Not Quite How I Thought It Would Go

by Brian1947

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, MaleDom, Humiliation, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A husband discovers that that there are hidden dangers on the internet. Who do you trust?

It was Saturday night and our usual weekly fuck was over. Sharon had turned the lights back on and started reading, I was trying to fall asleep but couldn't settle.Sharon loved reading and I always found it annoying that within seconds of a fuck she would go back to her book. She claimed it calmed her after sex. My thoughts were not going to let me drift off to sleep.

Sharon and I both turned forty this year. We have been together for twelve years and don't have children. We have good jobs in the insurance industry and live very comfortably. The spark had definitely gone out of our relationship.

Sex was always the same. I would start by stroking her back or side and after a while she would remove her glasses, put her book on the bedside table and turn off the light. This was Sharonspeak for OK. She usually rolls onto her tummy and I massage her upper thighs and ass. She did like to have her ass kissed and licked. I have two vibrators, one is slender and about 5 inches (just like me) and the other is about 8 inches and much thicker. Using plenty of lube I work the vibrators in tandam around her pussy and asshole. I use my tongue around the same areas and sometimes get my tongue into her asshole. She responds quickly and always has an orgasm. Sharon then gets on top of me and rides me until I cum. If I'm lucky I get a blowjob, usually it's "Happy birthday Jim" or I've done something special.

Sharon has never had an orgasm from my cock. I have tried a sneak anal attack when she's really lubed up but the frosty "Wrong hole darling" stops me.

I often get up and go online to chat and/or explore porn sites. It was this developing interest which changed our lives.

I logged on to a chat site and entered the usual ASl 40 M Sydney Australia. Immediately there was a response from Nakedrunner.

"Hi, I'm from Sydney, how are U going?" I replied quickly and settled down for a chat. The time passed quickly and soon it was after midnight. Nakedrunner and I hit it off well and we agreed to chat again tomorrow. I went to bed and Sharon was sound asleep with her naked ass protruding from the covers. I toyed with trying for a quickie but realised Sharon would not be pleased.

The next night I chatted again with Nakedrunner and really enjoyed his comments. He seemed to be on top of everything and very decisive. Our chatting continued every night for the next week and I found myself pouring out everything about my relationship with Sharon.It was easy to be honest with a stranger. One night our chatting moved in a new direction.

Nakedrunner "I know you trust me and I want you to do exactly as I say."

Me "Ok". I felt a tingle of excitement and anticipation.

Nakedrunner "Is your wife at home?"

Me "No." Sharon was working back.

Nakedrunner " Turn your webcam on."

I use webcam but have it set so my face is not shown. I have this fear of my image appearing all over the internet and in everyone's email.

Nakedrunner "Go and get your wife's sexiest bra and panties" I left the room and returned with a G string and a very little bra.

Nakedrunner "I want to see you put the bra on. Do it now!" Again I could feel a tingling in my balls. I didn't even consider disobeying.

Nakedrunner "Put her panties on." My cock was rapidly stiffening and I struggled to get the flimsy panties up and over my cock.

Nakedrunner "Hurry up, do it now!?" I couldn't believe it, I started to cum in Sharon's panties.The orgasm was great, the best I'd had in years.

Nakedrunner "Good, now lick your wife's panties clean. " I actually did it and felt my cock rising again.

Nakedrunner "I want you to log in tomorrow as subcock. Make sure you do."

I sat for some time slowly recovering. I had just had exciting cybersex and I knew I was definitely a submissive. I changed my log in handle but had to use subcock15 as it seemed to be popular.

The next night Nakedrunner and I resumed our chats and he became more dominant. He questioned me very closely about Sharon.

On the following Monday I told Nakedrunner I'd be offline until Sunday night as I had to visit my brother up the North Coast. He wished me a safe trip.

Sharon wasn't coming as she doesn't get along with my brother's wife so I was looking forward to a pleasant drive by myself. I told Sharon I'd see her late Sunday night.

The visit went well and I caught up with all the family gossip and news.On Friday night we were watching the news and the main story was about a significant rain event for the North Coast on Sunday. I decided I'd leave a day early to ensure a good trip rather than fighting my way through flash floods. I thought about ringing Sharon but decided I'd give her a surprize.

The trip home was good and I congratulated myself on leaving early. It was about 8pm when I turned into our street. To get into my driveway you have to drive past the front of the house and then swing hard right in through the gates. I was travelling slowly and when I looked to my right I saw two silhouettes on the front bedroom blinds. I stopped the car.

Whoever was there was definitely locked in a heavy embrace. Alarm bells started ringing in my head and I felt my stomach turn over. I took a couple of deep breaths, parked the car further up the street and made my way back to my house.I wanted to burst in and thump the bastard who was giving it to Sharon but I decided to gather more information before I made a complete fool of myself. You can get under my house through an access door which leads to an area where you can stand. This is directly under the front two bedrooms. I could hear but not see.

"My God does that thing have its own heart and lungs?" Sharon giggled.

The reply wasn't clear.

"It's at least twice as big as Jim's and so thick. Will it all go in?"

A voice replied "Sluts like you can handle it, just follow my directions. On your back, you've wanted this for the last two days so don't be coy! That's right spread your legs and let me work on you."

"I love you rubbing up against my clit, I am getting so wet."

"I'm going to start putting it in now so just relax."

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