Mandy and the Wimp

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: He was a wimp and there was no doubt about it.

I wasn't ready for it. I knew what I was going to find when I got there, but I still wasn't ready for it and it didn't help any to know that it happened because of something I'd done.

I met Mandy when she came to work at the XYZ Corporation as a secretary. I had started at XYZ the week after my graduation from Eastern Michigan University and in seven years I had risen to regional manager. Sarah, my secretary was going on maternity leave and personnel had sent Mandy to me as her replacement.

To say I was smitten would be an understatement. I took one look at her and my heart started racing. For me it was a case of love at first sight and that was a bad thing. It was bad because Mandy worked for me. XYZ had been the target of several sexual harassment suits and the corporation had put several policies in place to insure that it never happened again and one of those policies was a strictly enforced "no fraternization" rule. If Mandy worked in a different department or division or different building it would be okay, but working for me or working in my department made her strictly off limits to me.

All I could do was look at her day after day and eat my heart out. Several times I caught her looking at me with an expression that I couldn't decipher. I wanted it to mean, "Talk to me, please ask me out" but of course I didn't dare because I had already seen how ruthless XYZ could be when their policies were ignored. In the space of six months I'd seen three managers let go because of what I considered minor, extremely minor, infractions. All I could do, unless I was willing to give up my career, was look longingly at Mandy and eat my heart out.

One day in the lunchroom Stella, our office manager, sat down at my table and asked me what I was going to do about Mandy.

"What do you mean?"

"The poor girl can't keep her eyes off of you and everybody sees how you look at her. Something has to give here."

"You know the policy, same as I do."

"You two belong together Rob, are you going to let your job get in the way?"

"You bet I am Stella. I can see it clear as day. I ask her out, she says yes, we go on a date and find out that outside of a physical attraction to each other we have nothing in common - nothing else going for us. We thank each other for a nice time, neither of us planning on seeing the other socially ever again and the next day I come to work and get fired for dating my secretary in violation of corporate policy. That is a chance I'm not willing to take. She might be worth it Stella, but she might not."

I suppose I could have asked Stella to move Mandy someplace else in the office so I wouldn't have to look at her every day, but since she hadn't been with me long it would look bad on her record. Stella would know the reason and she wouldn't put anything bad in Mandy's file, but no one else in the corporation would know that. All they would know was that she came to work for me and I had her moved out in a very short while and therefore there would always be questions about her ability and efficiency.

Things limped along for another four months and then a miracle happened. When Sarah went on maternity leave she told me that the odds on her coming back were long, that she was strongly considering being a stay at home mom. Then her husband got laid off and she felt she had to come back. Stella was going to assign her to Bill Brodman, but I saw a chance and I took it.

"Give her back to me Stel. That will give you a legitimate reason to move Mandy. Get her out of this department and into another division. If you do it that way it won't look like I got rid of her because she wasn't a good secretary."

Stella did it and Mandy was transferred. That happened on a Thursday and I began to plan my next move. I'd give Mandy a couple of days to settle in at her new job and then I'd ask her out. I wasted time in making my plan. When I left work that night I found Mandy leaning on the front fender of my car. We were married four months later.

Fast forward five years. Mandy is a stay at home mom with Todd Allen (4) and Nancy Elise (2) and I have risen to divisional manager with a good shot at becoming the next vice president of Engineering. Mandy and I are still as much in heat and love with each other as ever and our marriage is still going gangbusters. I have a great career and a marvelous home life. Life is good. The only bad spot in things is the fact that as a divisional manager I have to travel and at least twice a month I'm gone for two or three days visiting units in my division. I have to do it, but I hate it. As far as I'm concerned time away from my family is wasted time, but it is a necessary evil and I have to do it and do it well if I hope to make VP. If I make VP it is the people under me who will have to do the traveling.

Mandy had a sister who lived in New York and I'd never met her, but Mandy talked with her on the phone several times a week. One day I came home from work and Mandy greeted me at the door naked except for high heels.

"The kids are next door with Sally (the girl who did our babysitting) and I have a great desire to have dessert before we have dinner. Think you can remember the way to the bedroom or has my naked body clouded your mind?"

I dropped my briefcase and took her right there on the floor. When it was over she gave me a passionate kiss and said:

"I should do this more often."

"The fact that you don't prompts me to ask what is the special occasion?"

"God, I can't slip anything by you can I? I want to ask you a big favor."

"Go ahead, ask it."

"Tanya (her sister) is moving here. She got a promotion and they gave her the office here. Can she stay in the spare bedroom until she can find a place of her own?"

"Of course she can. She's family. You don't have to bribe me to get me to agree to that."

"That's only part of it."

"What's the rest?"

"I want to take her out and show her around, but she won't know a soul here except for us. Somewhere along the line I'm going to want you to find her a nice guy to date."

"You want me to set your sister up with a blind date?"

"Yes baby, that's what I want."

"I won't promise you anything. I won't set her up with anyone I know until after I've met her and satisfied myself that she isn't cross-eyed and has buck teeth."

"You are awful. Can we do it again? On the bed this time?"

Tanya was almost as gorgeous as Mandy and I remembered the favor Mandy wanted and realized that it wouldn't be a chore after all and in fact, I'd probably make points with whoever I set her up with. She had a great personality, a wicked sense of humor and was extremely intelligent.

Having another woman in the house to some getting used to. For one thing I had to learn to close doors when I was in the bathroom and I had to stop running around the house half naked.

The first two weeks Tanya was with us she spent settling into her new job and taking over from the previous manager who was retiring. I was packing my suitcase for a three day trip when Mandy reminded me that I said I would find someone to set Tanya up with.

"I want to go out when you get back so think on it, okay?"

"I'll give it my best shot."

"Honestly babe, someone nice. I just want... oh shit! Never mind. She's a big girl now. She should be able to handle what comes along."

That night after I'd checked into the hotel I called home and Sally answered. When I asked where Mandy was Sally told me that Mandy and Tanya had gone out and said they might be late. I told Sally to have Mandy call if she got home by ten and that if not I'd talk to her the next day. I called the next morning when I woke up and found out that the two girls had gone out for dinner and drinks to celebrate Tanya's first day of being in sole charge of her new office.

"We had a fun time being together and I'll probably want to do it again; you know, a girls night out kind of thing. It will let me get to know a sister that I was never really close to."

"It will give you something to do when I'm on my trips. Got to run honey, I'll call you tonight."

That night when I called Mandy asked me if I had given any thought to whom I might try to line Tanya up with and I told her that I had a couple in mind, but that I hadn't sounded anyone out on the idea of a blind date yet. I told her I'd get on it as soon as I got back from the trip.

Two days later when I was back at the office I approached Jake and explained the situation to him, how Mandy wanted to take Tanya out and show her around, but didn't want Tanya to feel like she was a third leg so we needed an escort for her. Jake said he couldn't help. He'd just gotten into a relationship that might go somewhere and he didn't want to jeopardize it. Next I approached Norm, explained the situation and he said he would give it a try, but only after threatening me with bodily harm if he found out that I'd set him up with a dog. I told him I would set things up for Friday and then I went home to give Mandy the news.

"Who is it?"

"Norm Stafford."

"Do I know him?"

"No. He came to work for us after you left."

"He's not going to hurt Tanya, is he?"

"Who knows sweetie, they might hit it off and they might not. Whatever, if it goes somewhere and then ends badly it won't be our fault."

Friday I had Norm follow me home, introduced him to Tanya and Mandy and then we headed out. We had a nice dinner and then we started hitting the nightspots. We did several lounges and clubs, did quite a bit of dancing and a good time was had by all.

As we got ready for bed that night I commented to Mandy that Tanya and Norm seemed to hit it off okay.

"They did," she said. "He asked her out for tomorrow and she said yes. So come on over here and get your reward for doing such a good job and she laid down on the bed wearing her high heels. She knew my buttons all right. The only thing that turned me on more than seeing her naked was seeing her naked except for high heels. She spread her legs wide in an open invitation and smiled as she crooked a finger at me and said:

"Come on baby, Mandy is waiting."

I lowered my face to her pussy and saw that the lips were already wet with anticipation and then I heard the long, low moan as my tongue parted those lips. Mandy and I rolled around on the bed for over an hour. After I worshipped her pussy for a while she coaxed me into a sixty-nine and when she was ready she mounted me. We made love fast and hard the way she liked it and then she sucked me hard again and we made love slow and leisurely the way I liked it. And then we went into another sixty-nine and made love again. It was a very satisfying night.

Once Tanya had her office running like she wanted it she started looking for an apartment, found one and then moved out of our spare bedroom. Six months went by and though I usually only saw her about once every two weeks Mandy told me that she was getting along fine. Mandy still had her 'girls night out' with Tanya when I was out of town on business and not being a busybody I never bothered Norm by asking him how he and Tanya were getting along.

The first indication that all was not right in my world came the day I called Sally and asked her to baby-sit for us and she said she couldn't sit for us anymore. I asked why and she told me that her mom wouldn't let her sit for us.

"She won't let you baby sit or she just won't let you sit for us?"

"I can't sit for you Mr. Maples."

I found another sitter and then the next day I paid Sally's mother a call to see if I could find out what the problem was. All I could get from her was that she didn't want her daughter exposed to what was going on. I kept trying to get more out of her about what was 'going on' but she said it wasn't her place to be talking about things like that.

The following day I was parked outside the high school when Sally's classes ended and when she came out of the building I walked up to her and told her I needed to talk with her. At first she wouldn't say anything, but I kept poking and prying and finally she told me why her mother wouldn't let her sit for us anymore.

"Mrs. Maples sometimes comes home with a man and he is still there when I leave and I've seen his car still there when I go to school in the morning."

"And you told your mother and now she doesn't want you exposed to things like that, is that it?"

"Yes sir."

"Thanks for talking to me Sally."

I was in no mood to go home just then so I went back to the office and worked on clearing up some paperwork while I thought about what I'd just found out. I loved Mandy, had from the first moment I'd laid eyes on her, but being in love doesn't mean you have to be stupid. I wasn't about to go into denial and try to tell myself that there could be a perfectly good and logical reason for Mandy brining a man home and for his car to still be there in the morning. There was only one reason for something like that and I knew damned well what it was.

But thinking you know and knowing for sure are two different breed of cat. If it was an overnight thing then it could only take place when I was on trips. Mandy's birthday was coming up in a month and I decided to try and use that fact to dig a little. I was going to have to take a gamble. Mandy said she wanted her girl's nights out with Tanya so she could get to know a sister she had never been close to a little better. I was going to gamble that she still didn't know Tanya well enough to let her in on what she was doing behind my back. If Tanya knew, or worse, was a part of whatever Mandy was doing, it shouldn't hurt because I wasn't going to make accusations. The worst it would do would be to make her wonder if I was maybe getting suspicious. If she put two and two together then it would be out in the open quicker than I wanted it to be, but oh well.

I called Tanya and asked her to meet me for lunch the next day and not let Mandy know. She asked why Mandy couldn't know and I told her that Mandy's birthday was coming up and I was working on a surprise party. Tanya met me at Mario's and as soon as we had ordered and the waitress had gone I asked:

"When you and Mandy go out on your girls nights out what is Mandy's favorite place?"

"What girls night out Rob? Mandy and I haven't gone out since I moved into my new apartment."

Well, I had wanted information and it sure hadn't taken me long to start getting it, but I needed to cover myself so I said:

"Yeah, I know, but where did she usually want to go?"

"I guess we went to the Pink Lady more than any other place. Why?"

"I'm thinking of throwing her a surprise party. You know, get everyone to the bar and then take her out to dinner and then stop at the bar after and surprise her."

"Should work," she said and then we made general conversation for a while. I asked how she was getting along with Norm and she told me that she wasn't seeing him anymore. "He was a nice enough guy, but I always felt like he wasn't really interested in me. I got the feeling that he had someone else he was interested in and I was just a fill in."

"Got anyone else on the line?"

"I'm dating a guy I work with, but I don't think it is going anywhere."

"I don't understand it sweetie; just based on looks alone guys should be falling all over themselves to get to you. I'll bet they flocked to the table to ask you to dance on your nights out with Mandy."

"Oh they flocked all right, but the draw was Mandy, not me."

"You're kidding?"

"Well, I guess that isn't really the way it was. What it was was that Mandy danced more than I did because I was more selective than she was. If I didn't like the looks of them I said no thanks when asked, but Mandy loves to dance and she never said no to anyone. Some of the ones she danced with were so aggressive that I'm surprised I was able to get her out of the place and home in one piece. So how are you going to handle the birthday?"

"Not sure yet. I want to do it on her birthday and it is on a Wednesday. I'll need to see how many people want to come out on a weekday night for a party."

I left the restaurant knowing that Mandy had been lying to me for almost six months. Every time I went on a trip she told me that she went out with Tanya, but Tanya just finished telling me that she hadn't gone out with Mandy since she moved out of our spare bedroom. I also knew something else, something that Tanya hadn't realized she was telling me. From her description of their nights out it sounded like Mandy would have been decorating backseats in the parking lot if Tanya hadn't been there to act as her keeper.

Is that what had been going on? After Tanya moved out had Mandy kept going to the Pink Lady and meeting guys? I would have to find out and there was only one way I could do that. Apparently Mandy only did it when I was out of town on business so I was going to have to fake a trip and then follow her.

My next trip was not for another two weeks and I spent those weeks closely watching Mandy. I didn't see anything different in her attitude towards me. She seemed as loving and affectionate as always. As the date of my trip approached I didn't see any indication that she was in a hurry to see me leave, no sign of anticipating getting together with her lover (or lovers). I made the necessary calls to reschedule my meetings and I of course did not tell Mandy of the changes.

The day of the supposed trip she kissed me goodbye and casually reminded me that she might not be home if I called before eleven.

"Tanya and I are going out for dinner and drinks."

"Well have a nice time sweetie. Say hi to Tanya for me. Tell her not to be such a stranger. She needs to stop by and visit once in a while."

I drove to the airport, parked in the short-term lot and then hit National car rental and rented a small compact. Next stop was a motel where I took a room for the night. I went over to the recreation center and worked out for a couple of hours and then caught an afternoon matinee after which I drove back to my neighborhood where I found a place to park where I could watch the house and then I settled in to wait.

It was six in the evening when Mandy came out of the house with a bag and did something in the backseat and then she went back in the house and came out with the two kids and loaded them into the car. I noticed that she was wearing a short skirt and high heels. I followed her to a house where she got the kids out of the car, took them into the house, and a short time later she came out alone, got in her car and drove off. Mandy had obviously found a replacement babysitter for Sally.

I followed along behind her and was not surprised when she pulled into the parking lot at the Pink Lady. She parked and went inside and I found a place where I could park and watch her car. I couldn't go inside and risk being seen so I had to settle for sitting outside and waiting to see what would happen. It was ten to seven and Mandy had told me that she wouldn't be home before eleven so I had four hours to sit.

It didn't take four hours. At nine-thirty she came out of the bar with some guy and got in her car. They necked in the front seat for a bit and then I saw her head go down and I knew the guy was getting a hum job. Maybe three minutes later her head came up and I saw her wipe her mouth with the back of her hand and then the two of them got in the back and a minute or so later I saw her legs come up and her feet start kicking in the air. The two of them fucked for about six or seven minutes and while they were getting it on several people came out of the bar, walked past the car and stopped to watch for a bit before moving on. One guy knocked on the window and asked the guy inside if he was going to share. I didn't hear the reply, but it must have been no because the guy moved on. Finally the guy must have gotten off because he and Mandy sat up and talked for several minutes and then her head went down again and three or four minutes later they fucked again.

I was surprised at my lack of anger and at my ability to just sit there and watch. I guess that after my talks with Sally and Tanya I had already accepted that the marriage and my relationship with Mandy were dead and by the time I got my proof I just didn't care enough to be outraged by it.

After a while they both sat up in the back seat and talked for several minutes and then the guy got out of the car and went back into the bar. Mandy got out of the back and I saw her take a bag from the front and put something from the back in it and then she started up and drove off. I followed her as she drove over and picked up the kids and then followed her home.

There was a car sitting in the drive when she got home and there was somebody sitting in it. Mandy unloaded the kids and took them in the house and whoever was in the strange car just sat there. About fifteen minutes later - long enough to put the kids to bed - Mandy came back to the front door and turned the porch light on and waited. A man got out of the parked car and moved toward the front porch and as he entered the light and I got a good look at him I remembered back to what Tanya had said about Norm -"He had someone else"- and now I knew who that someone else was.

Norm went in the front door and it closed and then the porch light went out. I waited several minutes and then I got out of my car and went over to Mandy's. I had some curiosity about the bag I'd seen her bring out of the house and then put something in when she and the guy at the bar finished what they were doing. When I picked up the bag and looked inside I saw a beach towel. Mandy had used it to keep cum stains off of the back seat. I dropped the bag back in the car and quietly closed the door.

I went around to the back of the house and very, very quietly let myself in the back door and eased the door closed behind me. I heard voices coming from the living room and I moved over to where I could peer around the doorframe. Norm was sitting on the couch, still fully dressed, but with his cock exposed and in his hand. Mandy was doing a slow strip in front of him and as she took off her clothes she seemed to be describing to him what she had done that night.

"... a nice cock and he loved the way I sucked on him. How about it lover, can you imagine it? Can you see my head bobbing up and down on his cock?"

Norman just sat there, stared at her and stroked his cock.

"He fucked me twice lover and I'm full of him. I've got lots of him inside me lover and I really don't like it there. Are you ready lover, are you ready to pray at my altar?"

Norm moaned, "Oh yes, please" and he hurriedly got off the couch and I noticed that Mandy had also covered the couch with a beach towel. As Norm stood up Mandy moved by him, sat down on the couch and spread her legs wide and giggled as she said:

"Come on lover, show Mandy how bad you want her." Norm was stripping as Mandy continued, "Come on lover, hurry it up. Get over here and show me how bad you want me."

Norm still had his socks on as he went to his knees in front of Mandy and buried his face in her crotch. "That's it lover, that's it. Suck him out of me. Get all of him out."

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