Gypsy Fantasy

by David Caspian

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Rough, Masturbation, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A bodyguard for hire and meets a gypsy woman and helps to save her from bandits. The beautiful gypsy flower focuses her attentions on him and a few lustful encounters follow.

The setting is medieval Romania. You are a young gypsy woman, the most beautiful one in your tribe. I am a stranger from some distant who has wandered here from my travels. I offer my services as a bodyguard protecting caravans that need defending from roving bandits. Returning from a previous job I happened upon a group of bandits attacking your caravan. Unsheathing my sword I charge in with my horse. The bandit leader and those who face me quickly fall under my ferocious onslaught. The rest of the bandits scatter as your tribesmen rally around me. Surprisingly your tribe suffers only cuts and bruises that need mending but no deaths. This is a lucky day for all of you. Not wanting to impose on you I start to move on before I am stopped by the head of your tribe. He welcomes me to your campfire and to join you in drink and song. He will accept no refusal and embraces me like a brother. I am unused to such attention but I accept my host's kind hospitality. Helping to clean up the mess the bandits made in the chaos of the ambush I see you as you bend down to pick up your baggage that was thrown free of the wagon. I move to help you only seeing you at a distance. As I grow closer you become even more enchanting. I help you pick up your things and set them back on the wagon. You flash me a winning smile that makes me feel warm inside. As I walk away I have trouble keeping my eyes off you and nearly trip over a tree root. You see me stumble and continue smiling your gaze meeting mine. I blush unable to keep your gaze and look away for have never had a women look at me that way.

We move on together your tribe and I to a safer place where you we can camp. When you finish you work setting you head to off to take a bath in a local lake not far into the trees. I too finish my work not long afterward and head to do the same not realizing where you have gone. Finding a high outcropping over the clear water of the lake's surface, I quickly undress and dive in closing my eyes as I enter the water. I brush up against something soft as I rise to the surface. Wiping the water from my eyelids I open them. At that moment I see you swimming right in front of me startled I swim towards the shore unsure of what to do. I don't want any of your tribesmen catching me, for they will think the worst.

Only as I near the shore and come to about waist deep that I realize where my clothes are. Looking to my right I see the grassy outcropping that I dived into the lake from. Like a small cliff it is some distance away over an exposed clearing with nothing to hide behind. Looking down at my naked body I realize just what will happen when I get out and turn around to see you laughing as you guess what I might be thinking. Making a motion with your hand you invite me to do just that. Blushing I sink down further into the water desperately trying to cover myself. As I do this I become greatly alarmed as you move closer a devilish smile on your face. Looking at you and back at the shore I figure out that you have me trapped. In the clear water of the lake soon you will see me completely naked when you draw close enough and I can't get out for fear of expose myself even soon. Looking around I try to see if anyone is watching or if I can find any other route of escape but there are none. I deciding to make a break I hear splashing behind. Turning around I see too late what the cause is. Pouncing on me you wrap your arms around my neck planting a wet kiss on my lips. Taken by surprise and your forward momentum I fall backwards falling to the grassy shore behind me. Half of our bodies are still in water as I struggle backwards trying to not to harm as I attempt to free myself from your clutches. Climbing on top of my chest you bear your full weight down on me keeping me in place. You assure me that my fears are baseless and that no one will find us here.

Taking advantage of my indecision you crawl forward sitting on my face, your pussy lips pressed against my mouth. Seeing no point at arguing and not wanting to miss the chance that I am being given I happily oblige. Open my mouth I reach up and grasp your thighs. Closing my eyes I enjoy the taste of you as I rub my tongue around. You tell me to hold still and stick my tongue out and I do as I am told. Moving your hips in circle you rub your pussy against my tongue your hands playing with your breast. After awhile I can feel your gyrations become more urgent before your bear down on my face as you grab handfuls of my hair. You close your eyes for a moment as you enjoy of my tongue cleaning your pussy of the last of its sweet juices that have come out of it. Kissing your way down from the top of chest to the bottom of my belly I feel your hand move to my cock stroking it and making sure it's nice and hard. Climbing

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