Tina Gets Nasty

by dodger6

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, Oriental Female, First, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Girlfriend gets crazy in a porn shop.

Let me introduce Tina to you. Tina is my ex-girlfriend. She's Japanese-Irish mix, 5'3" A cups with big puffy areolas, firm toned legs that end in a great round ass.

TinaTina had been out at the tanning salon when I got home, she loves wearing a tiny little bikini so she's got perfect tan lines. When she got home she told me she wanted to do something nasty on Friday night and that I should plan it out for her, she'd do anything I told her to. Well, well, well this was too good to be passed up. All week I thought about it and had the evening all planned out. As the days ticked on she kept telling me the nastier the better she was feeling like being a total slut on Friday, work had been bothering her and she wanted to blow off some steam.

Well Friday finally arrived, I'd been planning out the evening and had picked up an out fit for her to wear that I thought would be appropriate. Her outfit consisted of no underwear, no bra, the top was white fishnet top that clearly showed her pert little tits, she would wear a little black cheerleader skirt that barely covered her beautiful little pussy which she kept waxed, white socks with frilly tops and a pair of 5" spiked heels. She was allowed a long coat for the time we'd be in public but after that the coat would stay in the car.

I wasn't sure how far she'd let me take this evening but since I had decided to break up with her this seemed like a perfect time to get back at her since I'd found out she'd been cheating on me. We went to dinner and she was allowed to wear her coat until we sat down, the restaurant was a little hole in the wall Italian place where the only internal lighting was in the kitchen everything else was candles on the tables. She took off her coat as she sat down giving the waiter an eyeful of her dark tanned chest with light triangles where her bikini tan lines barely covered her nipples. The contrast really made her puffy areolas stand out against the fishnet. We ordered drinks I drank water and she had a glass of wine, one became two and then three. Tina said she wasn't hungry and didn't want anything but cock for dinner. I'd been playing with her pussy underneath the table and had her skirt inched up to her waist she was dripping wet and kept telling me she was so horny she couldn't wait to see what I had planned for her for the rest of the evening. We drove a little distance to a total dive of a porn shop in an industrial area right on the border of north Compton. I took her coat and put it in the back seat of my car and told her this is where we were starting and was she really wanting to be as nasty as she's been talking this week? "Baby I'm so frustrated with work and horny from you playing with my pussy all night plus the drinks I'm ready for anything you dare tell me to do". Good for me the challenge had been issued.

We pulled into the parking lot and I grabbed her ID and a hand full of rubbers and in we went. As we were walking in the doorway it was so tight you had to walk in one at a time. I had Tina walking in front of me and she got stuck between me and three rough looking guys who were leaving. The guy in the front squeezed past her then stopped and I saw him turn and look at her outfit he let out a whistle and said "damn bitch your fine" he then turned to me and asked if she was mine, "yep just taking my bitch for a walk tonight. that's some fine pussy you have there man, better be careful or some dog may fuck her"

"that's pretty much the point" was my reply and I cracked a smile. I heard the other two guys who she was stuck next to talking to her and as the first turned sideways to let her through he reached up and copped a feel of her firm little tits, squeezing her nipples through the fishnet, the holes weren't quite large enough for her nipples to poke through but they were trying. He let her pass and the third guy put his arms around her and picked her up to "help her" past, as he did her skirt lifted and showed her gorgeous little ass to his buddies. He set her down and they turned to let us through then followed us back into the store. Once inside the lady at the counter asked for ID and gave us the run down, toys batteries not included, videos in the back tokens required, booths at the end were couples booths, your on your own back there and the police never come here so don't go back there if you get in over your head tough luck. I bought $20 worth of tokens and we headed into the store.

Tina gave me a grin and wandered over to the video section looking around, her three friends followed her talking to each other about what they'd do with a bitch like that. She just gave me another grin and walked around the corner away from the girl running the check out counter, once Tina was out of sight she bent over to look at a video and as she did so her skirt rode up showing just the barest hint of ass, giving her friends quite a view. One of the guys was on as cell phone talking to someone but his buddies were staring like a pack of wild dogs. Tina went to put the video back on the shelf but missed and dropped it on the ground. She looked back to see who was watching and saw the four of us then with her feet shoulder width apart bent over straight leg to pick up the video, her skirt rode the rest of the way up showing her ass and her cleanly waxed pussy. She bent one knee then the other swinging her ass left then right to put on a show then picked up the video and put it back on the shelf. She wandered around the video section for a while asking me if I liked this video or that video then she asked if I'd buy a video with her in it? I would but I suggested she ask her new friends if they would buy a video with her in it? She locked eyes with me for a moment as if to ask "are you sure" and I just gave her a little nod. She walked over to one of the guys and asked if she was hot enough to be in porn? "Girl you're the hottest bitch I've ever seen in this place damn right I'd buy the video, just so I could watch that sweet pussy of yours all night long" he reached down and pulled the front of her skirt up and said to his friend "bro, would you buy a video of this pussy?"

"Hell no I wouldn't pay for that pussy, unless it had my dick in it" the three guys all laughed, Tina just slapped his hand away and put her skirt back down. She got a little timid and came over to me I told her she wasn't being very nasty if all she was going to do was flash a couple of guys. She said "I can get a whole lot nastier if you think you can handle it" I just laughed at her and said "yeah right" knowing this would egg her on. She walked over to the toy section and looked at some fuzzy hand cuffs, then at vibrators then her eyes settled on the bottom shelf a 9" dildo with a base on it so she could sit on it. She smiled kneeled down and grabbed it, it wiggled back and forth her fingers barely able to reach around it. Her friends walked past me one stood on each side of her and one directly behind her they were all rubbing their cocks through their pants and had developed substantial bulges. She looked up at them while she was still kneeling she took the dildo off the shelf and set it on the ground, then grabbed a bottle of lube and started giving a lubed up hand job to the dildo right there in the middle of the store, the clerk was busy reading a book and was paying no attention what so ever to us. Tina slowly moved herself over the dildo then pulled up her skirt and started rubbing it back and forth through her swollen pussy lips, stretching them over the tip then she slowly started to ease herself down on her newly claimed toy. She took the head of her rubber cock into her pussy and just held it there. She looked up at her friends then lifted up a little, her pussy was so tight she was able to pick up the dildo with no hands, just her sweet pussy holding it. She leaned back resting against the guys legs who was standing behind her and reached down to work the dildo deeper into her pussy, her friends reached down to grab her tits and were egging her on, yeah bitch fuck that dick, take it all, lets see what you can do. I had a raging hard on watching this, I couldn't have planned this any better I was originally hoping to just show her off to another person in the shop then maybe take her to someplace public and bend her over the hood of my car. This was so much better than I'd planned. I decided I was going to give her a little time alone with her friends and made a point of telling her I had to piss and was going to go find the bathroom, I paid for her new toy an gave her the bag of tokens for the videos, I told her to watch a video and I'd meet her in the last booth when I was done. I walked away and really did have to piss. When I came out of the bathroom she was no longer in the toy section.

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