seem to mind. In fact, he seemed quite amused. Since I couldn't do anything without causing a scene, I just continued to try to keep my hard on in check and enjoy it.

Now Abigail... was an entirely different matter. I could see she had become aware of what Beth was doing and was starting to get quite annoyed. After a couple minutes more Abigail finally decided - she had seen enough.

Slipping quietly behind Beth, Abigail stuck her beautiful calf behind Beth's calf and deposited her on the ground.

A surprised Beth fell sprawling to the grass on her back. With her sexy legs and thighs sprawled apart, her white shorts pulled away from her thighs just enough to allow me to catch a quick intimate glimpse of her white panties.

Standing over Beth, in her white shorts and halter-top - her gorgeous legs wide apart - Abigail glared down at the other female - saying to her.

"If you want him, you little slut - you're going to have to earn him."

Beth, now quite angry with Abigail for tripping her; and, also angry that she had been found out, was definitely up for Abigail's challenge. Rolling up to her knees, grass-stains all over the seat of her white shorts, she scrambled up to her feet.

The little feminine confrontation was on!

However, within moments, it was Beth who took my wife, Abigail down to the grass where they rolled around straining and squealing - each trying to force the other struggling female on her back and get astride her.

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