The Beautiful Visitor from the Jade Inn

by Dag123

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Humiliation, Swinging, Interracial, White Couple, Oriental Female, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Michael and Anne anticipate the enjoying of affectionate erotic delights when they learn the sexy beautiful Su Lin, from the Jade Inn plans to surprises them with a visit. They are thrilled when she agrees to spend the weekend with them as their house guest.

The Beautiful Visitor from the Jade Inn

Michael, it's your wife Anne," the Receptionist informed him.

"You'll never guess who's here in the Bay Area," Anne explained, her dulcet sexy voice purring into his ear.

"Hon - I'm due in Court in less than an hour, so you'd better tell me," Michael laughed.

"Garrett and Su Lin... They really did come. I didn't think they would."

Anne's voice sounded excited, as if she couldn't quite believe it herself.

"Well, Maybe they'll want to get together with us again," he laughed.

"Michael, could you get two extra tickets for the theater tonight... so the four of us could go together," she suggested hopefully.

"Sure," he replied, adding, "The Firm always has a block of seats reserved for the Attorneys and their Clients."

"When they called a bit ago, I told them they should plan to stay with us while they're here - is that okay?

"Oh, you know something else; Su Lin told me she's been taking speech classes. Her English has really improved."

"Of course, they can stay with us," Michael laughed now beginning to feel excited as he remembered the two erotic evenings they had spent with Garrett and his vibrant little Chinese wife, Su Lin during their stay at the Jade Inn.

"I wish I could have known earlier, I could have sent the limo to pick them up at the airport.

"When they get here, ask Garrett to give me a call. I should be back in the office by then.

"By the way... Do me a favor, okay," Michael teased.

"If you three decide to do something erotic and sexy, please don't start without me."

"Oh, Michael, you're so depraved... I guess that's why I love you. Okay - I promise we won't start without you," she laughed lightheartedly.

Anne felt a tightening in her stomach at his words. She could tell by her husband's voice that he was more than willing for something to happen.

"Don't forget," Anne laughed.

"Knowing our good friend Garrett, he's probably up for it.

"You are aware he has a thing for me," she teased.

"Only if Su Lin lets him," Michael laughingly replied.

Anne felt her tummy getting tight, and her pussy lips start to swell. She still remembered the torrid erotic physical struggle between her and Su Lin. How wiry little Su Lin had ended up sitting on her stomach, pinning her slender arms down.

How she had finally had to admit she had lost. Once in submission, Su Lin had delighted in giving Anne as a gift to her husband.

With Michael and Su Lin watching, Garrett had got between her hungry thighs. His huge cock had pounded Anne so relentlessly he had almost fucked her senseless.

Anne felt her stomach tighten and her white panty crotch starting to become damp. God, it was all so good!, she breathed to herself as she continued to remember the torrid week they had spent at the Jade Inn.

"Okay, the Firm's Rain-maker has to head for court now," Michael joked, interrupting her erotic musings.

"Gee," Anne teased, "You're just so gosh-darned modest about your accomplishments, too" she laughed, poking fun at her husband.

Garrett's phone call to Michael

"Michael, there's a gentleman named Garrett on the phone for you." his Receptionist informed him.

"Great!" "I'll take it in my office."

"Garrett, how are you?" Michael said, "It's going to be wonderful to spend some time with you and Su Lin while you're here."

"Did Anne tell you I have four tickets for the stage play, "Jessica's Dilemma," for tonight?"

"That's great!" Garrett said. "I know Su Lin will really enjoy going. She loves the theater! And as the song says, "she never comes late... !" he chuckled.

"How long can the two of you stay?" Michael asked.

"I hate to tell you this, Mate, but I have to fly out tonight for Australia. I'm booked on a 12:00 o'clock midnight flight. I'll be there for four days - maybe more."

"What a shame... but, you know - if Su Lin would like, she could stay with Anne and I till you return," Michael said.

"I think she was hoping you might offer. Sure, it's okay if she wants to stay. I'm warning you though; we'd better take their Credit Cards away from them right now. Between her and Anne, they're probably going to hit every exclusive Boutique shop in town," Garrett joked.

"Tell me about it... Those two are definitely a bad influence on each other," Michael chuckled.

Garrett makes an Erotic Proposal

"Michael... ," Garrett said hesitating, uncertain on how to approach the subject.

"Su Lin and I have been discussing something we think you two might like; so, we have another proposal for you and Anne - okay?"

"Sure," Michael laughed, almost certain he knew what Garrett had on his mind. After all, if there were ever two men who thought alike about all matters sexual, it was he and Garrett.

"When we had our little get together at the Jade Inn, and Su Lin won Anne both nights; both Su Lin and I felt bad you ended up sort of left out that second night. So if you would like, Su Lin could stay the weekend with you and Anne. I'm sure you and Anne, and Su Lin could think of something sexy to do together."

"Are you saying you don't mind if Anne, Su Lin and I have a wild time together, maybe even a threesome," Michael said laughing at how he and Garrett thought so much alike.

"Sure... even though Su Lin would have to return to San Martin on Monday; the three of you would still have the rest of this whole weekend to screw each other's brains out," Garrett laughed.

"Okay," Michael inquired, grinning to himself, "What's the catch?"

"Just this, Mate," Garrett laughed. "You get to have Anne and Su Lin all to yourself for this weekend. Then in a couple weeks after I return, you let Anne come to visit Su Lin and me in San Martin. Then the three of us get to spend a wild weekend together."

"Man! Where do you come up with these ideas?" Michael laughed appreciatively, adding,

"Okay... , if the girls agree - I'm willing to give it a go."

"Good on you, Mate," Garrett laughed.

Michael's thoughts after the theater lights are dimmed

With both attractive petite little wives dressed in chic black dresses, the two handsome couples drew appreciative stares as they entered the huge theater lobby. A moment later, they were ushered to their seats in the first class section of the theater.

The Usher seated the four of them together. Michael and Anne, Su Lin and Garrett.

The theater lights dimmed - the play started. Michael found himself totally unable to concentrate on the action taking place on the stage. His mind was on the action to take place later that evening.

Seated just on the other side of Anne was the female he had been fantasizing about every since their erotic visit to the Jade Inn. He had missed fucking Su Lin while at the Jade Inn; but, after Garrett and he had told the wives of Garrett's proposal, trying to appear cool, they had agreed.

Michael knew before this evening was over, he was at last going to achieve his erotic goal. Sitting in the darkened theater, he pictured Su Lin's beautiful body as he remembered it.

During the week they had spent in San Martin, Michael had already seen Su Lin sexy little petite figure totally naked. Now he realized only a few feet separated him from the woman he would give anything to fuck.

But, in the fun little scuffle she had with Anne, at the urging of their husbands, the wiry little Asian female had ended up on top of Anne and had pinned her. So it was Su Lin who won and had given her husband their agreed upon sexual prize... She had given him... Anne.

Michael had never experienced such a sexual surge. Aroused and filled with desire, he had watched an aroused passionate Anne being taken not only by Garrett, but by his wife, Su Lin as well.

It had been his first time to see two females doing the girl/girl thing. For Michael it was an unforgettable erotic sight.

In the darkness of the hushed theater, engrossed in his thoughts of Su Lin, Michael felt his cock continue to swell and thicken pleasantly.

He felt it brush against his briefs, the friction adding to his delightful discomfort.

Sneaking his fingers down to his unruly member, he rubbed it lightly through his trousers.

Michael wished he could crawl over and devour Su Lin's black hairy pussy.

He remembered during her delightful friendly little scuffle with Anne the unforgettable sensuous view of her swollen labia lips forested with thick black hair that had climbed tantalizingly up her flat brown stomach like a black jungle.

Michael remembered as well, the unforgettable heavily erotic sight of watching Su Lin finally force Anne to yield to her.

Michael could still hear Su Lin's passionate little feminine squeaks and moans of exquisite pleasure as Anne had a short time later - timid and somewhat reluctant - performed cunnilingus on Su Lin's swollen aching-for-relief pussy.

Later, like a crazy man, just sniffing Su Lin's sticky soiled panties had forced Michael to a sweet but involuntary climax.

His erotic senses had become so totally engulfed in the sweet feminine smell of her juice-smeared fragrant damp panties, he couldn't help himself.

Michael almost groaned audibly. He was in the white heat of his arousal. Su Lin, the woman he so desired, now sat not even three feet away from him. He wondered, what color panties she was wearing this evening.

He found it titillating to picture how earlier that evening she must have pulled her sexy little panties on over those trim little ankles - then over her sexy little knees - slipping them silkily up her luscious golden brown thighs; to finally bring them snug up against her beautiful black hairy fragrant womanhood.

In the darken theater as Michael sat there, he almost envied Su Lin's panties which even now were snugly, protectively covering those sensuous beautiful long labia lips of hers.

Michael could hardly wait for later that evening when he would kiss his way up Su Lin's lovely brown thighs, push her panty crotch aside with his probing wet tongue, and gain entry into that moist feminine fragrant little twat of hers.

When Su Lin had greeted him earlier in the evening, she was wearing some sort of very expensive perfume that had rocked his senses, sending him reeling into an involuntary state of arousal. It didn't help that she had kissed him full on his lips.

'I've got to stop thinking about this or I'm going to climax right in my Tuxedo trousers, ' he laughed silently. 'Well, if I do, at least they're black and won't show the stain.'

Resting his warm hand on Anne's sexy knee in the dark, he tried sliding his hand up her warm shapely thighs.

Anne rewarded him with a little almost inaudible annoyed gasp of surprise. Then her frantic little fingers seized his wrist and pulled his roving fingers out from under her dress.

"Shhhh," she whispered, stifling a giggle, "Behave yourself, Mister."

"Oh, okay," he whispered in her ear, her perfume pleasantly igniting his growing arousal.

"You better take it easy," she whispered teasing him. "Su Lin and I are really going wear you out later tonight," she laughingly threatened.

"Promises! Promises!," he whispered lovingly in her ear.

Just then, Su Lin leaned forward - looked over at the two of them inquisitively. Instantly she understood what was going on. Blushing red, she put her fingers over her mouth to stifle the giggles.

'WOW, ' Michael thought. 'I wish this play was over. I can't wait to be alone with those two beautiful little bitches.

He laughingly admitted to himself that, Anne and Su Lin probably would wear him out when the three of them got together later.

He could hardly wait!

Garrett completely caught up in the play, and thinking about his flight later that night, had remained blissfully unaware of the sexual goings on.

The Limo ride - dropping Garrett off at the Airport.

Michael had instructed his driver to pick them up at the entrance to the theater. They had barely time to exit the theater, before he was there holding the door open. The two couples quickly got into the Stretch Limo.

"Driver, would you roll up the panel," Michael directed, adding, "If you need to talk to us use the intercom... Oh, yeah, you can drive slow - we have plenty of time to get to the airport."

"Michael, let's change seats. Why don't you come over here and sit next to Su Lin, and I'll move over there and sit next to Anne, okay?," Garrett suggested.

Once the two husbands had switched seats, to sit next to each other's wives, they needed no prompting.

The two couples were not strangers to being sexually intimate with each other having done it before. Garrett and Anne were especially eager to seize the fleeting moments.

While Michael and Su Lin, their bodies warm and intimate against each other, were contented to watch their mates; Garrett and Anne began torridly enjoying their brief sexual interlude.

Anne caught her breath sharply, and then relaxed, as she felt Garrett's warm hand slipping under her exquisite black dress. She knew where he was going.

His warm fingers now began caressing her warm shapely thighs as his searching fingers continued their delightful journey up to her waiting panty-covered crotch. She found herself holding her breath in hungry anticipation. She ached from desire.

She allowed her beautiful slender thighs to fall partially open to allow him easier access.

Within seconds, Garrett's warm fingers had arrived. Anne caught her breath sharply as she felt his warm fingers caressing her swollen pussy lips through her panties.

She felt him push her panty crotch into her swollen pussy, feeling her up. That feels sooo good, she whispered in his ear, her arousal soaring, becoming almost painful.

Anne felt her translucent juices start. Garrett's pleasant manly fragrantly assaulted her reeling senses.

She felt what she thought was the urge to pee, but then realized it was just the excitement and the joyful sexual feeling of her painful arousal continuing to take hold.

"MMMmmm," she moaned in a hardly audible whisper.

Anne tensed up once again, as she felt the white crotch of her panties being pulled aside. Garrett's warm fingers had now slipped under her panty elastic and were inside her wet soiled panties.

"Oh, yesss," she whispered, "Right there - stay on that spot," she directed him.

His warm fingers were now smeared with her slick and gooey sticky pussy juices. Anne was more than ready when a moment later, she felt Garrett plunge his middle finger deep up inside her hot aching swollen pussy.

She felt him curling his finger back against her pubic mound. She tightened her swollen pussy lips around his finger.

"AAAaaa," she murmured, realizing he had found her elusive G Spot.

"AAAaaa, Ut Ut Uttt," she almost screamed. "Oh, God, I wish you could fuck me... , your finger feels so good!"

Anne felt his warm thumb starting to massage her swollen tortured little clitoris. This brought moans of joyful distress, as she enjoyed his erotic violation of her swollen forbidden spot.

She knew Michael and Su Lin were watching but in the heat of her increasing arousal, she thought - Who cares!

Garrett, his own passions surging, groaned in despair. He knew they were only a couple minutes from the airport drop-off point.

Pulling Anne against him, he began hurriedly kissing her warm slender neck. Her exquisite cologne intoxicated his senses and sent his sexual urges soaring almost out of control.

Anne quickly, frantically, unzipped his fly - slipping her slender warm intimate fingers into his briefs. Her warm little fingers found Garrett's swollen cock and quickly encircled it. She could feel it swelling as she wrapped her warm comforting fingers around it.

"AAAaaa," Garrett groan, his voice betraying his unrelenting sexual arousal.

Anne, like a little bitch in heat, eagerly met Garrett's sexual advances head on now. She felt all woman now. She was no longer shy... not even in front of her husband.

When she felt Garrett's warm lips on hers, she sweetly, recklessly, parted her delicate little lips allowing her mouth to open slightly.

As her lips parted, she felt his warm moist tongue thrushed deep, like the stab of a hot knife, as it invaded her hungry mouth.

Anne, consumed with desire, sucked his hot probing tongue further into her mouth. Their tongues did that age-old crazy insane dance. Each attempted to suck all the sexual sweetness they could from each other's mouth in the short minute remaining.

The Driver's voice rudely intruded upon their frantic sexual interlude.

"Sir, we're here. I'll have the baggage man assist you with your bags.," he informed them.

Both Garrett and Anne laughingly groaned in mock despair at the interruption of their steamy delightful activities. Both their faces were flushed from their sexual arousal. Both were panting as they exchanged a brief passionate last kiss.

"I promise Anne... when you come to visit Su Lin and I... , you and I are going to make up for everything we're missing," Garrett assured her.

Teasing Garrett, Anne laughed, "Sir, is that a threat or a promise."

"Both!" Garrett laughed.

Shaking hands with Michael, Giving Su Lin a kiss on her lips, and saying a last goodbye to Anne; Garrett stepped out of the limo and was soon lost in the crowds of people pouring into the Airport Terminal to catch their flights.

Michael, Anne, and Su Lin plan a Steamy Evening

During the ride back from the airport into the city, the atmosphere in the limo fairly crackled with sexual tension and delightful anticipation.

The three of them sat laughing and talking quietly trying to ignore the undercurrent of their sexual arousal that continued to hang thick in the air.

Every mile the limo traveled brought them closer to the exciting erotic evening they were all so eager to enjoy.

Thirty minutes later, back in the city the limo pulled up in front of Michael and Anne's palatial home overlooking the blue Pacific. They got out. Floated in on a sensuous cloud of sexual expectation - All three of them eagerly looking forward to what was about to take place.

"What time is it?"

Anne asked as Michael turned the key in the door and lead the way inside to a large expansive step down living room.

"Why," Su Lin teased her friend, "Is it too late for our little Annie to be up?"

"Oh, shut up you little slut," Anne said sexily, in mock anger as she giggled in spite of herself.

Realizing Su Lin was trying to break the sexual tension that had built up between the three of them, everyone laughed.

"Okay," Anne giggled, "Su Lin, let's you and I will go into another bedroom and get into something sexy."

"Michael, why don't you go into the Master bedroom and wait for us."

Anne directed with a sexy little laugh in her husband's direction.

What seemed like a lifetime, but was only a few minutes later, the two beautiful females came gliding into the Master bedroom. Michael caught his breath sharply.

Su Lin was wearing a colorful sexy little nightdress with poppy and pansy flowers that barely came down to her golden brown mid-thigh. A desirable vision of Asian womanhood...

Anne, Michael's petite slender pretty wife, glided into the bedroom a moment later.

She was wearing a little peach colored nightdress trimmed with beautiful baize lace, which only came to mid-thigh and highlighted her exquisite little figure.

Michael couldn't decide which of the two attractive females was the more beautiful.

Both women were equally ravishing. The smell of their expensive colognes floated pleasantly into his nostrils, igniting his sexual appetite.

His hungry eyes continued to drink in the beauty of the two attractive women now standing before him. What a night this is going to be, he thought.

When Su Lin in an aggressive mood come up with the suggestion that they pretend to fight each other for Michael - both Michael and Anne quickly agreed.

"Okay, why don't we take turns kissing Michael? Then we can pretend we're fighting to try to take him away from each other. " Su Lin suggested.

"To make it more real and exciting for Michael we could pull each other away by our hair," Su Lin suggested.

"Can I suggest something," Michael said interrupting their conversation.

"How about after we all kiss and make out for a while, I get to watch the two of you thrash each other."

"Thrash each other... ," Anne asked, a puzzled look on her pretty little face.

"Yeah, you know... , kiss each other, make out,"

"What do you think, Su Lin... Want to?" Anne asked anxious to please her husband.

"Sure," Su Lin replied with a little embarrassed laugh.

"You want Anne and I make love, right, Michael?"

"Yeah, that's the idea," He agreed.

"Okay, Su Lin, let's get up on the bed," Anne said, the erotic glow of excitement in her brown eyes.

"Okay," Su Lin directed, "You kiss Michael first, Anne - then I'll yank you away from him by your hair. Okay?"

Anne felt a certain amount of apprehension, as she looked at her soon to be antagonist; but anxious to please Michael, leaned forward. Her warm mouth brushed his warm lips instantly enflaming his desire.

Anne felt Michael's warm lips kissing her delicate lips passionately, almost crushing them. Feeling her arousal starting, Anne fervently kissed him back.

The room was very warm and quiet for the moment.

Su Lin watched them hungrily, giving them a moment to get going. The scent of the two female's colognes seemed to envelope the room with a sensual smell.

Anne, her inhibitions now gone, began kissing Michael passionately, her hungry mouth crushed against her husband's lips.

Lost in her mindless arousal, Anne was surprised to feel Su Lin's brown fingers seize a fistful of her brown hair.

Su Lin jerked Anne's head painfully from behind pulling Anne's hungry mouth away and breaking contact with Michael's lips.

"Ouch, that hurt!" Anne complained peevishly.

After yanking a startled Anne backwards none to gently by her thick brown hair, Su Lin quickly pressed her hungry full lips against Michael's slightly open mouth.

Michael felt a hot surge as Su Lin's warm moist tongue slipped into his hungry mouth igniting the sexual fires threatening to consume him.

Hungrily she began to devour Michael's mouth uttering little 'MMmmm" sounds of sexual pleasure.

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