The Tease Goes To A Wedding

by ynyn

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Rough, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Leg Fetish, .

Desc: Sex Story: Tease drunkenly flirts with groom at her friends' wedding. The bridal party exacts some revenge.

Melissa had looked forward to this day for quite some time. Her good friend Jenny was getting married, and she was so happy for her. The two had been friends since back in school, and were still close now.

The two always went of prowling for guys back then. Melissa, with her luscious legs and gorgeous breasts, always seemed to have the upper hand on getting them. The sexy brunette's long locks fell to below her shoulders and stopped just above her ample chest.

Melissa slipped into the dress she was wearing for the event. She was going to the ceremony single, but she knew that many guys would be there, and expected to have some fun later on.

She put on the very sexy dress, a slinky off-white dress with thin straps. The front dipped low enough to show a healthy amount of cleavage. The hem of the dress came down to a couple inches above her knees. Her white stockings showcased her magnificent legs. She looked over her body in the mirror and was pleased with her appearance.

Off she went to the hall for the ceremony. She said her hellos to everyone, her friend Jenny, the groom-to-be Nate, and the rest of the wedding party. Melissa had flirted with Nate in the past, but nothing ever came of it.

The wedding ceremony went very well. A beautiful service, Melissa thought to herself as they exited and headed for the reception.

Melissa gave her friend a nice hug, danced and had a great time; she enjoyed several drinks as well. As she got a little buzzed she danced more erotically with the guys in the wedding party. As she enjoyed herself, she was blissfully unaware of the angry stares headed her way by some of the bridesmaids.

The party went on, and everyone was loosened up and having a blast. Nate came up to Melissa as she sat sipping on her drink.

"Hey, Melissa! How about a dance, sexy?" He extended his hand and she placed her petite hand in his as they headed to the dance floor. Feeling frisky, she started grinding against him and felt his manhood rise from her touch.

Standing to the side were the bridesmaids, as well as Jenny. A look of disgust washed over her face as she saw Melissa moving all over her new husband. Jenny had never really gotten over the fact that Nate and Melissa were once an item and although she considered her a friend, Jenny did not trust Melissa around her men.

Jenny leaned in and spoke with her maid of honor, and soon the women were all in a semi-circle talking. One of the bridesmaids waved over a few of the groomsmen and the discussion continued.

As that was happening, Melissa was all over Nate on the dance floor. She leaned in close to his ear.

"Hey hun, do you wanna head to a back room?" She slurred as she propositioned him. Even though he knew she was drunk, Nate was stunned by her offer, he backed away from her in mid song. Nate shook his head and walked over to where the rest of the wedding party stood off to the side.

Melissa felt embarrassed; she was very drunk and now was alone on the dance floor. She walked over to the table and grabbed her purse and headed off to the room where the coats were kept. Muttering to herself, Melissa was going to leave this scene.

As she walked down the hall to the back room, several of the groomsmen headed off after her. An evil smile crossed Jenny's face as she looked down the hall.

Melissa entered the back room and walked over to the closet where the coats were hung up. As she searched for hers, she was unaware of the men who had followed her into the room. Finally, she grabbed her coat and spun around, she was startled to see the other men in the room.

"Oh... just grabbed my jacket, it's all yours now" she said and headed to leave the room.

The men blocked her path as Jason, one of the groomsmen, spoke to her gruffly. "All ours? Oh yeah, you're all ours, alright!"

He grabbed Melissa's arm and pulled her back to him as the others closed in on the sexy beauty.

"Hey! Let go of me!" Melissa yelled as she tugged frantically to get her arm free.

Hands began grabbing at her body through her dress; the door to the room was shut.

"Get off of me!" the drunken tease said again, pulling her arm in vain.

Jason shoved Melissa face first over the arm of an easy chair in the room, twisting her arms behind her back.

"So, you wanna fuck the groom AT HIS WEDDING?! Well, Jenny was not too happy to hear that, you slut! But, you ARE gonna get fucked all right!" He told her as she struggled.

"I'm sorry! I-I've been drinking! Now let me go!" The brown haired beauty was still trying to get free as she whined.

Laughter arose from the three groomsmen in the room. Josh, who had also known Melissa since back in high school, climbed onto the chair and faced her. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, pressing it against her red lips.

"Open wide, bitch! Or you are really gonna get it!" Josh said.

"It's cool, Josh" Jason said from behind her. "I'LL get her to open that pretty mouth!"

With that, Jason lifted up her white dress, and flipped it over her waist. Her long, slender legs were exposed, the white stockings stopping mid thigh and her white lacy panties were the only cover above there. He tore the panties from her prone body as she yelled for help. Josh took this opportunity to shove his cock into her mouth.

"Hellllp--MMPPHHHHHH!!" She shrieked.

Behind her Jason motioned for the third man, Matt, to hold her in place.

Jason then dropped his pants and viciously entered Melissa from behind.

"OWWMMPPH" Melissa screamed. It was muffled by Josh's large cock, as Jason drove his manhood deep within her.

He grabbed a handful of her golden brown hair and pulled his member back slowly before ramming it hard down into her again.

In front of her, Josh was pumping his hips toward her face, thrusting his cock deep into her throat while she was being taken from behind as well.

There Melissa was, bent over the soft chair in the cloak room face first. Her white dress flipped up over her waist, Jason fucking her from behind with increased vigor. Josh was pumping his rod inside of her mouth and Matt was helping hold the sexy tease in place as he awaited his turn.

"Oh yeah!" Jason exclaimed as he drove deeper and harder into her body, his hand yanking her hair as he did. Josh begins moaning as he works his member around inside of her mouth. Melissa's sexy stocking clad legs kick in vain as she is fucked by these two men.

"Ohhhh! Here it comes, baby! Swallow it, bitch!" Josh growls as his speed increases in her mouth. Before she could brace herself, he grabbed the back of her head and held it close to his crotch. His cock exploded inside of her warm, wet mouth, sending streams of semen down her throat.

As Melissa gagged on cum, Jason was pumping into her in an ever-increasing pace.

"Ughhhhh, here I come, you slut!" Jason yelled and slammed his cock hard into her three final times, pausing on the third push as he came inside of the brunette.

Josh, meanwhile, was changing places with Matt, who unzipped his pants and slid his cock into Melissa's mouth.

"My turn, baby!" He said with an evil smile and began working his rod around inside of her mouth.

Jason finished shooting his load deep inside of her, and slid his cock out slowly. He smacked her ass and laughed.

"You're a nice fuck, Melissa. But we aren't even close to being done yet!" Jason says, as he mocks her while Matt's cock is pumping her mouth.

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