Wild Night at the Jade Inn

by Dag123

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Swinging, Interracial, White Couple, White Male, Oriental Female, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: After a year of marriage, for their one year anniversary, Michael and Anne return to the Jade Inn where they spent their Honeymoon. A sexual attraction quickly forms between them and the Owners of the Jade Inn. Anne and Su Lin, discover a way to make their husbands' secret fantasies come true.

Shortly after their marriage, Anne had quit her job. Michael, her new husband, a Corporate Lawyer quite well off, had insisted.

For almost a year now, Anne had luxuriated in her new life and had delighted in satisfying her new husband's every whim. When she unearthed Michael's one secret fantasy, she had willingly gone along with it.

The day after their wedding Michael had seemingly innocently remarked to his new bride that the young Chinese woman, Su Lin, working the front desk at the Jade Inn in San Martin was almost as skinny as Anne.

Anne had flippantly teased him by remarking, "I'm probably stronger than her."

Michael had laughed and asked her.

"Are you saying you think you could take her," he had teased.

"Sure," Anne had replied with a confident coquettish little laugh.

"WOW," Michael had breathed,

"I'd pay admission to see that," he had enthusiastically remarked.

That night as they were enjoying each other sexually to the fullest, he had whispered in her ear.

"Anne, darling, do you really think you could take that Su Lin at the front desk like you said?"

"Sure," she whispered back sexily.

"Tell me what it would be like," Michael had asked.

That night had been the start of a long string of sexy erotic stories. The stories, pure fantasy, usually involved Anne in little physical confrontations with other women.

Knowing how much sexual erotic pleasure Michael got out of it, Anne was more than delighted. Anne willingly went along with it and tried to make the stories she told him almost nightly even wilder and sexy.

Being imaginative, Anne was soon describing the tearing off of clothes, including panties, bras, the loser forced to do a consequence, licking the winner's pussy, and many other sexual variations, too numerous to mention.

In the delightful privacy of their bedroom - nothing was taboo.

Realizing how much Michael would enjoy the real thing, Anne had often wished a situation would present itself where she really could perhaps engage in a friendly little confrontation with another female.

The little Asian desk clerk at the Jade Inn that she had first told Michael about during the first days of their marriage; would be the perfect candidate Anne had often thought.

Although Anne acknowledged to herself that other women would look down upon her for that kind of behavior, which at its best was undignified even degrading.

Anne thought, what do I care what other women think. How many of them are lucky enough to be married to a man who can give them what Michael gives me. If the opportunity ever presented itself, I would love a chance to let Michael watch me try it with another female.

To celebrate their first year of marriage they decided to return to San Martin. When they arrived and pulled into the parking lot at the Jade Inn, Michael had teased Anne.

"Hey, I wonder if that same little girl still works the front desk. Maybe we should arrange for you and her to get together while we're here,"

Anne had laughed and said, "You'd just love that, wouldn't you?

"Your deep dark favorite fantasy come true, huh?" she had remarked tartly.

"Sure," Michael had laughed.

"Every man's dream come true; seeing his wife in a sexy little confrontation with another woman."

Sure enough, when they arrived, who checks them in; but, the same little desk clerk.

They learned that her name was Su Lin. She seemed to possess a bitchy and aggressive demeanor; but was as well polite, gracious, and friendly.

While Anne and Michael were checking in, Su Lin's husband Garrett came in. Su Lin graciously introduced Anne and Michael to him.

Anne didn't miss the sexual look Su Lin's husband gave her as his black eyes boldly swept over her slender petite figure.

Anne felt secretly flattered. Garrett was a very handsome man. During the short conversation the four of them had enjoyed, Anne suddenly realized she had become aroused just looking at Garrett's rugged build. She could feel her panties were getting damp.

I'm aroused, just looking at him, she thought guiltily.

Anne idly wondered how Garrett and Su Lin had met each other. Then a few minutes later, she understood. Garrett OWNED the Jade Inn. Like her own marital situation with Michael, Su Lin had married up.

Anne also could not help noticing the look her own husband gave the other little wife.

After all, Su Lin quite slender like her was also very beautiful and sexy. Anne sensed an attraction developing between the four of them.

Looking over at Su Lin who had come out from behind the desk, Anne found herself wondering idly if she really could take this attractive little desk clerk.

Su Lin is probably about 32 years old, 5'2 tall and probably weighs around 105 lbs, maybe a little bigger. She's petite, like me and looks aggressive and sexy in a sultry sort of way, she thought.

I'm almost 34 years old, 5' feet tall, and around 100 lbs, so who knows, Anne thought, something could happen before Michael and I leave at the end of the week.

How wild would that be; if I succeeded in fulfilling Michael's secret fantasy.

During their first day there, each couple become increasingly aware of the other couple's mutual attraction to them.

Around noon when Anne and Michael returned from their walk, Garrett had graciously invited Michael into his private office for a drink.

Garrett's erotic proposal

"Mike," Garrett began, "May I call you Mike," he asked.

"Sure," Michael had replied.

Then being a direct person, Garrett boldly asked pointblank.

"Mike, are you as attracted to my wife Su Lin as I am to your wife Anne?"

Michael was shocked for a moment; but then thought, why not be honest.

"Are you kidding!" Michael said with a laugh.

"I think your wife Su Lin is very beautiful and sexy. You're a lucky man."

"Well," Garrett laughed, "Your wife Anne is really beautiful, and very charming. She has that quiet gentle loveliness that I've always found very appealing."

Then he delivered the shocker.

"I'm sure it has become obvious to the two of you, that Su Lin and I find you and Anne attractive. We got the feeling that you two might feel the same way about us."

"Well... yeah."

Michael replied, trying to figure out just where this conversation was going.

With that said, Garrett gave Michael his proposal.

"Mike, we were wondering if you and Anne might like to get together with Su Lin and me for a couple wild nights of erotic fun and games while you're here.

We would be willing to comp the two of you to our best Suite here at the Inn for the rest of this week."

Michael, though taken aback, quickly replied.

"I don't know if Anne would be agreeable; but, I'd love doing something like that. As far as the comping; I think we would prefer to pay our own way."

Michael talks to Anne

Later, when Michael related to her the conversation with Garrett, Anne admitted to him that she had been expecting something might transpire between her, Michael and the other couple.

Privately though, Anne was shocked and felt a bit uneasy at the Asian couple's brazen proposal.

She wondered what Garrett and Su Lin had in mind. Something erotic and sexual of that I'm sure, Anne thought.

"Michael, "I have to go to the bathroom. Let me think about it for a few moments while I'm in there, okay?"

Sitting on the commode, her thoughts racing, Anne thought.

For a whole year, I've been telling Michael about this Su Lin. If I go along with this, I may have a chance to challenge her to a little friendly tussle with Michael and Garrett watching. I have a feeling Garrett wouldn't object. He would probably find it just as sexy as Michael would, she thought, laughing to herself.

Anne, always pragmatic, realized here was that chance to do something that would really seal her marriage.

But, I can't believe I'm even considering doing this, she thought.

A few minutes later Anne emerged from the bathroom. Smiling up into Michael's handsome face she lovingly whispered.

"Michael, are you sure... you would really want us to get together with them?" she asked quietly.

"If you're willing, then the answer is yes," he replied.

"What did you decide?," he asked hesitantly, afraid that Anne was about to say no.

"Okay," Anne said, "If you can set it up with Garrett, - I'll do it for you. I know it's something you've always wanted. We've talked about it enough.

"I think Su Lin and I would be perfect together," Anne added.

"If you and Garrett can talk her into it, since we are the same size and so even, it might be fun," Anne assured him.

"I'm sure it's something the two of you would enjoy watching us do," she said tartly, curling her delicate lips in mock distaste.

So when both wives willingly agreed to participate in any erotic activity either of the two husbands wanted them to do; the two excited and fully aroused husbands, Michael and Garrett begin discussing the little erotic orgy the two couples were planning, which would take place later that same evening.

Michael and Garrett talk

"Can you believe this is really going to happen?," Michael asked, his voice betraying his growing excitement.

Garrett laughed.

"I was so afraid, your wife, Anne wouldn't agree to go along with it. Now all we have to do is decide what we would all like to do."

Michael remarked almost hesitantly.

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