A Town Called Buxton

by Lisa Peacock

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Buxton was like any other small town anywhere in the world. You knew everybody and their business and everybody knew you and your business. I'd lived here all my teenage life and had gained a reputaion. One the guys capitalised on... the women... well. I had to get out of here, and when I was offered a job in a large hotel in the big city, I jumped at the chance... but did things really change?

I'd been born in Buxton, lived all my early childhood and teenage years there, until I left when I'd reached the ripe old age of eighteen. Now I was all grown up and ready for the world... well I thought so.

I just had to get out of Buxton, it was one of those, small towns where everybody knew everybody, there was nothing you could do that was not known to others in the township.

It was my misfortune that I was highly sexually active, I liked sex, I make no excuses for it... I just happened to be one of those people who liked and enjoyed sex. My virginity went, well when I was young to a boy who was three years older than I... I thought he was the greatest person to walk on this earth... well I did then, I've since changed my mind. The only thing he wanted of course was my virginity and a few sessions of free sex to add to his other conquests.

Had I been born a male I would have been considered a real male hero, a guy who could pull the girls, screw each and every one of them and become the idol of the other males. Those other males would listen in awe as you describe how I'd managed to pull the birds and fuck each and every one of them.

Being a female with similar urges and conquests got you the reputation as a slut.

"Oh my dear that girl is just so common... far too free and easy with who she sleeps with, a real little slut" This and other similar comments were all to frequent from the so called "ladies" of our society... we've all heard them before. Once you do it with one guy, then every guy gets to hear about it and before long you have an entourage of would be escorts, just longing to make a date with you or take you home. Then you have the reputation... the words slut and town bike become part of the vocabulary that is attached to you. In no time the numbers become exaggerated and every man and teenage boy has fucked you.

Yes I did go on dates, and yes they would take me home. I would stand at our back door with my pants pulled down around my knees, whilst my nights escort, thrust into me. My only fear that mum or dad would come out and catch me... they never did. We were fortunate enough to have an outside toilet, as well as two indoors, which made it easy to flush all my used condoms down the bowl, before going inside.

Trying to get employment in the area was almost impossible, hence why most of the town's youth left for other more lucrative places to work.

When I applied for and got what I thought was a good job working in a lawyers office, I quickly realised my reputation had gone ahead and I was soon getting screwed up against the senior solicitor's desk or couch on the promise of furthering my career.

A large hotel in the big smoke, about one hundred miles away, was advertising for a receptionist. Surely my reputation would not have reached that far and I would be judged on my own ability and not my sexual attributes. I applied for the position, went for an interview, but unfortunately missed out, the situation going to another girl. However as it turned out, one of the waitresses had walked out on them and I was offered her position. Well what the heck... I needed a job, I wasn't keen to return to my home town, where I knew I would be back to square one, so I accepted the work. As luck would have it, the departing waitress was also checking out of her flat, which she shared with two other girls, money being rather scarce, this to suited me, so I had employment and I had accommodation. Mum and dad weren't too enthusiastic about me moving away, at eighteen, I was still their little girl. As it turned out I quite enjoyed the work and my flat mates suited me just fine. Big hotels see a lot of people come and a lot of people go. Some you only see once, others are the regulars, the people who travel around on business and maybe visit once a month.

Working as a waitress exposes you to the male population, when they are in groups that's when they are the most dangerous... well dangerous maybe a little strong. When they are out and perhaps off the leash away from home for a few days and wanting to play up a little... you know have a little fun. A young girl is a prime target... especially a waitress. They all think you are just waiting for them to turn up so you could be their plaything. If you knew how to handle them they were never any real problem. Taking their orders, you could almost always count on one who thought he was the number one lover in the world. As he read from the menu he would nonchalantly place his hand on your ass, and start to feel and squeeze it.

Now at this point you could cause a big scene, slap his hand telling he was a pervert, or just accept it for a moment or so.

I would let him have his moment of enjoyment, then when he posed the question.

"Ohhh honey that is a nice tight ass... how about you come up and visit us later" accompanied with a grin.

"Listen sweetheart, go buy yourself a lottery ticket, you'd have more chance of winning that, than me coming up to your room" a nice big smile for him. Invariably he would just laugh, give my bum one last friendly squeeze and pat and say "Hey you can't blame a guy for trying" and smile, like it had just been a bit of a joke. The whole thing had been dealt with. This way no one got too upset, the guy had, had the thrill of feeling my ass, and it nearly always got me a good tip when they left. Still all friends and a thank you as they left the dining room.

Guys like this never bothered me, they were just guys, doing what guys did, out and having a bit of fun.

The other ones were the sports groups, football teams in particular, I'm sure most of us have read or heard on the news from time to time, of girls having been lured up to their rooms and later accusing them of rape. I feel sorry for the genuine ones, but those who flaunted and teased them only had themselves to blame, at least when I went with them I knew what was in store for me.

The ones that really pissed me off, and the kitchen staff, were the ones who were the big noters. The ones who thought they knew it all; we've all met them at some time or other. Never a good word for anything or anybody. "Hey waitress... take this back honey... it's either too cold... too underdone... or overdone" The wine was not chilled enough or too chilled. They were an embarrassment to their friends and to the other patrons, this type I really did despise.

However we did get our share of nice people and one who was a regular guest, was a man called Eddy Pearson. He made a regular monthly visit, always seemed to sit at the same table, order the same meal and bottle of wine. I guess he was around fifty or fifty five, around five foot eight or nine, chubby but not in a fat sort of way, short cropped hair. I think because he was losing it or it was thinning out. I've noticed quite a few guys cut their hair in such a manner as they get older, and it suited him, a weather beaten face as if he spent or had spent time outside or at sea. I'd been at the hotel about four or five months and I came to recognized Eddy as a regular visitor. He seemed a real nice guy, I like him, liked him a lot and we got on well. He was a real interesting fellah, had traveled world wide and was very knowledgeable. He was always chatting me up. I never took him seriously, and I saw him as I did my own father, in fact my father was probably a little younger than he was. He asked if I minded guys patting my ass. I told him it didn't really bother me and that I could handle them, they were just having a little fun

Always being one of the last to leave the dinning room, would take an age over his meal, and then sipped a brandy and a coffee at the end. I always served him; I saw him as one of my favourite people and did not mind hanging back, as I did not finish until eleven. Once the kitchen had closed I had to set all the tables for breakfast the following morning.

On this particular evening, I approached him to see if there was anything else I could get him. Then I noticed the two $100 dollar bills laid side by side on the table.

"Whow Mr Pearson... I've never seen one of those before and here we have two"

"They my little kitten can be yours if you want" He said

I was standing right beside him and I was speechless, the sight of those $100 bills had me a little spellbound.

"Oh yeh, and what do I have to do to earn them" I said, already knowing what he wanted me to do.

It was then that his hand reached out and started to run over my bum, squeezing my buttocks firmly. Something I'd endured many, many times before, but not from Mr Pearson

"You could make an old man very happy... if you know what I mean" He replied, looking me squarely, a slight smile on his face.

Now I did not move, or slap his hand away. I just let him play with my bum and eyed the $100 bills.

"What time do you finish kitten" He asked

"Around eleven... or just after" I replied.

He gave my ass one last feel and a big squeeze.

"I'll see you around eleven then... that is if you want to earn $200 bucks... room 422" he said, picking up the notes, he carefully folded them put them in his pocket, rose from his chair and calmly walked away.

When he'd left the dining room, I flopped into the chair he'd just vacated, it felt warm from his bottom, I took a look around, just to make sure no one had watched the little scene that had just unfolded.

Hell, I'd just been propositioned, and offered two hundred bucks for sex. Could I do it, that was the question... to be honest I felt a little excited about the whole thing and I'd not exactly shrugged him off when he stroked my ass. Now I was having a battle with myself. Could I, would I. One side was saying yes... yes go on do it, he's a nice guy. The other was giving me all the reasons not to go. By the time eleven came around, I still had not made a clear cut decision. I liked the excited feeling I had. Why not just go up to his room, stand outside, you don't need to knock or go in, just stand there a moment or two, then leave... walk away. Just soak up the excitement... get the adrenalin flowing. That's what I decided to do, just feel the thrill of going up there, but not going through with it

My heart was really pounding as I made my way along the passage leading to room 422.I felt sure the whole top floor would be able to hear my heartbeats. As I stood outside his door, it raced even harder. I have no idea why I did it but I did... I knocked on the door. I suddenly realized what I'd done and a voice was screaming, run, run... get out of it you silly little bitch, but my legs refused to work, they were glued to the floor, there was no movement in them. Then the door swung open and suddenly Eddy Pearson was standing before me. He was dressed only in a robe and leather slippers. I knew he was completely naked underneath.

Oh god... oh god... oh god. I was saying to myself

"Ah, Laura... Laura... my precious little kitten... come in... come in" and he stood to one side allowing me to enter.

Once inside I suddenly felt trapped. I was the fly and he was the spider. Oh god what had I done, I'd just entered the spiders web. I was trembling most violently. Eddy could see I was a little distraught and he approached me, putting his arms around me, comforting me.

"Hey... hey, kitten... there's no need to be frightened... I won't eat you... well not in that way... you've come this far my love... it's just a little further... just relax... relax" as he held me close, talking, comforting me. I snuggled my face into his chest, I could smell the sweet scented soap from the shower, mixed with a tinge of his aftershave. As he talked my fear started to subside my heart rate went down then his fingers started to undo the buttons on my blouse, he kept talking quietly, reassuringly, his eyes looking reassuringly into mine, and that warm smile. Yes, yes everything was going to be alright, and one by one the buttons became undone. My heart continuing to beat like a drum inside my chest. With the last one unfastened, I let him remove it, and drop to the floor. He made no other comments apart from continual reassurance that all was going to be just fine. He moved on to my bra, and like an expert, undid the clasp and removing it also. It was like I was a child again and one of my parents was getting me ready for bed. I said nothing. I did nothing; I just stood and let him get on with it.

He made his first comment about my body. "Oh my Laura... sweet... sweet Laura... I can honestly say you have a pair of beautiful breasts" His hands now cupped them and gently squeezed them, his touch making them firm and the nipple stand on end, a pleasant electrical shudder ran though my body.

He ran his pursed lips over the nipple, his tongue barely touching it, licking it. Then his mouth opened wide and sucked nipple and breast inside.

My mouth opened wide and I gave a great gasp, my body experiencing another electric tremor.

With one hand cupping and squeezing my breast, his free hand searched for the zip on my skirt, then, having undone it, his fingers skillfully undid the button. With nothing now to hold it up, gravity did the rest and it fell around my ankles... I was all but naked... just one step to go.

Eddy took a step back, his eyes lit up as if floodlights had just been turned on. I could see the joy and desire in his expression.

"Oh my god Laura... Laura... my lovely little kitten, you're simply gorgeous... simply gorgeous" he stepped forward again, taking a firm hold on my knickers he pulled downward, once they had cleared my hips and were around my knees, they like my skirt simply fell around my ankles. I kicked off my shoes, and stepped out of knickers and skirt.

"Oh god... let me feel you... hold you... let me touch your soft warm body" wrapping his arms around me he held me tight. Hands running and roaming freely, lustfully, over every curve, and exploring, delving into every crevasse. My body started to shake and tremble once more, not from fear or panic... but shameless, lustful pleasure.

"Come my kitten let me pop you into bed" He took two steps, grabbed the sheet and blanket and drew it down. Then gesturing with the sweep of his hand said "In you pop my love" As he moved to one side, I walked, then crawled over the bed to take my place at the far side. It was reminiscent of the days when mum or dad put me to bed. I was dressed in warm PJ's holding on to my favorite teddy, then snuggling down. This was slightly different. I was naked, no teddy and as I presented my bare ass to him, his hand smacked my buttock hard... very hard... making it sting.

"That's just in case you're a bad girl... you're not going to be a bad girl are you" smiling.

"No... no... I'm not going to be a bad girl... I promise" I replied. He stood a moment or two, studying me then undid the belt on his robe, shrugged it off and let it fall to the floor.

My eyes were transfixed on his hard erection... I was impressed. Now this is the first thing any girl does, fix their eyes on the mans organ, I mean it's the object that is going to be inserted inside you, you have to be a tiny bit curious as to how big its going to be. He could see the pleasure and desire in my eyes, as he held it in his hand and stroked it... smiling, knowing all along how much pleasure it was giving me. He was bear like, hair covering most of his body... to date; I'd only been with smooth skinned boys... now I was with a man. His cock was standing like some giant colossus, sprouting from a forest of pubic hair, hanging beneath it were two big balls. The bed shook and trembled slightly as he clambered in to join me... then he pulled the covers over us. With his arm around my waist he pulled me against his warm body, ensuring I could feel his hard erection that he pressed against me. "Mmmmm... now that's what I like... the feel of a young girls body next to mine"

He looked into my eyes; I could see his were shining bright... lit up by lust and desire and that ever present reassuring smile of his.

His hot hands were once again squeezing, massaging and kneading, my breasts, finger and thumb tweaking my pert nipples. When his warm mouth started to suckle on my tits, a gasp burst from my lips, but when his hand went between my legs, ran across my pubic hair, fingers delving into my slit, it was more than I could bare, the gasp became a roar, as he worked two of his fingers inside me. I bit my lip, trying not to squeal, my hands gripped the fabric of the bed sheet tight, my body was stiff... and all the time he talked to me in a silent whisper. "You're beautiful my dear... absolutely beautiful... your pussy is so tight... so tight... just how I like them" his fingers continuing to work inside me... I was wet... very wet. He brought the two fingers to my mouth. "Here my kitten... taste your honey" he said, then forced his fingers between my lips. I sucked and licked until I'd removed my body fluid. "Did you like that... was that nice" He asked. I nodded and told him it was nice.

"Let's try some more eh" and he thrust his fingers once again into my wet slit. He repeated it three times and three times I licked and sucked on the wet fingers.

"That's my girl... that's my kitten" he said as I finished licking his fingers, then he rolled on top of me. He seemed heavy... oh so heavy and the weight of his body pressed me into the mattress. For a moment or two he rubbed his hard shaft up against my groin and stomach... smiling... watching my every reaction and gesture.

He gave a soft little laugh as he watched me reveling in his movements and his erection being pressed against me. "Hm... you like that kitten... you like that... but it's going to get even better soon... because soon... very soon I'm going to fuck you... and that's when you will really sing... I promise you"

He pushed and pressed his hard cock between my legs. For a brief moment I could feel its pulsating warmth, and it's firmness as it brushed against my thighs.

He put his hands on my legs and started to prize them apart. "Come on sweetheart... open up... open nice and wide" he said continuing to spread them for me. "Yes... yes... wider... wider" I could get the no further apart. "Excellent... excellent" he said, my legs now spread as far as I could get them.

"Now I want you to reach down, take hold of my cock and guide me in" The ever present smile. "You're going to enjoy the next part"

When I'd viewed it I'd been impressed, now as my fingers touched the hardened flesh, it felt more impressive. It was hard and clammy, I could feel every vein feeding it with blood, I felt the corona, the slit and eye at the top, a warm tremor went through my body, with the knowledge that in the end, when he could no longer hold back, when he released his sperm, it would gush forth from that same slit and eye and it would flow freely inside me.

I gently squeezed it and smiled at him, guiding it ever nearer. I flinched a little, as I felt it touch my wet pussy lips. It was all pink, open and ready for him. All he had to do was enter me. The expression on his face changed as he realised he was about to make penetration. He was about to do, what he'd wanted to do from the first time he'd set eyes on me. Time and patience had won him the day.

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