Pay What You Owe

by ynyn

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Rough, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Leg Fetish, .

Desc: Sex Story: Woman borrows from neighbor,but is unable to repay him.He resorts to other methods of collection.

Geoff would always see her walking past his apartment. Being a normal 25 year old guy, he couldn't help but stare. Jennifer was gorgeous, and the perky 19 year old blonde was usually wearing clothes that showcased her magnificent figure.

She had spoken briefly to him as they passed each other from time to time. One Saturday after meeting in the main office, they began chatting as they walked back to their building.

Jennifer spoke about ordinary things, and then asked Geoff if he knew where she could score some XTC. Taken aback, Geoff paused before inviting her inside.

As she waited in the living room, he went and grabbed some of the pills for her. Showing her the few he had in his hand, he asked how many she wanted.

"Oh, that is the perfect amount right there." Jennifer said, and then looked into Geoff's face with a sad expression.

"But... I don't have any money right now; I promise I will have money on Friday..."

She paused, not even continuing her request. Geoff thought for a second, and looked over her body as he did. Her breasts pushed against her tight shirt, with her erect nipples proving that she was not wearing a bra. His eyes traversed down past her slender waist and long, shapely legs. A smile came over his face.

"Okay, I can do that." He said. "But, you HAVE to pay me on Friday, agreed?"

Jennifer nodded happily and took the pills from his hand.

"Thanks! Thanks so much!" She giddily left his apartment and went off as he stared at her form walking away.

The week passed, with Geoff only seeing her around the complex once. He was not concerned; he expected to see her on Friday.

Finally, the end of the week came; Geoff got home from work and sat down on his couch to watch some TV. It wasn't long before there was a knock at the door, he looked through the peephole and it was Jennifer.

As he opened the door to let her in, he saw that she was looking very hot, as usual. She wore a short skirt that didn't reach her knees; white knee socks almost gave her a schoolgirl appearance. Her shirt was very tight and again he could see her nipples on her braless chest.

She was carrying a box of candy, and before he could ask, she was explaining to him that she was helping her little sister by selling candy for her soccer team.

Geoff waited for her to bring up the money she owed, but Jennifer was rambling on about the youth candy drive. He motioned for her to come in and he shut the door.

"I will think about the candy in a minute." He told her. "But, do you have something for me, first?"

Jennifer's face reddened from embarrassment and she glanced at the floor.

"Um... well... I don't really have that money right now... I am so sorry, I promise I will get it soon..." The pretty blonde said sheepishly.

Geoff looked at her sternly.

"Now, we had a deal." His voice was firm and semi-angry. "I helped you out and did you a favor, and you said you would pay me today."

Jennifer continued looking down at her feet.

"I'm sorry... I really am... I don't have any money right now." She repeated as Geoff sighed loudly in disappointment.

He raised his spirits by leering at her and having his eyes roam over every inch of her sexy form. An idea popped up in his head and a small smile crossed his face.

"Well, we can deal with that money situation later... what kind of candy do you have, honey?" He asked.

Jennifer's face brightened and she went into her spiel about the overpriced chocolate bars in the box.

"Okay, I'll take a couple." He said as he still was staring at her chest.

"Come back here and I'll get a few bucks for you." Geoff motioned for Jennifer to follow him back to his room.

Jennifer entered, but as soon as the blonde hottie did, he shut the door behind her.

"Now, Jennifer... we had a deal last weekend. I did you a favor, it was a loan, and loans need to be repaid." Geoff walked up close to her and a chill of fear rose up her spine.

"I'm sorry! I told you I don't have any money right now. I'll pay you when I can, I promise!" She pleaded her case.

"As I recall, you PROMISED to pay me today... that didn't work out, so why should I trust you now?" He asked her, his body close to her and he leaned close to her ear and continued.

"Now, you got what you wanted, but I am still out my money... I think you need to pay me... somehow"

With that, he brushed his hand through her hair, and slid it gently across her cheek. Jennifer pulled back from him, shocked at his touch.

"What do you want? I... I... I can give you the candy for free if you like..." She stammered as fear was taking over her while she stood in his bedroom.

A grin crept over Geoff's face as he stood in front of her quivering body.

"Candy?" He asked mockingly and took the box from her hands and dropped it to the floor. "I think I want something sweeter than that, baby."

Geoff grabbed her arm and pulled the teen close to him, his face right against hers.

"I think you're gonna have to work off what you owe me, baby!" With that he pulled her body flush against his and groped her chest as she started to struggle.

He spun Jennifer around, with her back to his bed and smacked her face several times causing her to fall backwards and land on the mattress.


The sexy blonde wept and tried to get up from the bed, but Geoff was upon her quickly. He straddled her waist and pinned her arms up over her head.

"Now, you better calm down, missy, or you are gonna really get hurt." He warned her while running his hands over her chest and squeezing her breasts through the shirt.

"No! Let me go! Please!" She struggled with him and he backhanded her twice more.


Geoff then reached down and grabbed a belt and used it to fasten her wrists to the headboard.

Jennifer began sobbing louder and tugged at her arms, but she could not free them. Meanwhile, Geoff rose up from the bed and looked over his prize.

The blonde lay on her back with her hands bound to headboard, her reddened face rocking side to side. Her well-developed breasts were pushing hard against her tight shirt. The short white skirt had ridden further up her thighs; her tanned legs kicking wildly below.

"Please... let me go... PLEASE!" Jennifer whined as Geoff walked back over to her, running his hand along her entire body. As he came to her shirt, he ripped it away with a few sharp tugs.

"Nooo!" Her yell was met with another slap. SMACK!

"Now, shut the fuck up so I can recoup my loan and you can go on your way." He told her matter-of-factly as he took a camera out of the closet.

Jennifer's beautiful breasts were exposed, her pointy nipples poking up from her tanned mounds. He started taking several pictures of her before setting the camera down and returning to the bed.

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