Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates

by King Wesley

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, School, Transformation, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: You never know what you're gonna get. Nicola sure didn't.

"I am not going to sleep with you Mike so will you please get the fuck out of my office." Snapped Nicola.

"I never asked you to." Protested Mike innocently. "I just thought maybe you would like go get a drink somewhere. We could talk about that promotion you are applying for."

Nicola cursed her luck that her boss was such a jerk. She knew that a girl with her figure was always going to turn a man's head, but that still did not excuse a married older man offering her a promotion in exchange for sex. It's not even like threatening to sue would help either, Mike practically owned the company and his connections in the industry meant she'd have no hope in finding work anywhere else in the city. Her best option was to tell him where to go and plug away at the level she worked now.

"Promotion or no promotion, I'm still not interested, now will you please leave so I can finish up and go home?"

"Sure thing." Answered Mike cheerfully. "If you change your mind about that drink just let me know."

When Mike had gone, Nicola finished getting her paperwork in order before heading out of the office for the day. Her secretary tried to catch her attention as she walked passed but Nicola was not in the mood to be bothered by that ditzy cow. She stormed by before the poor girl could even make her presence known and just managed to catch the elevator door before it closed. There was one other man in the lift with her, who smiled at her as she entered.

"Hi." He said with a smiled.

"Look, I'm not in the mood to be chatted up by gormless strangers okay so just don't even try."

The man just stood dumbfounded by Nicola's reaction as she exited the elevator. Nicola didn't care if he was offended though; she just wanted to get home and quickly and as hassle free as possible. Today had been a day to forget and Nicola couldn't wait to get to bed. The hours that Nicola worked meant that usually the bus stop was pretty much deserted, and today was no exception. There was just one other guy waiting there and he appeared to be harmless enough dressed in a simple suit and holding a flat nondescript box in his hands.

To Nicola this guy seemed almost childlike in his demeanor despite clearly approaching middle age. There was an innocence in his eyes that was almost sweet. These thoughts soon passed though, the guy's appearance had just intrigued her, nothing more, nothing less. Probably just one of the side effects of her tiredness.

"Hi." Said the man; his voice was slow and deliberate. "My name is James, James Nixon." There seemed to be a hint of a southern accent in his speech but it could have just been an effect of his vocal limitations. He obviously found speech difficult and this made Nicola feel uncomfortable.

"Err, Hi. I'm Nicola."

"Nicola." He repeated. "Nicola's a very pretty name, I once had a friend named Nicola, and she was very pretty too."

'Fuck! Is this guy trying to come on to me?' Casey thought to herself, she was finding herself glancing down the bus lane more and more frequently. "Umm... thanks." She eventually replied, hoping that would be the end of the conversation.

"Nicola was very nice," continued James. "That's my friend Nicola of course, not you Nicola, although you seem very nice too, I was just talking about my friend Nicola. She was nice and pretty, and she was good to me at school when other people used to laugh. Other people thought I was stupid, but not Nicola, she was kind to me."

"That's nice." Responded Nicola, dismissively. She just wanted to the bus to come now so that she could get away from this retard. She was even considering walking to the next stop. She was not having a good day, first her boss tried to promote his way into her underwear, then there was the guy in the lift and now this weirdo creeping her out.

"You know what I like Nicola?" asked James, not looking for an answer. "I like to look at the stars. They sit up in the sky all pretty and sparkling. Sometimes I wish I was a star. I could shine and sparkle and look down on all the people in the world."

"Could you tell me what you would like to be Nicola? I think you would like to be a flower, cos you'd look pretty as a flower."

"Fuck off you freak!" Snapped Nicola, finally at breaking point. "Why are you even talking to me? I didn't come to this bus stop to get chatted up by some retard."

"I... I... I'm sorry," stammered James, visibly shaken by her words. "I was just trying to be nice. You seemed like a nice person so I thought maybe you would like to talk."

"Well I don't." declared Casey "Why don't you go and creep out someone else.

"I'm sorry." Conceded James. "I didn't mean to upset you. Would you like a chocolate?"

"What?" reacted Nicola, looking back up at him confusedly.

"I said..." Repeated James, looking into her eyes and opening the box on his knees. "Would you like a chocolate?"

"Well okay, sure." Replied Nicola. She reached over and picked one out of the box.

"My Mamma always said that life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what ya gonna get." Explained James while Nicola munched away on her chocolate before swallowing it down. "What flavor did you get?"


"You look like a girl who suits strawberry, I think you have made a very good choice, Nicola."

Nicola's bus finally arrived at the station causing her to snap back into her previously angered self. "You're an even bigger freak than I thought you were," she spat at him as she got on the bus, "Waiting around at bus stops, and giving girls chocolates. You should be locked up."

The bus drove away before James had a chance to reply and twenty minutes later an exhausted Nicola was home at last. Tired from the encounter at the bus stop she went straight to bed and slept a long deep sleep.

The next morning Nicola woke up and made her way to the bathroom, still a little drowsy from the day before. However, she soon snapped into life when she looked in the bathroom mirror, for there, staring back at her is the most jaw-droppingly big-titted strawberry blonde she had ever seen. In fact big-titted did not do the site justice, Her once figure proportionate breasts had ballooned to the size of wild Caribbean coconuts, yet her posture felt her natural and not in the least bit strained. They seemed to defy gravity as the luscious pink flesh wobbled gently when she jumped in shock at her appearance. She was about to scream out when she was hit with a flashback from the bus stop:

"My Mamma always told me, life is like a box of chocolates."

Nicola then shook her head, emitted a light bubbly giggle and went to get dressed for work. Another shock awaited her there. Upon opening her wardrobe door she discovered that all of her clothes had changed. Gone were the professional pantsuits and executive blouses and in their place was a mountain of pink microskirts, crop tops and hot pants. She was on the verge of screaming out again when another flashback came:

"You never know what ya gonna get"

Once more, Nicola shook her silly head and giggled a little before deciding to dress for work today in a cute little pink boobtube with matching hot pants. She decided that she look truly edible in her hot outfit, jiggled her breasts a little for effect and then left her home and waited for the bus to work to arrive.

When the bus came it was basically empty but despite this Nicola still chose to sit next to a young well-groomed guy on his way to college as opposed to any of the numerous empty seats. The poor guy tried his best to be gentlemanly but in the end he couldn't help but ogle the obscene mammories bursting out of Nicola's almost non-existent top as she sat down next to him. Nicola noticed his lusty peeks and just smiled back at him. Then, without a second thought, she calmly slid her hand towards his crotch and began to stroke. Another warning light flashed inside Nicola's head and she was about to stop what she was to do when a third flashback came:

"What flavor did ya get?"

Back in reality, Nicola just giggled her naughty giggle once more before slipping down to her knees and casually unzipping her companion's flies. After all she may as well enjoy the journey too. Releasing the student's unsurprisingly erect cock, Nicola took him in her mouth. She had never been one for oral sex in the past but now she discovered that she actually had a taste for it. Her stop was not far away so in her haste Nicola purposefully milked her partner with her tongue. Sucking and licking with determination. The guy too though was not one for hanging around and it was not long before he was spewing his delicious seed down Nicola's grateful throat.

As the bus pulled into Nicola's stop, she stood up smiling. For once she had enjoyed her bus ride to work and something told her the guy had enjoyed it too. Lightly wiping her now full red lips clean, Nicola stepped off the bus and headed for her office. She smiled as people stared at her, either in envy or admiration. Nicola reveled in the approving glances and began to swing her hips in a perfect 'Barbie Walk' for her audience. The last lingering thought f doubt entered her head as she approached the building entrance: "Isn't there something different about me today?" But her thoughts just triggered a final flashback:

"You look like a girl who suits strawberry, I think you have made a very good choice, Nicola."

The doubts floated out of Nicola's head for good. She giggled her sexy little giggle, and entered her office building. She had a good feeling about today.

Upon entering the elevator, Nicola was awash with confusion. There were so many buttons to choose from and she had no idea which one would get her to her office. There were some lines and symbols on the buttons but they made little sense to her. She didn't know what to do, sadness at the prospect of not being able to find her office began to fill her head when her savior came.

Simon couldn't believe what met his eyes as he reached the elevator. Some barely dressed slut was staring vacantly at the floor panel, a sight that caused his eyes to pop out almost as far as his pants had bulged. He almost called out in amazement as the realization hit him that he recognized this woman. She was the bitch who had snapped at him yesterday, except blonder, bustier and pinker. He couldn't believe his eyes but there was do denying that she was the same woman. Nicola looked at him, her eyes pleading for help.

"Umm... like, Excuse me Mister," she began meekly. "I don't know which of these circly things will take me to my office."

Simon was taken aback by the absurdity of this question. "Err... Just push number twelve." He stumbled, pushing the button for her. He could help but glance down her top as he reached for the button.

Nicola's face erupted into a sea of smiles. "Thank you, thank you!" she squealed ecstatically, jumping up and down with glee and hugging Simon tightly. "You are just soooo cute for helping me. I wish there was a way I could like... repay you some way."

A light switched on inside her head and she smiled a mischievous smile before pulling the unsuspecting Simon into her for a long and passionate kiss. When she finally broke the embrace, she giggled slightly at her naughtiness before the doors opened at her floor.

"I'll see you again later," She cooed at the cloud nine dwelling Simon.

"But I don't even know your name." He responded as Nicola stepped out onto her floor.

"Just call me Nikki." She giggled as the doors closed and Simon was left alone in the elevator with a story none of his friends would believe in the pub that evening. As for Nikki, she turned and bounced in the direction of her office.

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