Roomies - Catching Kim

by Patricia51

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Masturbation, School, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Pam comes back to the dorm room and quietly lets herself in, thinking Kim is sleeping. The other girl is in bed alright, but wide-awake and busy.

Pam McGuire covered her mouth as she yawned. Golly, she was tired. Although few who casually knew the brunette coed and her roommate Kim McCall would have believed it, she wasn't tired from partying the night before. Instead, she and Kim had stayed up late studying, something they actually did far more often than they were credited. Kim had a particularly hard advanced Calculus exam today and Pam had faced a major Political Science test. So they had hit the textbooks instead of the fraternity houses.

This afternoon they had also faced their other school activities. Pam had a track team meeting and a short work out period. Kim and the cheerleading squad were scheduled to practice a recently learned routine. They had agreed after all that "nose to the grindstone" stuff they deserved to go out for beer and pizza tonight, regardless of the calories consumed. They figured they deserved it.

However, a nap was definitely the first thing on Pam's mind. She checked her watch. It was about four, giving her a couple of hours before needing to get ready for the night's planned fun. She and Kim had agreed on that, so before she went into their dorm room she paused and pried her shoes off before gently testing the door knob.

It was unlocked, the way they usually left it. Dorm theft wasn't much of a problem in this year of 1967. The worst that usually happened was a raid on stashed cookies from home. Everyone on this floor was pretty well acquainted and could be counted on to turn a blind eye to the smuggling of a boyfriend to a room. Not that she expected it, but the discreet sign that she and Kim each left to tell the other that they were busy with a guest was not present. So all Pam had to worry about was waking her friend.

Or so she thought. When she quietly slipped through the door, closing it carefully behind her, she discovered that Kim was indeed in bed, alone, but not asleep. Indeed, Pam could tell that her best friend and sometimes lover was wide awake, although her eyes were closed.

Kim had kicked the covers off and lay nude on the bed the two girls often shared. Her knees were bent and splayed to either side, the soles of her feet drawn up and touching. One hand was between her legs, cupping her mound. Through the damp black curls, Pam could see Kim's index finger had disappeared inside of herself.

The girl on the bed pumped her hand, slowly at first, then faster. Her hips squirmed and she let out a slight gasp as she added her middle finger into her pussy. The other hand wandered back and forth over the small, firm breasts, first brushing the hard nipples and then pausing to flick each one back and forth in turn.

Pam flexed her knees, quietly setting her gym bag on the floor. She leaned back against the door frame, her eyes locked on her friend. She had showered after her workout and was wearing nothing more than her team shorts and a tight little top with the bottom cut off, exposing her flat stomach. Neither proved any kind of barrier to the brunette's questing fingers.

Curling fingers hooked under abbreviated shorts, pulling them up and giving Pam full access to her pussy, already wet from watching Kim. Her nipples were already hard against her tight cotton top, allowing her to toy with them as she began to imitate the actions of her friend. She muffled a grunt as she slid two fingers up into her pussy and began to slowly pump them in and out of her. She pressed her palm against her breast, rubbing it around in big flat circles.

The black haired cheerleader punched up with her hips several times as she drove her fingers deeply. Then she slowed and pulled them from her pussy. Lifting her hand, she waved those fingers under her nose, inhaling their scent. She giggled, then slowly slid one, knuckle by knuckle, into her mouth. She sucked it, then added the other one. A dreamy smile crossed her face as though the taste of herself was nectar.

Kim surprised Pam again. Her hand crept back down her body and between her legs. Suddenly she slapped her pussy with a quick pop of her hand. Again, and then again she brought her palm sharply against herself. A moan of excitement came from her as her other hand squeezed her breast and her thumb and finger took the stiff nipple and pinched it.

Pam abandoned her slightly awkward position and plunged her hand down the front of her shorts, spreading her legs to give herself full access to her own soaking wet sex. Her clit was unhooded and throbbing even before the first touch. She couldn't believe Kim still had her eyes closed. Her roommate pressed her feet together and arched her back, opening her pussy completely to the quick little slaps she was delivering to herself.

"Oh, mmmm, God yes," Kim moaned. She lowered her head to lick her nipple as she lifted her firm little breast to her mouth. She slapped herself sharply, almost hard, once, twice, three times and then began to furiously rub her wide open slit.

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