Older Woman - Younger Man Loving Sex

by eric

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: This story of Beth and Steven is part of a longer story called Storybook Motel.

Elizabeth and Steven entered their motel room and embraced as soon as they were inside. Steven said, "I've been aching to be with you Beth. I wish we could be together more often." Elizabeth responded, "We need to be thankful for what we have." She kissed her young lover and went into the bathroom to change and freshen up. As she touched up her lipstick and makeup in the mirror she pondered the decisions that had led her to the present predicament. Steven had been her eldest daughter's boyfriend in high school and he lived four blocks from their home. Emily had broken up with him after high school and was now dating some guy with long hair, tattoos, and bad breath. Elizabeth had decided that she would never really understand her own daughter. Steven was very good-looking and well built for a young man. Steven did not have the scrawny build that some young men like Emily's new boyfriend had. Steven had sandy hair, a great body, and a boy next-door appeal. Elizabeth reflected that he very nearly was the boy next door.

Steven had called Elizabeth after his breakup with Emily and asked her advice. He had grown close to Emily and was crestfallen when they broke up. Liz tried to cheer him up, but she was rather discouraged about her own marriage at the time. Their phone conversation made her feel better because Steven was a good listener. Before long she was confiding in him instead of the other way around. Steven started coming by for lunch while her husband Franklin was away at the office. Elizabeth had always prided herself in her cooking and Steven was appreciative of her talents. One day Elizabeth had confided in Steven her suspicion that Franklin was having an affair. She reflected that that moment had been the lapse in judgment that had led to her present predicament. Steven had been outraged. He had held Elizabeth and told her how beautiful she was. He could not believe Franklin could not see what a wonderful woman he had married. Steven had held her and Elizabeth had felt his growing hardness. Their lips had brushed and then they had kissed. Elizabeth had led him to her bedroom and they became lovers in the late afternoon light. Since that first time they had spent as much time together as they dared. It had been Steven's idea to start meeting at the Storybook Motel and Elizabeth had reluctantly agreed.

Elizabeth studied herself in the mirror until she was satisfied that every hair was in place and she felt sexy and beautiful for her young lover. She undressed in the bathroom and unpacked a lacy nightie from her bag. She did not worry about keeping Steven waiting. That was the good thing about Steven-he was always ready. Sex with her husband Franklin had become boring if she was honest about it. Franklin had become a kiss, kiss bang, bang lover at best. If Franklin was interested in making love he wanted to get it on right then. He could not seem to understand that she needs time to get in the mood. She enjoyed the sex with Steven so damn much in comparison. Steven was like a drug that she was addicted to. She felt like she should try to quit, but it was just so good! If she had spent this long getting ready for Franklin she knew she would find him sound asleep.

Steven was certainly wide-awake when she padded into the bedroom. She found him under the covers lying on his back with his erection poking up under the sheets like a small monument. As if eight firm inches of throbbing young manhood could ever be described as "small" she thought mischievously.

Steven beheld Beth as she entered the room and the sight of her took his breath away as it always did. She was so perfect in her lacy nightgown that showed every mature, feminine curve to advantage. Her breasts were full and soft and the dark circles of her areole were visible through the lacy fabric. The satin of the gown draped over womanly hips and Elizabeth's gorgeous, elegant legs glided her to the bed. Steven held the sheet aside for her and wrapped her in it embracing his love as she joined him in bed. He kissed her softly and caressed her neck as his lips explored her mouth.

Elizabeth molded her body to Steven's as he rolled over against her. She admonished him to go slow as she always did. They had not been together for several days and they were both ravenous with desire for each other. Elizabeth could tell that Steven was far too aroused to last long. She reflected that this was the one downside to a young lover--if she kept him waiting too long he came too quickly. She had a solution for that little problem. She kissed Steven forcefully and rolled him over on his back. She kissed her way down his body teasing his nipples and tickling his belly button as she playfully kissed and nibbled her way down. She gently took one of his testicles in her mouth. Steven groaned and shifted on the bed. "You don't have to do that Beth." He protested. Elizabeth opened wider and began to work her lips over the head of his swollen cock. Steven was already spilling a little pool of pre-cum from the head of his cock and Elizabeth tasted it as she took him in her mouth. She told Steven, "I'd like to take my time and let you enjoy this sweetie, but I really want you to come in my mouth." The truth was that Elizabeth was not especially eager for Steven to come in her mouth. She had simply found that it was the best way to enjoy him. Once she had sucked him to climax once he would rapidly become aroused again, but he would be much less inclined to climax quickly the second time around.

Elizabeth knelt and took Steven's swollen member in both hands. She worked her lips over his head and began to suck him firmly. She was soon working her mouth down the whole length of his shaft. She grasped the base of him and suckled firmly and it was only a couple of minutes before he erupted inside her mouth. Elizabeth pressed her lips more fully onto his shaft so that she could feel the pulses as his seed ripped through him and into her mouth. She swallowed every drop of it and continued to suckle her young lover for a few minutes afterward.

In nearly twenty years of marriage Elizabeth had never allowed her husband Franklin to cum in her mouth and she rarely performed felatio on him at all. She had pleasured Steven several times this way now and she reflected on the difference as she stretched out beside him and rubbed his chest. Steven was a very giving lover who was reluctant to take pleasure for himself. Elizabeth had to persuade him that it was ok for him to enjoy having his cock sucked. Franklin always acted as if he had some kind of right to get his cock sucked and rarely returned the favor by going down on Elizabeth. Steven was once again the exact opposite as he loved having cunnilingus with her.

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