The Heat Inside Her

by Dark Dreamer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, DomSub, Light Bond, Interracial, Black Female, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young white lawyer is seduced by a pair of black co-workers into hot, steamy sex and bondage.


Copyright┬ę 1992 All rights reserved

Joining the District Attorney's office hadn't exactly been a dream for Toni Minelli. But after graduating from law school she figured her best bet to get lots of trial experience was there.

She got exactly what she wanted, though she, like the rest of the staff were tremendously overworked. There was little time for socializing during work hours, but it was standard procedure to go out for a few drinks with the guys after work, and that included Carla Jones.

Carla was a tall black woman. She had broad shoulders and a powerful build. She had little patience with fools, tossing her shoulder length hair and sniffing scornfully whenever anyone said something she dissproved of... which was often.

She seemed to dissaprove of Toni from the start. That might just have been Toni's imagination, or it might have been the way she was brought up. Toni's Italian father thought blacks were only slightly above animals on the evolutionary scale, and sometimes Toni agreed.

She herself wasn't much over five feet, slender and small- hipped. She had large breasts, but everything else about her was petite, including her small round face. She had black hair, though unlike Carla's curls her hair was straight and short, not quite touching her shoulders.

As the days passed Toni began to lose some of the wariness and uneasiness she felt around the black woman.

After all, they were the only two women in the office and it was only natural for them to stick together to some extent. So when Carla offered her a ride home after a drinking bout she didn't think too long before saying yes.

She didn't live far and it would save a ride on the subway. Not many New Yorkers had cars, unless they lived in the suburbs. Neither of them did.

Toni slumped in the seat, feeling okay as they moved slowly through the traffic. Just one more day to go and it would be her weekend.

She hadn't thought about it until they arrived at her building, and there happened to be an empty space right out front, but then it only seemed natural to invite Carla up for a drink. She hadn't thought Carla would accept. She'd been polite, and friendly, but nothing more since the first day they'd met.

However, Carla nodded and agreed with a shrug. That was when the tingling started in Toni's belly. They didn't talk much as they moved upwards in the elevator. She lived on the fourteenth floor and the ride in the old elevator was uncomfortably long.

Then she hurried out as the doors opened on her floor. The hall was narrow and musty as she moved to her door and unlocked it. She pushed in and Carla followed, showing no sign of anything aside from a little curiosity.

"Nice place," she said, looking around at the little apartment.

"Thanks. I put a lot of work into it."

"Nice bedroom."

The open door of the bedroom was right next to the bathroom and you had to pass both to get into the living room.

"Uh, thanks."

"I live in a bachelor apartment."

"Oh yeah? Well, this place is pretty cheap, really."

"Yeah, you got lucky."

"Coffee or something else?"

"Got a beer?"


Toni found herself fumbling with the bottle opener, her stomach clenching anxiously as she opened it and then opened another for herself. She cursed herself silently, clenching her jaw as she lifted the two bottles and took them into the combination living room, dining room.

The only place to sit down in the little living room was a love seat and that was where Carla was sitting as she leafed through some magazines on Toni's coffee table. Toni sat next to her, handing her the beer. Carla took it with an absent minded thanks.

They chatted idly about work and the job for about half an hour. Toni was too hyper to really concentrate on what Carla was saying at first, but the woman's non-chalant, casual air gradually began to calm her as she realized that, whatever she might be feeling, Carla was not.

Carla was sitting on her right, and both of them were sitting forward on the couch. Toni's stomach had just about returned to normal when Carla casually reached across with a finger and slid it under Toni's bangs, sliding them back out of her eyes.

If she'd been hooked up to a blood pressure monitor the thing would have shot through the roof. She could hear her heart pounding as he pulse shot up. She sat back against the back of the couch, looking down at her hands, which were anxiously clasped together in her lap.

Then Carla reached forward again, this time her hand gently shoving Toni's thick dark hair back over her forehead. She didn't say anything. Toni was talking at the moment about a professor at law school. Her voice went up several pitches but she doggedly continued, pretending an ease and non-chalance she did not feel.

Then as she looked up she realized that Carla's face was much closer to hers as the woman leaned across towards her. Toni stammered, losing her train of thought, her head pulling back as Carla's moved forward.

Then Carla's lips pressed softly against hers. She didn't react at all, but she felt a bolt of searing fire burn into her system at the touch of Carla's lips. Carla pulled back, staring into Toni's white face with a quirky smile.

Then she leaned forward again, their lips joining, the kiss long, deep, passionate, but again, one sided. Toni was sweating, her hands fidgeting in her lap, her heart thumping in her chest.

Carla pulled her lips back as Toni stared into her eyes, mesmerized. She trembled weakly as Carla brought her hand up and caressed her cheek. Then the hand slid down onto the side of her neck, then over her shoulder, then down onto her left breast, cupping it gently, then squeezing it.

Carla brought both her hands to the buttons down the front of Toni's shirt, undoing them one by one until she got to the one just above the waistband of Toni's pants. She pulled the shirt apart, revealing Toni's lacy pink bra.

Toni blushed as Carla popped the catch at the center of her bra and pulled the cups apart. Her breasts were hot and swollen, her nipples pointing out stiffly.

Carla's right hand slid in and onto her left breast, caressing it gently, sliding under the rounded orb, rubbing the underside as she cupped it. Toni stared down at the hand on her breast as if spellbound.

Then Carla tilted her head up, her hand under her chin. Again she pressed her lips against Toni's, her tongue sliding into Toni's mouth as she leaned further into her. She kissed a soft trail down along the nape of Toni's neck, then further, her face dropping to the younger woman's chest.

She pulled the shirt further apart, then slid her tongue onto Toni's left nipple. Toni gasped, her body jolted by the contact, her breathing getting more and more heavy and ragged. Carla's left arm slid around her shoulder as her tongue lapped at one nipple, then the other.

She closed her lips around the left nipple and sucked gently as Toni moaned weakly above her, arching her back involuntarily.

Carla pulled back then, her lips sliding back onto Toni's as her hand slid up and down Toni's smooth, white belly. She deftly popped the catch of Toni's pants, then slid inside, her fingers moving into her panties and over her hot, tangled mass of curly cunt hair, down between her sweating thighs.

"Ohhh!" Toni gasped as she felt the woman's hand slide over her bare pussy. She was gasping for breath, on the verge of hyper- ventilating as her body was racked by tremors of lust and anxiety.

"Relax," Carla whispered, her lips nuzzling at her throat. Her fingers slid up and down the narrow cleft between Toni's pubic lips, searching for and finding the hard little clitty. Toni's back arched again as Carla's fingers ground together around her little bud and drove her to a convulsive orgasm.

She jerked hard against the other woman's body, her head smashing back against the seat back as she groaned low and long. She stiffened, then relaxed, then stiffened again, her body arching hard as her cunt ground down against Carla's fingers.

Her head reeled as the orgasmic ecstasy washed over her and left her a panting mass of quivering flesh and exposed nerve endings. She felt, rather than saw Carla pull her shirt out of her pants and shove it back over her shoulders. Then the black woman tugged her pants and panties down her legs, pulling them off and leaving her naked.

Again her skin began to flush as the black woman began to idly stroke her exposed flesh. Still fully clothed, Carla looked down at Toni's naked body, her eyes shifting back and forth.

Toni had slumped down on the couch, and with her legs spread far, Carla had no difficulty palming her sweating, drooling cunt mound, rubbing it as she leaned over and kissed Toni with numerous little pecks.

She turned her and then pushed her down on her back on the couch, spreading her legs as she knelt between them. She pried Toni's moist cunt lips apart and gazed into the soft pink flesh inside.

Then her tongue drove into the hot cleft, sliding up and down its tight length, lapping at her fuck-hole, slurping out the copious wet fuck-honey from her burning cunt box. She ran her tongue all around the pulpy cunt mound, slurping along the outside of the lips, then running it up and down the inside.

She saved her clitty for last however, then held her cunt lips apart as she began to lap and suck at the exposed little bud. Toni yelped and whined, her hips bucking upwards as she came again, She mewled in anxious delirium as bolt after bolt of gut wrenching sensations of raw, carnal energy slashed into her cunt.

Gasping and panting, her head swirling and her chest still heaving tiredly, she let herself be led into the bedroom by the tall black woman and laid out on the bed. Unprotesting, she had watched through slitted eyes as Carla had smilingly produced a pair of handcuffs from her purse, then locked her wrists together above her around one of the bars of her headboard.

Her body burning feverishly, she had lain there, panting heavily as Carla started to really work on her fuck-hole, twirling her tongue in her tight tunnel, grinding her teeth and lips over the raw little clitty, fucking her fingers up and down her cunt- tube.

She came again, and then again, her ass bouncing and shaking through blast waves of orgasmic pleasure as Carla lapped steadily at her fuck entrance.

"Ohhhhh! OHHHH! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!" she grunted, her ass bouncing on the bed as Carla covered her cunt slit with her mouth and sucked furiously. The handcuffs rattled against her headboard as her hands pulled convulsively at them, trying to tear free.

Carla knelt between her splayed thighs, calmly sucking down more of her fuck juice as Toni slowly emerged from the orgasmic storm.

Toni's head rested on her arms as she looked down between the rounded orbs of her swollen breasts at the top of Carla's head. She watched that long pink tongue slurping at her cunt box until her vision blurred and her eyes weakly closed.

Then Carla was kneeling, pulling her shirt off, undoing her bra. Toni's eyes fixed on her huge fat brown tits as Carla peeled out of her pants. Then her eyes shifted to the black woman's dark pubic hair and the slit within.

Carla crawled forward up her body until her head was directly over Toni's, then she settled atop her, her hips coming down against Toni's thighs like a man in the missionary position.

Again, their mouths joined together, their tongues sliding sensuously over each other like sinewy snakes. Toni groaned in delight, astonished at the feeling of Carla's big firm round tits pressed down against her own. She could feel the hard black nipples digging into her sensitive tit meat as her own nipples scraped along Carla's brown flesh.

As their mouths joined together and their tongues slithered and rolled back and forth between each other's oral cavities, Toni tasted, for the first time ever, the sweetness of girl juice, her own.

Throughout, they had not spoken to each other, now, as Toni opened her mouth to speak, Carla quieted her with another kiss.

"Ca... Ca... Carla... "

"Shhhhhhh." She kissed Toni, her weight like that of a man's atop her. Their soft, fleshy breasts rolled and squashed together as they kissed. Carla began grinding her hips against Toni's thighs, as though she had a cock to fuck her with.

Toni's hands pulled fitfully at the cuffs binding them above her, wanting to hug the other woman, to caress her flesh. Carla's hands slid through Toni's black hair, then over her face as the kiss went on and on. She kneaded the soft white tit flesh and rubbed against her pussy.

Then she pulled up, crawling up, straddling the slender, panting white body. She grasped the headboard in her hands as her knees came down on either side of Toni's head, her crotch directly over the slender young face.

Toni stared up into the gaping crotch above her, her head filled with the musky scent of the black woman's hot, steaming snatch. Then it came down lower and lower until the drooling cunt cleft was right against her mouth. She had never licked a woman before, but knew how it felt now from the other side.

Tentatively, her tongue rose upwards to flick along the edges of Carla's slit. She probed harder then, pushing the tip of her pink tongue in between the tight cunt lips above, sliding it up along the narrow cleft towards the clitoris.

Carla's juices dripped into her mouth as she drove her tongue deep between the taut cunt lips and slurped it upwards along her slit. She flicked it across Carla's clit, then began alternately blowing a stream of hot air upwards and sucking furiously.

Her head was pulsing, throbbing in blinding sexual passion, gripped by the sensuous carnality of their forbidden act, the perversity of what she was doing, of what they were doing. What shock those who knew her would feel, could they only see. What a lewd excited arousal many of them would experience.

Carla grunted high, high above her as Toni managed to get her lips around the bobbing, jerking little clitty and suck hard. Carla began swivelling her hips, mashing her buttocks and cunt mound down on Toni's face. She jammed her crotch hole against the girl's narrow chin, then rode upwards over her mouth and nose and forehead before sliding back.

She rubbed her cunt mound up and down Toni's face with growing excitement, humping faster and faster as she felt an orgasm rushing forward to embrace her. She squeezed her own titties, her fingers sinking deep into the dark brown flesh as she bounced atop Toni's face.

Below her, Toni could only push her tongue out to catch what she could as Carla rubbed back and forth with desperate fury, coating her entire face with her cunt milk. Carla sighed in pleasure, twisting her fat tit meat as she ground her cunt down onto Toni's face. Her cunt juice flowed down onto the upturned white face as she jammed herself down again and again.

Then she had rolled off and her mouth joined against Toni's, their lips locked together as their bodies rolled and squeezed and jerked against one another. Carla slid her lips onto Toni's right nipple and sucked it up into her mouth, then bit down hard. Toni squealed in pain and shock, bucking her hips upward.

Carla straddled her belly, her soft brown ass flesh rubbing against Toni's stomach as her hands kneaded the girl's round white breasts. She leaned over, her own fat mammaries dropping down beneath her chest as she pressed them against Toni's face.

She seized her own tit and squeezed it, then pushed the hard nipple at Toni's mouth.

"Suck it," she panted. "Suck it!"

Toni closed her lips around the hard black nipple, sucking it and a big chunk of brown tit meat into her mouth. Her lips pulled inward as she sucked, then her teeth began to grind and chew on the hard, swollen nipple, making Carla groan and wince.

Carla was grinding her puffy, fur covered cunt mound up and down against Toni's soft, concave belly, but now she pulled her tit out of the smaller woman's mouth and slid backwards to kneel between Toni's splayed thighs.

She twisted Toni a little onto her side, then slid her own right leg under Toni's left leg. Their legs spread like two pairs of scissors, their crotches slid into each other and their puffy cunt mounds squashed together.

Carla's big hands were clutching Toni's hips, then slid around her, one on her back, the other on her belly as she pushed her own cunt hard into Toni's fuck entrance. She began to grind her pussy against Toni's as the black haired girl groaned and gasped and wriggled against her.

Carla held her around her waist as she jammed her fuck pad against Toni's, rubbing their wet, drooling cunt clefts back and forth against each other. Toni was helpless to do anything but grit her teeth and try and pull Carla in with her legs. Powerful sensations of animalistic lust rippled up and down her spine as she felt her own soft fuck pad grinding and mashing against Carla's

She whimpered in dazed confusion, her system overawed by the blasting explosions of sexual pleasure searing through her body. Her hot, swollen breasts screamed in bliss as Carla's hand slid up her belly and began to knead and squeeze the tender meat.

"Gonna fuck you!" Carla panted. "Gonna fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck your white cunt! Uhhhhh! UHhhhhhhh! YEeeaaah! Ooohhhh! Take it! Take it! Yeahhh!"

She twisted and ground her crotch against Toni's, delighting in the harsh massage the other woman's cunt mound gave her clitty and cunt slit.

She reached down and pried Toni's cunt apart with her big fingers, causing the slighter woman to gasp and quiver in pain and sexual heat, then, holding the lips apart with her big fingers, she pulled her own dark flesh apart, revealing her pink gash.

She twisted herself around slightly, then carefully brought the two open cunt mouths together, pink flesh against pink flesh, hot, seeping, oily cunt meat pressed silkily against itself as she pressed her groin firmly down and ground her meat into Toni.

"OOoohhhhh Noooooooo! OOOoohhh! Fuuuuuuuuck!" Toni groaned, her body shaking and trembling as fire ripped up and down her frame. Carla's slick cunt meat crushed her own and their clitties flicked back and forth against each other, sending a flash of fire into their bellies each time they made contact.

Carla was grunting and panting herself. Her jaw was slack and her eyes narrow slits. Sweat dripped off her forehead as she ground steadily at Toni's cunt meat. Her big hands were locked onto the smaller woman's body, her right squeezing Toni's ass flesh, her left folded around Toni's left tit, mashing and twisting it mercilessly.

Then Toni came, bucking and writhing, her legs flailing, her body arching as her hands pulled furiously against the handcuffs. She grunted repeatedly, her mouth open in a near soundless scream of glee as ecstasy rippled along her nervous system.

Carla twisted the shaking woman onto her side, shoving her left leg high into the air as she smashed her cunt against Toni's. She folded Toni's upright leg against her own chest, squashing her fat black titties around it as she repeatedly slapped and bounced her cunt against Toni's

Then she followed her into the fold of the all-encompassing orgasmic storm, her lips pulled back in a snarl as she grit her teeth and hissed in pleasure, her body quivering as she gasped and panted and air blew out through her clenched teeth with the sound of a steam pipe.

Toni had been filled with guilt and shame after her lewd sexual interlude with Carla. But when Carla invited her back to her house for a drink, she somehow couldn't turn her down, even though her guts clenched a little at the thought of sex with her. She knew she wouldn't be able to refuse.

Carla's apartment might have been a bachelor, but it was bigger than Toni's even so. A huge square room in an old building, with narrow windows that went all the way up to the ten foot high roof. Carla had a big double bed under a pair of those windows, off beyond her living room set.

They sat on the couch talking for about fifteen minutes. Toni was more than a little uptight, waiting for the black woman to come on to her. She wasn't prepared though, when Carla stood up, put down her drink, and held her hand out towards Toni.

"Come and dance with me."


"Dance. Let's dance. I love this song."

"Uh, okay."

She took Carla's hand, her small one almost disappearing into the big woman's paw. Carla hauled her up and pulled her against herself. The song was a slow one and Carla's arm slid around her waist as she took the male position and began to lead Toni around the room.

They danced for about five minutes, Toni getting more and more anxious as their bodies ground and pressed together. Then suddenly, Carla pushed her back against the wall. She stared down into Toni's eyes, then slowly slipped her cuffs out of her belt and clipped them around Toni's right wrist.

Toni looked down at her wrists, numbly watching as Carla locked the handcuffs around her other wrist. She didn't protest, said nothing, mutely following as Carla slowly pulled her a few feet along the wall. She raised Toni's hands high, forcing the shorter woman up onto her toes briefly as she slipped the chain of the handcuffs over a hook protruding from the wall.

Toni was able to drop back onto her heels, but only just barely. Her back was ramrod straight as the handcuffs pulled painfully at her wrists. She stared into Carla's eyes still, her body trembling slightly as the big woman eyed her up and down.

Eyes locked on hers, Carla moved her hands to the buttons on Toni's shirt, then undid them one by one. She undid the belt around Toni's waist, then unsnapped, unzipped and pulled down her jeans. She pulled open Toni's bra, holding her shirt and bra apart as she gazed down at the nubile young body.

Then she slid her hand onto Toni's belly. She placed it flat, then slowly began circling her hand around Toni's belly and upper abdomen. Her other hand slid up between Toni's breasts and onto her upper chest, slowly caressing her breastbone.

Her right foot came down onto Toni's pants, bunched up around her ankles, and clawed it out from under her. Toni lifted her legs passively.

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