Wishbone: Good Neighbors

by The Sympathetic Devil

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Magic, Heterosexual, Fiction, MaleDom, Humiliation, Black Female, White Male, White Female, Oriental Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Body Modification, Transformation, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: The two college boys who live next to Barbara have been given the magical Wishbone, allowing them to transform her, body and soul.

High above the firmament, the Son of Morning's flesh was wrent
Struck by Michael's flaming sword, a finger fell from Hades' Lord
The rebel angels all were smote, the fallen digit escaped note
Down to the new formed earth it fell, imbued with the power of heaven and hell

In a barren, sunny spot, the severed finger lay to rot
Chard flesh fell away from bone, as God descended from His throne
Creating plants & fish & fowl, the raven & the spotted owl
One raven found a finger bone, and claimed the trinket for his own
Leaving the flesh to mix with soil. as God pursued Creation's toil

And when time came for Adam's birth, God formed him from the tainted earth
And thus the flesh of man was bound to the finger bone the raven found.
Of this, the bird was unaware, and had he known, he wouldn't care
Not so with the former owner. Indeed, it gave Hell's Lord a boner!

Satan saw his bone's potential and knew it would be consequential
Able to mold both flesh and mind of Adam and of all mankind
The wishbone passed through history; Totem of power and mystery
It roams the earth both far and wide, calling out the devil inside

Satan's minions do their best to see it never comes to rest
The tempting bone slips like a snake, leaving mischief in its wake
Granting every man's desire and in the end, eternal fire

"Thank you for inviting us in," said Mary's grandson. "That's very kind of you."

His blonde friend sniggered. Barbara blushed. Why on earth had she invited the young hooligans in? It wasn't kind, it was crazy!

"So, um, what did you want?" she asked.

"Oh, we came here to apologize," said Charlie. "Didn't we Nate?"

The blonde boy looked confused. "Uh..."

"For being such a bother to Mrs. Simpson last weekend and making her call the police on us. We're very sorry, aren't we?"

"Uh, sure. Real sorry," said Nate.

Neither of them seemed sorry, but Barbara nodded.

"Well, this is a quiet, calm neighborhood; at least it was before Mary died. It's not a place for wild parties. I accept your apology, though, and I hope it won't ever be necessary to call the police again."

"Oh, I'm sure it won't," said Charlie. "And now that we apologized for being loud, I wish that you would apologize for being such an uppity self-righteous old cunt."

"I am very, very sorry for being such an uppity self-righteous old cunt," said Barbara, then she blushed furiously and felt faint. She had never in her life used such language!

But she had meant the apology. She never would have thought such a thing but she was sorry for... for being what she had just said.

Something was very wrong here. Nate was bent over with laughter. Charlie was smiling broadly, eyes devilish. Barbara crossed herself.

"Well, that's great!" said Charlie. "We got off on a bad foot, but now we've all apologized and we can all be good friends! Nice and neighborly! You'd like that, wouldn't you Mrs. Simpson?"

"No. I mean," Barbara stammered, flustered. "You... you should go now. I don't feel well."

"Oh but Mrs. Simpson, we just got here! And beside, we're starting a new phase in our neighborly relationship!"

"What's the matter, Mrs. Simpson," asked Nate. "Don't you like us?"

She didn't like them. But was that because she was an uppity self-righteous old cunt? She blushed at the thought, feeling both embarrassed and apologetic. She was sorry. But she was scared!

"You need to leave," she repeated. "Now or I'll call the cops!"

She tried to make the threat sound adamant but she felt so sorry. I am such an uppity self-righteous old cunt, she thought.

"Oh, I really wish you wouldn't," Charlie said, not at all phased. "I wish you would just stay here with us and not contact anyone while we get to know each other better."

"Oh, I... I wasn't really going to call the cops," said Barbara. "I'm sorry. I'm such an uppity self-righteous old cunt."

"Dude, you rock!" said Nate to Charlie.

"Yes I do," said Charlie. "And yes you are."

Barbara trembled. Something was terribly wrong but what could she do? Leaving was unthinkable.

"You know, Mrs. Simpson, I think our problem might be the generation gap. If you we're younger, you might appreciate our parties. Hell, we'd probably invite you if you were hot."

"I... But that's ridiculous," said Barbara, "I'm 58 years old and even when I was younger I never would have gone to such a party!"

"Because you've always been an uppity self-righteous old cunt?" asked Charlie.

Barbara flushed and nodded her shame.

"Well, I think I might have a way to convince you to enjoy our parties. I just wish you were more our age."

"But I am your age!" Barbara protested. "I only just turned 20!"

Her hair was dark and soft, her skin smooth and creamy, her body firm and fit. She felt 20. She was 20. She couldn't understand why he was wishing for something that was obviously true.

"Holy shit!" said Nate. "That is so fucking cool!"

Barbara blushed. "I really wish you wouldn't use that sort of language in front of me," she said.

"Well I wish you were a slutty, foul-mouthed party girl!" said Charlie.

"And who the fuck says I'm not?" Barbara demanded. "I can party harder than you pansy-assed cock-suckers."

"And are you slutty?" prompted Charlie.

"Why don't you buy me a drink and find out?" she asked, then licked her lips and glanced at his crotch. She was a nasty, slutty party girl and she loved it!

"Well, if you're a slutty party girl how come you dress like an old lady?" Charlie asked.

"An old lady? What the fuck do you... Holy fucking shit! What the hell am I wearing?"

Barbara was horrified. Here she was talking to two hot guys who wanted to party with her and she was dressed like... like some uppity self-righteous old cunt!

"Don't you remember being an old lady?" Charlie asked.

"Of course not!" said Barbara angrily. "I'm 20! I'm a god-damned slutty party-girl! How the fuck could I have been some uppity self-righteous old cunt? How could I? It doesn't make any fucking sense!"

But even as she said it, she realized that she couldn't remember anything prior to a few minutes before. Except... dimly... an old lady. Herself. But that wasn't possible!

"What the fuck is going on her?" she demanded. "Am I stoned?"

"No, babe, you're boned!" said Nate and then laughed.

"Good one, dude!" said Charlie.

"This is fucked up!" said Barbara. "I can't believe I used to be some uppity self-righteous old cunt but who the fuck am I?"

"Maybe you're Mrs. Simpson's niece and you just can't remember cuz your such a stoner." Charlie suggested.

"God, I am so fucked! Maybe I should go sleep it off."

"Oh, no, no, no, Barbara!" Charlie insisted. "I wish you would believe that you are Barbie, Barbra Simpson's niece. I wish that you would strip naked and believe you are wearing a really sexy dress. And I wish you would want to crank up the music and dance wild, crazy and slutty."

Barbie blinked, confused about what had just happened. She stripped off the old lady clothes and discovered she was wearing a sparkly red top and a black leather miniskirt.

"This is one fucked-up trip!" she declared. "I wanna dance! Let's get this party started!"

She went to the stereo, swaying her ass as she did so, knowing the boys would be watching and wondering just what she had under her sexy little skirt.

Her aunt Barbara had the radio to some god-awful easy listening station.

"God, My aunt Barbara is such an uppity self-righteous old cunt!" she told the boys.

"You got that right," said Charlie. "I wonder how her niece ended up being such a smokin' hot party girl?"

"Just lucky, I guess," said Barbie. "I hope she doesn't come home soon. She'd freak if she found me here alone with two guys!"

"I don't think we have to worry about that, Barbie," said Charlie. "We can party all night here. The old cunt won't be back for a long time."

Nate laughed at that. Barbie found a station that sounded promising. She didn't know the band or the song, but there was a pounding, throbbing bass so she cranked up the volume.

"All right! Let's dance!" she said, clapping her hands over her head and starting to shake everything she had.

"But Barbie, won't the neighbors be pissed?" Charlie asked.

"Fuck the neighbors," said Barbie, stepping up on the coffee table and kicking off her aunt Barbara's magazines.

"Fuck everybody! I just wanna dance! WooHoo!"

"All righty then!" said Charlie. "Let's party!"

He handed her a silver flask and without stopping her wild, sexy dancing she grabbed and chugged it. It burned horribly, but it was what a party girl would do.

"Wow!" she shouted and then shook her head back and forth, fanning her dark hair out. She liked the way it made her head feel.

The guys were mostly watching her dance, but Barbie was o.k. with that. Unfortunately, they started arguing after a few minutes when she thought she had them hypnotized by her swaying hips.

"Come on, man," Nate was saying. "The little guy said we had to share it! Enough dicking around. Give me the bone and let's get to the suck-n-fuck!"

"Man, we've had more of that in the past four days than we would have had in the next four years without the bone! It's called foreplay, wanker!"

"Hey, I let you play with her for this long, right?" Nate pointed out. "Bone me!"

He held out his hand and Charlie reluctantly handed him a small bleached bone.

"All right, Barbie!" said Nate, turning back to her. "I wish you had humongous hooters, platinum blonde bimbohair and blow-job lips! And I wish you were a stupid bimbo who love to suck. cock more than anything."

"God, again with the blonde bimbo?" asked Charlie. "I swear you'd turn me into one if the little guy hadn't made it so we can't use it on each other."

"I ain't no faggot," Nate protested. '' I'd just make you go away and leave me with all the pussy!"

Barbie didn't really understand what they were talking about. She felt really, really stupid all of a sudden. And her titties were growing huge! She giggled. It felt funny as a bleached-blonde curl fell down between her eyes. She looked at it crosswise and then giggled again.

"Barbie wants to suck dick!" she announced.

"Well come and get it, bimbo!"; the blonde guy whose name she couldn't remember announced, dropping his pants.

The blonde guy had a long, hard dick. Barbie squealed with delight and hopped off the coffee table. She staggered under the bounding weight of her enormous rack and fell to her knees. She was startled, but then she giggled and crawled toward the waiting prick, her massive tits dragging on the ground. She liked sucking dick more than anything.

"That's right, slut!" said the guy with his dick out. "Come and get it!"

Barbie giggled and did just that. With a dick in her mouth, she was in heaven. Nothing else mattered. Not a single thought rippled the placid pool of her consciousness to disturb the pure, mindless pleasure at doing the only thing she ever wanted to do.

"Oh yeah! I could never get tired of this, I tell you!" said Nate.

"The why don't you just wish yourself a dozen identical bimbos and then let me do what I want with the bone?" Charlie asked.

"Fuck that, man!" Nate said. "We share the thing! I'm not trading my right to it for anything and I'm not letting you out of my sight while you're using it. Now shut up and let me enjoy my b.j.!"

"Fucker," Charlie muttered as Nate grabbed hold of Barbie's hair and pushed himself deeper down her throat.

"Unngh!" Barbie exclaimed in delight.

"I wish you... you really... REALLY... like to... swallow!" said Nate.

And then he was pumping goo down her throat and she was deliriously happy as she swallowed with all her might.

"Mmmmm! That was great!'' said Barbie once she had gotten every last drop. "What about your friend, there? Don't want to leave him out. Or does he just like to watch? I hope not! Cuz Barbie just LIVES to suck cock! <giggle> It makes me a happy bimbo!"

"Oh, he doesn't like to fuck," said the blonde one lazily as his spent dick shriveled. ''Charlie just likes foreplay!"

"Fuck you," said the one called Charlie. "I like to fuck just as much as you do, Nate. I just don't want to get sucked off by the same blonde bimbo twelve times a day!"

Barbie pouted. That sounded perfect to her! At least if she got to be the bimbo.

"They're not all the same!" Nate protested. ''Some I made with curly blonde hair and some I made with straight blonde hair. And don't forget Sheila's tits! Those were more creative then anything you done!"

"That was just stupid!" Charlie countered. ''The poor slut couldn't even stand up!"

"Who stands up to tittie fuck?" asked Nate. ''I still can't believe you wished her back!"

"I still can't believe you wanted to leave her that way!' said Charlie.'

"Isn't any body gonna let me suck their dick?" Barbie asked, nearly in tears. She didn't understand anything the boys were saying. That made sense, she supposed, since she was terribly stupid. But she couldn't understand why they were ignoring her.

"I'll give you some dick, Mrs. Simpson." said Charlie. "Just not like that."

He held his hand out to Nate.

Mrs. Simpson?

Nate reluctantly handed Charlie a small bleached bone.

"Now tell me this isn't more interesting" said Charlie. "I wish she was a black 'ho named Babs, straight out of a 70's exploitation flick, with a huge 'fro and natural triple D's. I wish she believed we were really rich guys who like slumming in her neighborhood and have a reputation for paying really big."

Babs got up off her knees and pulled at the tops of the thigh length white leather boots she was sure she was sure she was wearing. They match the white leather hot pants stretched over her perfect bubble butt and the white leather halter that held her full chocolate tits. She was certain that was what she was wearing, even if her tits did feel oddly unrestrained and she felt a slight breeze on her wet cunt.

"Now tell me that she isn't one hot piece of black ass!" said the dark-haired John named Charlie.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," said the blonde one, Nate. ''I'll take blonde bimbos every time."

"Oh honey!" Babs objected. ''You don't even know what you're talkin' 'bout! I can do stuff to yo' cock those blonde barbie dolls ain't even heard of! Once you go black, you'll never go back! "

"I hear you're the freakiest 'ho in the whole city, Babs!" said Charlie.

Babs pursed her lips and shook her head.

"In the whole fuckin' world, baby!" she clarified.

"And will you take it up the ass?'' Charlie inquired.

Babs gave a throaty chuckle.

"If you got enough cash," she informed him, I'll take you both up there at the same time!"

''Ew!" said the blonde one. "I ain't touchin' his pecker with mine."

"Just ignore him," Charlie advised. "But if you can do double anal, you must be pretty loose back there!"

"Uh-uh, baby!" Babs denied, shaking her afro'ed head. ''It's hot and tight! Miss Babs just really knows how to use it!"

''Well I'll have to judge that," said Charlie, reaching into his pocket. ''Would you do it for a penny?"

Babs couldn't believe her eyes. The John was holding out one cent, offering it to her for her ass.

For! Her! Ass!

Was this some sort of stupid joke? These rich white boys coming down to the 'hood to mock her? She seethed.

"If this is some sort of joke, my pimp is gonna BEAT yo' ass!" she informed him. "Just what sort of cheap 'ho do you think I am?"

The John smirked.

"Well, I wish you were the sort who believed a penny was so rare it was worth five thousand." he told her.

Babs blinked. Was he really holding a penny? An honest t'God penny?

"Damn, Mister!'' she exclaimed "For that kind of cash, you can do me all night long in every hole!"

The generous John chuckled.

''Let's just try out that famous black ass of yours for now," he said... ''If it's all you say it is, I just might give you two pennies!"

Babs took the precious copper coin with trembling fingers. It was real! She couldn't believe her luck!

"Honey, I'm gonna work my ass for you like never befo!" she promised, slipping the coin between her tits.

It fell to the ground as if she wasn't even wearing a halter top. Her heart leapt into her throat and she dropped down to pick it up.

"Oops!" she said, regaining her cool. "Most cheep bastards pay me with twenties! Guess my tits can't hold on to a penny!"

"Just hold it between you're teeth, babe!" Charlie advised. "I can only use one end at a time, and Nate ain't smart enough to go for anything but white meat."

The blonde kid, who was drinking from a flask, just flipped his friend off and kept drinking.

''His loss is your gain, Sugar," said Babs.

Then she clamped the precious copper between her teeth, smiled at the john and turned slowly about, showing off her beautiful, bulbous black behind. Her $5000 ass!

The copper tasted heavenly as she worked her hotpants seductively downward. She was so excited by the penny; she didn't even wonder how she got them over her boots so easily. No way was she letting her pimp know about this! No, the penny was all hers!

And what if the John was serious about giving her another one?.It was a crazy thought, but if the guy was crazy enough to give her one, why not two? There was a chance and if he did, she wouldn't have to work for the rest of the month!

Babs resolved to make this the best ass fucking of her life!

Luckily, Charlie seemed to know his way around a lady's asshole. So many 'first timers' tried to ram themselves home on the first approach and ended up with a bent& bruised dick, making her bung hole tighten up so much it was all she could do to relax it once they gave up and let her take the lead.

But Charlie had clearly played this game before. He had even brought his own lube, which was fortunate, since for some reason, Babs couldn't remember where she kept her own.

Babs bent over and braced her hands on the couch. Unfortunately, this put her facing the obnoxious blonde kid. But Nate was ignoring the financial transaction going on between his friend and her ass. He had killed the stereo and put a hockey game on the t.v. Watching and drinking, he seemed oblivious to the perfect view he had of her tits.

Babs would have been insulted if she hadn't been so delighted with how the other white boy appreciated her wares, as evidenced by the coin between her teeth.

Charlie caressed the curves of her perfectly sculpted ass. He gently parted her hemispheres and, with a well lubricated thumb, introduced himself to her sphincter.

"Mmmm," Babs exclaimed, almost meaning it. It was such a relief having someone with some idea what he was doing back there. She had to act like she was enjoying it, of course, but between Charlie's experience and generosity, she didn't have to act nearly so hard.

"You know," said Charlie. ''I wish this would really turn you on, Babs. That it would feel like the best sex anyone has ever had in the whole history of fucking."

So saying, he pressed the head of his cock to her asshole. Babs' knees went weak. It actually felt nice! He pushed himself on in, usually the most unpleasant part, and she moaned, almost dropping the penny. It felt heavenly! In all her years of whoring, having a dick in her ass had never felt anything like this!

Charlie patted her ass and chuckled.

"That's a good little whore, Babsy!" he praised, placing a hand at the small of her back. "You-are-a tight little bitch, aren't you?.Let's see if I can't widen you out a bit."

He began to pump, pound and piston in her asshole. Babs cried out and let the penny drop between the couch cushions. She didn't care! She could dig it out later.

'' You like that, don't you Babsy?'' said Charlie. ''You like it up the ass!"

''Oh God!" she cried. "Oh Sweet Jesus, Yes!''

She arched her back and let her eyes roll back in her head. She was in heaven! She was in love!

"Mmgh!'' he grunted. "You want it harder?''

''Yes! Yes! Oh God Yes!" she cried. ''Fuck me harder! Fuck me forever!''

He slapped her ass hard, and the pain was delicious. He pounded and pounded, reaming her ass. It was perfect! He was everything she could ever want in a lover.

''AaOooo!'' she howled.

She was cumming! She had never cum with a John before, but this was the best fucking orgasm of her entire life. It only retained that title for thee minutes, however. Charlie grabbed her hair and pulled her head back ass he shoved his divine cock ever deeper into her grateful asshole. Babs was wracked with a climax of insane proportions that left her squealing, shaking and drooling ass Charlie pumped his white hot goo in to her.

Babs slid off his prick and on to her knee, panting and trembling. Her heart was racing. Her head was in orbit.

She rolled over to gaze adoringly up at her god-like lover. He stood there smiling down at her, obviously proud of himself. As well he should be, thought Babs.

"Ooooh Baby!" she said, panting, drenched with sweat. ''You fucked me soooo goood!"

Charlie chuckled and pulled up his pants. Babs' afterglow was tinged with sadness. She hoped he was going to fuck her again. Hell, she hoped he was going to fuck her everyday for the rest of her life! She had never dreamed sex could be so sweet!

"Well, you have a very fuckable ass, Babsy!'' he told her. ''And it's worth every penny.''

So saying, he reached into his pocket and showered her with copper coins.

Babs was shocked! She had enjoyed her ass fucking so much, she had completely forgotten it was a job! But there on the floor before her was 3... 4... 5... 6! Six pennies! And with the one she dropped in the couch, that made seven!

35 Grand for something she gladly would have done for free!

''Oh... My... Lord!'' she exclaimed. "Oh Honey! Thank you! For this," she indicated the money "and for that!'' she indicated her ass.

She felt tears of joy welling up in her eyes. It was the happiest day of her whole fucking life!

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