Holiday Time

by Lisa Peacock

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, MaleDom, Group Sex, Interracial, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: I'd looked forward to our trip to Honolulu, we'd been here before and liked it. This trip however was different to the other times... Was it my thinking or was it my husband's thinking? did I subconsciously really want it to happen.

The flight out had been shit... it had taken longer than anticipated, but then we had been delayed because of the fog, which meant we missed the connecting flight and had to wait for another flight to become available. We managed to get a couple of seats on the Milk Run... which took a lot longer than the normal flight... but heh, at least we arrived, a few hours late, but we were here in Honolulu. My husband John and I had been a couple of times before. I know some of our friends did not like Honolulu as a destination, but it suited us... we liked it, liked the people and the atmosphere.

Bed and a sleep, would have suited us after arriving, but not wanting to waist a minute of our time we managed to keep going... plenty of caffeine. By eight that evening I was starting to flag and said to John I was quite happy to stay in the hotel, and relax, maybe have an early night and get a fresh start in the morning... bright eyed and bushy tailed.

"I might have a couple of drinks at the bar then come and join you honey" he said.

"Sure why not... come up when you're ready sweetheart" I replied, not wanting to spoil his time whilst here. He was more resilient than I when it came to staying out late.

I tried sleeping, but found I was probably past the sleep stage as I tossed and turned, continually thumping and puffing up the pillow, trying to get comfortable. Giving up any attempt at sleep, I propped myself up and turned on the TV... flicking though the many channels until I found a suitable program. As the time passed, I knew John must have found someone at the bar to talk to, otherwise he would have returned by now. He was definitely a night owl... but come morning our roles were reversed.

The sound of voices, then the security lock being operated, had me sitting up... alert. Who the hell is he bringing back with him at this hour? I was annoyed... bloody annoyed... not tonight of all nights. He could have waited until tomorrow. I would be more receptive to meeting his new friend or friends then... not tonight. God he could be so inconsiderate at times.

"Oh hi honey... I've brought Terry up to meet you... I met him down at the bar... was keen to catch up with you" he said, with a supercilious grin on his face. I could tell he'd been drinking, drinking more that he should have, certainly after the long flight and long day we had just had... the alcohol would have affected him even more.

Terry turned out to be a good looking colored guy, athletic in appearance, with a charming pearly white smile.

"Hi there Mrs Walker... John told me so much about you I just couldn't resist the invite to meet you"

"Well first up call me Laura... Mrs Walker is a little too formal"

"Ok, Laura it is... and you're right the Mrs part is a little stuffy... especially once we've got to know each other a little better" He said. It was the smile on his face that had me wondering, but just as quickly I discarded it.

"Ok... who's for a drink" John asked.

"Not for me love... I prefer not to" I replied

"Oh no... come on you've got to join us... don't be so inhospitable my love... perhaps a fruit juice eh?" he seemed very insistent that I join them.

"Ok, a fruit juice will do fine" I said

Taking three bottles of drinks from the mini bar he proceeded to prepare them. Terry was sitting on the other single bed next to mine, turning his attention to me.

"John tells me you've been to Honolulu before"

"We come when we can... it suits us... suits our needs" I said

"Well... I'm sure you're going to enjoy you're stay this time Laura" he said, looking me over from top to bottom, like he was looking over a prize of some description. It was the look and smile on his face that had me feeling a little uncomfortable.

"Here we go everybody" said John, handing us each a drink.

"Well, cheers... bottoms up" he said taking a gulp of his own drink. I followed, taking a smaller amount of my own.

Terry's attentions were concentrated on me as he asked question after question.

"Well let's have a toast to Laura, eh" he said, and again I joined them in their toasts, my drink almost all gone by now.

"Whew!... is it hot in here... or is it just me" I asked, whipping my hand across my brow.

"Oh... I don't think it's too bad Laura" said Terry, and I noticed the nod of his head toward John.

I was starting to feel... well feel different... there was a stirring in my loin region... I was wanting... well wanting to do things that were meant between John and I... I was suddenly feeling very sexually charged.

"Here... finish your drink honey" It was Terry, who said it, calling me honey. "May help cool you down a little eh?" handing me my drink and making sure I drained the glass. It only made me feel worse.

"Oh god... I feel... I feel strange" I said.

"Oh don't worry too much Laura... that's how you're supposed to feel... everything is going to work out just fine... just try and relax a little" said Terry, and proceeded to sit on the bed next to me.

There was a numbness running through my body. Terry's hand felt warm and heavy through the material of my dress as it came to rest on my thigh, a cocky self assured grin on his face. "You feel nice Laura... real nice"

God what's he doing with his hand on my thigh. I should stop him, he shouldn't be doing this. I'll tell him to stop... well maybe a little later... yes I'll do just that, later though, not right now.

Meeting no resistance to his efforts thus far, confidence was growing in Terry... it was all going just as he said it would. When he conferred with his new friend John in the bar, he'd told him then that within a short time of being introduced to his wife he would be fucking her. John had just laughed at the suggestion, saying it was impossible, that there was no way on this earth was he, a total stranger going to be able to fuck his wife this evening... never... never... never. Well who's laughing now... the $100 bet was looking pretty secure right now? Whow! Wasn't that a laugh, I get to fuck his wife, he gets to watch and pays me $100 for the privilege... shit I love this life... these tourists are so gullible. John was complicit in her demise. He's the one that had administered the drug to her, he'd done exactly as Terry had instructed and now here he was on his way to fucking her... god life doesn't get much better than this. Terry pushed her skirt a little higher, high enough so that he could see those beautiful bare thighs and blue undies, not long now.

God what's he doing now; he's got my dress up around my midriff. Oh no, he's going too far... but it feels so sensual, so sexy... I really must tell him to stop!

My legs part a little as his hand makes its way down the front on my panties. Fingers strolling over my pubic hair, touching my slit, a slit that is becoming wetter with each move, each touch he makes. First one, the two fingers are inside me, gently thrusting in and out as he finger fucks me. My pussy opening up for him, warm, pink and inviting. "Oh... no... no... please, oh... oh... oh..." I gasp. My hand grabbing hold of his hand, not to stop it doing what it is doing, but to make sure he doesn't take it away. I hold on tight, pushing his fingers ever further into my pussy.

"Ho yes you like that Laura... don't you... this gets you all worked up doesn't it" he said

"Ohhhh... ummmm..." I moan, holding ever tighter, to his hand.

John is now sitting on the edge of his seat, opened mouth, fully concentrating on the action unfolding before him, seeing but not believing it is actually happening.

"Here... let me take your pants off Laura... we'll get on better without them... will you let me take them off for you Laura" He asked, a broad smile across his face.

"Mmmmm... yes... yes that would be good... I'd like that" I purred in reply. God what am I saying, this is lunacy, letting this guy take my pants off. His hands tugged at my knickers, pulling downward. I raise my hips allowing them to be removed unrestricted. Down over my hips, past my thighs, past my knees, ankles, then free, to be thrown with reckless abandon across the room.

"Oh Laura... that is one fine looking pussy my dear... one fine looking pussy" His fingers once again taking up residency, where they had been only moments ago. Thrusting, plunging, deep inside, his finger and thumb twirling and playing with my love nub.

"Oh god no... no... please don't Terry... please don't" I moaned. Of course neither of us wanted it to stop... certainly not me, and certainly not him. His fingers continuing to do their magic.

"You know where this is leading... what he's going to do to you Laura... don't you" a little voice was saying in my head.

"What do you mean... what's it leading to" I replied.

"Why honey... he's going to fuck you... that's what this guy is going to do"

"Oh god no... no he can't"

"Would it really matter honey... no one is going to stop him... look at John he's as excited as anyone just watching it happen... and let's be fair I think you would like him to fuck you honey... wouldn't you" said the voice.

"God yes... yes I would"

"Well just lay back and let it happen... just enjoy it... as they say when opportunity comes a knocking... just go with the flow, honey... just go with the flow" I moaned softly and sank back on the bed, completely enveloped in the euphoria of his fingers.

"Now honey let's get you out of that skirt, it's only going to complicate things... isn't it"

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