The Chateau

by Lisa Peacock

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Rape, Heterosexual, Fiction, Gang Bang, Group Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A week-end at the Chateau sounded just the thing. Get away from the rat race, enjoy a little down time... long walks... good food and wine... but it didn't work out like that, it turned into a nightmare. (This story does contain some graphic descriptions of sex, some would call it rape, but I leave it to you the reader to make your own judgements)

Now I must warn you. Some readers may find the subject matter in this story offensive to them, especially if you are of a sensitive nature. I have written it from a male prospective and have to admit to seeking help, advice and input from my husband and our good friend and partner Kevin. If I have got it wrong... I'll blame them.

If you are under the age of 18 years this story is out of bounds to you also.

I would like to thank all those readers who took the time to write to me with their encouraging support and words of advice. I hope I replied to you all. If not I apologise, let me know who you are and I will endeavor to contact you.

Now enough of the advertising and preamble... read on, but do remember it may not suit all. Lisa Peacock.

A week-end at the Chateau, yes now that is a good idea. I said to my wife, who had made the suggestion. We deserve some time away together, heaven knows we've worked hard and seen little of each other over the past few months.

The Chateau was the place, old but very impressive and expensive. Just the type of first class accommodation to take your lover or in this case lover come wife, yes I think we were going to enjoy spending time there.

I phoned for a booking. "Oh dear... let me see... er we have a convention that week-end, accommodation is tight... I don't think... oh wait a moment... yes, yes there is one spare suite left... you could have that" the receptionist said.

"I'll take it" I said and gave her my credit card detail. "Now you hold on to that room... on peril of you're life... do you understand"

"Hm... yes sir... don't worry it's yours as of this moment" she said and rang off.

"That's it honey, we got the last room... but it's all set... we're going to have a great week-end... you'll see"

We were like a couple of teen age kids, as the moment to leave for the Chateau drew nearer. Bags in car, we picked up the mail as we left, and threw it on the back seat, time to read that later.

The Chateau was a Chateau, as I said old and impressive. Set miles from any where, long meandering roads to reach it, but it was all part of the magic in getting there. None of the modern architecture, each room was large and airy. Our own room sporting a beautiful panoramic view. The bed, well it was soft and inviting. The thought of Paula, lying stretched naked on it, and me between her beautiful long slender legs eating and fucking that pussy of hers, well I was getting a hard on already... a smile on my face.

We made ourselves familiar with the interior and the outdoors as we explored its many wonders. The evening meal was excellent all washed down with a fine bottle or two of wine. Our speech was a little slurred and our legs a little wobbly as we supported each other... giggling all the way to our room. We were both ready for a little love making and the hours before sleep were amongst the best sex we'd both had in a while. We were really winding down.

With the arrival of morning, we both had a slight hangover and seeing as there was no great hurry, we stayed in bed a while, Paula being very receptive to my advances, it took but a moment and I was inside her once again... well this is one of the reasons we came here. When we did tear ourselves away from our room, it was almost midday and the place was alive with other guests... all male guests.

"Sorry about the mayhem folks... this lot come down every year... don't really do anything... mainly booze and talk... the odd ahem lady is brought in for other entertainment... you know what I mean... we don't encourage it, but it's hard to tell them not to and as long as they are

discreet we turn a blind eye to it... just be aware... if they cause any trouble give us a call" said the male receptionist.

We both had a chuckled and said we would call him if it got out of hand, but doubted it would.

The Chateau was proving quite relaxing, it was the last day of our stay when things went a little astray.

The mail had remained unopened and still lay on the back seat of the car.

"Give me the keys... I'll go and retrieve the mail from the car honey"

"Oh it will probably only be bills... it's what we normally get" I said smiling.

Not to be put off she went to the car and picked up the mail, returning to where we had been sitting drinking fine wine, fine wine that had us a little under the weather... but who cared we were here to enjoy... once we returned home it would be business as usual.

"Oh... here's one addressed to me... I wonder who it's from" she said

"Well I think you'll need to open it" I said laughing.

My laughter turned to shock and despair, as I watched her read the letter, rage showing on her face.

"You BASTARD you fucking Bastard" she shouted at me. Other guests turned at the sound of her voice and the expletives emerging from her mouth.

"Who is honey... who's a bastard" I said trying to calm her.

Realizing her outburst had drawn attention she replied in a more subdued way.

"You are... you're the bastard" she said.

"Why what have I done" I asked a totally confused.

"Here take a look at that... go on... take a look" and she handed me the letter and a few photos.

The letter read. Thought you should know about me and you're husband. We've been seeing each other now for almost a year. He keeps promising to divorce you and marry me, but somehow I don't think that is ever going to happen... the guy is a rat... a pure rat. I thought you should know all about us and what we have been up to. The other photos are far more detailed and I will give them to you in person, rather than risk them through the post... believe me they are very detailed and very intimate.

Regards Rebecca Simms

The photos she had sent were of Rebecca and I kissing, well it looked like we were mutually kissing one another. I remembered the incident very well. She had burst into my office flung her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately on the lips.

I struggled to free myself and asked her what the hell she thought she was doing.

"Kissing you my sweet... kissing you" she replied with a great grin on her face. I thought no more of it, until today. She and a cohort had set me up beautifully.

"Well... well do you deny that is you and Rebecca, kissing?"

"No... no, I don't... but it's not what you think... it was all very carefully orchestrated" I said, protesting my innocence.

"Oh yeh... like the other one's she's going to show me... they will be a set up as well I suppose"

"There are no others... I swear honey... nothing has or will go on between Rebecca Webb and myself"

"So you say... quite frankly I find it hard to believe... that kiss looks pretty real to me... just how long have you been fucking her Robert... a year... more than a year?"

I was at a loss, she obviously was not going to believe me and the romantic week-end was now turning into a disaster. She upended the glass of wine, before her and demanded I get her another one.

"Is that a good idea honey... the way you feel at present?"

"You don't know how I feel at present... devastated is not the right word"

I ordered two more wines... then another two and watched as she slowly simmered and became more and more intoxicated.

"I'm going to the toilet... get me another drink" she said slurring the words slightly. I and a few of the other patrons watched as she weaved a drunken way to the powder room. Returning and slumping down in the chair. Her mood getting worse with every passing moment.

For some reason I was a little annoyed at the intrusion of one of the male guests, insisting we were a Mr and Mrs Archer, eventually he apologized and left when I'd convinced him we were a Mr and Mrs Albright

I really didn't know what to say to Paula as she continued in her tirade of accusations. There seemed no way of convincing her that Rebecca, the bitch, had deliberately set the whole thing up. Just wait until I get back on Monday... god I'll kill her I swear I'll kill her, rage was now in every fiber of my body.

I knew Rebecca had wanted me to have sex with her; she'd made it quite obvious over the years. I'd always turned her down and she swore that one day I would give in to her demands... just a question of time, she said. Well she wasn't going to succeed this way; I'd make sure of that.

The tanoy announced a message. "Would Robert Albright come to reception please, he has a phone call... Robert Albright... reception please"

"Shit who the hell is that" I asked

"No doubt your mistress Rebecca... what's you to come home... can't do without you" Paula spat at me.

"Oh god, don't be ridiculous" I replied and stormed off to reception.

"Over there sir... booth two... dial one and speak"


I went to the booth and dialed one. "Hello... this is Robert Albright"

The line was dead. "Hello... hello... you there... who is it" No reply. I continued to ask who it was... no reply, the caller had rung off.

"Look there is no one on the line" I said after returning to reception.

"Oh sorry sir... it looks like they have rang off... if they ring back I'll contact you in the lounge bar, correct"

"Yes... yes do that" I replied, returning to the bar.

When I arrived there was no sign of Paula. Oh well I shrugged sat and picked up my drink. Well let her stew... probably gone up to the room. I'll keep out of her way for a while... let her sober up a little and perhaps calm down. I'll be able to talk to her then. I ordered another drink, sipping it slowly.

It had been an hour and I thought I'd better go and check on her, surely I'd given her time to sleep it off and cool down a little... I had to talk to her.

I made my way back toward the room. A whole bunch of guys were queuing and milling around one of the rooms.

"Excuse me please" I said, trying to squeeze past those blocking the passageway.

"Hey buddy don't you want to wait and take a turn" One asked

"Eh... take a turn at what?" I asked

"Ho... one of our buddies has got himself a whore in there and she's happy to share it around... join the queue it could be fun.

"Er no thanks my friend I've already got a few problems, I don't need any more" I replied.

"Oh yeh... the little lady eh" he said touching the side of his nose and winking.

"Yeh you don't know how much" I replied.

"Ok... I'll have you share as well eh" He said laughing.

"Yeh you do that" I replied as I continued toward our room.

When I got there, there was no Paula. "God where the hell has the silly bitch got to" I said to myself, doing an about turn and heading back down the stairs. The raucous laughter still continued from the guys milling around the room. The numbers having increased.

"I'm almost there" a voice said and I recognized the guy who had spoken to me on the way up.

"Great... I hope you enjoy it" I replied, giving him the thumbs up.

"Oh I will... I will... it'll only cost you twenty bucks, not too late to join the queue should be a good fuck pal" which brought further laughs from the rest of the crowd.

I searched the lounge bar again, dining room any and all rooms, god where could she be. Would she have gone for a walk... to sober up maybe? The bridge... down by the bridge... god what if she's tripped and fallen in the water. Fear gripped my heart and stomach as I raced toward the river and the bridge. I searched everywhere... no signs... what if she's drifting downstream... oh god... panic as well as fear. I had to do something. I strode back to the Chateau... urgency in every stride. Then I started to think, that room... the room where the guy said there was cheap sex, whores are a little reluctant to give cheap twenty dollar buck sex. Oh... my... god... no, it couldn't be... no... no it just couldn't. God if it was how long had she been in there... how many men had queued outside that door. I was now running, my blood felt like ice in my veins. Panic in my heart

I took the stairs two at a time, my heart thumping a million beats a second. There... there before me... men... men were laughing, talking amongst themselves, waiting... all waiting for their turn.

"Who's the woman in that room... who is she" I screamed at them.

They all turned to see who this madman was that charged toward them.

"Hey pal... slow down... its just some whore, one of our friends has organized... if you want to fuck her take a place in the queue buddy"

"No... no... you don't understand... I've got to find out who that woman is" I screamed, and before they could stop me, I shouldered my way through, grabbed the door handle and barged into the room.

There was a woman on the bed. Her skirt had been pushed well up around her waist. Her knees were bent upward her legs wide apart, her knickers had been pulled down and were around one of her ankles. Between the open legs was a man, his trousers down to his ankles and his ass twitched and flexed rising up and down as he thrust into her. I could hear his grunts and groans of satisfaction. "Yes my dear... oh yes you like this don't you... you like being fucked" more grunts.

The woman was Paula. "You bastard... you bastard... get off her... get of her" I shouted, making to move toward them. I'd not taken a stride when strong hands were upon me pulling me back.

"Get off me... get off me... that's my wife he's fucking... let me go" I screamed at them.

"Oh yeh... well she seems to be enjoying herself at present buddy... wife or no wife if you want to fuck her get in line" They'd dragged me outside, my fists lashed out at them, but more fists were aimed at me and a blow to the back of the head had me in total darkness.

I opened my eyes slowly, my head throbbed. The mob had gone, only one man standing at the door, pulling up the fly zip of his trousers. "If you hurry pal you may just get yourself a fuck... make sure ya got a big dick... she's well and truly opened up... I guess you could say we put some real mileage on the clock" He stepped by me laughing as he went.

I slowly rose to my feet. The back of my head hurt. I entered the room, closing and locking it behind me. I wanted no further men to come charging in.

I looked at the woman on the bed. As I drew close to her, it was obvious they'd had a good time with her.

She was still in the same position, her blouse and bra had been torn from her in the frenzy to get to her firm breasts and nipples, her legs spread wide as if waiting the next guy. Her thighs were covered in love bights, as were her breasts, where the guys had squeezed, suckled and bitten them. Her neck was a mess also, like a swarm of locusts or bats had fed upon her. Copious amounts of cum were running down her thighs and oozing from the slit between her legs. I stared at that slit and wondered just how many men had been inside it. I shuddered remembering the queue that had been waiting patiently outside the door.

She stirred a little, and then saw me. "Ah... Robert... there you are... how good it was of you to send that nice man for me" she smiled, her speech was slurred and it was obvious she was still in a drunken stupor.

"What man" I demanded

"The man you told to take me up to our room... you know the one?" she said.

"I didn't send anyone for you honey... no one"

"Well he said you had... we got to his room... he invited me in... we had a few more drinks... made a pass at me... asked if I'd like to fuck... I thought why not... if it's good enough for my husband then it's good enough for me... he agreed with me... see... so how does it feel to be on the other side of things eh?" she slurred almost passing out again.

"Oh you silly... silly woman. First I never did have anything to do with Rebecca... that was all lies... and two there was more than one guy screwed you... a lot more"

She had a far away look and smiled "Well there may have been a couple more... but that's all"

"How about the whole of the convention" I said, but she'd passed out.

I dressed her best I could and with my arm around her, supported her back to our room. I threw her in the shower fully clothed and turned it on full, then prepared some coffee for her, thick and black. The sound of her being sick had me back in the bathroom, where she was bent over the toilet bowl, heaving her inside out. Removing her wet clothes, I dried her, poured the coffee down her throat, but it was obvious I would get little more from her that night. I placed her naked body on the bed, covered her with a blanket and let her sleep it off. The last thing I wanted to do was go down to the bar, the thought of all those sniggering guys watching me was just too much.

When I did go to bed she was still fast asleep... after a sleepless start I did eventually drift off.

The sound of running water brought me to my senses. It was Laura, taking a shower. When she emerged she looked a terrible sight, the previous days activities had wreaked its havoc upon her.

"Oh god I feel terrible" she said as she dried herself.

"Yeh well I agree... you don't look the best" I said.

"Oh god I hardly remember anything about yesterday" she said.

"How about I order something to eat and some coffee and you tell me what you do remember"

"Ug... nothing to eat... coffee only" she grimaced.

"Well tell me... tell me what happened" I said as she drank her coffee.

"I know I was well gone... even in the bar... everything was a swirl... then you went to take a phone call from your girl friend Rebecca" I interrupted her at this point.

"I had no call from Rebecca... who I must keep reminding you is not my girlfriend... and when I got there, there was no phone call" I said, there was a quizzical expression on her face.

"Well whatever... you had gone to take the phone call, then a nice, good looking guy came up to me and said you had asked him to take care of me, take me up to my room before I made too big a fool of myself. I remember he helped me to my feet and we headed up the stairs... we then passed his room, he invited me in and offered me more drink. We sat and drank a while... then he made a pass at me... asked if I'd like to fuck... I remember telling him about you and Rebecca... told me what an asshole you were and said it would be a good way to get back at you... give you some of your own medicine... I agreed with him, then we fucked. I seem to recall he asked if it was alright if a couple of his pals joined in... really get back at you... I don't know... I think I may have said yes... after that it was all just a blur"

"Well I can tell you it was more than two or three guys that screwed you... just take a look at the evidence on your body"

"Yes... yes I've seen it... it's a mess... how... how many men do you think..." he words falling away.

"Like how about the whole of the convention... I don't know... I don't really know, but there had already been a whole heap through you before I got to you"

"Oh god... oh god" she wept, burying her head in her hands.

"What do we do now... where do we go from here" she asked after recovering.

"I know one thing... I'm going to kill that bitch Rebecca when I get back... I'll fucking swing for her... see if I don't" I replied, anger at the thought of what she had done to us boiling up inside me. "Well let's get packed and check ourselves out, no point in hanging around, it's time to go anyway"

It had all been a set up, a beautiful set up I knew that now.

Yes it had been a beautiful set up, a set up by an expert. A good looking, smooth talking guy. A guy who had both charm and charisma, one who persuade almost any woman into bed with him. He very rarely failed, this woman should be easy, she was pissed already... a bonus.

Robert was blissfully unaware of the eyes that were staring lustfully at his beautiful wife Paula.

Brad Prentice was aware of her, he couldn't keep his eyes of her, as she crossed then re crossed those beautiful long legs of hers, he enjoyed and reveled in the odd glimpse of blue panties as she did so. In his own mind his hand was up under her skirt, his fingers running over the warm smooth, silk like thighs. Touching, feeling getting ever nearer to that lovely slit. I bet she has a lovely pussy he thought, a wicked smile upon his face. There was a stirring in his loins as he continued to stare at her. He wasn't really interested in the conversation of his mates as he sat at the bar with them, occasionally he would smile and laugh when they laughed, what he was laughing at he hadn't a clue, his only interest was the gorgeous blond, sitting over by the window. She was really pissed of with the guy... a husband perhaps? Yeh maybe... it didn't really matter... he'd fucked many a married woman, one more made no difference. Women were made to be fucked... married or not, that was his philosophy any way. She was pissed off with him about something, which was good, would make things easier when the time came... yes, that's it buddy buy her another drink... she'll be putty in my hands she will... putty in my hands. She crossed her legs one more time. "Oh god" he sighed. I wonder if she is a real blond. Hm... only time will tell... only time will tell, he thought to himself a smile passing over his lips

A plan was forming in his mind. The Hylton Scam... that's what this calls for... yes the Hylton Scam... perfect. Then his heart sank as the blond got unsteadily to her feet. Shit... shit... shit, they're leaving. He thought to himself. No, no wait... he's staying put. As he watched her nice firm tight ass and swaying hips make toward the toilets. The bulge in his crotch just got bigger. He also watched as she staggered back. God look at those breasts, his mouth watering at the thought of suckling upon them. He had to have her; he just had to have her. It was now prey and predator... the predator loved the prey, loved the challenge. For the first time he swung his attention back to his buddies.

"Hey guys... see that gorgeous blond over by the window" He asked of them

Heads swiveled and looked in the direction he had indicated.

"Yeh... what about her?"

He took a gulp from his glass, and slowly put it down, his friends eagerly waiting for the answer.

"How would you like to fuck her" he declared with a smug smile.

All heads turned again, to view the gorgeous blond. "Of course we'd like to fuck her... who wouldn't... but I don't think its hardly likely do you" said one.

"Oh I think it's highly likely" he replied, the smug smile still evident.

"How can you be so certain... what is she some kind of whore... is that it?"

"Please Derrick... I don't go for whores... no she's not a whore... well not at present she's not" allowing himself a little chuckle.

"God you don't mean..."

"Yes I do mean the Hylton Scam Archie... that's what I do mean"

"What's the Hylton Scam" asked one. Archie proceeded to tell them seeing as he'd been in on it the last time he'd pulled it. Suddenly there was an air of excitement and expectancy in them.

All eyes again concentrated on the blond. "Yeh you can count me in... I'd love to fuck her" came one reply. "I think that goes for all of us" came another reply, all heads nodding agreement.

"Archie you know what to do... find out their name first" said Brad

"Good as done" he replied

Archie ambled over to the couple. "Hi... it's... it's Joan and Philip Archer isn't it" he asked

"No... no sorry pal... not us" came a sour reply.

"No... no it's got to be... definitely Joan and Philip Archer... you can't fool me" he said again, looking into the beautiful face of the blond.

"Listen pal we are not the Archers, I'm Robert and this is my wife Paula and our name is definitely Albright not Archer"

"Hey you know, now that I look more closely I can see you're not the Archers... sorry to have disturbed you... man you do look like the Archers... sorry" Archie made his way back to his pals with the newly gained information.

"Paula and Robert Albright" he said proudly to Brad.

"You know what to do Archie... then I've got to act quick... before he comes back... keep the line open as long as possible Archie"

"Will do Brad... will do" he said with a conspiratorial wink. Then took his cell phone from his pocket and dialed

They watched and waited, and then the loudspeaker announced there was a call for a Mr Albright... Mr Albright to the desk please.

Robert had barely left when Brad made his move.

"Oh hi honey Paula isn't it... hey Robert said to come and look after you... maybe better if I got you upstairs to your room... you know maybe a little too much to drink" he said, putting on his most charming smile.

"Who the hell does that rat think he is, telling me I've had too much to drink?" she replied, the drink obvious affecting her speech.

"I take it he's upset you somehow eh" he quizzed

"The bastard... another woman... that's what... another woman" venom in her response.

"Well yeh, I can see he's a very silly man... I mean with such a beautiful woman such as yourself... he must be a complete idiot to go with another woman... certainly wouldn't be me"

"Hm... flatterer" she said, smiling at the nice handsome man before her.

"Hey look why not come up to my room... I have a very nice bottle of wine there... we can continue to drink in comfort and away from staring, un-approving eyes... what do you say?"

"Yes... yes that's a good idea" said Paula, getting to unsteady feet.

Brad placed an arm around Paula to steady her as he led her away from the bar lounge. A smile and a wink for his friends as he left. He knew right then she was his... god he was going to love fucking her, the bulge in his trousers grew bigger.

She stumbled a couple of times as they climbed the stairs, but once on the next floor it wasn't too far to his room. Unlocking the door he took a quick look right and left... no one looking, then he guided her into his room.

"Here you sit down there my love... I'll get us a drink and you can tell me all about that stinking husband of yours.

The room was already whirling for Paula, as Brad handed her the drink

"Well cheers... bottoms up as they say" Brad's thoughts were already on Paula's bottom, thinking how wonderful it was going to feel in his hands

Brad watched as Paula took another big gulp, like she was a woman in a hurry to get somewhere quick... in this instance pissed.

"Now tell me honey... tell me about this husband of yours"

Paula blurted out all the details... details she thought had happened between her husband Robert and that slut Rebecca.

Brad was very receptive, sympathetic and understanding nodding and agreeing with her. When she's run out of things to say he said.

"God what a turkey... he must be crazy... I mean how could he even think of going with another woman, when he has someone as gorgeous as you waiting at home... yes... yes the guy is a complete idiot" he said laying it on thick and heavy.

"You know what... it would serve him right if you went out and got yourself a good looking guy and did the same thing... you know sauce for the goose and all that" he's thrown out a line, now to see if she took the bait.

She raised her almost empty glass, and pointing in his direction, words all slurring said.

"You know... you know... that's exactly what I should do... that would teach the bastard, wouldn't it eh... sauce for the goose... yes that's it sauce for the goose"

Brad smiled, joy spreading through his body... she'd taken the bait... she was his.

"Of course it is honey... that's what he needs... to be taught a lesson" he said, kneeling in front of her, his hands slowly running up the inside of her skirt, now he could feel the warm soft silk like thighs he had been daydreaming of earlier.

"I could help you there sweetheart... if you'll let me"

"Would you... would you really Brad... would you help me" she said, the room swaying and her speech becoming more incoherent... but Brad knew what she was saying... oh yes, it was music to his ears. What was in his pants was now swollen to capacity.

"Of course I will my love... it would be an honor to help such a lovely woman as you"

"Oh you're so sweet... such a nice gentleman... not like that rat of a husband... but we'll show him, won't we Brad"

"Oh yes my dear... we'll show him" he replied, helping her to her feet and guiding her to the bed.

"Here my lovely... just lie down" he said, placing her on the bed, then straddling her torso. His fingers worked feverishly at the buttons on her blouse. His blood was boiling with passion and excited anticipation, this was the best present he was going to be unwrapping in a long while. He wanted to get to those beautiful breasts, to feel them, suckle them. His hands were actually trembling as he attacked each button in turn. God he'd never felt so worked up in a long time, never had any other woman fired him with so much passion.

"I bet you have lovely breasts my love... haven't you" he said excitedly as one more button became undone.

"Mmmmm... I think so... and that rat always said they were great" she said, a glazed far away look on her face. The last button undone, he thrust the fabric apart... now for her bra. His hand was trembling as he reached behind her back, finding the clip holding her bra in place and with expert precision undid it. The look in his eyes filled with desire as he ripped it from her. Oh god... there they were, every bit a good and desirable as he had imagined them. She placed her hands on them herself and squeezed them together, the nipples standing out, temptingly.

"They good enough for you Brad... do you like them" she said.

"Oh god... they're just so..." before he had finished the sentence his mouth was upon one of the breasts, licking and sucking the nipple almost willing it to give forth milk.

Paula's hands released her firm breasts, fell to her side. She sighed, allowing Brad to chomp and suck contentedly on them. The fire was inside him, his cock had been rigid for some time, it needed to be fed... and fed now.

"Let's move on my dear" he said as he tugged at her skirt, pushing it up around her waist. He could now see the flimsy blue pants, the same ones that he had glimpsed down in the bar. Her soft thighs were just as he had imagined them. They were warm to the touch.

"I'm going to take your pants off now Paula my love" He said. He heard her mumble something, something he took for approval. He held his breath as he pulled down on them, over her hips, past her thighs. A golden triangle of pubic hair came into view. He smiled, she was a true blond. He continued pulling them down, she kicked one of her legs free; her pants remained curled around the other ankle. It mattered not; she could still spread those wonderful legs apart, free of encumbrance.

Paula wasn't totally aware of what was going on. In a drunken stupor, she did not care. The only thing that did matter, something good was happening to her.

Brad glared at the slit between her thighs. Oh god... oh god... oh god..." was all he could mutter, spell bound and speechless. My... my... it's beautiful... just beautiful. He sighed. He was painfully aware of the throbbing piece of hard muscle between his legs. He pulled on the zip of his fly, when it was undone, his trembling fingers undid his belt and he pushed his trousers down. The hard erection he'd been harboring sprung forth, like a coiled spring.

He had one deed to perform first. He needed to eat it, taste the honey that flowed within. He buried his face in the blond mass of hair, mouth kissing, tongue licking. Paula gave out a moan, this time a moan of satisfaction.

He heard voices outside in the hall. His friends and colleagues were starting to gather, the word had gone out. They waited eagerly, excitedly for Brad to emerge and tell the next one it was his turn. Brad had never failed them yet, he could always find them a woman, he was good at it... women just loved him.

He let the hard piece of flesh touch and stroke her soft thighs first. Then he gently laid it along the length of the slit, again stroking, teasing her with it.

"I'm gona put this in you now Paula" he said, another moan he took as her consent.

He eased it inside her and as it thrust deeper, he was filled with a warm euphoric feeling. It was like a warm, velvet glove being drawn onto his cock, gripping the shaft tight.

"Oh... my... god" he murmured softly. When he looked down. He liked what he saw; he was fully inside her... another soft gratified sigh coming from his lips.

"I'm gona fuck you now honey... ok... we're gona show that rat of a husband sweetheart, aren't we" he said.

Her response was quiet, barely audible, but Brad could hear it.

"Oh yes... yes... now we'll show him won't we Brad... we'll show him" and with that Brad's ass started to rise and fall... rise and fall... thrust... thrust... thrust, he was at last fucking her, another sigh of immense satisfaction and pleasure came from deep inside. As his ass humped and thrust, his hands were busy, busy squeezing, massaging those beautiful firm tits, his mouth was like that of a vampire bat as he chewed and sucked on her neck. God he loved fucking this woman, this was his best conquest yet.

Brad would have loved to have had this woman to himself for much, much longer. In fact a whole night would have been too little time with her, but he did after all have a reputation to keep up and he could hear the sound of voices outside as the crowd of men grew bigger with each passing minute as the word spread. "Hey guys Brads got a whore up in his room... it's all on... pass the word" and so it went on.

Only the rocking and creaking of the bed with an occasional grunt or exclamation from Brad. "I'm cuming honey... I'm cuming... is it ok if I cum" he asked. The quiet moan from Paula the only response. That meant yes, he thought and with one final deep thrust, he had cum. He always took great delight and joy, cuming inside a woman, but today that delight and joy was even greater. He lingered inside her a moment or two longer.

"Hey babe... babe... listen to me... listen" he said shaking Paula from he fuzzled trance.

"Oh Brad... we're showing him honey, we're showing him" she managed to murmur, a weak smile on her face.

"Yes... yes... we're showing him honey" he replied hastily.

"What I want to say is let's really get back at him... I mean I bet he's been screwing around with that bitch for quite some time... who knows how many times he's shafted her... or how many other women he's fucked... why not do a little catch up... I've got a couple of friends that would love to help you out, how about we let them join in on the fun... what do you say honey?"

"Oh... yes... yes that's a good idea... that will really teach him, won't it, do you think you're friends would be willing?"

"Oh yes babe... they'd be willing alright... only too willing" he replied, a wry smile crossing his lips, but he doubted she heard his response; she'd slipped back into the fog.

He pulled up his trousers, buckled the belt and did up his fly. Making sure he was now his immaculate self once again, he left to join the growing crowd outside. He was greeted by a sea of eager faces... none more so than Archie.

"How is she... is she good" He asked, exuberant excitement on his face.

"She's real good Archie... but find out for yourself mate" he said, nodding toward the closed door. "Now you do have everything organized pal... names and money" Brad asked.

"Yeh... yeh... all done... names ticked off and twenty dollars collected" Archie replied, hastily, impatient to get into Brads room and the waiting blond.

Brad took the money collected so far, and headed for the bar. As he did so there were shouts of "Thanks Brad" and slaps on the back as he passed. "God I don't know how he does it... always manages to find us a good whore" someone remarked.

As Brad sipped his drink, he looked at the guy sitting quietly drinking his beer in the corner near the window, blissfully unaware of what was happening to his wife upstairs in Brad's room. The memory of himself having just recently fucked the mans wife, came rushing back, a very pleasant memory, yes a very pleasant memory indeed.

Brad chuckled out loud at the thought of it all. "Something funny mate" the barman asked.

"Yes... yes, quite funny actually... private though... private" he replied, tapping the side of his nose and laughing again.

The guy hadn't moved, he just sat sipping on his beer, either looking around the bar or staring out of the window. Yeh mate, just stay there, don't want you upsetting things just yet, Brad thought to himself.

When the man did eventually move, Brad followed at a safe distance; he wanted to see where he was headed. He followed to where the guys were waiting patiently, waiting and chatting outside his room. The man shuffles and squeezes his way past. One even invites him to join the group... telling him there's a whore available. The man refuses and passes on through... saying he can have his share. Now that really was a laugh... a share of his wife... how funny can it get. Satisfied all is well he returns to the bar.

Charlie Pringle was a none descript person. He didn't stand out in a crowd; he was twenty five, looked like a kid of eighteen and was the complete opposite of Brad Prentice, slim of build to the point of being skinny. Brad Prentice had every woman wanting him their eyes followed him as he passed by. Charlie Pringle hardly caused a ripple. At twenty five he was still a virgin, never known what it was like to slip inside a woman's warm wet pussy. His hand was his only form of sexual relief. He very nearly did not come to this week-ends get away, but he eventually let himself be persuaded. When the word went out that Brad Prentice had organized a whore, and it would only cost twenty dollars for the privilege. He hadn't wanted to be seen as "Not one of the boys" so he took his twenty dollars and handed it to Archie. Now he stood nervously awaiting his turn. Laughing and joining in the small talk. He may be nervous but he was also excited, the hard bulge in his trousers was testament to that. Now he had one very good asset... he was very well endowed in the size of his penis. Men who had seen it, when in the showers, had marveled and admired it, said it was wasted on such a kid... yes they'd called him a kid. Well today he was going to show them he was man. He could fuck a woman just as good as the rest of them.

"Ok Charlie, it's your turn... go show her how it's done" said Archie, winking at the others.

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